Laura Mercier – Lip Stain in Sugar Violet Review

Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Sugar Violet ($20.00)

I was excited to try this product, because I am always on the hunt for a good lip stain so I can get the lovely color while keeping my lips kissable. However, while this product is labeled a lip stain, it acts more like a lipstick, though it feels weightless, and thus like a stain or tinting balm. I found that the color would kiss-off if you went in for a peck with any pressure (poor boyfriend, always the test subject!).

Sugar Violet is a subtle raspberry color that gives a nice color with very little sheen. It does wear well through eating, talking, etc., but it didn’t pass my kiss-test, which is incredibly important to me. I love me some lipstick+lipgloss, so if it’s still going to rub-off onto my boyfriend’s lips, I might as well opt for a heavier combo, you know? To be fair, though, since this gives you good color with little product, it doesn’t leave a big sloppy, goopy, or sticky mess on someone else’s face/lips.

I did find the price to be a little steep, even though you are bound to get plenty of usages out of the little glass jar, because there is plenty o’ product in it. Not to mention I have such a massive collection of lip products, I’m always hard pressed to ever finish any of them anyway! I would try this product again, because it feels good and leaves decent color behind (which I feel a lot of tints/stains fail to do — can you blame me for wanting a lipstick that acts like a balm?). If I try another, I would definitely head straight for Scarlet (red stain) and Shy Pink (pale pink stain).

Have you tried any? If so, what did you think? Favorite colors?

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