LUSH Cosmetics – Go Green For 2008 with these fabulous products!

Beauty Resolution: Go Green in 08

It’s a new year, so welcome in a new you! Yes, we all know the ‘New 2008 You’ will eat less and exercise more but how about making a New Year’s resolution that will actually make a difference? Make 2008 the year when you go green and let LUSH help you stick to it! Going green doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune, or give up all your favorite luxury products. LUSH makes it easy for you to help the planet by offering a shop full of fresh handmade cosmetics made from the finest natural ingredients, containing minimal or no preservatives and packaging (which means less waste heading to landfill). Going Green has never been easier and so much fun with these new offerings from LUSH!

  • Go Green Solid Perfume ($11.95) – A citric blend of grapefruit, bergamot and neroli oils refresh while earthy vetivert calms and sweet, woodsy sandalwood oil encourages well-being. Cedar leaf, fennel and thyme oils add to the fresh, just-emerged-from-a-field aromatic bouquet.
  • Go Green Body Spray ($19.95) – A fragrance that meets the challenge of a busy lifestyle and keeps you feeling fresh. This body spray is dedicated to those who focus on making a environmental difference by walking the walk, literally.
  • Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar ($7.95) – Peppermint stimulates growth, while tea tree and rosemary help reduce dandruff and flakes. On top of being environmentally friendly, it’s fabulously fragranced with our refreshing Go Green scent.
  • The Greeench Deodorant ($7.50) – A herbal fragranced, aluminum-free underarm freshness with no harsh chemicals or unnecessary packaging.

I can’t wait to receive some of my Go Green goodies! I’ll have reviews for you soon (but of course). But for now, check out great photos of the environmentally-friendly treats!