First Annual Temptalia Beauty Awards 2007 – The Results Are In!

The Audience
Temptalia readers are composed of 97.6% females and only 2.4% males (hey guys!). The majority of our readers are aged 22-30 (44.5%), with 32% of readers aged 18-22; this means 76% of our readers fall into the category of 18-30 (one of the most prized female demographics). 13% of readers are age 30-40, while only 4% of readers are over 40. We have a few younger readers, roughly 7% of readers are under 18 (but only 0.2% are under 14).

Now, see the results for the best brands, products, and collections of the year, from your votes! (Be sure to add your own result commentary by leaving a comment!)

Beauty Brand of the Year: MAC Cosmetics

1. MAC Cosmetics
3. Dior
4. Chanel
5. Clinique
6. Bobbi Brown
7. Make Up Forever
8. Lancome
9. Shiseido
10. Urban Decay
11. Benefit
12. Giorgio Armani
14. Philosophy
15. Smashbox

Honroable mentions: Bourjois, CoverGirl, Estee Lauder, Kevin Aucoin, Laura Mercier, Napoleon Perdis, Olay, Origins, Prescriptives, Shu Uemura, SK II, Stila, Tarte, Too Faced, Trish McEnvoy, ZuZu Luxe

Commentary: MAC won by a landslide quite honestly! It isn’t too shocking, considering this site began utterly devoted to MAC. It’s good to see so many brands mentioned, though – I can’t argue that the ones on the list aren’t worth looking into more often!

My pick: MAC. But you already knew that, right? I can’t help it – I truly love how often they come out with new products and collections; it makes the brand exciting.

Best MAC Collection: Barbie Loves MAC (17%)

1. Barbie Loves MAC (17%)
2. Smoke Signals (15%)
3. C-Shock (10%)
4. Antiquitease (7%)
5. Moon Bathe (6%)
6. Flashtronic
7. Royal Assets
8. Curiousitease
9. Alexander McQueen for MAC
10. Heirlooms

Commentary: If Barbie Loves MAC was truly the hit it was last year, I have no doubt that this year’s Fafi for MAC will be any less loved! I’m not at all surprised that while C-Shock comes in at three on the best list, it also comes up three on the worst list; people love brights, but then so many feel self-conscious in them that makes them unwearable.

My pick: I really enjoyed the Smoke Signals collection; I just found everything so usable and great to own, even as a collector.

Wost MAC Collection: Alexander McQueen for MAC (20%)

1. Alexander McQueen for MAC (20%)
2. Balloonacy (10.5%)
3. C-Shock (10%)
4. Barbie Loves MAC (6%)
5. Mattene (4.5%)
6. Blue Storm
7. Metal-X
8. Antiquitease
9. Tendertones
10. In 3D

Commentary: It is amusing to see Alexander McQueen pop up on both the best and worst lists; same with Barbie Lvoes MAC. It definitely seems like Balloonacy was disfavored by Temptalia readers and did not receive many votes for best at all.

My pick: I would have to agree that either Balloonacy or McQueen were my least favorites. McQueen was lovely in a sense, but I bought nothing from it! I wasn’t too impressed with Balloonacy, as I wasn’t into the beauty powders or pressed powders, and the pigments weren’t amazing.

Most Surprisingly Amazing Product: MAC Paint Pots (7%)

1. MAC Paint Pots (7%)
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion (5%)
3. MAC Eyeshadow (4%)
4. Dior DiorShow Mascara (3.4%)
5. MAC Pigments (3.4%)
6. MAC Lipglass (2.5%)
7. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (2%)
8. NARS Blush (2%)
9. Mineral Makeup (2%)
10. MAC Plushlash (1.5%)

Commentary: We had SO many products mentioned – it was amazing how many products you have all tried and loved over the year. Nearly two-thirds of readers selected a product that only one or two other readers loved along with them – the top 10 only represents 33% of votes cast!

My pick: MAC Metal-X shadows, because I didn’t think they would work as well and as easily as they actually did/do. I thought they were going to be a flop as a cream shadow, but they’re quite lovely and not difficult to work with at all. I found that they last as long as any other base I’ve used.

Most Disappointing Product: Nothing (7.5%)

1. Nothing (7.5%)
2. Dior DiorShow (4%)
3. NARS Blush (3%)
4. MAC Plushlash (2.5%)
5. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows (2%)
6. MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes (2%)
7. MAC Paint Pots (2%)
8. MAC 3D Glass (1.5%)
9. Smashbox Primer (1.5%)
10. Maybelline Greath Lash (1%)

Commentary: I was completely surprised by the result – many of you didn’t feel as if any products disappointed you this year. This is actually great news for beauty brands! Again, when left to enter anything your heart desire, we had 50% of our responses that either one hit wonders or only one or two readers agreed with the item.

My pick: Dior DiorShow mascara was utterly disappointing to me, because it is such a loved product by the beauty community, and it turned out miserable on me. Sure, I get decent length and volume, but it’s not nearly as good as the price tag warrants (nor all the raves) – and it flaked on me. Yes, flaked! I have never had a mascara do that to me until I tried DiorShow.

Best Beauty Tool: MAC 187 Brush (18%)

1. MAC 187 Brush (18%)
2. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (8.5%)
3. MAC 217 Brush (5%)
4. MAC 182 Brush (4%)
5. MAC 239 Brush (4%)
6. MAC 224 Brush (3%)
7. Shiseido Eyelash Curler (2%)
8. MAC 225 Brush (2%)
9. MAC 190 Brush (2%)
10. Sonia Kashuk Brushes (2%)

Commentary: It was clear that the 187 brush is the most loved beauty tool, but if MAC brushes had to be lumped together under one category (MAC Brushes), MAC Brushes would be the readers’ choice in tools with 62% of the vote! Brushes by Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, and Chanel slipped just outside of the top ten.

My pick: I am, and will always be, in love with the 182. I discovered its amazing-ness in January, and I haven’t looked back since!

Best Eye Liner: MAC Fluidline (29%)

1. MAC Fluidline (29%)
2. MAC Kohl Powers (12%)
3. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners (5%)
4. MAC Kohl Liners (5%)
5. Bobbi brown Gel Liners (3.5%)
6. L’Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliners (2.5%)
7. MAC Powerpoints (2.5%)
8. MAC Technakohls (2%)
9. Smashbox Cream Liners (2%)
10. Stila Smudge Pots (1.5%)

Commentary: So many of you are loving MAC fluidline for its staying power, and several readers clearly favor the limited edition kohl powers MAC introduced in Smoke Signals/Blue Storm (MAC, make them permanent, Temptalia readers have spoken!). Clinique Brush-On Cream Liners, Lancome Kohls, Sephora Jumbo Pencils, and Clinique’s Cream Shapers were all just outside of the top ten, but did quite well respectively.

My pick: MAC kohl powers, especially Feline, for a super dark, sultry black kohl. Oh my, how I wish I had gotten a back up!

Best Eyeshadow Base: Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (41%)

1. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (41%)
2. MAC Paint Pots (22%)
3. MAC Paints (15%)
4. None (6%)
5. MAC Shadesticks (3%)
6. ArtDeco Base (3%)
7. Laura Mercier Eye Basics (1.5%)
8. Benefit F.Y. Eye (1%)
9. Clinique Touch Base (1%)
10. L’Oreal De-Crease (1%)

Commentary: There was no dispute here–UDPP is your number one selection for making your eyeshadow last all day (and night) long. MAC must have hit the spot with their paint pots, introduced earlier this year with Painterly/Novel Twist, because that gained them a ton of ground in the eyeshadow base market! I am a bit shocked that 6% of you don’t even use a base for your eyeshadow looks, lucky you!

My pick: MAC pigments with water-based mixing medium – can’t go wrong with this combination!

Best Mascara: Dior’s DiorShow (19%)

1. Dior’s DiorShow (19%)
2. MAC’s Plushlash (12%)
3. Cover Girl Lash Blast (4%)
4. MAC ZoomLash (4%)
5. YSL Faux Cils (3%)
6. Lancome Defincils (3%)
7. Benefit BadGal (3%)
8. Cover Girl Volume Exact (2%)
9. None (2%)
10. Maybelline Full ‘n Soft (2%)

Commentary: Shock of all shocks… DiorShow takes home the award! DiorShow has long been a cult favorite for dramatic lashes, but MAC’s Plushlash is catching up–especially since it was only introduced halfway through the year! There is a definite preference for drugstore mascaras by Cover Girl, Maybelline, and L’Oreal by many readers.

My pick: MAC Plushlash was my favorite mascara this year, and I’ve definitely tried a lot. Clinique’s High Impact comes in at second, I would think. Plushlash just gives me the length, volume, and overall dramatic lashes.

Worst Mascara: Dior DiorShow (13%)

1. Dior DiorShow (13%)
2. MAC Plushlash (8%)
3. MAC ZoomLash (6%)
4. None (4.5%)
5. Maybelline Great Lash (4%)
6. Too Faced Lash Injection (4%)
7. Benefit Bad Gal (2%)
8. Imju Fiberwig (2%)
9. Maybelilne XXL (2%)
10. Revlon 3D (2%)

Commentary: I always find it ironic when the best is also the worst, don’t you? So while DiorShow is beyond fabulous for 19% of you, 13% of you can’t stand it. Every MAC mascara made was mentioned by a few of you, with Pro Long Lash just outside of the ten worst. Clinique High Impact and Cover Girl’s sought-after Lash Blast also hovered just outside the list.

My pick: Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara was a surprisingly dull mascara. I know, I know, sometimes you need an everyday, non-dramatic mascara. For me? Nearly never (why not just go with one light coat of any of your mascaras, then?).

Best Lipstick: MAC Lipsticks (67%)

1. MAC Lipsticks (67%) — favorites in Viva Glam, Queen’s Sin, Sparks Can Fly, Brew, Hug Me
2. Don’t Wear (7%)
3. MAC Mattenes (4%)
4. Clinique Lipsticks (2.5%)
5. NARS Lipstick (2%)
6. Lancome Lipstick (2%)
7. Dior Lipstick (2%)
8. Rimmel Lipstick (1.5%)
9. Smashbox Lipsticks (1.5%)
10. Avon Lipsticks (1%)

Commentary: It was difficult deciding how exactly to tabulate votes, but in the end, I opted for bunching up brands, only because there are far more lipsticks that I even dreamed possible existed! However, MAC Lipsticks would have dominated in a top ten (no other brand had a shade consistently mentioned enough!) with Viva Glam V coming on top.

My pick: I love MAC’s lipsticks, too; I think my favorite would have to be Mari-sheeno for all time or Queen’s Sin for the year! I would probably make this my pick, if only for the fact that I wear them so often. I really do love Estee Lauder’s new lipsticks (in the gold tube), as well as YSL’s Rouge Pure.

Best Lipgloss: MAC Lipglass (34%)

1. MAC Lipglass (34%)
2. MAC Lustreglass (14%)
3. MAC 3D Glass (7%)
4. MAC Plushglass (5%)
5. None (4%)
6. Chanel Glossimer (4%)
7. NARS Lipgloss (3%)
8. Stila Lipglaze (2%)
9. Dior Addict Gloss (2%)
10. MAC Lipgelee (2%)

Commentary: I honestly expected Chanel Glossimers to be higher on the list, because I have heard so much hype about them; I’m not surprised by the dominance by MAC glosses, just because who can resist? My lipgloss be poppin’… Other favorites that were just outside the top ten included Lancome Juicy Tubes, Urban Decay XXX Shine, and C.O. Bigelow Lip Shines.

My pick: I adore lipglass! I honestly like the thick, tacky formula. I find that lipglass stays on me for hours on end (assuming I don’t do a lot of kissing, eating, etc.) with little change; even when it wears off through eating, it doesn’t leave an awful edge of gloss on my lips. My favorite lipglass released this year is Red Romp, because it is the most delicious shade of berry-red that goes perfectly for every lipstick!

Best Foundation: MAC Studio Fix (13%)

1. MAC Studio Fix (13%)
2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid (10%)
3. Don’t Use (6%)
4. Bare Minerals (5%)
5. Bare Escentuals (5%)
6. Revlon ColorStay (4%)
7. MAC Select Tint (3%)
8. Prescriptives (2.5%)
9. Clinique (2.5%)
10. Everyday Minerals (2%)

Commentary: I fully expected to have a whole laundry list of foundations from everyone, because foundation is such a personal item and goodness knows, it’s tough to find! However, we had several contenders, and you can see how the mineral makeup trend is still going strong, with three mineral foundations in the top ten. Studio Fix is a long-time favorite, and it is often one of the first foundations women start with.

My pick: I have been a long-time advocate for MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid. It is still my holy grail foundation, but I have come to love MAC’s Face & Body as a lighter weight foundation for days when your skin is pretty rockin’ au natural that SFF may be too heavy. Make Up Forever’s Mat+ Velvet was a good foundation (as was Napoleon Perdis’ China Doll – loved this, but the price is a bit too high), too; it’s comparable to SFF.

Best Blush: MAC Blush (24%)

1. MAC Blush (24%)
2. NARS Blush (22%)
3. Benefit Blush (2.5%)
4. Bobbi Brown Blush (2%)
5. Don’t Wear It (1.5%)
6. Clinique Blush (1%)
7. Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks (1%)
8. Chanel Blush (1%)
9. theBalm Hot Mama (1%)
10. Milani Blush (1%)

Commentary: MAC blushes just barely edged out NARS, which is definitely known for their blushes! While MAC favorites were scattered from dozens of shades, NARS clearly had some front runners: Orgasm, Luster, and Deep Throat.

My pick: I actually was swayed by NARS’ Luster blush this year, but I’ve tried several other blushes without as much adoration. The formula of NARS’ blushes is amazing, and their packaging is sleek and chic. MAC Margin blush is my all-time favorite, though, because of how glowy it makes my skin look. As for this year, Don’t Be Shy (from the Barbie Loves MAC collection) was the first cool pink blush I could wear with ease.

Best Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different (13%)

1. Clinique Dramatically Different (13%)
2. Olay Complete (10%)
3. None (6%)
4. Aveeno Positive Radiant Moisturizer (4%)
5. Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar (3%)
6. MAC Strobe Cream (2.5%)
7. MAC Studio Moisture Fix (2%)
8. Clinique Moisture Surge (2%)
9. Neutrogena (2%)
10. Kiehl’s Ultra Moisturizer (1.5%)

Commentary: I think this has to be one of my favorite categories, because the top ten is so diverse. Clinique being the top of the pack doesn’t surprise me, as it is such a gentle lotion that’s great for sensitive skin. I am also pleased to see one of my personal favorites, Olay Complete, take second spot! Some choices that were close to being in the top ten were Biotherm Aquasource, Chanel HydraMax, Dermalogica Active Moist, Korres Sugar Crystal Cream, and Mario Badescu.

My pick: I am loving Estee Lauder’s DayWear Plus right now. It has a great consistency for the winter: thick, but not overwhelming. It has SPF 15 in it, which is a must for me, as I like to keep my morning routine as quick as I can.

Best Acne Treatment: None (26%)

1. None (26%)
2. ProActiv (10%)
3. Neutrogena (7%)
4. Clean & Clear (6%)
5. Clinique (4%)
6. Philosophy (2%)
7. Tea Tree Oil (2%)
8. Avene Cleanance (1%)
9. Retin-A (1%)
10. Clearasil (1%)

Commentary: So many of you do not have acne problems… I am so envious of you all! Goodness – who knew? Those of you who do chose ProActiv as your favorite treatment, and when it comes to over-the-counter, Neutrogena & Clean and Clear do it best.

My pick: To be honest, I haven’t found an acne treatment that I like enough to give it as “my pick.” The quest is ever going!

Best Makeup Remover: Clinique Cleansers (8.5%)

1. Clinique Cleansers (8.5%)
2. Lancome Bi-Facil (8%)
3. MAC Wipes (6%)
4. MAC Cleasne Off Oil (5%)
5. Ponds Cold Cream (4%)
6. Almay Makeup Remover Pads (3%)
7. Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover (3%)
8. Neutrogena Makeup Removing Towelettes (3%)
9. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (3%)
10. Vaseline (3%)

Commentary: I didn’t honestly think that Vaseline would come anywhere near the top ten, even though I know some use it to remove makeup. It just seems like a solution that would make many wary (including myself). Clinique offers a variety of great, gentle cleansers, so it’s nice to see them take the number one spot in this category. Bi-Facil is also not to be missed for a great eye makeup remover!

My pick: Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser is my favorite, because it exfoliates in such a gentle manner that even sensitive skin would have no problem using it. My face feels ultra clean afterwards, but without any squeaky, tight skin. I was just completely blown away by the product, and I can’t believe it took me so long to discover it.

Closing Comments

I want to thank everyone who participated by filling out a survey, because the votes really do matter and it is fun to see what everyone is loving from the year. Next year, there will definitely be a few modifications and changes made to the survey format to create a more cohesive result. I am very happy with the voter turnout, especially since the survey was a tad on the longer side. I hope you enjoyed the results as much as I did putting them together!

I would LOVE to hear what you think about the results and any other commentary you have! So please… comment away!