What do you love most about makeup?

What do you love most about makeup? Share!

I love the creative aspect of it – I love how many finishes, colors, undertones, combinations, and textures there are. I love how they change when they get put together.

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Amara Avatar

in general, just the combinations anyone can create! but really, when i have time and am able to get it perfect, i love the way i feel.. i feel so myself! especially with crazy eyeshadow and liner! it’s so fun!

Amez Avatar

I love the ritual of putting it on – it makes me feel calm and beautiful and feel good all around 😀
And I love it even more when I look at the mirror and look at a job well done! So satisfying

Lotus Avatar

What a profound question! 🙂 Ahh, what do I love most about makeup? Well, let me begin by sharing that as a child I drew faces constantly. I made a look-book of young females who all had different agendas and personalities, and I would draw their clothes to match who they are. I always begged my mom for large blank face templates to fill in because I couldn’t draw the facial features large enough to truly use the colors as I wished & needed a bigger canvas to really show these wonderful possibilities color can bring. At one point I saw a small version as papers used in a game but never did find that game. So I started sketching larger faces, each time beginning with the eyes, wanting perfection in a face. The years of these, unknowingly then, self portraits, were just as transient as I had been. They told my story. I became quite good and, in the meantime, had settled on Barbie type coloring books to work with until I began to realize I could use my own face!
MAKEUP can create a shape of eye, a reflection of poetry, a rainbow of colors in our hands to be the artist of all men and woman. Color could negate another color, and dramatic effects were only limited by imagination. MAKEUP IS EXPRESSION! It’s painting beauty while becoming skilled at sketching humans, understanding a spectrum of characters, and putting life into our own. Hence, it’s art with a toolbox that makes up the entire rainbow in all textures, formulas, and finishes. It’s glitter, crystals, lines, pops of color that define a moment of feeling. Being able to transcend the lines of a pencil and linear reality with makeup is a miracle. Creativity is a gift. Makeup allows us to enjoy being an artist for people and ourselves. Staring at it, the multitudes of pigments, tools of creation within themselves.. Makeup is my microcosm in a macrocosm of a beautiful world I’ve always wanted to play with. 🙂

Ryou Avatar

Pretty much everything, other than the negative social aspects of it, particularly one that tends to vilify people when they wear make-up AND when they don’t. But I doubt that’s an issue exclusive to make-up, more about how people need to start minding their own business, really.

Plurabelle Avatar

I agree with you on the negative social effects (what you described sounds to me like stigma), but I would add the commodification and fetishisation of makeup as another negative thing. Usually commodification and fetishisation tends to reduce the meaning of things – and that’s what I hate about makeup in a capitalist world. It reduces the real love and joy that many women get from makeup to mere profit – not to mention that makeup companies often play upon our insecurities, using fear, anxiety and self-hatred to push sales – which works, but leaves a lot of damaged psyches in its wake.

Rachel Avatar

i love the transformative power of makeup-i can be whoever and whatever i want just by doing a different look. i love that even though i am putting on some sort of mask, i feel more myself with makeup. i love the fact that makeup is my art and i feel happy when i’m doing it. i have no artistic talent in any other way and i always felt like there was something wrong with me because i can’t draw/sing/write/etc. once i realized that i look at makeup the same way my friend looks at her colored pencils, i felt a lot better about myself. i love the fact that i can express so much just with the colors i put on my face. i love everything about makeup, honestly.

Nikki J Avatar

I don’t wear makeup regularly, so I love that I can use makeup to enhance my natural beauty and to take my look to the next level. Sometimes I just want to look extra special, and makeup gives me that polished look that I crave sometimes.

AmyBS Avatar

Honestly, I got into makeup last year when I gave up drinking alcohol! Applying makeup, shopping for it, playing around with it and trying new things, relaxes me and soothes my anxiety for some reason! I feel more confident and it keeps me busy, reading reviews and trying new products.

Sophia B. Avatar

I feel most like myself in a little bit of make up. I tend to wear “no make up” make up on a day to day basis and I love the ritual of sitting down in front of my mirror with all my make up in front of me and exploring. I love getting to chose what blush I want to wear that day. I always view make up as a way to bring out a certain part of myself.

Jennifer Avatar

Glitter! Bright colors!

More seriously, I like having control over my appearance. I can present as serious or playful, bright eyes or sexy lips, etc. I can look wide awake when I’m dragging and clean faced when I’m not.

AYHM Avatar

Let me first say, I LOVE who I am but what I love about makeup is it allows you to transform into all the sides of yourself – from the minimalist to the avant garde and everything in between. Makeup allows you to express your personal self in a very artistic way.

Mari Avatar

I like how I can try different things everyday (and even use the same thing for many days if I’m feeling pretty, and I can’t do the same with clothes) and also change everything following my mood. And I like how I can be a prettier version of myself just with a little effort in the morning while I’m having fun.

Chelsea Avatar

I love makeup for all the same reasons as Christine. I loved art when I was a kid–painting, stamps, coloring books, glitter, whatever–and makeup feels like an evolution of that.

WildDove Avatar

Color, texture, how it applies, how it wears. How it catches the light. Distinctive “feel” or vibe to the product. How I feel wearing a product in terms of aesthetics and confidence. Other people turning to look and compliment. All these contribute to the overall “wow” factor 😉

Cas Avatar

Shopping for it at places like Neiman Marcus where I can’t afford anything else. It’s therapeutic in an entirely horrible way. Plus, it’s basically arts and crafts for grown ups, but on your face. And I don’t know how anything could get much better than that.

AYHM Avatar

Christine, I know your answer did not change for the most part but honestly, this is a question that one could change the answer every day which again speaks to the power/idea of makeup. Makeup – color, texture, finish, depth, end result – is ever-changing and thus able to evolve and invoke everyday possibly giving us something we didn’t have or know before (something more to explore).

Genevieve Avatar

I love the way makeup can enhance your natural features. I love to experiment with different eyeshadows to create different looks that complement your clothes, times of the day and events. I enjoy how wearing makeup makes me feel. I always feel confident and beautiful when I am wearing makeup.

brittany Avatar

I have loved makeup ever since I was 15. My current beauty favorites are lip gloss, the UD 24/7 glide-ons, and Too Faced BB Creme.

I love makeup because it is so much fun putting together colors and combinations. Sephora shopping is very therapeutic.

Vanessa Avatar

The texture. I just love it. That’s probably weird. I just love how the powder crumbles, the waxiness of a lipstick, the drip of a liquid product. Sometimes, I come home and just swatch and play with them… I might not even put them on my face!

Also, I must admit, there is the “assemble the perfect collection” aspect of it 🙂

Kat Avatar

I also love the art. I know that I’d love it no matter what — if I were older or younger, female or male, confident or insecure… It’s definitely art.

Maddie Avatar

What’s not to love! It’s fun and there’s so much to choose from in terms of products, techniques and combinations! I love that it’s a form of expression, and can be a serious confidence booster for those who would like to enhance their appearance. I’m sure I speak for others as well as for myself, but most women don’t feel beautiful every moment of every day, and makeup is a great way to boost up!

Plurabelle Avatar

What I love about makeup is the connection I feel with other women. It’s just a hobby like many other things – and it’s not my only hobby, or my favourite hobby (reading is my favourite). It’s also a passion, and only people who share that passion understand it. Most men don’t understand it, because it’s a feminine space. Talking about makeup with other women makes me feel safe and protected. (The advertising/marketing/shopping/companies pushing product on you – that’s an entirely different story!)

Deborah Avatar

I love makeup because it transforms me – it gives my face color and it’s so much fun! I have products I have never used (as most makeup lovers do) but if there is a new product on the market that is beautiful, I just have to have it!

AbigailOD Avatar

My favorite part is the whole emotional posture effect; it really lifts me, not in the “I only feel beautiful” kind of way, but the “this is for me” reason. I am not very creative with makeup but even the simple process of putting on foundation and lipstick “wakes” me up.

Haley Avatar

I love how you get to express yourself and try new things. It’s never-ending because the possibilities are endless. So many finishes, colors, formulas! Just so much fun!

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