MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush Photos & Review

Beauty Basics: MAC Face Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush

MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush ($52.00) is a large, extremely tapered brush made out of natural fibers. It is extremely dense, and it is relatively firm. The end of the brush tapers into a rounded tip with angled sides. The brush shapes reminds me of the 226 or 224, except several times larger. The bristles feel incredibly soft against the skin, and I have found mine to shed very rarely (which basically means I can’t remember it really shedding at all). The 138 can be used for a variety of applications: creams, liquids, highlighters, blushes, and contouring. It is touted by MAC as a contouring and highlighting tool, but like most brushes, usage depends more on you and your needs. To contour with this brush, simply slant it against your face with the tip pointing towards your mouth. To highlight, just use the tip of the brush on the areas you would like to highlight. It is one of MAC’s pricier brushes, but I’d say it’s completely worth the investment!

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