MAC 225 Large Tapered Blending Brush Photos & Review

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Focus On: MAC 225 Large Tapered Blending Brush

MAC 225 Large Tapered Blending Brush ($36.00) is large, tapered blending brush with a dome-shaped end. Think the 224 but about three times larger. It really is huge relative to your eye and most other eye brushes. (If you own the 227, it’s in the same realm of size.) Even though it’s classified as an eye brush, I personally use it as anything but. The fluffiness of the bristles, yet the overall denseness of the brush, allows for great application of creamy products like concealer and blush cremes. It’s also incredibly soft with no scratchiness or harshness whatsoever. When using it with concealer, it helps me conceal problem areas/blemishes with a more natural result. I have also used this for highlighting when I want/need more precision – like the nose, right on the cheek bones, etc. If you want to do a soft wash of color all over the lid, this is up to that task. I just find it too large for any precise eyeshadow application, and I much prefer using many of MAC’s other smaller brushes like the 239, 217, 222, etc. for that purpose.

P.S. – I think this brush has been discontinued, but I found it at my local MAC store.  You might check yours or a CCO (if you are jonesin’ for this brush).

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