What lighting do you prefer for applying makeup?

What lighting do you prefer for applying makeup? Share!

I like really bright lights, and preferably, ones that aren’t hot! I love the brightness of the lights I have now, but they’re SO hot that I feel like I’ll sweat all my makeup off before I’m done sometimes!

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xamyx Avatar

As long as my base products are a good match, any lighting will work. If I’m using new (to me) products, though, I *try* to get strong, natural light, but with my “tried & true” products, I’m used to working with them, and know how they apply, so I’m not too particular.

WildDove Avatar

I had some lights like that in another house, and I had to go down in bulb wattage due to the heat, but then I lost a huge amount of ability to see what I was doing.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

Bright fluorescent lighting like the change room at the gym has. At home I need to stand by the window with a hand mirror to check if everything is even because the lighting is so crappy and outdated.

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

Bright lights, yes. But preferably one that keeps colors true to color. And the angle that the light comes from matters too. Whenever I stay at my parents’ place I struggly with my make-up application because the lights in the bathroom hit me from above and cast shadows over my face.

Laura-Lou Avatar

I prefer natural lighting. My makeup desk is infront of a big window so I get a lot of sunlight pouring in. I have a small No7 lightup magnifying mirror that I use sometimes too.

helen Avatar

I just bought a mirror (circled in a light) designed by a company called KindHuman at BB&Beyond. It only lights up when you look into it and shuts off seconds after you walk away. It also charges with a USB port so i can use it in any room (on any surface). But what’s fantastic is the light/brightness that is illuminated. It’s the perfect colour temperature for putting on make-up. It’s a little expensive but it’s the best make-up mirror that i’ve used in years. Worth a look.

Sienna Avatar

Do you mean the simplehuman mirror? That’s the one I have. It’s super bright – in fact, it kind of hurts my eyes if I look at it for too long. But you’re right about the color temperature. It reminds me of natural daylight. I think you’d really like it, Christine! It is pricey ($200), but you can always use one of those 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, which is what I did. It doesn’t really detect your face, though – it just has a motion sensor. Which is cool, but I mean, it’ll detect your butt if you walk in front of it. The auto-shutoff feature is great, though. Love that it’s cord-free and rechargeable.

Leslie Avatar

Natural light. I put on my makeup in the bathroom window using a magnified mirror. I still try to use natural light for evening makeup….I’ll just use deeper shades and apply differently. I love using natural light because it shows any imperfections and allows me to blend perfectly.

Kimmy Avatar

I don’t have any fancy lighting. There is a regular light inside the nook where I do my makeup and in the day some natural light filtering through the window. I like the natural light because it helps me see how my blush will actually look. I find I put too little blush on sometimes in artificial light and when I go outside, I’m like where is it, lol. 🙂

Debra Avatar

I use a mixture of natural (window to my left) and incandescent light (behind & above me) because that’s what’s in my bathroom. It works but I always check in a mirror in a very brightly lit room.

makura Avatar

I have a lighted makeup mirror I use while sitting at my vanity/desk. I cannot ever imagine putting my makeup on leaning over a bathroom sink with my horrible bathroom lighting. Although, I am slightly under 5′ so that may be the problem lol. Ultimately, I would love my desk to face natural daylight but that’s not possible, so I usually take a hand mirror outside to check everything. And sometimes it’s shocking, in a bad way lol.

Samantha Avatar

I prefer soft 40 watt bulbs. Applying makeup is self-care for me, so I like to be as comfortable as possible. After I apply it, I will check it in a brighter light.

Donna Avatar

Natural light works best for me. Unfortunately, I can only rely on it in Spring and Summer before I go to work as my mirror that I apply my makeup in is in the bathroom by a window. When it stays darker longer, I have to depend on the lights above the mirror.

redshift87 Avatar

I love my bathroom lights; wall-mounted and eye level (not overhead) and bright, fairly white light. Natural lighting it best of course, but not an option for me sadly!

Bonnie Avatar

Natural lighting! I’m always fearing that I look cakey or fake outdoors haha that’s why natural lighting is so crucial to me when I do makeup

Lisa Avatar

The ideal is natural daylight streaming indrectly from big windows. In lieu of this, bright lighting absent of background shadows prefrably with one 5x mag mirror for tweezing etc.

Helene Avatar

Natural light or ordinary lightbulbs. In the winter it’s dark so long in the mornings one can’t wait for natural light, and when it comes, it might not be all that light after all.
I do check my makeup in a few different lights before considering myself “done”, daylight, if possible, soft light and the harsher light in the bathroom.

judy Avatar

I know I’m not being very “green” in my habits, but love the GE light bulbs (the old kind) in “Daylight”. They are kind of a blush colored bulb. When I saw that it was becoming harder to find the incandescent light bulbs, I went on a buying frenzy and stocked up like crazy. I have sight in my right eye only and other types of lighting or light bulbs just don’t provide the light I need.

Tiffany Avatar

I use reveal bulbs in my vanity room.. Huge difference in lighting compared to incandescent bulbs.. They gave off a really natural light.. They are so great I actually use them all over my house.. Do a quick search for reveal bulbs for applying makeup and u will see a major difference in lighting

Chantal Avatar

Definitely sunlight, but having my room in the basement does not cater to this need so i use a hot, bright desk lamp right now. I’ve always felt so strange feeling like I sweat off all my makeup before I’m done with it so I’m glad I’m not alone haha!

candleashes Avatar

My Zadro lighted mirror is sufficient. Day light would be perfect, if at all possible.

Can I just say that the video commercials that load on the blog are disturbing. They slow down my browser and having sudden sound blare out of your speakers is just generally highly unpleasant

Mietta Avatar

This couldn’t have come too soon! I’m having MASSIVE dilemmas at the moment applying my makeup. We have downlights in our house and they are sooo yellowy-orange. I’m incredibly pale, NW10, and like to bronze up my face daily. I put on my bronzer in the morning thinking I look ok and when I look at myself at work with white-lights or outside in the day, it’s like I didn’t put bronzer on at all! Soooo frustrating.

I went to a hardware store yesterday and bought a 40-watt lamp and bought 2 different types of bulbs, a 14 watt ‘cool daylight’ energy saving bulb and a 28 watt halogen white clear globe. Apparently both meant to appear 40 watt. So we’ll see how it goes…In hindsight I probably should’ve bought the non-energy saving globes =S we’ll see how it goes!

Cathy Speight Avatar

Natural light when possible. I have a magnifying mirror fixed to the wall. When natural light isn’t possible, I have two spotlights either side of the mirror that light up my face.

Mignondee Avatar

My vanity sits right in front of my bedroom window, so I use natural light. I do, however, have to check the final outcome in my bathroom mirror (which has 4 big 40w bulbs) and in my full length mirror that’s also in my bedroom but turned away from the window. That way, I know I look good in natural and artificial lighting. If I don’t, it looks too made up, IMO. I’m a freelance artist and I need my makeup to be on point. No one wants someone to do makeup for them if the artist looks a hot mess. Lol. IJS.

jen Avatar

I’d love natural light, but I get ready before the sun comes up – so I’ve discovered the SimpleHuman makeup mirror – which is the best thing ever invented for makeup application. Seriously, check it out. It’s worth every penny of the $200 price tag. It’s the closest possible thing to natural light, and the 5x zoom is absolutely perfect.

Diane Avatar

I prefer bright but not hot lighting as well which is one reason I can’t stand doing my make up in my bathroom. I also prefer lighting that is as natural as possible. I currently have a ceiling fan with 5 bulbs, the lighting is great and the positioning of the mirror reflects the light so even in the evening I still get bright light.

Aida Avatar

Natural daylight. My vanity is right in front of an almost 7ft window, facing south, so I have a lot of natural light, but not direct sunlight. It’s perfect for applying makeup, because that way I know it will look exactly the same when I go outside :).

Brenda Avatar

I prefer really bright lights as well, white lights, nothing with too yellow of a cast. (I like the clear bulbs) The bathroom I currently do my makeup in has great natural light, which I use to make sure the newly painted crazy yellow walls aren’t throwing everything off!

Sylirael Avatar

I only really have natural daylight available (yes, there’s artificial light in the bathroom, but it’s very yellow), so I use that. I prefer it though, as then you kind of know what you’re getting, as it were – like what you see in the mirror in terms of colour and intensities is what you’ll get when you walk out the door!

TrulyAJulia Avatar

I hate hot lights too! I couldn’t bring myself to add 6 hot lights to my vanity when I was redoing it recently (sweat factor is real) so I purchased the SimpleHuman auto mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond (now I see Sephora has it too) and I LOVE it! It has a 10x magnification, it’s cordless, auto on/off and so bright! I sit by the window, have a single light over my large vanity mirror and with my simplehuman mirror light I have everything covered for tweezing, application and photos 🙂

Luisa Avatar

I have a dressing room style mirror that my husband made for me, but the moment I walk outside I feel like I applied too much makeup! Anyone else has that problem? And do you guys know what I should do about it?

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