Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant Review & Photos

Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant
Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy DeodorantLavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant ($14.00 for 1.7 oz.) is described as an “aluminum-free deodorant that is 100 percent natural, safe, and effective.” I’ve always been curious about this product, but I didn’t buy it until recently, as my underarm area started feeling itchy (and it never has before), so I decided to switch-up my deodorant and see how this one would work. It has a sweetened, lavender scent, though it leans more herbal than overly sweet. The consistency is thin, lightweight, non-sticky, and glides on easily, but it does feel cool and almost wet initially (more like a gel deodorant, though it is a white solid). It is white, but it absorbs and doesn’t leave behind any white residue once it dries down. It dries down within a few minutes, and it provides moderate protection against odor. It won’t keep odor at bay if you’ve really worked up a sweat (e.g. exercised), but for a day at the office, light errands, and so on, it does the job and leaves my underarm area smoother and better hydrated.

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Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant
Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant
Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant
Lavanila Vanilla Lavender The Healthy Deodorant

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I have stopped using deodrant for a long time now and that has reduced dark patches etc from the underarms. Feel so much better now!

Initially, I stopped for a few days both using deodorant as well as shaving (I’ve always shaved under my arms every day for like… 10 YEARS! never an issue, no ingrowns, rashes, etc.), then added back shaving and it seemed okay, but then deodorant + shaving led to itchiness.

I tried this and it’s ok but not great – I’ve reviewed this and a few others on my blog but my favourite deodorant ever is actually a DIY that is aluminium and paraben free and works better than any store-bought option I’ve ever tried! It made me wonder why it’s so hard to find a good natural option when it’s so easy to make at home.

I’ve been using this product for years now — the only “natural” deodorant I’ve found that works for me. Unless you’re doing really strenuous exercise or are out in extreme heat, this should keep you odor-free (note: it’s a deodorant only, it doesn’t keep you dry, but I haven’t noticed that I sweat much more with this than I would otherwise). So glad they dropped the price on this — used to cost $18!!!

That’s great news that the price is actually reduced! I don’t know that I’d buy it again (I’d probably experiment with at least a few other brands of supposedly natural deodorants first). Which other “natural” ones have you tried but didn’t like? Hate?

The natural “crystal rock” ones never worked at all on me, and I’ve tried some from the JASON line which were ineffective as well. Supposedly Dr. Hauschka makes a rose-scented one that supposed to be quite good, but I’m very happy with my Lavanila Lavender.

I’ve been using this for a while too and I like this deodorant. I keep it in rotation with a cream deodorant by garden of wisdom which I also really like. With these natural ones, I often have to reapply but no more dark patches, itchiness or cystic bumps under my arms.

This sounds interesting, I checked out their website because I really love vanilla scented deodorants but can’t find any I can use here in Germany because I have sensitive skin that reacts to alcohol and certain preservatives. Unfortunately the only place that sells them over here is amazon and it costs 43 € for one deodorant, that’s absolutely ridiculous =(

Unfortunally that is the worst deodorant I’ve ever used, it sucks because the fragrance and the texture are sooo nice.

Hi Christine,

It’s funny I just bought this too and tried it. I too was experiencing itching and it goes right away when I use natural deodorants. They have a ton of others in Whole Foods…just an FYI.

If only I lived near a Whole Foods! That would have been the first place I’d have checked, lol! Have you tried any other natural deodorants?

Thanks for the review. I was also wondering about this product.

FYI – I also started experiencing itchy armpits. I thought I was crazy, but I happened to mention it to a friend and she said her itchiness went away when she switched to unscented antiperspirant. I made the switch too, and it cured my itch.

Thanks for the heads up! I might try that as well. I don’t even like most of the scents they use in the more mainstream brands (which have always worked fine for me otherwise!) – too strong/fake/synthetic.

I’ve tried a ton of natural deodorants over the years and this is the best one IMO. (The worst being the Lush coconut powder one. ) My underarms became super itchy with regular deodorants during my first pregnancy and has been that way since. The important thing to remember is that they aren’t really meant to control sweating–only odor. That’s what makes it healthier because your body won’t be absorbing the aluminum from the anti-persperant component of traditional ones. Natural ones are great for days off but if you work really close to people like I do as a makeup artist, you kind of have to wear the regular deodorants on the job.

I’ve used this deodorant on and off for a number of years, I find that it’s one of the best non-aluminum options available. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin, and keeps me smelling good. Occasionally I have to reapply later in the day if I’m working a long day, but overall it has been great.

Christine, after using natural deodorants for so long I really notice the build-up of traditional ones on my skin… It starts to feel really itchy unless I put in a lot of effort to loofah off the residue. I used to use the lavanila and it’s “fine” but now I use the rock crystal with my own perfumes, and I really like it!

I’ve tried several different natural deodorants and this one as well as L’Occitane’s are my favorite. I prefer the Vanilla Passion Fruit or Grapefruit scents. It’s good that they have several different ones so that you can find your favorite scent.

I have this deodorant in Pure vanilla and its really great! I don’t really work up a sweat so the moderate sweat protection I get from this deodorant is all I really need. The scent for the Pure vanilla is great also and very subtle. I was experiencing a lot of dryness and itchiness in my underarm areas also but when I switched from aluminum based deodorants to this one all the itchiness went away!

Warning! If you’ve used aluminum based deodorants your whole life before switching to this one then know that it takes a few days for this deodorant to really start working. You will feel damp and a bit uncomfortable for a few days as your body gets used to not having an antiperspirant to rely on. But after a few days you won’t feel a thing and it should work just fine. So don’t be put off if it doesn’t work for you immediately. Give it a few days! Its worth it for much healthier deodorants. No one wants to get armpit cancer!

You won’t get “armpit cancer” or any other kind of cancer from aluminum-containing deodorants. I work in public health and there is no evidence showing the use of aluminum-based deodorants causes cancer. It’s a rumor that scares a lot of people but there is no basis for it.

i too have used this for years i have tried different scents,they are all great. interesting the price drop does anyone know if they decreased the product amount too?

I bought this and used it up back when it first launched 5(?) years ago. It was a good deodorant but what I really like to get is a aluminum-free Antiperspirant that works. Doesn’t have much of any Antiperspirant qualities. lol

I think I’ll try this when the one I’m using runs out. Right now I’m using Soapwalla’s deodorant cream. I think it works really well, definitely better than the Tom’s of Maine or crystal ones have for me in the past. My only problem with it is the smell: it’s nice, but very strong and sometimes clashes with other scents.

I did like that I really don’t smell this during the day unless I’m checking, LOL! That’s actually always been an issue with other deodorants I’ve tried – I can be really, really picky about the strength and type of scent.

Christine, the only natural deodorant that has ever worked for me is Arm & Hammer Natural Unscented. It’s just $3-4 and smells wonderful, from the predominate odor of the orange oil in it. The “Fresh” version sold most places smells very masculine and kind of scratchy like a cheap mainstream cologne.
For years now I have swatched this on my underarms and used a blush brush to dust a mix of cornstarch and baking soda on top, so I can have some antiperspirant action/barrier to help with the irritation. I still can only shave my underarms once, maybe twice a week extremely carefully to not have screaming burning underarms. I have effectively used my electric shaver on the underarms a few times in-between to keep “lady-like” and it’s still a bit irritating, but I haven’t had a shaving-induced rash in several months sticking to this. I also mostly use the electric shaver on my legs, like every other day and just use a razor once or twice a week to get a satisfyingly smooth shave.

i use Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant too, in the Fresh scent, but i find it to be like an herbal dryer sheet, if that makes sense. i find any product with aluminium immediately became a very unpleasant scent on me. i’ve tried deodorants by tom’s of maine, jason and l’occitane. the first 2 are fine, just not as effective as A&H. l’occitane actually gave me a red itchy rash. i’m hesitant to try lavanila at that price point when i can get A&H for about $2 at k-mart.

i bought this from Sephora a few months ago and used it for a week straight. I don’t know what it is about this product but it made my underarms so uncomfortable, like stretching or reaching up high it did not feel right. then I started getting a rash that kinda burned whenever shirts touched it or when skin came in contact – which is all the time :p. After a week I stopped using this and the rash/uncomfortable/burning feeling went away and never came back. And on top of all that, I don’t usually have problems with odour but I swear this made smell worse as if I hadn’t showered in weeks! It was awful, Better off not wearing any deodorant. This is a really big miss for me and I’ll stick with Secret deodorants. It probably is not the best (ingredient wise) but it works

If it works, it works! I’ve used Dove, Secret, etc. all my life up until recently, and they did the job well before for me.

The vanilla scent of the La Vanilla deodorants is a staple in my hygiene routine. If I know it will be a sweaty day, I’ll layer it over an unscented anti-perspirant.

Secret Clinical in Sensitive. If you look on the ingredients, fragrance is listed as one of the last ingredients, but it is not discernible to my sensitive nose and will not interfere with any other fragrance that you might wear.

I find it a little odd that they’re touting the ‘100% safe, no aluminium, healthy’ thing when the second ingredient is propanediol – corn derived or not, there is actual toxicity/MSDS data listing propanediol as a skin irritant. Additionally, if the rather vague ‘botanical fragrance blend’ includes lavender oil, that’s an irritant too… (Also, there’s no good scientific evidence that either alcohol or parabens are harmful to you, despite ‘paraben free’ companies’ best efforts to play off needless fear for their own profit… 🙁 )

I know you and others switched because your existing deodorant started to irritate you, and if this deo works awesomely for anyone, then that’s great – I just…get frustrated with brands and their marketing spiels sometimes!

You and I are on the same page, Syirael! 🙂 We all have our interests and go-tos, and for me, I can’t for the life of me get really knee-deep into ingredients and reports and research – I have to trust wiser folks like yourself to help me navigate through. The ingredient list on this was so long and hard to pronounce, “natural” seemed like a stretch to me, and I know that essential oils, while touted as amazing by some, are considered irritants. I’ve yet to see paraben research to convince me they should be avoided. For me, I looked at the active ingredient in what I had (aluminum) and thought, “well, maybe this one will be better since it doesn’t have aluminum, and everyone says it’s awesome!”

I had this deodorant for awhile and the smell is very light. I agree with Christine’s review. My only issue I had with it was that if you don’t twist it back down, the rest of the deodorant gets stuck in the cap and there’s no deodorant left to use unless you can dislodge it from inside the cap. I have found this happens to all of the LaVanilla deodorants.

I’ve used LaVanilla Deodorant for a few years now. I love it! I rarely have a problem with wetness or odor but I feel fresh with this. I read in one magazine how it can even be used as a perfume. It does smell just like their perfumes do (which I also love). You can also layer the different scents together. I personally love the grapefruit layered with passion fruit. The only scent I do not like is the coconut. The fragrance is not strong in these products.

Christine you should try Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant. I love it so much I would do a testimonial for it!
It is not natural and very pricy but worth every penny to me. Unscented, does not stain clothes, does not irritate skin and works great at controlling odor. I don’t really have a problem with wetness so don’t know about that.
I had read good things about it but didn’t buy it because it comes in a tube and I couldn’t see myself applying it with my hands. A great SA told me I could just apply it using the top of the tube so that is what I do. A lot of product is wasted because you can never get it all out but I don’t care. I save it for my stress-filled work days in case the old wive’s tale about getting used to a product is true.

I was able to use this brand for a while until the weather got really hot. I developed a horrible rash! I had experienced a little redness up until that point but nothing major. Evidently there is something in it that my skin did not like when it got too hot. I had tried a lot of different aluminum-free deodorants and that was a first for me.

I am currently using Lush Guv’ner deodorant and it seriously kicks butt! ZERO odor after a long day at work in a warm office wearing long sleeves, then time at the gym or 15 miles on my bike. Even the next day there is barely any odor (TMI, but you have to know because it works). And no rash or irritation in any way! I will never, ever use anything else!

I’ve tried Tom’s of Maine odorless deodorant roll-on, and it actually worked quite well as a deodorant.

…unfortunately, I really, really need an antiperspirant. It was a bit unnerving to actually see sweat but not have any odor. Fortunately, I wasn’t trying it because of skin reaction, I was just trying to eliminate extra scent from any product I could, when my scent sensitivity had popped up.

I’m back to surreptitiously smelling all the products in the aisle, though…

Might try Tom’s – it’s like a whole new category opened up… I think I’ll also check out unscented antiperspirant, because when I know I’m going to be outdoors and it’s sizzling out, I would prefer to feel less wet, even if it I’m not stinky!

As much as my body wants all natural, I SWEAT and have tried everything short of whatever surgery to mess with that and I’m just going to keep on with poison until something really works! (Or I die) 😉

BTW This is not a soap and water smell, nor sweet, nor herbal, nor all lavender. It’s soft, non evasive, and unnoticeable unless you keep sticking it up your nose. It doesn’t work for me as a deodorant, and it made me itch after the initial smooth application. I was excited otherwise.

What are you using now? Don’t really have a problem with conventional deodorants other than I needed to change it up to alleviate the itch, lol!

I really enjoy the vanilla scent of this product. I also tried Tom’s of Maine and I didn’t like the wet feeling it left. The lavanilla dries and doesn’t feel cold and wet on my underarms for a long time (which in turn makes me feel nervous and sweat more, so defeats the purpose!).

I am glad I read these comments though, $14 is a lot for a deodorant, I am going to check out the A&H one!

I’ve heard people say that if you get off antiperspirant for a few weeks you don’t have really skinky sweat anymore. Can anyone confirm that?

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