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Focus On: MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush ($42.00) is a brush made famous by mineralize skinfinish fans everywhere. It is a large, densely bristled brush packed with a blend of both goat and synthetic fibers. It also better known as a stippling brush. I originally used this brush primarily for applying liquid foundation (Studio Fix Fluid), and I loved the results! It was really soft, light coverage spread everywhere and gave a soft finish. I personally found the 182 to give me even better results, so the 187 is no longer my go-to for foundation. One of the reasons I preferred the 182 is sometimes the 187 would give me a few streaks that I’d have to work a bit more at blending out; the 182 doesn’t give me any streaks at all. Though for a cream-based foundation, I much prefer the 187 over the 182 — the 182 is a bit too dense for that purpose.

I do like the 187 for sheerer application of blush and highlighters. If you’ve ever owned an ultra pigmented blush, you might struggle, as I do, with applying just the right amount. The 187 is amazing at picking up just that right amount of blush and lightly depositing it on your cheeks. For using them with mineralize skinfinishes, I’ve found the result is a softer look; kind of like a subtle glow rather than a super shiny or glittery cheeks. I do often use other brushes for my mineralize skinfinishes, often treating them as I would a regular blush. It definitely depends on the mineralize skinfinish and preference, though.

The 187 does shed a bit, particularly in the beginning, but after a few washes, it seems to stop shedding. It is a pricey brush, but it’s one of my favorite brushes. I also like its smaller twin, the 188, and if I had to buy only one, I’d probably go for the 188, just because the smaller size lets you do everything the 188 can do, but also the 187 (it’ll just take longer). Though if you’re in the market for a brush to use for your liquid foundation, you’ll likely want the 187 for the time-savings from the larger size.

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