A Deep, Warm-Toned Eye with Morphe x Jaclyn Hill


About this Look

When initially swatched, the matte eyeshadows were definitely less impressive compared to the shimmers, so I wanted to make sure that I did an entire look with just matte shades to see how that would come together.  I also thought it would be good to do something very rich and deep while I was at it!

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Inner lid: Creamsicle
  • Middle of lid:  Hunts
  • Outer lid:  Jacz, Abyss
  • Crease:  Chip
  • Above crease:  Hunts, Creamsicle  
  • Brow bone:  Silk Creme, Beam
  • Lower lash line:  Perversion, Hunts, Creamsicle
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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Hi Christine,

I love these tones you had used for this look. Can you recommend dupes for them that Mac Cosmetics might carry?


Hi Trang,

Sorry, I have not submitted any dupes for the palette yet – it will not be until I review it, assuming that I do!

Why post this look then? Why not review it as it will be restocked and ppl can see if it is worthy it or not. However, anyone that buys Morphe is taking a risk as it is made in China

Hi Liltcey,

I hope to review it, but I am not certain I will be able to test and write up a review prior to it being sold out. As I mentioned in my sneak peek, I know that the palette is going to be restocked but do not know when, so if it happens very soon and that’s it, then I might not have a review up in time. I am doing my best but 35 eyeshadows is a lot to test and write a review for, especially as there somewhere between 500-800 dupes to for me to enter. It’s just not something that I can do in 24 hours – I am sorry for not working at the speed that you need me to.

Now, in order to test the palette, I have to apply the eyeshadows – I then take photos so that I can share those results with readers. These “looks” get posted to my profile, and sometimes I share them on the main blog, where I can put more details about what specifically was used. I usually put these up shortly after photographing so I do not forget what I used!

There are a lot of brands that manufacture products in China, so if that’s a concern for you, definitely make sure you’re checking across brands πŸ™‚

I agree with everyone who’s defending you, but also, PLEASE keep posting all the looks you do when initially swatching shades, even if you won’t be able to get to the full review of the products anytime soon (or maybe won’t ever be doing one, as in this case). I do at times get confused when I find a gorgeous look you’ve done and can’t find it posted anywhere on your Looks pages, but I’d rather that than not have the photos at all, because in a pinch, I can attempt to duplicate the look myself (or, you know, bug you for what order you used, as I’m wont to do!).

And I second the statement that your thorough and careful process is the reason I’m still on your site daily, when I’ve stopped looking at most sites except via google. Finger swatches and rave reviews are one thing, but when I’m trying to decide whether to get the latest super-pricey offering from, say, Tom Ford or Chanel, your detailed, objective scoring system and straightforward comments are how I do it.

All of your longtime followers know you’re worth the wait (which is usually not long at all), and that if you don’t get to something, there’s a valid reason.

OK, enough fawning. It just irks me (and many others, I see!) when someone writes as if you’re unreliable in any way.

You did a nice look. Don’t get me wrong. I just find it interesting you created the same look with the UD Heat as you did this Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. Tells me a lot of palettes I shouldn’t buy. I have these colors and these looks are not impressive enough to get these. Good look though

It was actually completely inadvertent that the two looks were similar (I literally just stared at the Morphe palette and decided “Let’s go matte, and I want to try out those dark mattes to see just how they blend) but funny how it all worked out. I think this version came out darker since I used black in it but take that out, and they would be pretty close.

These certainly seem to apply far better than the swatches of the deep mattes would suggest they would! May just be a less pricey venture into the Naked Heat hoopla if one either didn’t have as much $’s to play with or didn’t feel that it would be worth the expenditure for a palette they may not use all the time.
(Btw; great look!)

So far, they seem like MAC mattes a bit – not always the best swatched but somehow come together better in practice, though the press is not as firm as MAC (on average).

Indeed. Far better. The mattes come together fairly well, and it’s a lovely dark look. Quite surprised, actually. Odd that some shadows swatch poorly, but apply fairly well…and vice versa. But we should all be mindful of Christine’s skill level, before trying to snag this…whenever.

The look is beautiful Christine. Once again, I think you have the patience of Job. It isn’t as if this is the only look you have created with this palette. You posted another lighter toned look using the cooler toned colors in the palette. I really don’t understand how people expect you to do the thorough reviews that you do on so many shadows and bust them out in less than 24 hours. There are plenty of other blogs that will finger swatch them on their arm and then give them a rating or give the whole palette a rating that is not accurate. Keep doing the amazing job that you are. I and most other followers of this blog are thankful and appreciative.

I agree with Deborah. Thank you, Christine, for all the hard work you put into doing such a thorough job with both the photos and the reviews! I can’t imagine the hours and days that go into putting up such detailed reviews. I implicitly trust your reviews and always check here when I want any new makeup. Thank you for the amazing job you do!

Oooh, what a beautiful look! Reminds me of cinnamon toast, very intense, really brings out the green in your eyes! Well, let’s hope some of the mattes apply better than they swatch…..

I think this is helpful along with the swatches. A pretty look on you for sure. It would be good, though, to describe a little more how the colors you worked with for these looks felt (since you won’t get to a full review.). And perhaps how their texture felt in comparison to the UDHeat, since both palettes are new and popular. Thanks!

I’m not ready to review yet – as I mentioned before, I very much hope to review but depending on when I finished testing, I might be too late to review! I’m doing my very best – I didn’t say I wouldn’t review, only that I can’t guarantee it at this time! πŸ™‚ I’m hoping the restock will be out a week at least and not like… Monday!

Beautiful look! I hope you are able to review it. I normally wait to purchase anything prior to your review – I really trust your opinion. However, since it’s Jaclyn Hill and I knew it would sell out fast, I purchased anyways. Have not been disappointed with the quality yet and am excited to keep playing with it. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the palette.

I’m working on it! As long as the restock isn’t in the next few days, I expect to get it done πŸ™‚ I just don’t know when or whether they’ll do another restock after this one for it.

I’m glad you’re enjoying yours so far! Have you tried Morphe before?

I have tried Morphe’s brushes before, only had real luck with the Elite and Rose Gold collection – the other ones aren’t nearly as nice. But it’s my first time with one of their palette’s. I purchased it because I support JH. I had always deterred because of so much YouTube hype, seemed too good to be true? Although I am enjoying this palette, my collection has gotten quite large and I don’t anticipate needing/wanting any of their other current palettes. πŸ™‚

Good grief people, leave Christine alone! She’s just one person with one pair of eyes and (I imagine), an entryway stacked with unopened product packages!

I like this look – perfect for blue eyes.

My mom used to say the same thing about bras – how many does one person need? LOL.

I can usually test about 8-12 eyeshadows per day, and this palette definitely has priority! Sometimes an eyeshadow might be used in a look but is used in too small of an area or is too blended with others that I have to reuse it in another test to better gauge wear or application. Then there are the orphan shades that weren’t used in a “look” per se but I slapped on my eye at the end – those are the ones that have no rhyme or reason and do not coordinate with each other at all, LOL!

This is fascinating! I have asked myself a few times how many products you could possibly review in a single day. I suppose you often wear different colors on each cheek? πŸ˜€ Anyway, you do a wonderful job and I totally agree with Alecto. Whenever a new product gets a lot of hype, I always refer to Temptalia to read your review.

Yes, I usually do the same for cheeks πŸ™‚ I’ll wear multiple lip products through the day but don’t worry about coordinating etc. I don’t do split lips, since that can be harder, though I wonder if it would work efficiently for liquid matte lipsticks since those don’t move so much, LOL. Never thought about that one!

Now you got me picturing you wearing not 2 but 4 different lip colours! Haha that would be a funny look with 2 different blushes, bronzers, highlighters and eyelooks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

As usual, you managed to create a nice look despite the quality of the shadows. I have bought many, many of Morphe’s palettes, including the first Jaclyn Hill collaboration. I admit I got sucked in by the hype although it is pretty much not deserved, and because eye shadow palettes are my weakness. I figured for the price point, I’d try but I should have stuck to my “do not buy products made in China” unofficial rule. And, since I am very partial to matte eye shadows and Morphe mattes are not as good as their shimmers, I skipped purchasing the newest JH/Morphe palette. Lesson learned (finally)!

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