What is your least favorite part of your beauty routine?

What is your least favorite part of your beauty routine? Share!

Right now, it’s a toss up being washing/drying my hair and trimming/filing my nails.

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Taking it all off at night, LOL! Although it feels really good to have my face all clean & moisturized, I really hate the process… Also, epilating my legs, because that just hurts!

I really enjoy getting “un-ready”! I find it’s a nice way to kind of get in the mood for rest, and if possible I like taking my time, using a face mask etc. just to make it more of a treat!

Applying eyeliner! I waste so much time trying to get the most perfect even lines when I should just put my eyeliner down and step away. Washing brushes is no fun either.

Me too!!!! I finally decided some days to just wear mascara but Stila Smudgesticks have made liner a LOT easier. And I washed my brushes for the first time in eons this week (shame).

I SO hear you, Christine, I hate drying my hair and trimming my nails. They hurt my bad hand, too, but I don’t have 6-10 hours to wait until my hair dries naturally, either. :/

You should try the Clarins Pure Melt Gel – it is fantastic!! Doesn’t sting my eyes, feels really luxurious but rinses off well! I’m loving it for taking off mascara!

Removing eye makeup, drying my hair, as it’s down to my rear, and lastly winged eyeliner! They are my nemesis’s . Somedays it comes out amazing, Somedays I look like a Van Gogh .

definitly shaving! shaving in the morning shower takes too long (got to get ready in other ways too). it’s just boring and you have to be precise and i cut myself way to often when shaving ):

Definitely agree! I hate that my hair is then wet and I prefer to air dry it so I have to plan when I have the time to do that. And my nails need a proper trim and file at least every 10 days or they get too long. Also, hair removal.

I deal with my chronically dry feet as the last thing I do in a day and by that point I am just tired of the battle.

I do not enjoy washing and drying my hair. It never looks good fresh from a wash and it does not like to co-operate. Second day and third day hair are so much better.

ive actually found that using a fancy cheese grater is AWESOME for removing callouses from my feet. this sounds disgusting, but i bartend in docs for 14 hour stretches 5 times a week and these things get NASTY. …. but i sanitize it and it’s ONLY used on my feet.

Maintaining my eyebrows, it’s just a never ending chore you’re never done with it because they grow back so quickly.

It would have to be drying my hair. I’d love to have straight, glossy hair but I don’t. Pretty much no matter what I use, I have to flat iron it and trying to do the back is especially “challenging” as it’s layered and trying to get the short bits is tricky and it’s also hard to get the nice results my stylist gets (depending on which part of the curl pattern is dominating – it changes from haircut to haircut). I’ve tried to get my husband to do it but he’s pretty hopeless. My life would be so much easier if I just had straight hair!

Keeping up with my nails. I get an overlay so I go to the salon which can sometimes be time consuming


I do it every other day, and i only really go intense on the roots (my hair is mid-butt-length atm), and i don’t use any conditioner or products…

But I hate it so much T_T

I do like the feeling of newly air dry, freshly washed hair though, so I guess the ‘suffering’ is worth it πŸ˜‰

Definitely blowdrying my hair. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I rarely do it though. Either I leave my hair au naturel (wild and curly) or I go to a trusty hairdresser to get it blowdried.

My least favorite part is taking the makeup off (sometimes, I’m too tired, or it’s late), and painting my toenails.

I hope you see this reply because I’m curious! Do you detangle your hair after rinsing your conditioner? The reason why I ask is because in other countries (I’m from Dominican Republic, so I guess I can only speak for us) we detangle our hair while the conditioner is still on with a wide tooth comb and then we rinse it off. I noticed that pretty much everyone I know that isn’t Dominican detangles their hair after rinsing off the condtioner. I thought was weird! Do you guys just didn’t think of doing it the other way around or is there a reason why you rinse then detangle? Is there some benefit I don’t know about?! If not, you might want to try detangling your hair before rinsing off the conditioner, it’s so much easier!

I’m American, and I finger-comb out my tangles with the conditioner still in, to great effect! πŸ˜€ My problem comes in when my hair gets longer. It’ll be so thick in the back, that it’ll tangle wildly in my sleep. I shampoo every other day, so I still have horrible tangles every other day when it gets that long. Last time I let it grow out, it was an ordeal each one of those mornings, with a wide-toothed pick (longer handle, you know, so I could reach the back of my head).

My hair will tangle on its own if you look at it funny, though.

That was a good advise. I’m going to try that, I think I used to do it a long, long time ago. I usually just detangle enough to make my parting and then I do the detangling when my hair is dry. I hardly ever blow dry it. I have waistlength fine hair, by the way.

Blow drying and flat ironing my hair “wins” by a landslide. With the summer heat, it’s been a particularly unpleasant chore lately. πŸ™

I would say it’s a 3-way tie between shaving legs, washing makeup brushes, and tweezing my eyebrows (I’m always afraid of making my sparse eyebrows even sparser!).

Ugh yes… Cleaning the make up brushes. How could I forget about that one? Have you tried the Sigma brush cleaning glove? It’s awesome! It makes a huge difference to a chore that can take a long time!

You use the glove along with a brush cleanser! I just think it’s more thorough and makes the whole process easier. Also I have a lot of brushes, and having the gloves avoids “dishpan hands” haha. Just check out a video on YouTube I’m sure there’s a few! πŸ™‚

Waiting for my hair to dry (it’s curly and takes FOREVER), and filling my eyebrows (they require a lot of work and it’s frustrating…even though I try to tell myself that they don’t have to match, I’d like them to at least look similar).

prep my lips nicely which includes applying concealer around and then filling lips nicely πŸ™‚
i am obsessed with that and also i love my curls ..
so every time i wash my hair i take good half an hr to twist and tie them so that i have natural curls πŸ™‚

Honestly, my nails grow so fast that when they need trimmed I literally roll my eyes because I swear I just did this.. I’d like to invent something that just keeps them where they should be. Haha.

Aside from fighting with my rosacea, definitely blow drying my hair. I feel like it takes forever to dry and my hair isn’t even that long!

Filling in my eyebrows is always a chore and my least favorite part in my beauty routine.
I have “good brow days” but mostly “bad brow days” πŸ˜‰ so difficult to get two similar looking brows!

Also, I can’t draw a straight eyeliner at all….

1. Washing/combing my hair as it feels like so much work (it’s thick, waist-length wavy/curly). I only comb it in the shower with conditioner it in. It gets WAY to frizzy when I brush it out dry.

2. removing makeup at the end of the day. I feel like I’m so lazy LOL!!

1. BROWS!!! I am starting off with brows that don’t even know each other and getting them to look like sisters can be a VERY daunting and LONG process, lol.
2. Makeup removal, esp. if the makeup is waterproof or I wore lashes that day, ugh.
3. Lastly that @$#% winged eyeliner, they never match and when they do it is this tedious process of mapping it out with shadow, going over it with gel liner and cleaning up with concealer. HOT MESS

Ladies! Ya gotta try the Clarins Pure Melt Gel to take off make up at the end of the day! It’s amazing and takes of all make up so easily, and rinses off nicely! It won’t sting your eyes either. I always like to follow with a second cleanse (thanks to Ms. Caroline Hirons, UK skincare guru extraordinaire!). My skin has -never- been better! πŸ™‚

I have to agree with Christine – hair and nails. I don’t mind washing my hair necessarily, I always use a clarifying shampoo (currently Lush’s BIG sea salt shampoo) and follow up with L’OrΓ©al EverPure shampoo & conditioner) since I only wash my hair about twice a week. I use a lot of dry shampoo & “teasing” volumizing powder which can build up. It’s hair drying I don’t like! I prefer air-drying my hair in summer but I have really long hair so it can take ages. And I wash my hair at night, so it’s a pain if I wash it too late, and I won’t go to bed with wet hair. I just feel like I’m frying my hair using the blow-dryer in summer!

Nails – I could care less in summer. They’re stubby and broken etc. from summer things like ball haha. I don’t have the patience to file or trim let alone paint! Thank goodness for SΓ¨che Vite because at least my toes can look half decent for a few weeks! πŸ˜€

Going to check out the Clarins Pure Melt Gel. At the momen I use Camomil Oil from The Body Shop, and follow with a Liquid Gold cleanser.
Caroline Hirons is quite a wonderful person I think. Love her blog and U Tube videos.
Thanks for the tip, Meghan!

I hate blow drying so i usually take my shower the night before so i don’t have to blow dry as long if at all (i do hate taking time out of my even for that shower too..lol)..i hate doing my hair ..all the flat ironing ..but i cant stop, like my hair to look nice but hate the process

Drying my hair is up there. It’s only chin length but thick and just seems to take forever.

Also taking off my make-up/washing my face at night. Sometimes I just want to goooo to sleeeeeep and it’s such a chore to wake myself up enough to get ready for bed.

Cuticle maintenance is the worst. I have bad cuticles like some people have bad acne. They grow so fast and I am constantly pushing them back a searching for the perfect remover, to no avail. The irony is, I have great nails, but if my cuticles aren’t presentable I won’t polish. It’s also hellish to moisturize and use any type of foundation. I’m going through the ‘Change’ and as soon as I apply anything it melts away immediately.

Hair removal, pedicures and applying eyeliner/false lashes. I have poor eye vision that makes it difficult to apply eyeliner (forget winged liner) and lashes. I use the magnifying side of my make up mirror to carefully apply liner. For those with good/great vision, never take your eyesight for granted. Poor vision also makes it difficult to do great pedicures, but I keep on plugging along! I’m on blood thinner medication and wouldn’t DARE risk nicks and cuts on my toes/fingers to a nail salon.

ive got like….a -7.5 in both eyes and astigmatism. i manage, but if i need to apply makeup without my contacts in its infuriating, i feel your pain!

My nails are very strong and very fast growing. So, I really hate having to file my nails. It’s a never ending chore. I further punish myself by choosing to keep them short. All in all there are many other more important things than my nails! So, I’ll continue to file……………

Blow drying and styling my hair, for sure. Takes too long and the heat of the blow dryer leaves me overheated and red-faced most of the time. If there was a DryBar kind of business near me, I’d be their best customer. I wear my hair in a ponytail or a chignon most days as I just don’t feel like dealing with it.

1. Bathing. Used to adore it, now I just …ugh.
2. My complicated 25 minute, fear-filled teeth routine.
3. /punts cowlicky, sparse hellbrows into the sun
4. Lipstick, because I have to actually risk a glance at my teeth, esp when doing a bold lip.

UGH, it’s always my hair! Since I have thick , coarse hair that needs a few products to keep it tamed, it always take up a lot of time even if I air dry it. Sometimes a wig sounds nice just to avoid all the styling hassle.

Curling my lashes and putting on mascara. I always manage to mess up my eyeshadow and eyeliner and then my lashes just immediately fall out of the curl πŸ™

Christine – I’d like to include my picture. Is that possible? How would I do that? I notice my name prints in black when I comment and those that print in pink can be “clicked” on and perhaps that is where a pic could be uploaded?

I’m enjoying your whole program here and perhaps have missed out on background reading that should be done! thx for your help and/or information

Just like you Christine: hair washing and drying (which is why I almost always air dry), nail filing. I would add cuticle care too. I don’t particularly like shaving my legs either (which I could find an affordable salon to switch back to waxing!).
I used to be very frustrated at plucking my brows, but I found a great place for threading and it changed my life (and my face, really!).

Ha! I hate filing my nails, too! My biggest beauty chore is eyebrow threading. I absolutely do not look forward to having it done, but the results keep me coming back. I never knew I could have an arch before I started having them threaded!

Definitely, it’s shaving my legs. Ugh, as soon as it’s done, the hair is growing back again and razor blades are darn expensive these days. It’s a constant battle that I can never win.

Washing and straightening my thick wavy Hispanic hair by far is the most annoying. It takes hours and when I wake up I have to go over it again to fix the waves from sleeping and it doesn’t help that I have enOugh hair for three people!

Washing and drying/styling my crazy, untameable hair. My friends make fun of me because I text them things like “Traggggedy! I have to wash my hair!” Seriously, it becomes everybody’s problem when I have to do it. πŸ˜€
If it didn’t look awful on me, I would shave it.

Hair removal, I guess? I’m pretty pale and have dark hair, so I want to do it to my legs and underarms, and I feel like I have to clean up strays in my brow area. At least wax is effective on my face…I feel like I can be lazy and then rip hair out about once a month. The hair on my body grows in a horrible combination of too slow to ever get long enough to wax before driving me BONKERS, but too fast to shave less often than every other day.

effing waking up.

beyond that… showering,. shaving. drying my hair. curling my hair.

the rest of it is aces, i love the makeup part.

For me it’s the eyebrows. They are sparse, the hairs some places grows upward, in some places they grow down instead. There are bold spots and, the right one is situated lower then the left one. Twins, no, they aren’t even sisters. I hate plucking them, so I’ve tried threading, last place I went to was not good, not that the brows llokd wrong, she just didn’t communicate about either shape or colour. Not going back there.
Have anyone had their brows waxed at a Benefit counter? I’m thinking of trying, but would like to hear if it’s a good thing to do.
I also don’t much like doing my nails as they are soft, brittle, peeling and dry. I use oils and strenghtening products, herbal pills, I’ve tried chockolate nibs, nothing seems to help. Doing my own pedicure isn’t so much fun, either.
Other than that I quite enjoy the rutines.

Definitely washing/styling my hair! Sometimes, if I’m not heading out, I’d avoid washing my hair for a day or two because it’s such an ordeal.

My least favorite thing is concealing my undereye circles. I’ve had them my whole life and finally found a decent routine, but I feel like I can’t skip this step because I’m self-conscious about them. I’ve managed to find shortcuts for a lot of my other least favorite things. I have a pixie haircut which actually works best for my face shape, so I can skip blow drying my hair. And I use an epilator on my legs to avoid shaving.

Definitely don’t like to wash my hair, not that I don’t still, because then I have to dry, style, etc. I don’t like to wash and moisturize and treat my face either.

Then, if you only count makeup, eyebrows are my least favorite. The lines never want to be even!

My least favourite part of my beauty routine has nothing to do with makeup….it’s dental. Keeping my teeth in good shape undoubtedly contributes to my beauty. Flossing is something that I do daily, but I hate it! I love applying makeup no matter what it is that I am applying. πŸ™‚

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