Kat Von D MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2018

Kat Von D MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette

The Details

The sold out MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette is back and better than ever in a never-before-seen travel size. Meet MetalMatte Mini, a color-coordinated mashup of warm tones and contrasting textures, celebrating the two sides within everyone—whether it’s soft and romantic, rock ‘n roll, or both.

The palette’s top row features an explosive lineup of bestselling shades in Kat’s Metal Crush Eyeshadow formula, including Thunderstruck, a fan-favorite metallic pearl that doubles as a highlighter. The bottom of the palette is a warm-toned array of buttery mattes, in a range of neutral tones from dark and moody to creamy and light—all in Kat’s signature blendable, pigmented eyeshadow formula.

12/13 at Sephora

MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette, $39.00 (Limited Edition)

Editor’s Note: If you have the original MetalMatte palette, seven of the 10 shades in this palette are from that. The remaining three are from the Metal Crush Eyeshadow range (so they’re also available as singles).

  • Thunderstruck Metallic pearl (Available in Metal Crush range)
  • Flash Metallic gold (MetalMatte)
  • Doce Metallic copper (Available in Metal Crush range)
  • Synergy Metallic bronze (MetalMatte)
  • Raw Power Metallic mahogany (Available in Metal Crush range)
  • Bone Matte beige (MetalMatte)
  • Feather Matte dandelion yellow (MetalMatte)
  • Suede Matte fawn (MetalMatte)
  • Oak Matte chocolate brown (MetalMatte)
  • Velvet Matte deep plum (MetalMatte)


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Holeigh Avatar

It’s beautiful and on trend, but what a weird choice to stick all repeats in here…I used to have more money and less child, so I have the big palette and all of the singles already (the only range of single eye shadows I’ve ever bought all of, so gorgeous). That’s not going to be everyone, but it’s just so odd. I don’t know if I’ve bought anything from her line this year, it feels like it’s mostly retreads (of herself or trends that are already played out) or just cool packaging with meh product, something I never thought I’d say about her.

kjh Avatar

With you guys on that. No kvd shadow at all this year, though maybe that applies to UD, too. Though makeup dementia struck, I said to self all these mattes were in the biggie, and at least 2 of the metals. But this is a really good call for those who missed the biggie, though the shades are pretty predictable, for a ‘palette reduction.’ unless this is palm sized, would hesitate to call a 10 shader a mini!

Anime Avatar

I couldn’t agree with you more! Moreover, this entire year seemed like a lot of brands were playing a strange game of catch-up with each other — gold lip gloss, glittery lip toppers, cream/putty/jelly highlighters, rainbow/opal/”holo” products… What a mess!

Christina D. Avatar

I ordered this immediately from KVD’s website yesterday. I love the Matte Metal palette. In fact, I love KVD Beauty which has become one of my absolute favorite brands.

AJ Avatar

I mean I guess this was an easy way for KvD to jump on the bandwagon of “neutral palettes with a small pop of warm purple-ish”, but it seems silly. I already have the original MetalMatte palette, and a couple of the Metal Crush singles of the shades in this palette. I guess it will be nice for people who missed the original palette, but I suspect most people who regret missing that palette regret the more colorful shades, since the neutrals are pretty easy to dupe.

Anime Avatar

I am trying desperately to compose myself. Mark my words: (seriously, someone please hold me to this!) if the Metal Matte 2 palette has even one repeat from the previous palette, I am skipping. My jaw dropped when I saw that not only was this palette an absolute flurry of repromotes (at $38 no less), but WARM NEUTRALS!??!? Didn’t we have Naked Heat this year? Tartelette Toasted? Doesn’t she already have two full matte AND shimmer palettes with nothing but neutrals? I almost never react to a launch like this — usually, if I don’t love it I just let it quietly pass me by. I also know that she couldn’t have predicted this year’s market and probably had this planned for awhile, but GIRL! This palette makes me feel personally attacked ???

Beth Avatar

All of this a thousand times over! As soon as I saw the preview I said to myself “Well that’s a cop-out and a cash grab if I ever saw one.” You can do better, Kat, and MetalMatte 2 had better BE better.

xamyx Avatar

But are those palettes you named vegan? Apparently, that is quite the selling point for the brand. The mega Metal/Matte palette wasn’t, which is why a lot of people skipped it, but still really liked the shades. It seems to me she’s actually listening to her base!

Anime Avatar

That’s actually an amazing point you bring up, Amy. All of them are cruelty free but I wasn’t even aware this palette was fully vegan, especially because she released Metal Matte 1 after her big brand-shaming rant on how easy going vegan is. I suppose if we are looking at vegan warm neutral palettes, BH Cosmetics (personally love them) just released a 42-pan eyeshadow palette which is vegan and only 23 bucks. I wouldn’t even mention them (I know people think they are trash) but the formula of their shadows is GOOD (imo on par with Metal Matte) and is also paraben-free! There are tons of bands who release good quality vegan products, but simply don’t have the aggressive marketing budget/strategy that Kat has on her side, being that she is a Kendo brand. I think I’m just slowly making my way off the Kat Von D bandwagon maybe? Thank you for helping me stay informed!

Brenda Avatar

Totally agree! This seems like a waste of a release that totally eliminates the audience that purchased the full size last year. Why would you leave the $$ because there’s no way I’m buying. ?‍♀️

If it had been different colors I would of jumped on it. ?

xamyx Avatar

Lazy, perhaps. Or, it could actually be very well thought out, and quite genius. Given the language used on her SM, I don’t think this is going to be a one-and-done release, and will have several restocks; while the words “limited edition” are used, the word “extremely” isn’t, which has been used for several past releases. Monarch, Chrysalis, and Innerstellar were all “LE”, but stuck around for quite a while.

Many of her base are brand loyal, for various reasons, and many missed the original. Those who did manage to get it have likely hit pan, or are nearing that point, on these shades, as they were most on-trend, and “wearable”. A lot of her base passed because they didn’t care for the cooler tones. If you look up posts using the original palette, you’ll see most stick to the “right half”. Others passed on the original because it wasn’t fully “vegan”, which this one is.

I’m skipping this because I still haven’t touched my original, except to swatch a few shades, although the shape/size of this one is much more user-friendly, and would likely be pulled out more, and is portable. If I’m right, and this sticks around for a bit, I *may* grab one, but it definitely won’t be a priority.

Asche Avatar

I completely agree. More of the same. I have had it with warm neutrals, they’ve been done to death (and don’t look good on me…so I’m extra sick of this trend).

Paulette Avatar

This little pallet would be perfect for me. I do not own any of her metallics. The price isn’t bad either. But I also heard through the great fine there’s going to be a part two to this. I think it’s going to be the blues and purples and greens. I don’t know if it’s true but I read it somewhere..
Maybe she’s making the palace more travel friendly. But all of the warm , hot , on fire ? color palettes is way over done. Every pallet has an orange and red in it

Shawne Avatar

Since this is my first year of really being into makeup, I never picked up the metal matte palette from last holiday season and don’t have any of her metal crush singles, so this palette would be ideal for me. I swatched it in store and it was very nice, but was not blown away by the shade selection. Warm neutrals are colors I have several times over in my collection and I’m getting so many palettes for Christmas that I didn’t feel I needed to drop another $40 on a palette, even if it’s a formula I don’t have. I see it says LE but if it’s for Spring 2018, hopefully it’ll still be around by then. If I think I need it in a few months I’ll pick it up just to try it.

Reka Avatar

I didn’t by the big one ’cause I found it too tasteful and this is so, so much more so. On the other hand, I have admired thunderstruck, dolce, and raw power in particular, so it might be worth it because of that.

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