Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

The Details

Kat Von D Beauty’s 10-Year Anniversary Collection is a limited edition, gold-drenched lineup dedicated to our biggest fans. Kat Von D has been breaking the beauty rules since 2008, and this year, she’s bringing back the best from the last 10 years in a big way. From collectible packaging to exclusive new shades to hand-drawn artwork, Kat has poured her heart into every detail of this capsule collection to thank YOU for a decade of love and support. After all, if you wanna know who Kat Von D Beauty is, all you gotta do is look in the mirror.

10th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette, $52.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Adele Chocolate brown
  • Malice Vermilion red
  • Ashley Peachy orange
  • Gina Mustard yellow
  • Egypt Gold glimmer
  • Sylvia Honey beige
  • Lala Olive green
  • Leafar Emerald glimmer
  • Melanie Rosy cream
  • Alexandra Rose gold glimmer
  • Nancy Taupe mauve
  • Catherine2 Orchid glimmer
  • Kelly Blue-brown glimmer
  • Sarah Cool greige
  • Carolyn Muted teal
  • Chad Cobalt teal

10th Anniversary Metal Crush Highlighter, $30.00 (Limited Edition)

Kat Von D Beauty took highlighting to radical new heights in honor of their 10-Year Anniversary. Get ready to glitter your highlight with Gold Skool, a new, exclusive gold luminizer designed to gild everything and anything in 24-karat sparkle. Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter features liquid-powder technology, so it applies smooth and creamy. It blends out seamlessly to reveal hyper-reflective micro-crystals that shimmer and shift with every movement.

  • Gold Skool Metallic champagne gold with gold glitter

10th Anniversary Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick, $19.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Santa Sangre Poison Apple

10th Anniversary Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick, $22.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Gold Skool Metallic gold with gold glimmer

10th Anniversary Brush Set, $125.00 (Limited Edition)

Brush, blend, and bake with this limited-edition set of essential, cruelty-free face brushes with gold handles in honor of Kat Von D Beauty’s 10-Year Anniversary. For a flawless complexion, use the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush to buff and blend for a seamless finish. Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush is sculpted for precision application, and is the best way to conceal redness, blemishes, and under-eyes. Lock-It Precision Powder Brush is perfect for pinpointed powder application and highlighting, from setting the under-eyes to luminizing cheekbones. Lock it all down with the rounded, fluffy Lock-It Setting Powder Brush, then use the angled #2 Powder Contour Brush to chisel out cheekbones and the perimeter of the face with ease.

10th Anniversary Tattoo Liner, $20.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Trooper Satin black

10th Anniversary Train Case, $150.00 (Limited Edition)

Store, organize, and display your favorite Kat Von D Beauty products in the ultimate, collectible, gold train case, created in honor of the brand’s 10-Year Anniversary. Kat spent months hand-drawing the custom artwork that covers the top and sides of this commemorative case, and finished it off with brilliant gold hardware for an extra special touch. Unlatch the lockable lid to reveal a mirror and a velvety red interior with custom compartments designed to fit Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, Studded Kiss Crème Lipsticks, Shade + Light Contour Palettes, and more.

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection

Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection
Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Collection


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Snow Avatar

I ordered the palette as my first Kat Von D eyeshadow purchase. I’ve heard a lot that this looks “the same as her past LE palettes” and that’s honestly fine with me. I’m particularly interested in Carolyn, Lala and Chad.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

I think this palette looks pretty nice but I definitely won’t be buying it. I feel like I already have all the colors in it that I would wear. In general I also hate KVD’s aesthetic – everything is so big and bulky and vampire Catholic gothic, like she’s a teenager who read Interview with the Vampire and is now arguing with her mom about how you can’t MAKE me go to church I don’t WANT to.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

I’m Jewish and I don’t find it offensive or anything, i just really don’t relate to that symbolism. I mean, that’s obviously a style she likes and it’s her prerogative to do what she likes but she has to know that when she uses the specific theme of covering everything in rosaries, it’s going to be alienating to various segments of the population. I just can’t imagine buying a makeup product (or anything) emblazoned with crosses.

Connie Avatar

Lol ? I always thought the exact thing about her and all her vibe, her designs and collections… but some of her products are so good! I have some holy grails like her tattoo eyeliner and the Shade and light eye contour palette I use almost every day. I would never use this colors so vibrant though, but they look stunning in the palette

Katherine T. Avatar

I already caved and got the shadow palette – haven’t worn it yet, but swatches well! The art work on the cover is stunning. I swatched the Metal Crush highlighter in store, and while I love gold highlighters, not a fan –lots of chunky shimmer/glitter. I’m trying to resist the gold Shimmer Veil, but will probably cave

Nancy T Avatar

I’m not sure *how* I feel about this eyeshadow palette. I was looking forward to it, but now that some swatches are circulating on IG, it doesn’t look like there are any truly original shades. There’s shades easily duped by ABH Subculture, plus her own previously released palettes.
Now, as for the lipstick, this could possibly be the one and only piece I purchase! I love me a good red ??!

Holeigh Avatar

I feel the same way about the palette, but her LE stuff sells out so fast, I bought it. If it’s too much of the same stuff from her or subpar, I can always return it! Better that than regret missing out forever like people do over the Mi Vida Loca palette.

Zoe Avatar

The palette would have been tempting 2-5 years ago, but I already have most of these colors. The gold gloss is interesting though- would love to know how it compares to the Too Faced and Bite one.

Tara Avatar

I placed my order as soon as I could! This was a no-brainer for me for many reasons: 1) I love her stuff 2) I’m recently vegan and obviously want all vegan Makeup though I’ve been CF for years 3) the collector in me would need it regardless, lol.

While I’m not religious I do come from a Catholic family and like her, am part Mexican (and I have a ton of ink!) so I do like all of the symbolism and references. It’s part of the culture and while I can see how it would be OTT for many, I’m all for it!

Maggie Avatar

KVD collects red lipsticks so I’m always interested in the colors she releases. I hope Poison Apple gets reviewed. I like the palette too: has all of ROYGBIV: appropriate for a 10 year release for an artist. The gold packaging is personally off-putting.

Btw, typo on “Anniversary” on the same line as the price listing for the studded lipstick.

Nikki Avatar

Just put the lipstick and palette in my Sephora basket and bought the train case on Kat’s site-I tried to put it in the Sephora basket too, but the site said “Product not carried” as soon as I clicked the listing.

Nikki Avatar

Lipstick and palette bought! I’ve had quite the spendy week, but I’ve also learned from experience (KVD Saint and Sinner palette, par example) that if I wait too long for things, they probably won’t be there next time.

Mags Avatar

I picked up the Santa Sangre lipstick as that is one of my favorite all time reds and I’d love to have it not in liquid lipstick form. I’m so over liquid lipsticks. Everything else is an easy pass. I’m so disappointed by that eyeshadow palette. Looks like a repeat of the Saint & Sinnner.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Although I understand her aesthetic might be off-putting to the masses, I get it but she never boring or bland. I’d be a neon goth in her eyes lol but I always appreciate the quality she brings to her product lines and when they fail she quickly cancels them. I’m excited about the palette which is going back to functional packaging, and the GOLD SKOOL highlighter and Veil liquid lipstick.

What I’m scared of the fact she is discontinuing here current single eyeshadows…. I hope they come back in some form.

Jenn Avatar

Uggghhh. I hadn’t heard she was discontinuing her single eyeshadows. I wonder why. Maybe she’s planning to out them in palette form? That’d be awesome Thank goodness I have backups of Thunderstruck. Might pick up one or two more.

Kira Avatar

Makes me wish I had gotten the Sinner/Saint palette – better value, more unique colors. On balance, too many shimmer and orangey/red/yellow colors that I already have. If I have palette FOMO after this sells out, I’ll just buy pressed powder singles from Colourpop (for the army green, mustard yellow, teal, mauve).

Jane Avatar

Sorry, missed the party on this one! As I was looking a Sephora.fr, I saw that it was out and new, and of course I wanted to see what Christine and all of you thought about it before deciding. I’m quite mixed. If the colors swatch well and look as good in person (and swatch true to their color) I may get it. I really liked the Sinner Saint swatches, but as many of you have mentioned and I’ve said previously I just am put off buy the sex, exaggeration, etc. used to sell NARS, Good Faced, Pat McGrath, Kat Von D, etc. So, I didn’t purchase it and don’t plan to ever do so.

More and more, I either stop buying their products or won’t buy a palette or product that has crazy or suggestive names. A few times I have without paying attention and then I’d go back and cover up the names because I feel like there’s enough negativity around me in the world today so I don’t want to see it everyday as I’m doing my make up.

I was shocked to see that except for Malice, the names of the shadows seem normal (of course, I’m naive, so perhaps these are names of girls from horror movies I don’t watch or something). Also, I actually don’t have many of the colors (the subtleness of the transitions between a few of them I really like). However, it’s a nice price and I just did a crazy haul so it just has to get a B+ or better before I’ll consider it (and even then I can wait). I am surprise that she didn’t do something REALLY special (new formula or super cray colors) and agree that she stayed dark and classic to her line.

Jenn Avatar

My first reaction to seeing this palette: ugh. Boring.

Sure the packaging is pretty but these colors have been done before, by KVD no less. It’s not a bad looking palette, just uninspiring. I wonder if her target audience is the general public, maybe new buyers to her brand?

I’m glad I got her Pastel Goth and Saint & Sinner palettes. I’ll just revisit them instead of her anniversary palette.

Reka Avatar

I’m way late to this, but I’ve been under the weather and just now catching up…

The thing that bugs me about the palette (and several other KVD palettes like Metal/Matte) is the way it skips over the ‘tacky’ colors like a real, bright yellow (I wouldn’t mind something like a chartreuse or mustard or sky blue, but it’s the yellow that actively bugs me). I’m eternally grateful for the Modern Renaissance/Naked Heat trend that have made bright orange and reds socially acceptable (and therefore actually possible to purchase!) but good yellows are still relatively rare, and even when they really do fit, usually, like here, they’re replaced by a gold of some sort. I’m probably the minority about this, but just like that rainbow-themed-but-too-tasteful-for-actual-color palette from Tarte from a few years ago and Metal/Matte the desire for ‘tastefully edited’ has kept this from being the truly flexible, universal, and artistic palette that it is trying to hint it is.

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