Lime Crime: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Over the months, I have been hemming and hawing over whether or not to do this review.  Doe sent me these just around the time they were available to pre-order.  Recently, Dusty, a long-time reader, asked me if I had tried them and what my opinion was. I’ve decided that it’s time to review these, despite the controversy over the brand itself, for my readers–for good or bad. I only ask that you leave me out of the drama! (In fact, Dusty said I could blame him, so I’m going to!)

Lipsticks ($16.00)

  • Airborne Unicorn is a pinky-purple lilac with a mostly opaque look. On me, it’s similar to MAC’s Lavender Whip and Lady Gaga.
  • Centrifuchsia is a brightened medium-dark pink. This is one of the more wearable shades of the ten released. I felt like this shade had the best feel/texture out of the entire line.
  • Cosmopop is a lightened peachy-orange. This one looks a little chalky on my lips, and it was a bit on the drier side for application, which ended up with a streakier application.
  • Countessa Fluorescent is a brightened blue-based pink with a little smidgen of purple. It’s like a slightly more neon version of Pepto Bismal. (No, seriously!)
  • D’Lilac is a very cool-toned lilac, almost more like a light purple than a lilac. I had trouble getting this one to apply evenly–it was very streaky, a bit dry, and it required some effort to apply opaquely. One of my least favorites in terms of feel/texture.
  • Great Pink Planet is like a more toned version of Countessa Fluorescent–a milky pink with a smidgen of lilac. Like D’Lilac, I had a lot of trouble applying this one evenly.
  • My Beautiful Rocket is a medium-darkened orange. This applied decently, much like Centrifuchsia, and it went opaque without much trouble. I thought this one’s color differed quite a bit from the brand’s swatch on their website (which almost shows a duo-tone of orange and gold).
  • No She Didn’t is a medium aqua blue that applies mostly opaque, but it can be a little on the streaky side so it looks a bit dry and chalky. Though it’s pigmented, for an unusual color like this, I’d probably opt for an OCC Lip Tar instead.
  • Retrofuturist is a blue-based red that applies nearly opaque and does so in about two layers.
  • Styletto is a slightly glossy black. It applies opaque, but it’s really a pain. I suppose most black lipsticks are a pain, so this one is no exception. It bleeds more than any of the other shades, and it requires a few layers to build solid, even color. I think it needs to be a little creamier in order to apply more evenly and crisply.

The good: The lipsticks are quite pigmented overall, and I didn’t have to layer them a zillion times to get solid, opaque color–this is really the standout feature of these lipsticks. They have a light vanilla scent to them when you first open, so I think most people will be pleased with the scent. The darker shades leave a stain behind, which may or may not be what you want (you may not want slightly blue-tinged lips for a day later, but you might enjoy a pink stain!).

I also really liked and appreciated that the lipsticks had a customized design and look to them.  They weren’t just stock tubes, so I can see that time and care went into them.  It also seems particularly unusual for a more “indie” brand, so definite kudos for that!

The bad: With all of the shades, I found I needed to wear a lip liner if I was actually going to wear them out, because they had a tendency to bleed around the edges, particularly with the darker shades (and of course, less so with lighter shades). After wearing these for a few hours, several shades are particularly drying–the only shades I found that didn’t feel drying were Centrifuchsia, My Beautiful Rocket, and Retrofuturist.I think this is because the formula itself is so full of pigments that the formula itself is drier and clings to lips and doesn’t provide any added moisture or a barrier to lock moisture in.

Some of the chalkier shades like Cosmopop, D’Lilac, and Great Pink Planet applied unevenly and these shades left a color-ring around the edges of my lips as they faded.  To cover up the streakiness, I found applying a semi-opaque lipgloss on top helped out quite a bit.

The packaging is not for everyone–it’s kind of a fuchsia-purple tube decorated with holographic unicorns–but I personally found the case itself to feel a little cheap. It’s just not as heavy or as solid as I’d expect (or prefer). Not quite as light as one of the worst lipsticks (in terms of packaging) I’ve tried, but it’s just not as high quality as I’d expect.

Something curious I found was the vanilla scent seemed to disappear significantly once I used these. While they have a pleasing vanilla scent, they have a waxy feel and taste. It’s not terrible, but it’s not exactly delicious!

Overall:  These lipsticks are just okay.  If I’m going to shell out $16 a pop, I expect it to rival other mid- to high-end lipsticks, but it really doesn’t, overall.  Centrifuchsia had the best texture–it was pigmented, didn’t dry lips out, felt lightweight, and it left a stain behind.  Many of the other shades, though, felt too thick, which is something that can emphasize dryness on the lips and settle into lip lines.  The biggest reason these lost so many points is they don’t live up to the claims — most colors require at least two layers for smooth, even, opaque coverage, and I wouldn’t describe these as creamy, either.

It seemed like the closer you got to “normal” color, the better the formula was, but the further you got from “normal” color, the worse it was!  For better results, make sure you moisturize and hydrate lips well in advance, apply lip liner to keep color from bleeding and migrating, and then apply with a lip brush to ensure more even coverage.

My picks: Centrifuchsia, Countessa Flurorescent

Skip: D’Lilac, Great Pink Planet

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 22/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

Recommendation: If you’ve been on the hunt for a really off-the-wall color and see it here, it may be worth getting to satisfy that need. These just don’t stack up to most mid- to high-end lipstick formulas, so I’d opt for another brand instead, if you were just looking for a new shade of lipstick.

Availability: Lime Crime

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac, Great Pink Planet

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac, Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: My Beautiful Rocket, No She Didn’t, Retrofuturist, Styletto

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop,
Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac, Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket,
No She Didn’t, Retrofuturist, Styletto

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket, No She Didn’t

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Lipsticks: No She Didn’t, Retrofuturist, Styletto

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Centrifuchsia Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Centrifuchsia Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Cosmopop Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Cosmopop Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Countessa Fluroescent Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Countessa Fluroescent Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime D’Lilac Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime D’Lilac Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Great Pink Planet Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Great Pink Planet Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime No She Didn’t Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime No She Didn’t Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Retrofuturist Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Retrofuturist Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Styletto Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick
Lime Crime Styletto Lipstick

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Christine, I am so glad that you’re always honest.. despite possible drama! that’s why we <3 you & your blog so much! thanks for the honesty!

Thanks for giving our lipsticks a try, Christine. We do have a lot of happy customers who delight in the pigmentation and the non-drying texture of our lipsticks. I suppose it’s an individual experience, so I encourage everyone to give them a try. We are known for our excellent customer service and no-questions-asked return policy.

Doe Deere

SO LAME. I HATE when the owners of companies sit there & feel the need to come write on everyone’s blogs that the products are SOOOOO great. Guess what lady, EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION & NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOUR PRODUCTS. Do you people have nothing better to do with your time than hunt down every person who doesnt agree with you?! That type of behavior makes me NOT want to buy your products THAT MUCH MORE! To me, it shows that your CHILDISH. Let people buy & decide for themselves if they do or dont like the products. The proof is in the pudding. People arent going to like or dislike products until they try for themselves. Pathetic! Ugh. End Rant! lol

Wow, seems a little more childish what you just said rather than Doe. And she said exactly what you said. People need to try them for themselves. She didn’t argue o “hunt her down” she said, yeah everyone has thei own opinion. At least people who ae discouraged by the review but still want to try it can, since they know that if it eally doesn’t live up to their standards, they can return it. I think that’s a great deal, and can’t wait to get my hands on some of the very hard to find colors 🙂
I’m glad I read the review though, I see what you mean, that it bleeds a bit andcan leave your lips dry or stained. We’ll see how it goes.

I agree Doe seemed “polite” here and then went to her futurettes (newsletter) to tell her customers to end Christine’s personal email to tell Christine how happy they are. Uh, I think this is two-faced and she was trying to set her fans on blogger who doesn’t think her products are that great. Of course, not all of her fans acted that way, they actually gave Christine a head up. I think you scroll down to the near bottom of this page and read even Doe’s fans saying things like that. I am in no way personally attacking you, Shannon, just letting you know how Doe Deere is fooling people.

Here’s something DOE DEERE (owner of Lime Crime) wrote about Christine’s honest and unbiased review:

“Finally, we wanted to discuss a less-than-favorable review we received on The review gave our Candyfuture opaque lipsticks a C- rating… We don’t agree! Do you? Here is the link so you can see for yourself:

We would like to encourage all of our futurettes who have had good experiences with our company and products to make yourselves heard. Please don’t keep your happy opinions to yourself! Feel free to email Christine (Temptalia) at [address removed for privacy reasons] and share your positive Lime Crime experiences with her, let her know you disgree with her review, or leave a comment on the article letting everyone know your personal view on our products and company. Please be honest, respectful, and polite!”

Doe Deere DOES hunt down all that give bad reviews, I’ve read many other horror stories about it. One even involved her attempting to sue the person.

When did the return policy start, I’m wondering.
When I ordered there were no returns. I ended up giving away my lipsticks in a swap.

Me too! I remember reading that there was no return policy. And I heard from a few people that they were denied returns after items arrived broken.

Firstly, I want to say shame on you for leaving this sugary sweet message on here and then encouraging your fans to basically harrass Christine and tell her she’s wrong about your lipsticks in your newsletter. What do you hope to achieve by this? Will that put any more moisture into your lipsticks? Maybe you should look to the shortcomings people who wanted to like your products noticed, and see how you can fix them instead of resorting to childish tactics. In the end it will probably put money in your pocket and get more returning customers. I can’t beleive you have this much time to go after people who don’t love your products.

Secondly, I would definitely disagree that your company is known for excellent customer service- you’re known for going after disappointed customers who write blog reviews, like Grey, Anastasia, and now Christine and causing unneceassry drama. Christine was BEYOND fair and handled your company with kid-gloves. You’re damn lucky that she sidestepped the drama and focused solely on the products, be grateful for that. Any positive aspect of the lipsticks, she brought up and talked about. She was fair. She gave her honest feelings. I’m sorry that this is not enough for you and you would prefer to have her in your pocket, but you really can’t do much about this other than making your lipsticks easier to wear.

Nathalie, I somewhat agree with you i actually think the packaging and tubes of the lipsticks are a cute and unique but very childish as you mentioned. I also think the colors are very childish as well and not every day colors kind of dissapointing

Her lipsticks are not SUPPOSED to be every day. Your comment in that instance, doesn’t make sense. If you want every day colors, you go somewhere else. You don’t approach a company known for its color obsession and expect something bland and normal. How much sense does that make?

On another note, I’ve stayed neutral throughout all this drama. She’s really been making an effort lately. I think she just made a lot of newbie mistakes starting out, but has really been turning it around, like reformulating her products and giving more attention to her customers. She seems to have learned a lot from it all, but its irritating that many people are very hung up on her past mistakes that they won’t just grow up and put it behind them. I’ve read all the drama, and much of it is feeble. Anastasia’s arguments and so-called evidence, in particular, is weak, and anyone with a highly keen sense of color discrimination can tell you that. Anyone with a shred of investigative common sense can take apart the arguments. I’m not fighting for LC or DD, I’m just in the neutral party.

Well Nathalie, Xenia (Doe Deere) is rather notorious for her Lolita-esque personality, fashion sense and (former) clothing line with the same name. So I’m not surprised that her makeup has childish packaging.

I’ve tried to stay out of it myself, but try googling for it – try “Lime Crime drama” or “Lime Crime controversy.”

I think you’ve done so well in this review. There IS a lot of controversy surrounding Lime Crime and that does tend to show through in most reviews I’ve read but I can honestly say that this was completely impartial and thorough. I really do love your reviews! I don’t feel like I’m ever being pulled or pushed in any particular direction, just given the real facts and unbiased opinions. You rock!
Christine, Scotland 🙂

I tried! I felt like because there was so much controversy that it was so important to really go through the lipsticks point by point!

Thank you, Atomika! 🙂

I agree with this comment completely. Many of the reviews, in spite of their… passion, are not particularly helpful. This came off as fair, not mean-spirited, and was focused entirely on the quality of the makeup. Thanks, Christine!

Retrofuturist is so pretty! But for the price and the quality that you said… I’d rather get a Mac red for less $! And maybe I’m out of the loop… but what’s the drama with the brand? (Christine, you don’t have to answer that, but if a reader knows, I’m interested, because I don’t want to get scammed, etc.)

Hey Sara,

A quick Google search should turn up what you’re looking for. From what I know, the controversy is not so much over whether you’ll get your product or not, I think it’s more the origins of the product/ethics of the owner that have been called into question.

The texture on Retrofuturist was nice, but there was nothing about the red that made it stand out–I mean, there are more reds in better textures/finishes available! 🙂

I agree. The red is nice, but if it’s as drying as people say… not worth it. I’m so sad, I’ve been looking for a good, opaque black lipstick for a couple photoshoots I’ve wanted to do. >.<

Sara, you should try Morgana Minerals. She’s famous for her vegan lipsticks in unusual colours, including black and blue. I haven’t tried it but only read good reviews (on Le Gothique, Lipsticks and Lightsabers or Fresco Phyrra’s blog).

i’ve only found the lipsticks to feel drying in the dead of winter when my lips weren’t really very moisturized as is, so i chalked it up to a fact of life and something that i quickly remedied with a swipe of purple lab nyc’s huge lips skinny hips in no panty lines.

I may be coming in way too late to be of use but I’ll weigh in in case someone else has a similar question/thought. When I want black lipstick for photos I just use high quality lip safe black eyeliner all over and a layer of lipstick sealant for a matte look or a layer of clear gloss if I want shine.

I’ve also heard good things on the gothvine about the OCC lip tar which has a great looking black (which Christine mentions in this article as well).

Christine, you DO know Lime Crime controversies! I, for one do not like, well instead of venting here, go google it out.

Another blogger I’ve respected also posted about this lipstick. Although she does not like Lime Crime’s practice, she did a fair review on those lippies. She did say the light blue lipstick is unique in color, but those lipsticks stain and show unpleasant liplines.

nice review!!

I only know the general overview — I don’t have time for drama, so I haven’t personally kept up with it (nor do I really care to), lol!

I hope I’m not pushing the boundaries. I personally stayed away from her since she posted a video of her showing us how to make “eyeshadows”. Reminds of a video put out a long time ago by a company for amateurs…

Your reviews, as always, are thorough. Thanks for posting this. I think I will buy Sugarpill!!! Hers seem really reliable and I get such a huge amount for 12, right? LOL

Christine, thank you sooo much for doing this review. I have tried to be impartial regarding all the drama– the drama is not the product after all, but I am so happy to see a review by someone whose opinion I really trust. Thanks for doing it! I have to see, even seeing how chalky No She Didn’t looks even on your perfect mouth, I still sort of want it! EEEE… it’s like the boyfriend you know is bad news!

LOL! The boyfriend you know is bad news, haha! Love it 😉

I’m always happy to review products for readers, so I’m glad you liked the review!

Haha, that was the best metaphor I could come up! I’ve really been waffling, especially with the price being higher than MAC Amplifieds. Maybe I will just wait for MAC to release a light blue shade, or maybe someone can rec something similar! I’ve been really lemming that particular color.

Hi Janora,

I tested OCC Lip Tars Rx, which is a similar blue 🙂 I believe there is Blue Lip Mix by MAC (PRO product), and you could always kind of DIY with a blue eyeliner (perhaps a gel eyeliner).

WOW, those are lovely, I spy a few of the OCC lip tars I definitely want to try and you are indeed correct, the price is so right! BTW, saw your lips in a Lancome marketing email, congrats!

They actually look really lovely in the tubes..but I can totally see where it was hard for you to apply on your lips, (and the texture in the swatches), especially in D’Lilac and great pink planet. It looks like to me that My Beautiful Rocket applied the nicest from the close ups..and I would be tempted to get that just because it looks so nice applied.

I have to say you did an AMAZING job of not being snarky or rude or biased in your review. I would never buy from Lime Crime myself due to all the drama, (and there is LOADS on SO many different levels), but when people tend to do negative reviews sometimes you can see a really nasty side to the review. It’s nice to read one where there’s no review of Lime Crime/Doe included, just the product.

ps: this is probably one of the most thorough reviews i’ve read and i’ve read many on both sides!

Yeah, My Beautiful Rocket and Centrifuchsia definitely applied nicely! Much smoother/softer.

And thank you 🙂 I’m always more interested in the product than anything else myself, but of course, I completely understand anyone who refuses to buy from any brand for whatever reason (whether it’s controversy, pricing, animal testing, etc.)!

I have some of these – Retrofuturist, Countessa Fluorescent, Airborne Unicorn, My Beautiful Rocket and Centrifuschia. I agree that Centrifuscia is probably the best in terms of formula, but it’s still SO drying and all the others (minus Retrofuturist, which is maybe my favorite) are incredibly thick and hard to apply. And for someone like me who has flaky lips no matter what, they look awful on me. They’re pigmented, but TOO pigmented. They stain my lips which I can’t stand, so I hardly ever wear them.

Disappointing. :\ But thanks so much for yet another great, honest review. You’re simply the best, Christine. <3

I like OCC’s Rx Lip Tar better for blue myself (very pigmented, more comfortable). I think if you use these for photoshoots, they’re not bad 🙂 Just not prolonged wear, lol!

Just to add: I love OCC RX lip tar and find that as long as you apply it carefully with a lip brush, you don’t have any serious issues with feathering/bleeding!

I love my OCC Lip Tars, but I have to respectfully disagree about them not bleeding- even when I swatch them on my hand they begin to bleed almost instantly! Obviously, skin type will make a difference, since I’m dry skinned year round, I have issues with a lot of formulas bleeding on me. For me, liner is a must with Lip Tars. Just some food for thought for other dry-skinned Lip Tar fans!

I experienced some bleeding as well. I found that thinner layers combated the bleeding problem a lot for me, but I’m not TOO dry – though drier (thanks Retin-A!) on the skin above my upper lip.

eek, I have a prescription of Renova in my purse that I’m trying to build up the courage to start! I’ve been trying to prep my skin with EL’s Advanced Night Repair- I know a few people who used it before and after deep chemical peels and the results were incredible- one didn’t even flake up! I’m crossing my fingers…

I don’t know why, but Retin-A royally messed up my upper lip… and I followed the directions (1-2x per week, building up gradually, always wore sunscreen, etc.). Even though I quit using it after about 2 months and that was three or four years ago, the skin above my upper lip is still much, much drier than the rest of my skin. I tend to skip foundation there altogether since it just emphasizes the dryness–ew!

But I haven’t heard anyone else with a story quite like that, LOL, so I think I am just one of those poor souls who it didn’t work for…

My Derm prescribed Renova, which is one of the more gentle forms in a more emollient base, since I have dry, sensitive skin. I’m really using it for it’s anti-wrinkle properties (it’s never too soon!) but it helps with so many other issues, I’m hoping it works for me!

Okay, I am familiar with the controversy surrounding this line, but controversy notwithstanding, it just doesn’t look like these lippies live up to their claims. Aren’t they supposed to be super unique shades that are opaque in one stroke? Your freckle is clearly visible in at least two of the swatches, and you mentioned yourself that some shades took more than one swipe to build up. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, most lipsticks do take building up… but it bothers me since the owner’s original claim was that they only take one stroke for full opacity. Personally, I don’t really think the shades are that unique either. Black’s been done by every company from high to low in the past couple of years, that red looks like nothing special, and many of the rest look like variations on mac shades from past collections (I’m reminded of Lavender Whip, St. Germain, and any of their vast array of fuchsia shades). Speaking of mac, vanilla scented, huh? It strikes me as an odd (mainstream and derivative) choice for a range that’s meant to be very unique. I do think the owner of Lime Crime is a creative individual, and I’m sure she’s capable of coming out with some great things if she’d just focus less on the image of what she’s selling and more on the quality. You did a great job with this review; well done on communicating your honest opinions while not contributing to any drama, and good job with the helpful swatches, too.

I have no interest in getting these, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the color name, “Airborne Unicorn.”

The name reminds me of that Robot Unicorn Attack game, and it makes me happy. Haha.

yeah ive heard about some of the drama concerning lime crime but as long as the product is good i dont really care 🙂 (i am so bad…. oh well as long as they dont test on animals!!) I know you said it bleeds but i cant help but want d’lilac. ive seen it being compared to lavender whip and fashion mews and it is way more light purple, the others looked pink next to it. Ive really been wanting these lately so Thanks for the swatches Christine!

I was so intrigued by the controversy that I googled it… Wow… bad PR!!!!
To me, it looks like something I would give to a 5 year old to play with..
I prefer spending 16$ on a MAC lipstick. Even if MAC is a huge company, I prefer giving my money to someone that actually has ethics.

Thanks for the honest review! I honestly think it would be a much better investment to pick a few lip tars if you like bright lips… I love my lip tars!

Forgot to add– cheap packaging is a no-no for me!! I like my lipsticks to feel extra sturdy, so I can carry them in my cluttered bag without fear of damage.

Christine! Woo hoo 🙂 Thanks for the review and swatches. You’re awesome 🙂 I DID end up picking up a couple of these guys last week (I couldn’t resist that blue!) Haha!

I 100% agree with you about the cases. They feel very low-end when you hold them in your hand. I didn’t care so much because I was going to be de-tubing them anyway… But I thought it was interesting that you felt the same way.

A couple of things I’ve found since getting them:

1) There is more product inside the tube than with a MAC lipstick. Once I de-tubed them it actually felt like MORE lipstick than a MAC lipstick. So to people who like these: Don’t toss them out when you get down to the bottom of the tube, there is quite a bit still inside those puppies!

2) I picked up D’Lilac and No She Didn’t and I found that they applied very unevenly (almost looking like they were slipping and cracking) IF (and I stress the IF) I wore ANY kind of lip balm or moisturized my lips too much BEFORE putting on the lipstick. If my lips were dry to start, these went on opaque and pretty smoothly. It’s a pain if you don’t like a dry lipstick or if, like me, you have dry lips to begin with and need a lip balm ALL THE TIME.

All in all, I still like the ones I picked up (though the feel a little like something you’d get at a novelty shop). I thought they were unusual and worth picking up for the “Wow you have blue lips” factor. I LOVE blue lipstick… I have the blue lipmix by MAC, I have the Cyan paintstick by MAC, neither of those compare to No She Didn’t for intensity and opacity.

Thanks again for the review! 🙂 I was excited to see it 🙂

You know what I was thinking about? That you’d de-tube those and wouldn’t have all the issues I had, LOL! I forgot to mention that three of my lipsticks broke off at the base, which is what had me thinking “Oh, but for Dusty, he’ll de-tube!!”

I have decent lips, but I find I still need to moisturize throughout the day, at least a few times, if I want them to stay that way.

Have you tried OCC Lip Tar in Rx? That’s the bright blue one 🙂

It is funny you had the same reaction to the packaging. It looks fine, but when you hold it, there’s just that lack of weight or something that makes it not feel cheap.

Ooooo! I KNEW you were going to mention OCC and I haven’t tried the Rx Lip Tar yet. It’s on my list! When I was looking at the Lime Crime Lipsticks I was actually having a difficult time choosing between the two… I opted for LC because, once I detube them, they take up less space in my kit and I wanted to try something that wasn’t at all like a Lipmix. Haha! But I have to pick that OCC Lip Tar up… I know 😉

Re: The packaging… It’s a very thin, brittle plastic. It feels like it might shatter easily. Even my bf thought it felt bad (and he doesn’t care at all about this stuff)!

And speaking of BF’s – I really like the new search! I tested it a couple times 🙂 It’s working great so far and I think it’s a good idea!

I can’t believe you don’t have them, LOL!

Hahaha. That’s what I make my boy do… if it feels cheap to me, I have him try it (without telling him) and see how he likes it. (I also do this with luxe packaging, just to balance!)

I will let him know! Thanks 😀

haha! I laughed out loud when I read this, as I use my bf as a packaging tester as well…

although that did leave me with a few awkward moments, where he commented that my lovely MAC lipstick cases looked like tampons… now i can’t get the image out of my head!

Thanks Christine for this review. I tought od buying their eye pigment for a couple of months, but if their lipstick are not a good value, I guess the eye pigments are not too. This was a real eye opener (and money saver!)

I like the shades personally. They just arent for everyone but I know people who use them and are just different but it looks good when done right. 🙂

I don’t know anything about this company or the drama around it, and since I’m in the UK, I doubt this lipsticks would be available here anyway. I have found that the first 3 swatches (in a row) look just like the 3 lipsticks you initially reviewed from Give Me Liberty, so if I wanted those I’d rather get Mac anyway. The rest look really ugly. I mean who actually wears blue lipstick??? 🙂

I own Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia, No She Didn’t, Styletto, Countessa Fluorescent, and Airborne Unicorn.

Before I started modeling, I have worn all of these on regular days out (not work). It’s a confidence/state of mind thing.

But Retrofuturist and Centrifuschia are the two I admittedly use the most out of the 6. I’ve never used lipliner with any of them and have never had a problem with bleeding color. Lip staining on the other hand… that I do agree with.

Philosophy’s lip exfoliator works wonders on the staining issue though.

I was *so* excited for these when they were first announced, but it seems like every review I’ve read reads the same.

I’m really glad you took the time to give your balanced and impartial review though! I don’t think anyone’s done a truly impartial review yet (or at least one that hasn’t at least been prefaced by “And you guys all know what I think of Doe Deere and LimeCrime…” and that puts me off a little.

Centrifuchsia actually looks pretty! That’s one of the colors I was most attracted to, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find it in a more moisturizing formula. I already have ridiculously dry lips (even with exfoliating, moisturizing, balm, etc) so I know that one won’t work on me, even if it’s the best out of the lot.

I am soooo sad to read this whole review. I have long been a fan of Lime Crime, NOT HAVING BOUGHT ANY OF THE PRODUCTS! Its such cute packaging, adorable site, and Doe seems like such a cute and fun person….its really sad to read the “drama” (yes I did google the whole back story) and how poorly the lipsticks actually are in person 🙁 Oh well, I guess I wont be buying any of these lipsticks…sad….the whole thing is just sad. I am soooo pro small indi girl business and am all about supporting the “little guy” but really only if its a superior product….which this does not seem to be.

Centrifuscia is beautiful on you, I doubt I could pull it off with my pale vampiric 43 year-old lips…lol. Other than that I would probably steer clear just on packaging alone, they look like they came out of a Happy Meal.

The colors are “off” a bit, all-in-all, not for me. Thanks to your reviews I have saved so much money. Keep on doing what your doing pretty girl!

Chris, you have the most beautiful lips in blogsphere. So if a collection of lipsticks could give you hootchie lips then I’ll have to pass. There would not be any hope for mine.

D’lilac makes you look like you should be swinging from a pole rather than pursuing law….

I’m probably the only one here that never heard of Lime crime and the drama about it, lol 😀
Anyway,I really like Centifuchsia! It’s a too-die shade for me at the moment 😀

But, since your review isn’t really good, could you recommend me a similar shade? MAC or any other brand in that range? I’d appreciate it, thanks! 🙂

Reminds me of MAC Full Fuchsia or Fusion Pink. Full Fuchsia is a little more fuchsia, Fusion Pink is a little pinker. Both are PRO, though…

I have to say thank you so much Christine for posting this review and thanking you so much Dusty for pushing the post (Btw, you have some awesome videos!)

Anyways, I’ve been back and forth with these lipsticks for months. I particularly liked the light pinks and violets and was going to pick up a whole bunch of these. However, when I searched for reviews, I discovered a whole load of “controversey” like you mentioned and just stayed away! It was also strange because I’d either find A+ reviews or really, really negative reviews so I didn’t know what to believe and didn’t want to shell out money on something I wasn’t sure about. Now that you’ve reviewed these, I’m going to skip them. They seem like too much work and I absolutely despise drying, chalky lipsticks -especially when I could just buy 1 YSL lippie for around the price of 2 of these -or even 1 MAC lipstick for less!

For those who are interested in the funky bright colors, I highly recommend MAC Lipmixes or OCC lip Tars. They dry down to look like lipstick anyways and they’re cheaper. I also trust the quality, pigmentation, and lasting ability on both products.

You totally saved me from having a gazillion unicorn tubes that would just be collection dust. Also, for some reason I thought the tubes were pink before seeing your review?! I must be going insane. Thanks for the review!!

P.S. I like MAC Lipmixes more than Lip Tars. I think that if you have 2 colors from both brands that are similar, go with the Lipmix (for anyone interested.)

Yeah, I’ve definitely read some reviews and it seems to be all over the map! With Dusty’s request, it seemed like I should give ’em a shot. (I don’t swatch anything until I photograph, but I don’t photograph unless I plan to review, LOL!)

Hmm, they’re kind of a pinky-purple.

If I were to recommend any shades, it’d be more or less to someone who does editorial/photoshoot work–who’s probably going to use a lip liner, lip brush, etc. to apply and not just trying to make it work on an everyday basis. If it’s a “normal” shade, I’d definitely opt for something more accessible and/or cheaper (or of better quality!).

Oh yeah, lipmixes, now that I see you don’t have to be a pro to buy. When I feel ready to spend the money, that is a great invesment. How do you store your mixes and apply them? Thanks!

thanks for reviewing these.
back in the days of livejournal, you and doe/xenia were 2 of the people whos posts i read most. still kinda true today, i check temptalia and doedeereblogazine multiple times a day lol

her “brand” is more of a candyfuturistic fantasy feel so at least these colors exist somewhere, even if they are just okay.

I don’t like the color of any of these, plus the quality doesn’t seem good. Especially for the price. I’ll stick
with my mac lipsticks

The colors themselves can be good for editorial/photoshoots — I would say the average person does necessarily need a blue lipstick for everyday but may find it fun to experiment 🙂

that was unnecessarily rude. i bet theres some things you wear that i could be equally rude about but at least i can respect that people have their own style and opinions.

Your review is actually really nice and unbiased, and a few of these shades are pretty but sadly I’d never buy from a company/person who’s that blatantly rude/defensive towards people.

Luckily, even though some of these are pretty, I’d never wear them out in public even if I did buy them lol

I had asked on the blog if they were going to be drying, and Doe Deere had said no.

When I got them and saw that they highlighted my constantly dry lips and made it worse, it kinda pissed me off. I suppose that’s what happens when you look up to someone that needs to sell product. >.>

Overall, I didn’t like the lipsticks. I find I can find far better products at Morgana Minerals and MAC. Hell, even Nyx is better, imo. It left me with bad feelings.

I’m a beast when it comes to products people deem “unwearable” mainly because I just love color and I see no reason not to test boundaries for fun but I honestly would never even touch these. Nothing against Doe
and the controversy surrounding her company but I have heard so many negative reviews on her products, I’d rather stay far, far away. As much as I’d love a sky blue lipstick rather than having to mix and match products to get that lip color, $16 is way too much. Lime Crime’s shadows are overpriced as well, I can’t remember exactly how much product is in each shadow but all I remember was raising my eyebrow. I’ll stick with Glamour Doll and soon Sugarpill, I just don’t like the look or feel surrounding Lime Crime…

Thanks for the awesome review Christine! I have the whole collection myself and I love the colours. I have the issue with them making my lips a bit dry too. At work it can be a couple of hours before I am able to reapply or touch up any makeup, so It gets kinda tough to wear at work. I found that using Urban Decay’s Ozone Lip liner helps with the bleeding issue. 🙂

PS: I really wanted different coloured lipsticks and If I knew about OCC Lip Tars before I purchased these (I purchased these around November), I would of most likely skipped and opted for the Lip Tar collection.

I like the idea of Lip Tars – if I was less of a consumer and did more freelance, I could see them working well for editorial/photoshoot work (not so much, you know, bridal or anything!).

Thanks for reviewing these, Christine! I’d actually been oblivious to all the drama and I’m such a girly girl that “lavender lipstick in a purple tube with a sparkly unicorn” really got my interest. If these were better, I’d probably buy most of them…. but I do really appreciate knowing that they’re not, you’ve saved me the time and money.

So what’s funny about this is for me the “no such thing as bad PR” saying is true because I am probably going to get a couple of these after seeing your review. I’m not thrilled by the dryingness or price factors but I kid you not I have dreamt of an orange like Cosmopop for a longggg time! And d’lilac is interesting too! I will make these work based on the colors alone. And I don’t really worry too much about drama so I’m good there. Anyways thanks for your candid review! 🙂

Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop and My Beautiful Rocket were shades I was interested in. My friend sent me No She Didn’t and D’Lilac, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Do you know of a sub for Cosmopop, one that isn’t chalky, and is easy to apply?

Morgana Minerals Vegan Lipsticks have several blue shades and they’re fantastic. SubZero, Serenity, Ice Queen, etc. are all fantastic.

I’d say maybe… MUFE #402 Lipstick. I’d probably just mix some OCC Lip Tars together if I was really seeking that shade, I suppose.

I haven’t bought any of the OCC lip tars because of a few reasons:
1. concerns over the ingredients
2. I really do like to already have a product mixed to carry, so I’m not sure how much use I’d get out of the lip tars unless I also bought containers to mix them in.

I’ll definitely check out MUFE #402.
I’ve been wanting to check out MUFE Sculpting Blush – 22 – Iridescent Orange Coral, as well 😉

Hey Phyrra, if you do end up buying 402, pretty please do a swatch on your blog! I am short on the monies right now, so can’t afford to experiment!

thanks for reviewing. i was thinking of getting the lilac and a pink one but now i think i’ll just expand on my MAC lippie collection.

Centrifuchsia, My Beautiful Rocket and Retrofuturist look pretty nice on you. Thanks for the un-biased review and swatches!
I wouldn’t get these since I think a MAC lippie is expensive (at least here!) and I think asking more than that amount for an indie line is going a step too far. And when you say something about your product, the product has to live up to those claims…you seem to have a thick crust of lippie in some of these swatches!

On the topic of the actual product: Thanks to this review, I am probably going to order a couple of these- I have been looking for a color like Cosmopop for a while, so this is exciting! And D’Lilac is pretty too! I am a little concerned with the price and texture but I think I can make them work! 🙂

As for the “drama”: I guess the saying “there’s no such thing as bad PR” is true, because when I checked their site for these, over half are sold out! So regardless they’re still doing poorly. And most of the claims against them don’t sway me from buying the product- because if it’s a l/s that I want, I don’t really care a lot about much more than getting my hands on it 😛 And if there is any unprofessionalism from the company, we have to realize that many of these “indie” brands don’t have a huge PR team to help them, so some of them are inexperienced in dealing with poor reviews and such. I think I remember this same thing happening with Coastal Scents last year.

Regardless, thank you for the honest review- if they restock and I get these at least I will know what to expect! 🙂

I think that despite being an indie company, there’s a certain kind of standard one should have in regards to dealing with poor reviews.

@ Sara- yes, it was a typo. I meant to say they’re still selling decently.

@ Mai- i agree, and if it were my company, I would be a little more PR-saavy. But there are sadly a lot of small businesses started by people who aren’t super well-versed in certain keys of business success, and so I suppose it wouldve been more accurate for me to say that I am not surprised by it. I don’t condone it, but the online makeup world can be so catty and dramatic and I don’t really care to hear all of it– I just want to enjoy fun makeup.

i really like the pink lipsticks buuutt i dont think i’ll be spending $16 on them plus im sure i can find those colors anywhere…blue lipstick? the packaging is just awful…it looks so cheap and the stickers just make it worse

Thanks for the honest review!! Don’t feel bad about posting reviews even you don’t like something!
they can’t always be positive (like the mac lip stain marker things).

Plus it helps the company to improve! 🙂

This sucks… I wish these were more decent! I’ve been hoping to find Cosmopop’s color, and I fell in love with D’Lilac and No She Didn’t! But after seeing the swatches and the review, I’m not really so keen on them anymore. 🙁
Christine, is there any lipstick or such out there similar to Cosmopop?

Try “Sonnet” by Illamasqua! I bought it 3 weeks ago and I love it. It may not be that orangey but its pretty close…its the closest thing I’ve seen to Cosmopop.

These swatches do appear more pigmented than some other lipsticks you have swatched on this blog (esp mac lippies). I like the fact that there are dupes for lavender whip but they are way too pricey

Regardless of the controversy, I’m avoiding these lipsticks as they’re not really my cup of tea. Still appreciate the review, nonetheless!

I just founds out about this brand about a week ago and did a spur of the moment order- i got great pink planet, and 3 eyeshadows, i wish i saw your review 1st, but i just got my stuff today and havent had the chance to try it all on yet but it does swatch nicely

This is so weird! Maybe it differs from person to person but I didn’t find these lipsticks drying at all.
One thing I did find that was a little annoying was once I put a gloss over the top it moved all the lipstick around and almost like, rubbed it off 🙁 (hard to explain).
I have: Great Pink Planet, Centrifuschia, My Beautiful Rocket, Countessa Flourescent, D’lilac, Cosmopop.

Oh, exactly! Once I applied any kind of gloss, the lipstick liquidated or something and moved into little lipstick trails, streams, and ponds all over my lips, lol!

Glad to hear that you haven’t been spammed yet, Christine.

I’m glad you reviewed these because I’ve been curious and heard either great things or horrible things but from sources I’m not familiar with. When you do a review, I trust your word because you put so much effort into writing your pieces and all the pictures and swatches that you do for us readers. It’s amazing and now seeing the colors on your lips I’ll save myself some money. Great review.

I actually have Styletto, I bought it because I tested the lipstick from MAC in the style black collection and was so very dissappointed in it. I haven’t experienced the drying but then again I always use my Burts through out the day. My experience with Lime Crime was very positive I also bought a pigment and love that as well. I too am really happy to see a review that deals with the product and not the drama. This is why I love this site and will always reference it before I buy. Thanks

i totally disagree with christine’s review – i have all of the LC lipsticks and find NO streaking problems with great pink planet or d’lilac and cosmopop doesn’t look at all chalky – i constantly get compliments on it when i wear it! in fact, i get compliments on all of the LC lipsticks!

yes, some of the darker colors do fare better with a lip liner – retrofuturist and centrifuchsia come to mind. styletto is the only black lipstick i’ve found that is actually opaque and can’t wait for the fall to wear it!

these lipsticks certainly aren’t for everyone – they are semi-matte, so they don’t have a silky feel like a normal lipstick and they do contain lip stain so yes, they do leave color behind, but its easy enough to remove using a towel and some vodka when you’re tired of the color. i personally love their long-wearing capacity and centrifuchsia lasted during a 13 hour day without reapplication!

i’ve never seen lipsticks like these and am proud to own them all. if you love bright color, you will NOT be disappointed.

FWIW I really like Morgana Minerals lipsticks for unusual colors and I’m a lipstick snob. Aside from some MAC I mostly just use Besame and Julie Hewett but I like having a few unusual colors. Why I like them:
-Good customer service. Hand made by the owner so not stock colors.
-They are truly vegan. Unlike Lime Crime they don’t contain beeswax. Because they have a different formula than most lipsticks they don’t like being applied with a lipbrush and need body heat to warm them up a bit but once they are on they wear evenly, last a long time and are moisturizing because of all the natural oils. Similar to MAC Amplified Cream.
-The colors are more like jewel tones than bubblegum colors. It’s easier for me at 37 to pull off a navy blue lip than neon aqua.
Overall they are my favorite for unusual colors. MUFE also makes a few nice unusual lipsticks but Sephora doesn’t stock them so you have to call the flagship store.

I’m actually *really* disappointed to see so many people saying that it’s the product that matters and not the companies ethics or work practices. I don’t understand how so many smart people could not understand that if you give money to a company, you are supporting what that company does. If that company is known for shilling, harassment, censorship and all around bad treatment of people and you give them money – you are telling them that it’s okay. That you are okay with how they have handled themselves. I’m really sad to see that so few people have made that connection.

Lime Crime doesn’t just have some mild “drama” regarding them. They have actively attempted to censor bad reviews and comments regarding their products, a practice which – as a consumer – I find to be heinous.

thanks for the swatches ^^

i preordered Centrifuschia and No she didnt (just because :P)

i loveee centrifuschia, it might be a bit drying if you apply too much of it
i find no she didnt hard to apply evenly, but i like it anyways, i dont really wear it so i dont care all that much 😛

i might order, Countessa Fluorescent and Great pink planet soon-ish

i wish they would change the formula though, yes i like it opaque, but i wouldnt mind applying more layers and the product be less drying.
Though it has an amazing staying power (well Centrifuschia at least)

i’ve been a fan of limecrime for a looonngg time…and always had an incredible customer service…all that drama never affected me, i find that they are mostly from haters…couldnt care less

She’s releasing new eyedust colors and products this summer (yay for lipliners!) i cant wait ^^

That’s great 🙂 I am happy it worked for you! At the end of the day, I’m happy if you’re happy with your purchase!

LimeCrime always seem to get on their high horse if there’s a negative review – that’s why this page is linked in their latest newsletter. Hmph, bit shady if you ask me.

I totally agree with you on the review – I found the Cosmopop lipstick drying, and Retrofuturist stained my lips like crazy (it’s since been added somewhere on the site this is ‘added lipstain’ or something like that – yeah right.)

I recently bought OCC Lip Tars and they’re much more opaque, a gorgeous range of colours (even crazy ones) and a lot better value for money.

Hey MarcieB!

I only just heard about it… if you still have a copy, I’d love to see it – you can forward it to [email protected].

It is unfortunate that a company cannot take criticism (and I’d like to think that at least some of it was constructive — e.g. if it’s drying, then fix it by making it more moisturizing!) in the spirit it was intended.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the Lip Tars! They can be really fun and bring out the inner artist, I swear 😉

“Finally, we wanted to discuss a less-than-favorable review we received on The review gave our Candyfuture opaque lipsticks a C- rating… We don’t agree! Do you? Here is the link so you can see for yourself:

We would like to encourage all of our futurettes who have had good experiences with our company and products to make yourselves heard. Please don’t keep your happy opinions to yourself! Feel free to email Christine (Temptalia) at [email protected] and share your positive Lime Crime experiences with her, let her know you disgree with her review, or leave a comment on the article letting everyone know your personal view on our products and company.”

That sounds an awful lot like she’s trying to get people to attack you. Huh. Why does it matter anyway? It’s not like anyone can change your opinion. Unless of course she threatens to sue you like she did to Grey.

If people love their Lime Crime lipsticks, I’m happy! It doesn’t hurt/harm me in any way if you agree or disagree — and it’s true, my opinion is based on my experience, for better or worse.

I feel like, in fairness, I should point out that you left out the last sentence in the paragraph from the Lime Crime e-mail, which was:

“Please be honest, respectful, and polite!”

Having said that, I do find it a bit distasteful that the company would ask their readers to bombard an honest reviewer’s opinion. Christine, I think this review was 100% true to form, and I respect your opinion and thank you for sharing it!

Having said that, I for one almost want to buy one of the Lime Crime shades sheerly for the packaging- I think it’s adorable. I’m not sold on the formula, and I do think the price is too high, but Great Pink Planet looks like the perfect pale, matte, slightly purpley pink shade that I’ve been searching for…can anyone suggest a good dupe?

That’s the second time I’ve heard that comparison…my MAC store still had the Saint Germain tester on the rack last time I was in (a weeks ago) so maybe that’s a good sign. I thought the Great Pink Planet looked a bit more lilac than St. G, but photos can be deceiving. Thanks for the tip!

I have 5 of the colors and I had quite the opposite experience. I found them creamy and pigmented and LOVED the smell and taste. It reminded me of MAC dazzleglass. I am hoping for more outrages colors soon. LOL But I guess everyones body chemistry is different and not everyone will have the same experience with the same products. LOVE the swatches.

They smelled good at first, but yeah, definitely didn’t have a good taste to me! No biggie, though, ’cause I rarely taste my lipstick/gloss, lol!

OMG. i just saw this linked in the latest LC newsletter [i’m a futurette] and i was totally shocked. not at the review, which is actually pretty fair, but the fact that we were told to email you with our own positive reviews!!! whaaaaaaat

i mean seriously. some of us might have given amazing reviews and some not so much, but there’s no need to tell us to force opinions on you. 🙁

Aww, it’s all good. I’m truly happy as long as you’re happy – so if this worked for you, it’s good stuff!

I got linked from the Lime Crime Newsletter too. I think it’s VERY unfair and a bit of a bad move from a company who already has had a history of unfair ethics when it comes to victimizing unfavourable reviewers and forcing bloggers to censor their work in threat of legal action.

NOT a smart move, Lime Crime.

Thank you for your review and swatches 🙂 Some really do look like total crap and it IS the lipsticks fault, it’s not like someone can have defective lips!

And for $16, no I won’t “give them a try”.

And I’m sorry she’s trying to sic her little unitards on you 🙁

Actually thanks for ALL your swatches, I love that you actually put them on your lips so we can see the difference. Keep on being awesomely awesome 😀

Haven’t had anybody email me or comment yet hating or trashing me 🙂 I am, instead, greatly relieved to see others understand where I’m coming from, what I write, and what I’m doing — that I’m here to be honest, fair, and talk about the *product* only.

That’s very good to hear 🙂
Now I’m off to stalk the rest of your blog, I thought I had you in my reader already but there’s so much I haven’t seen so I guess not lol

**also I didn’t mean “unitards” to every fan in general, just the ones that feel the need to follow directions and spam innocent people. I actually am happy to see some futurettes disgusted by her behaviour! They are proving that people still do have their own opinions and can make up their own minds without being told what to do. You ladies are awesome too 🙂

This is the best review yet that I’ve seen. I agree with you on all the texture issues, except that to me the lipsticks aren’t drying. They highlight all the chaps/cracks in my lips so they look drying. Thanks for the cosmopop dupe rec.s all posters! I own it, but it is almost unwearable for me due to texture issues.

Anyway, the real reason I am posting here is b.c. despite all the negative press, I thought Doe might still be a good, decent person. But no longer after seeing that she gave out your personal email. That is so wrong and I hope you don’t get spammed. Like 100 people telling you they love the lipstick is going to change your unbiased opinion. Wtf, wtf, wtf….

Ugh, that sounded way too harsh. It’s hard not to get caught up in the drama.

But seriously, how could she not realize that giving out a personal email to her fan base, and then telling her fan base to email that one person is just plain wrong?

Still haven’t had anyone email me about it, other than to give me a heads up about what happened. I’m a little surprised myself, but I’ll take it 🙂

Christine, keep doing what you are doing! We love your blog and this was a non biased review. Lime Crime just can’t take a review that is anything less than “gleeful”.

completely agree! I’m a little sad myself to see this happen, even if you haven’t been e-mailed. I do hope that both sides of the drama can keep it off your blog.

Alrighties, I took a trip to the MAC store, and couldn’t find a suitable match to cosmopop, even by mixing. However, I learned something…. the appearance issues I have with Cosmopop (i.e. not even coverage, migrating into crevices, chaps) are the exact same issues I have with the MAC color Myth (which I tried on for the first time).

So maybe all really nude/light, highly pigmented lip colors have texture issues like this and its not the fault of the color Cosmopop? You should be the judge on that, you’re a MAC expert!

Also, when I tried to mix Myth with a gloss, it too “liquidated” and got all uneven on my lips….

So basically, I would say cosmopop is fine compared to similarly light and highly pigmented lipsticks.

Just be careful when mixing it with other colors. I tried mixing it with various pink lipsticks I have, and have had success (no “liquidation” becoming uneven coverage) with only certain textured lipsticks. For example, Cosmopop mixed with Snob, a Satin, there were no resulting uneven orange blotches. Cosmopop mixed with Saint Germain, an Amplified Creme, however, and the whole thing became a liquidy mess with orange blotchiness.

Last post, promise, lols! I just love the color Cosmopop, with or without pink added, but as I mentioned above, the texture could be better. However, now I realize this might be a problem with all light colored highly pigmented lipsticks (maybe esp on my highly pigmented lips). And I have found ways of mixing it with pinks to make it more wearable.

Here’s the dilema looking for dupes:

The only brands that were offered as possible dupes were MUFE ($19) and Illumanasqua, $20! Even more expensive and no swatches! I personally am wary of NYX colors. For example someone suggested “Orange Soda” but looking at online swatches, it looks like a totally, runny blotchy version of Myth. BOOOO! I want an in store swatchable possible dupe for this color!

Or a really spot on stargazer comparison 🙂 please 🙂

To me, it is really a unique color. The one def. dupe I can see is mixing occ lip tars, but I don’t want to buy those. I don’t like runny things, as you might have noticed! I don’t like the Fyrinnae Lip Lustres and OCC Lip Tars seem very similar. Plus, I don’t want to have to carry around a 10g container of color plus lip brush when applying color. I like my lipsticks to have some thickness to them, not totally liquidy.

So all in all, unless I see some awesome Illamasqua, MUFE, or Stargazer swatches, I am not dropping any more money to find a color I already like!

I bought a color in the drugstore, while not an exact dupe for cosmopop, definitely has the same feel to it and is more wearable (sheerer with more pink to it).

It is the Rimmel color Crush. I saw it compared to Cosmopop on some blog whose name I can’t remember. Well, it is only $6 something, and you can see the color in the drugstore (if you do a quick pop open the top, peak inside, I know we aren’t supposed to do it, but come on, I know some of you have ;)) It’s got good reviews on MakeupAlley!

Yeah, and cosmopop, I see no hint of pink at all as it appears on the website. It is really just whitened orange to me (and yet a very unique color to me).

I am quite happy now that I’ve learned I can mix it with Snob to pink it up a bit when I feel like it without texture issues (lc formula, Mac formula incompatability issues).

It is a terrible, terrible shame that miss Deere/Xenia/Limey feels that being so two-faced is how you succeed.

Unfortunately, anyone who is familiar with the drama isn’t surprised that she’s encouraged her fooled fans to harass the rainbows out of you via your personal email.

Also terribly unfortunate: that you gave a completely honest, unbiased review, and because it wasn’t all sparkles and unicorns, she took off her big girl panties and threw a tantrum.

It sucks that you got dragged into the LC drama 🙁 I thought the review was perfectly fair and unbiased.

I purchased some eyeshadows & a lipstick quite awhile back, before I knew about all the drama surrounding the company. I have actually only worn the lipstick once, as my lips were stained red for days after. (I should have known after I swatched it on my hand, and it left a stain no matter how much I washed at it.)

I was wondering if you could help me out, I’m trying to find a dupe for D’Lilac.. I ordered MAC’s Up The Amp but it’s way darker than I imagined. Any suggestions are super appreciated 🙂

Perhaps Illamasqua’s Liv? I think it might be a little pinker in comparison, but it might get you close. Up the Amp is definitely not a dupe, but if you use a very light nude-ish lipgloss (say C-Thru), you might get something similar, just glossy.

I am really glad you have posted this review!

I am aware of the drama going on with Lime Crime cosmetics – but when I looked at the lipsticks on her site I was really tempted by them. My hair is bright Turquoise and I am constantly afte a matching lipstick for it – but for $16 a pop (plus postage to the UK) I didn’t want to try it without a good review and some clear swatch photos.

(I was also waiting, in hope that Shrinkle would release lipsticks with her Sugarpill range, because she is adorable and her customer service is absolutely impeccable!)

After reading this review I have decided to give it a miss. The colour is ok – but nowhere near as good as it looks in the photoshopped images on Lime Crime’s purchase page! Her behaviour towards you has totally put me off the brand too. I would rather spend my money on a company that doesn’t have an e-hissy fit when they get a bad review.

hmm, why don’t you try Morgana minerals? they have many different ranges of colors, like dark blue, green. I have seen her site swatches on lips and reviews. People seem to be liking them, saying theirs are moisturizing and long-lasting. I know they’re an indie makeup company, but you could search this one up. I actually ordered samples of some of their reds/pinks. LOL

Well, this has been bothering me for a long time. It is wrong to judge people’s core personalities based on internet actions. I really regret what I what I said about Doe. Shit happens. Business decisions come into play. What I can say say is she aught to take the criticism to heart and improve on her formula if possible.

I’ll admit that I got the link for this review from the candyfuture newsletter. And I found that this review is absolutely fair and manages to keep the drama surrounding her company out of it.
I was considering buying some of her lipsticks, but it seems that there are others of better quality for a better price and I would much rather spend my money on those.
Also, it may not be my place to say so, but I think it was uncalled for that she give out the email of a reviewer (which I couldn’t actually find on the site…) and encourage them to harass her with emails about their experiences, when that should be done in the comments section in a civilized manner.

I couldn’t find the email address she listed in the email on your site. It wasn’t one of those you listed… But I really do like your review and respect your opinion. I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to read more

Hey! 😀
Just wanted to say I liked your review. I was wondering if there’s a good dupe for Centrifuchsia? I don’t want to buy it because of 1. the price and 2. the quality, etc, but I have a similar fuchsia color I use everyday and pretty much want a dupe for *that* haha (Lancome’s L’absolu Rouge lipcolor in Passion Flower.) Thank youu!

I love your reviews, they are so insightfull and indepth. I also like how you review all colours, textures and supply swatched both on lips and neutral surface (your arm i am guessing). I applaude you for taking on such a (stupidly) controversial topic – limecrime – it is just makeup after all.

What is a good dupe for cosmopop? and would MAC ‘Morange’ be a good dupe for ‘My beautiful Rocket’?

Thank you so much!

<3 Cait

Maybe MUFE #402 Lipstick for Cosmopop. Morange would be a decent dupe for My Beautiful Rocket – actually, I like Morange more!

Christine, great review! You definitely handled this one with delicate gloves, but I appreciate your review and value your opinion as a fair assessment. I have trusted your blog for many years now and find Xenia’s serpentine behavior disappointing, but not surprising.

Sorry Xenia has sent her minions out to spam your personal email and blog. I wrote a post on my personal blog about her ( and had anonymous comments from her stooges. I can’t imagine how much junk you will get from them.

I didn’t get a single email raving about her products or harassing me — only got emails giving me the heads up, thankfully!

I do not intend to perpetuate any drama here whatsoever. I just came across the review here which I am grateful for due to the knowledge that I have gained as a consumer. Christine I congratulate your honest and clear opinion on the brands you review. Not everything is going to make the grade and I appreciate you telling it like it is. As many of your readers do,I hold your opinion in high regard and have found many quality products from your recommendations.
I was not interested in the lipsticks when I first found the aforementioned brand’s website, but I was debating on placing an order for some of the pigments. Especially “Circus Girl” pigment the packaging looked so cute too. After investigating the reviews on this brand on numerous websites/blogs I have to say the evidence is quite damning and I have decided against purchasing for very valid reasons. I have based my judgement on the uncanny similarities that these blogger’s have pointed out in reference to the pigments being repackaged pigments from wholesale companies. They are IDENTICAL. The owner of the company in question states that these claims are without merit. However this is hard for me to believe after pouring over all of this extensive research the blogger’s have posted. This blogger should be a lawyer because she is so thorough in her investigation:

If you read the array of articles she has compiled about this it is hard to ignore the proof. I also read several other blog’s regarding the business practice’s of this brand and I am quite put off. I do not believe everything I read of course but this is solid evidence that cannot be denied. It is very disconcerting to me as a potential customer that the owner would post this terrible letter regarding her customers:

Everyone can formulate their own opinions of course, I am offended by this. I am NOT a blogger,I have nothing to do with the internet feuding regarding the brand. I am not against this brand just to be snarky or dramatic, just a potential customer who has decided to change their mind on buying from this Co. Tsk tsk if the owner did truly write that distasteful letter, I am appalled.
Slandering people who she deems as “too poor to buy her product” etc etc, disgusting. That is all I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. This is quite the epic entry, sorry Christine! Again thankyou for all that you do for your community here. I adore your website. =o)

I have good things and bad things to say about these lipsticks. First of all, I like some of the colors. It’s also great because you get them in the convenience of a solid tube. I’ve swatched them before and they are opaque.

Now the drawbacks, the packaging is kind of…a pass for me. I think the pink part should be black or something to make the holographic print jump out more. That and I’m not too crazy about this whole unicorn, Lisa Frank-ish fantasy. They also stain a bit, but usually I can take it off easily off my pale, moisturized lips with a wipe.

I don’t hate these lipsticks, but I probably wouldn’t buy them knowing there are other options that are just as good (maybe better) for less money. I have a few friends that insist Lime Crime is the best out there for bold colors. More often than not, these friends are not very familiar with Illamasqua, Make up For Ever, TKB and MAC. In fact, most of the Lime Crime enthusiast I know don’t even own a MAC lipstick. Most of them look at me like they’ve been electricuted/stunned when I tell them MAC is cheaper. I don’t think it’s the most reliable judgment when it comes from someone that hasn’t tried a lot of brands in the same price range and compared.

I had wanted one of the purples ones, but I guess I’ll just wait till MAC releases Lavender Whip to the non pros again.
Thanks for the review, 16 bucks is an awful lot for a lipstick these days and no one wants to drop it on something they don’t know works well.

I’d been aware of Lime Crime ever since I saw the fantastic brand image luring me in from outside Space NK in England- I went in and was amazed by the super smooth formula and highly pigmented colour. It’s normal practice for me to swatch all over my hands then continue my shopping and return to buy a few hours later if the swatch is still great (works a treat with cheaper eyeshadows too- so many come off after 5 minutes!). Anyway, I went back to pick my colour and went for Centrifuchsia and Retrofuturist (I can rarely pull off reds and this one was perfect- but unfortunatley they were out of stock of it) as I already have MAC Saint Germain, Morange and Pink Noveau. I tried my best to ignore that fact that after trying these two colours, my lips were stained, because the formula seems like a stronger version of the MAC Cremesheen/Amplified lipsticks which I love.

Anyway, my point is that apart from the staining, I’m pleased to have found a red that I can wear (just need it in stock now!).. but after buying Centrifuchsia Ive read the scandal..and boy it’s EVERYWHERE. Such a shame that the shine has been taken off from a potentially fun and exciting brand. Demanding apologies and retractions for less than great reviews is ridiculous and so so damaging to the owners brand.

The best thing she can do is take on board the suggestions to improve the product and hold up her hands to some of the issues along the way that all the blogs seem to have jumped on (rather than argue this which is only digging herself into a hole deeper), then come back with an improved product and attitude so that she can hold her head up with pride that she owns a brand that listens to its consumers. She’d gain much more respect this way.

So now I look forward to what happens to Lime Crime next.. while I’m going to go back to get my lipstick when it’s in stock, I can’t say Im excited about buying it anymore. I’m usually influenced by the brand itself and it’s packaging, but for this product, i’m only still getting it because it’s a red I’m comfortable wearing and not because it’s Lime Crime.

Just so you know, the owner of Limecrime recently said on her website that she does not think your review of her product was at all objective. I must say that I thought your review was very objective, but I thought you would want to know just in case there are any future dealings with this company.

“Objectivity of the review – umm, let’s just say I have a piece of information that leads me to believe it was far from that.”, in the comment section.

I’m glad you found the review objective! 🙂 Ironically, I waited for a very, very long time to review them (she sent them to me when they first launched), because the whole point was to keep it as drama-free as possible.

But no, after my personal email address was put in her newsletter (which of course, inevitably, I have used it with business contacts, but I have never used it for readers – [email protected] was my original address, but now I use [email protected], [email protected], and so on), it left a bad enough taste in my mouth that I have no desire to review Lime Crime products further. I do my best to be professional, and it rubs me wrong when others don’t do the same.

the packaging definitely could be better. it’s not childish in a good way, looks cheap and retarded. i’d be ashamed to say i had paid US$ 16 dolar in each lipstick with such a poor package.

but, well, i did pay, and i really love the lipsticks i own (airbone and b. rocket) 🙂

I’m so glad I checked Temptalia first before trying to order one of these. I also Googled the controversy, and I could never support a company like Lime Crime! Thanks for saving me from a mediocre purchase–this means more money for MAC, haha. 🙂

The good thing about lime crime is that they last all day. Even If I eat something the lime crime lipsticks won’t fade. There is some difficulty taking them off so I recommend to moisturize lips before and apply a lip liner before applying the lipstick. Doing this it was so much easier for me to take them off. Also don’t apply to much lipstick because the more you put the difficult to get of. I really like Retrofuturist and Centrifuchsia they are very very pretty.
A lot of people complaint a lot about the colors I find them to be appealing to certain public, people that love weird colors. Also I really think these colors are amazing for people that do cosplay (dress up like a character). For everyday colors like Centrifchsia or Retrofuturistic are ok.

Ummm I know this is an old review, but it still pops up when you search what I find weird is that no one mentions these as being Vegan and instead jumps on to compare them to MAC which is completely non-vegan. The wearability will probably be different just because of that factor alone. I think over all being a vegan line they could actual toute these well with the vegan community also I think overall Vegan brands are better for the skin as they don’t carry parabens or the such which are known to cause cancer. The fact is if you take care of your skin when your young it will look way better when your older. Though I did notice the bleeding on the edges I just wanted to point out the reason may be because of the chemical makeup of the products themselves…again people does no one read about chemicals these days? Ahhh maybe I’m spoiled after working in makeup for so long. *sigh*

There are far better brands and products out there that are vegan, too. I don’t see why one should settle for an inferior product. You should also consider doing further research re: parabens, I’m not sure if you’ve read the full dearth of research available on the subject or the scientific community’s numerous follow-up studies. There are plenty of natural ingredients that are irritating to the skin and are not appropriate for skincare or makeup. Vegan brands may or may not use parabens; they’re two separate characteristics of a product or brand, though you can certainly find a brand that does both – but not all vegan brands use or do not use parabens. I’d love for you to share with us your sources for 1) parabens are known to cause cancer (and what exactly is “the such” that causes cancer); 2) Vegan brands are better for the skin. If you’re going to get making scientific claims, it’s always a good idea to back up your knowledge with sources.

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