What was the last beauty product you dropped?

What was the last beauty product you dropped? Did it survive?

Guerlain Meteorites (loose, haha), and luckily, it didn’t open when I dropped and everything was fine. My heart stopped at the thought of pearls spilling everywhere.

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UD Revolution lipstick (Shame). Well technically I didn’t drop it, one of my jerkwad cats jumped on the counter, batted it onto the floor, and pushed it under the counter. Had to get a ruler to fish it out. Luckily the cap was on and neither the bullet nor case/cap broke.

My first Guerlain foundation, which I had bought just a week before. The glass bottle broke and made a huge mess, though I was able to salvage some of the foundation. That one hurt.

It is just yesterday .. My NYX illuminator in CHAOTIC and thankfully the powder is intact… 🙂

I got almost an heart attack seeing it lying on floor with open lid.. 😛

We were replacing the carpet for the upstairs rooms so I had to bring my vanity downstairs. And for some stupid reason I didn’t empty the drawers. So when we flipped the vanity over to lay it on the tabletop all of the products I had in the drawers just fell out. Luckily nothing broke.

Oh my! My heart would skip a beat too if I’d drop my meteorites! Haha! Hhhmmm. I think the last item I dropped was my Beauty Blender. Haha But I had no time to rinse it so I just continued putting on foundation. Haha! Nothing really happened to my skin, my floor is always clean. 😉

Oh, no! I know that feeling, but mine have spilled! (More than once) That particular jar I just keep at a distance because I’m not sure how to feel about the quality of being sanitary to use although it was dropped on my clean carpet… What are your thoughts on this? I’m neurotic about keeping things clean so…

Last product I dropped: I’m very clumsy from weakness right now and I’ve literally cleared my entire sink top in the bathroom! And then again upon trying to pick things back up and put back into place!

I dropped my La Mer loose powder once, and this giant cloud of powder filled the room and I was like.. Gulp.. No.. Omg. Luckily there’s a neverending supply in those jars so it wasn’t a major loss! 😛

Hi Lotus – about your Meteorites how about spreading them out on a towel and spraying them with a disinfectant/antiseptic product? It’s a trick I learned online and have been using on lipsticks/pressed powders/you name it when I want to make sure they are extra clean/donate them.

I never had any problem with that technique though I think it contributed to harden some (very) old Chanel brow powders I had left. Hope that helps!

Hi Tigerlily! Thank you so much for responding! 😀 That sounds absolutely amazing! I would love it, if you had the time, if you could please type out a big ol how-to with tips and tricks! I have sprays, can make them, yet always worry how they will affect the product! I’m so finicky, just thinking about round pearls on a towel makes ne question how we would know the total balls’ surface was clean.. Haha. Yes, please. I’d love some clean balls. 😉 You seem to have experience with this when I’ve just used knives and alcohol for lipstick, and some pressed powder formulations, yet I’ve not felt it was the easiest or best way and I could really benefit from what you’ve learned! That feeling of security for products, myself, and others, is truly priceless. I didn’t have faith in reddit makeup exchange, but as I was once always doing, I’d again like to find a swapping place I CAN TRUST where people genuinely clean things and have respect for everything and everyone in the beauty community. Your tips sound like greatness and I look forward to your advice! Thank you again!
Lotus 🙂

my marc jacobs lolita palette lost the shade on the very right hand side – thank goodness it is pretty much the same as mac sable which i have! it was very sad though!

Nyx blush in mocha. Totally shattered. Actually I had been storing a bunch of blushes on top of my medicine cabinet in an organizer and one of the organizers fell off the top three separate times before my husband came up with a solution. Out of all the products I would have been most devestated about chanel accent shattering…but evey time it made it through. The only casualty was mocha.

There was something I dropped recently which is a real rarity for me. It was a tarte blush in Exposed, and it did not break!

For some reason I get so freaked out at just the idea of dropping something. For the most part everything’s replaceable (if I really, really love something LE I buy a backup or two) so I think I overreact. I usually prefer to do my makeup in a carpeted area just for this reason.

I haven’t dropped a product on the floor for a while. The last was a Sugarpill eyeshadow which only partially survived. I have dropped a makeup brush in the toilet while I cleaned my brushes; needless to say, the brush didn’t survive. Other than that, most product deaths are kid-related!

I think it was a lipstick (MJ Have We Met?) so not too much that could go wrong. I dropped it on carpet too, only from table height, so it was more of a ‘what just hapenned, fingers?’ than an ‘OMGFAILIMGONNACRY’ moment…

One of my Colour Pop Super Shock shadows. It thankfully didn’t separate or crack! The day before, my toddler managed to get my Naked On the Run out of my purse and open it. That was really heart stopping!

Oh, there are so many Christine! Last one was my Lancome Genifique deluxe sample though. I had just used it and placed the dropped cap onto the base. Then next things I knew, it was swishing down and around my sink! It survived with some product loss.

My new bestie, a silicon suction cup called Cellublue. I use it to massage my thighs to rid them of unwanted bumps… It has to be used over an oil so it tends to slip off my hands after I applied the oil.

i dropped my smashbox wonder vision mega palette. A lot of the eyeshadows shattered. It was a huge mess in the floor and I hat to throw the whole thing out. I loved the shadows and blushes and hated the packaging because the magnets were too weak to keep it closed. In the end that is what made the mess… It popped open when it fell, causing makeup dust to fly everywhere. I still get sad when I think about it.

I recently dropped my Tarina Tarantino jewel palette in Dreamy. It was one of the first things i purchased after finding your blog and based on your recommendation. The black and copper shades shattered and I had black eyeshadow all over my bathroom rug and some got on the other colors. Not sure I can save it. Boo! Thankfully it is still available!

MAC Blot Powder, in the ladies room. I have owned this compact perhaps 3 times, and every time I’ve dropped it and broken it! When I do I just use a retractable brush instead of the puff it comes with, it doesn’t sting as much after the third time lol.

I’m pretty good about not dropping/spilling anything, but sometimes I don’t close things securely… Just the other day, I didn’t secure the dropper on my argan oil properly, and my daughter managed to spill the entire contents into the bathroom sink. It was about 2/3 full, but fortunately it was from a health food store, and fairly inexpensive, and not overpriced like Josie Maran, LOL! The worst part was cleaning the sink…

The washer and dryer is also in my bathroom, so I’d always stick my palettes and brushes etc on the washer when putting my makeup on. Last week, I was using my naked 2 basics and the washer was on a cycle… It vibrated off and fell onto the floor 🙁 poor skimp and crave only came out with minor injuries (skimp was the worst with half of it broken) but I managed to repress them somewhat. They look horrible lol but still useable.

My youngest son dropped a Pacifica eye shadow I had just gotten in my ipsy bag last week. It was a bummer cause I really liked it but it shattered everywhere

I dropped my Tarte Pressed Smooth Operator that had already hit pan. I was so scared it came loose (the way my Rimmel Stay Matte powder would), but it didnt! I love my Tarte products so much – I would’ve been SO SAD if it had broken. Even with a backup on-hand

Just yesterday I dumped one of my Fyrinnae loose shadows on my bed, I salvaged most of it…and it did look super pretty before I cleaned it up… shimmery lavender all over my pale aqua sheets.

Hmm…it was probably a lipstick, which obviously survived the drop. The last thing I dropped and broke was my Z-palette, and MAC Quarry unfortunately did not survive.

I drop things all the time, and they almost always survive. I’m a horrible klutz.

The last thing I dropped that was destroyed was a hot pink pressed powdered eyeshadow, and it was utterly shattered to powder and got everywhere. I still have some stains in my carpet from that one.

Yep. That sounds like me. I’ve become a wiz at using markers to even put the carpet color after sucking the life out of it. It works! Ugh, sephora sent a broken KVD shifter shadow in the bright Orange copper gold color and I ipener it, unknowingly, and I was a mess, the clothes were a mess, it tricycles to a mess on the floor and I had to get up to get a towel! I was like omg no.. After more scrubbing than I care to ever do, it was fully pressed into the towel and another shadow on the way… That towel totally stained. My blue carpet was upset and I felt like the tin man within an hour, but a different tony of metal and everywhere! I shouldn’t be allowed to touch things! 😛 I do, and the domino effect occurs.. I live in fear.

The yves saint laurent dvr maq polishing brush i regret buying it
It’s expensive but its not worthy
The hair keep falling while i’m using it although i didn’t wash it ever
Nothing is polished about it wether its cream or powder i had to use another brush to make the product look good

I haven’t dropped anything recently but I’d hate to drop foundation, just imagining it getting everywhere eeeek. I’m already grossed out about the texture of liquid foundation I can’t even wear it anymore.

My LORAC Pro Palette. As it fell, it opened and fell face down on the tile floor. Surprisingly, only the nude eye shadow broke. There was a bunch scattered on the floor but still plenty in the pan.

I always drop things. I’m a huge klutz, so I guess it’s a good thing that I now have a vanity in my bedroom. The floor is carpeted, so it haven’t broken anything yet. The last thing I dropped and broke was a bottle of dior forever foundation (that was maybe a week old). It was on the bathroom counter and my hand hit it as I was reaching for something else. It was a disaster!

I “almost drop” things all the time but usually catch them in their fall. It’s like my superpower… So things I drop don’t reach the floor very often. The last one was over a year ago, my go-to black eyeshadow by Bobbi Brown, and it exploded. I was so, so mad.

I am constantly knocking my lip balms off my nightstand. Survival is never a question…it’s a matter of will I find it again. Sometimes I do it when I put my glasses up for the night, and don’t notice for a day or two until I want to use the lip balm. Where did it land?! XD

Just two days ago i dropped my brand new Tom Ford Orchid Haze!!! Thank God none of the shadows broke but it did crack the hinge! Luckily it was fixed with some super glue! I just about went into cardiac arrest when it first happened though!!!!!

Ugh, yeah, I just dropped a bottle of Revlon primer last night and the GLASS bottle broke and cracked. Why, Revlon? Why? Thick, heavy glass bottles do NOT make it on the tile bathroom floor. This is the second Revlon product I broke. I had a jar of some kind of colorstay foundation that broke into smithereens but luckily I didn’t really like the product anyway. I just think glass bottles and bathroom floors are generally not a good combination.

I’m so clumsy I accidentally dropped my Makeup Forever Pro Finish powder and the compact broke. I’ve had it forever so I was a little hurt when the powder part fell out. Now it’s all loose in the compact lol

I went to a brand new Sally’s and bought quite a few nail polishes. When I went to put them on the counter, a dark one fell and broke, spilling dark nail polish on the once glistening white part of the floor.
The poor lady had to sit on the floor with a bottle of acetone and repeatedy rub the floor.
I was dying of embarassment.
I came home and called Sally’s to tell them about their wonderfull patient employee.

Last week I was cleaning out my makeup drawers and dropped an old Wet and Wild eight pan palette. Of course it didn’t stay closed and of course the whole thing shattered–there was eyeshadow everywhere. The only good thing about it was that I was going to throw it out anyway, so I wasn’t heartbroken. And it was the push I needed to vacuum the room.

Ha! A better question for me is, what’s the last product I haven’t dropped?! I’m so used to dropping stuff, it doesn’t even faze me, I just pick it up and move along. But the last three times where I actually groaned out loud were: dropping my BeautyBlender sponge on the bathroom floor at work (so gross, but I guess that’s what I get for doing my makeup at work) and two bottles of perfume, Dolce and Repetto. At least after those two, my bathroom smelled really nice for awhile.

my naked flushed, barely too! Just a inch or two from my hand to my vanity and it completed cracked all the powders. I was using individually now obviously since it’s all broken together lol

I dropped Meteorites twice recently. A pain to pick up but no harm. I’m very clumsy but purchased a vanity table. I used to apply make up on my bed. This is much better. What took me so long?

Last one I dropped was the Smashbox Full exposure palette (NOOOOOO), but luckily, the worst that happened was that the matte dark brown pan got unglued. It just popped out, so I put some super glue on it and stuck it back in it’s spot.

I do remember one time I dropped a MAC Pressed Pigment off my bed onto carpet (no more than three feet) and it completely shattered. I was so confused.It was like in cartoons when the thing drops to the floor, you hear a soft “ping”, and then it explodes.

The tarte mattenificient palette…the liner shadows (black and brown) shattered and went all over the bathroom…not to mention all over the other shadows! Managed to clean it up and still use the palette, though I did buy a back up one that would always look pretty 🙂

I always drops my theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer a few days after I buy it…and it always breaks because its so soft 🙁 Thankfully, I now always have some container with sifters available so my powder products don’t go to total waste when I drop them…I should probably learn how to fix them though…

I was at work touching up my makeup, and I dropped my 2 week old Mac powder compact on the hard tile floor. I instantly assumed it would be shattered, but it was fine! WHEW!

My mac double sided palette, half shadows half blush. I only lost espresso, and it was such a lovely creamy brown, but I was able to salvage about half of it. Not quite as pretty, and no where near as smooth now. Sad times, but it could have been much worse

I dropped a Korres lip butter, and it did indeed survive. I have a marble floor in my bathroom, I usually have no survivors. I try to keep everything in my train case or makeup bag while I am applying it for just that reason. I can’t tell you how many things I have totally shattered by dropping it in there. I have to be careful, I hate replacing a product that I have broken. Used up, that is a good reason, but broken, not a happy event.

Oh my Lord! The first time trying MAC’s pro-longwear concealer. I bought it the night before, to wear dazzlingly (is that a word? lol) to work the next day. Morning of doing my makeup, the little glass pump fell off my counter, onto my glass bathroom scale and SMASH!!! Blob of concealer on my scale, glass pieces all over the floor. After getting over my 30 seconds of shock, I said to myself ” Ain’t nobody got time for that” and proceeded to dab some from the blob on the scale to my concealer brush and kept it movin’! Lol. Needless to say, I bought another one after work that same day.

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