LUSH Cosmetics – October Releases – Charity Pot!

LUSH Cosmetics shows us a preview of what we can expect this October! We must note that the best product has to be the Charity Pot, because 100% of the retail price of each pot goes to support causes for animal rights, environmental protection, etc.! It’s great to see a company take an interest in protecting the environment AND be generous enough to give back so intensely.


Charity Pot
Enjoy this luxurious hand and body lotion made with fair-trade cocoa butter and fragranced with ylang ylang and tagettes essential oils. Feel especially good knowing that each delectable dollop does a world of good.

Every penny of the retail price of each pot (excluding taxes) goes directly into a charitable fund to support worthy causes like animal rights, environmental protection and humanitarian concerns. We hold absolutely nothing back to cover the cost of the product or administration! $19.95 Available mid October.


Curly Wurly Shampoo
This thick and rich marvel is so unlike any other shampoo that your hair will think it’s discovered a parallel universe, one where curls soften, relax and shine on command. Amazingly enough, we make it all happen without preservatives! Coconut butter, cocoa butter, avocado butter and jojoba oil control curls, weigh the hair down and smooth hair follicles. Shredded coconut aids in application and synthetic polymers are replaced by free-range eggs while lemons and papaya add extra cleansing and shine. Available early October.

Use: Work into wet hair thoroughly. Rinse out.  (Washing out the coconut is tricky, but definitely worth the bother.)

Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze
Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze makes really fluffy hair smooth and encourages normal hair to behave. Henna infusion adds loads of shine and moisture, but it won’t change your color (even if it’s color-treated). Brazil nut oil and olive oil add even more shine, calm fluffiness and give control to the ends without taking all the life out of it. You’ll find this hair treatment detangles, stops static and helps prevent your hair from tying itself in knots. What’s more, the effects last for weeks! Best of all, the lovely scent of jasmine wafts around you like moonlit evenings in a Moroccan garden. Available early October.

Use: For all hair types — those with long haitr need to apply thickly; really long hair needs a whole pot for each treatment. For short hair, a third or a quarter of a pot is enough.

The Big Tease
The Big Tease can stand your hair straight up without feeling brittle — all with a texture a bit like glue (but in a good way). It’s loaded with natural, good-for-your-hair ingredients like glycerin for softer texture and cupuau butter (pronounced: coo-poo-a-soo) from the Amazon rainforest. This acts a bit like lanolin, which means excellent conditioning that’s all vegan! You’ll be delighted when you sniff this gel too. It has the same refreshing (and very popular) fragrance as The Olive Branch shower gel, with orange flower, lemon and bergamot. Tease it high! Available early October.

Use: Any time your hair needs a little reviving, tease it up with some Big Tease styling gel. Use small amounts to make individual strands go where you want them to or use it on the tips of long hair for styling. It’s extremely fast acting and gives great hold, so style immediately after applying it on wet or dry hair.

Goth Juice
Fans of The Mighty Boosh (a British cult comedy TV show) will be aware that real Goth Juice is made with the tears of Robert Smith. (That’s why it’s purple.) If you have no idea what we’re talking about, that’s cool, just take it from us that our Goth Juice is a medium-strength gel to hold and style your hair without drying it out. Glycerin, hemp and flaxseed oils nurture, strengthen and in general, take good care of your hair — even when they join forces to double the size of your head. It has a beautiful, dark green-forest scent of oakmoss and olibanum. Available early October.

Use: Use on wet hair to style or on dry hair to revive the style. You can blow dry, scrunch or style with it.

King of the Mods
This soft-hold gel takes soft, fluffy hair, controls it and makes it look cool. It shines hair, moisturizes it and holds it softly in place no matter the adventure. Like Mods themselves, it’s controlled but not hard. It’s also good for your scalp with eight percent almond oil and camellia oil (the one that Sumo wrestlers use to keep their long, black hair shiny). King of the Mods is perfumed with grapefruit and lime essential oils to wake you up in the morning and revive you for an after-work party (think Swinging London of the ’60s). Party on! Available early October.

Use: When blow-drying or setting a wet style — it gives the kind of lift to hair that Mods should love!

Hair Gel
It has taken many years and ahrd work to find ingredients for styling products that haven’t been tested on animals or that come from a supplier that isn’t involved with animal testing in any way. These new gels contain cruelty free polymers to hold the hair (PVP and Acrylates), that match LUSH’s tough anti-animal testing criteria, along with copious amounts of fresh natural essential oils and butters to add shine. They are also packed with glycerine to soften hair and to moisturize the scalp, so they won’t cause irritation or cause flakiness. These styling gels are incredibly versatile and can be used to create any look you want, leaving hair not only beautifully styled but shiny and in great condition.

Hair Doctor
Hair Doctor is for hair that needs some extra TLC, since it’s a pre-shampoo treatment that will degrease and stimulate oily, lifeless tresses. It stimulates the folicles with menthol, making the roots stand up, giving added volume too. Also containing Fullers Earth clay, that degreases and leans oil from the hair shaft and the scalp; stimulating peppermint and rosemary; and soothing chamoile oil, all of which make for an excellent conditioner for sore scalps. Yeast is included, as a good source of protein that adds strength to follicles, along with jojoba oil to make the hair shine and natural henna extrat to increase the hair’s tensile strength, reducing the amount of split ends.

Use: pile generously on to dry hair, work it in, leave for 20 minutes, shampoo off and condition if you need it.

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