Is there one color of makeup you just can't resist?

Is there one color of makeup you just can’t resist? Do you end up with lots and lots of near identical shades?


That’s me with coral lipstick… but surprisingly, not too many dupes.


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Az Avatar

I can’t resist any shade of blue & grey e/s and pigment, even I rarely wear blue. They just look so beautiful.

Something more practical would be purple e/s, soft yellow pink & coral l/s.

SweetChicStyle Avatar

I love pinky corals. They’re just so flattering and versatile. Whether it’s the perfect pinky coral gloss or blush or eyeshadow to wash over your lids, it’s just such a flattering shade.

iris Avatar

when I see a pink lipstick/liogloss I feel like I need it even if I have something similar lol….I can’t resist I love pink makeup products

Pinar Avatar

i have lots and lots of taupe-ish eye shadows and liners and peach color blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses; so for me, taupe and peach πŸ™‚

Jane Avatar

Nude peach/pink lipstick and lipgloss. I keep trying to tell myself that they’re different (“well, that one looks slightly warmer/cooler/pinker/peachier in the tube”). lol

Rosanna Avatar

BLUE eyeshadow and RED lipstick…I don’t have too many dupes of any colour because I am really careful when I pick out colours even if they’re a beautiful shade – I feel duped when I waste money on shades I already have!

Karli Avatar

There are a couple colors I can’t resist, actually. I have to buy purple anything (lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, you name it!) And I absolutely love greens. I have too many greens to count. I’m always on the search for the perfect green and the perfect purple. I’m pretty addicted to teals and blues, too!
I don’t actually have a lot of dupes, though. I’m really careful about not buying too many dupes.

Jessi Avatar

Ugh that’s me with hot pinks and fuchsias, lipsticks and shadows. I’ve been seriously trying to control myself and let some of my supplies run out. At least they look good, probably my best colors.

Yukie Avatar

for me it’s teal eyeshadow, teal nail polish, or teal eye liners.
i have SO many teal things… i am a fan of the san jose sharks though so the teal gets used.

Rachel Avatar

Taupeish greyish purplish eyeshadow colors! Like Mac smoke and diamonds, hypnotizing, midnight madness, etc. And also orangey lipgloss colors! (but not those 2 things worn together, ha!)

Nadine Avatar

Sheer red lippies! One would think that sheer red = pink, but nope, it needs to be juicy, translucent red for me to love it. I’m going for the look of naturally pigmented, healthy, flushed lips on myself.

Andrea Avatar

Red lipsticks! My friends kept teasing me about my ‘collection of lipsticks’ (I only have 5!) but there are just so many different hues of red!

kaprice Avatar

i’m a sucker for purple eyeshadow. i have almost every one MAC makes and lots from other brands. its ridiculous. but SOOOO pretty!

nica Avatar

yup! i love coral blushes<3
i was cleaning out my make up stash and found out Fun & Games from the Hello Kitty MAC collection & Smashbox's MUSE Blush Rush is nearly identical!

Carrie Avatar

Nude, coral & peach lipsticks or lip glosses, and eyeshadows that resemble MAC’s All That Glitters. I’m also a sucker for coral or peach blushes.

Milly Avatar

Coral lipstick/gloss for me too! & Also gold eyeshadows.. I really just cant resist those gold e/s.. I have too many but they’re all wonderful! πŸ™‚

NS Avatar

I tend to buy lots of greyish blue eyeshadow like alum and scene and what not.. I have enough of it to last me a lifetime πŸ˜›

Jane Avatar

For me it’s shades of purple. I love loads of purple eyeshadows and eyeliner but my real weakness is mauve toned lipsticks!! I try really hard not to duplicate though.

Chiara Avatar

Oh, yes! I have 17 green eyepencils (I counted them few days ago ;-), and I can’t resist at green eyeshadows and peach blushes. 3 years ago, instead, I bought many parfumes!

Tessa Avatar

It’s with my favourite things!

Red lipsticks – I have maybe 11 or 12. No real dupes either. Maybe you have to be a red lipstick nerd to tell the difference.

Coral lipsticks – this is on 7. Again there’s loads of variation but some of them are similar…

Tomato red nail varnish… I thought this was getting bad but I think I’m happy with Barry M bright red at the moment.

Peach nail varnish – I have an obscene amount but it’s because I’ve never found one as nice as Nars’ Capri, now d/c. πŸ™

CeeBee Avatar

Purple eyeshadow.

I have about a million. Chanel, Dior, MAC, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, EA, Scott Barnes – I have a LOT of gorgeous shades and yet I haven’t quite found the ULTIMATE purple…

I don’t think I ever will, LOL!

Mindy Avatar

Green shadows with gold shimmer. Or bright green. I have 2 bright greens that actually do look exactly the same except one has tiny gols sparkles in it as well but you cant tell πŸ˜€

Mickee Avatar

Purple ANYTHING!!!!
Lipstick, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow, Blusher! Ohmygee, even if I did have an identical shade, I would convince myself I didn’t, lol. Although, I am pretty sure you can’t duplicate a purple since there are some many different variations.
(See, I don’t even want to believe it’s possible!! :D)

Lisa K. Avatar

Teal blue! I have so many liners pencils, shadows, minerals, etc. all in bright Teal blue and yet any new one makes me drool!

Tiffany Avatar

Pale milky pink lipglosses favorites ysl purgloss 2 mixed with fashion scoop favorite pale pink combo. For reference I am nw43 in mac.

Sara Avatar

I would have to say anything neutral, peachy or tan/brown, I tend to grab! I like that “Golden Goddess” look. I have too many nude lipsticks, several peach/tan/neutral blushes and tons of bronzers! Most of my eyeshadows are neautrals, bronzey, or brown. The color Coral looks fabulous on you doll- your skin is SO beautiful!♥

Bettina Avatar

call me wierd but I kinda switch around with that, it was purple eyeshadows, then I moved to pinks, and now it’s been greens.

lexi Avatar

Christine – I totally agree with your self-assessment – you have an issue with coral lippies…we’ll have you 12 stepping in no time πŸ™‚

For me- it’s grey eyeliners (I REALY want you to review the Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Biker – PLEASE?!?! I can’t find it in stores yet and it is sold out online!)

My other thing – taupe eyeshadows…I need to stop!

Also – could you tell us what you purchased from Sephora’s F&F sale?

Cathy Avatar

for me im always on the look out for the perfect nude lipstick for my skintone…im a NC25. I have tried so many nudes but still havent found one that i absolutly love so i keep buying more…lol

Salvinia Avatar

Green! I have so many green eyeshadows it’s ridiculous, and there always seems to be a new shade that I desperately want that isn’t *quite* identical to the ones I already have!

Kathy Avatar

When it comes to eyeshadow, I can’t have enough neutral colors (which is pretty boring, I have to admit).

When it comes to lip products, I love warm pinks!

Alicia Avatar

I have so many very similar shades of purple eye shadow! The reason is that every time I’m in a store, I see this BEAUTIFUL shade of purple, and because purple is a hard color to make and not all purples are created the same, I end up buying it thinking it’s a purple shadow superior to the ones I currently have, but in reality it’s very close to the ones I already own except with a slightly different red or blue tinge.

Liz Avatar

No matter how many times I remind myself blue shadow isn’t the most flattering on me, I still buy tons of blue shadow. I also can’t resist shimmery aqua nail polish.

Disneytwinmom Avatar

Right now I’m “collecting” rose/mocha and grey/taupe shades. Each one has a slightly different tone and effect.

Erin Avatar

Corals, for lips & cheeks, and bronzes for eyes. If it’s in the product description, I have to SERIOUSLY restrain myself. But I’ve been good recently, so I’m gonna get my CORAL on with Pret-a-Papier (less than 2 weeks away for the US!).

Arienne Avatar

Any kind of hot pink/magenta lip product – Show Orchid and Electric Fuschia come to mind immediately. Love that colorway!

kfm Avatar

purple and plum for both eyes and lips. i swear i can differences between all of them but i know i have some near-dupes.

also… dark lipsticks. again, i can see the differences, but i know they’re minimal. last week i was agonising over whether or not to pick up media. i have dark side, even on my hand, they look almost identical and yet i am haunted by the fact that there is a dark MAC lipstick i don’t own…

tremorviolet Avatar

Orange and lime eye shadows (but I don’t wear them together tho’, I swear!). Most of my oranges are different but some of my limes are pretty close. Also bright pink lipstick. I have almost every bright pink MAC has made in the last 5 years and while I don’t have any exact dupes, the differences are so small, they’re tough to tell apart.

nana Avatar

Violet eyeshadow and light pink blushes..maybe I don’t buy each and every one I come across, but I am sorely tempted every time.

Eli Avatar

I love purple eyeshadows! Surprisingly, I don’t use them very often, I prefer blues/greens/teals, as I also love purple lipsticks and monochromatic looks are quite boring.
Kisses from spain **

HebrideanSprite Avatar

Dark Green – whether it be eyeshadow or nail polish or eyeliner if it’s dark green I want it! And its so hard to resist

Leidy Avatar

Nude lipsticks!! By the way Christine Maybelline has a color u may like. I love it. Its called Coral Crush Lipstick. Have u tried it?

Casey Avatar

When is comes to eyeshadow I can’t resist Turquoise Shades, Bright Purples and Rich Browns. Lipsticks: Anything thats a milky baby pink and all nudes lippies.

Meagan Avatar

Matte nude and vanilla, and shimmery beige and pale gold eyeshadows!
Also, red lipstick. I don’t have too many identical colors though because I try not to buy similar ones unless they have a different finish.

Angela Avatar

Anything purple basically! I’m totally on a lilac/lavender kick right now. It doesn’t help that lilac is an IT color this season…

Jody Brown Avatar

For me I would have to say anything Purple, Green and Taupe. I don’t think I will ever run out. I try to be careful to not buy a color that is the same as something I already have.

julianne Avatar

i love peachy bronze eye shadows like all that glitters by mac!
i have so many eye shadows of that color…and i absolutely love them!

LNU Avatar

Yes, once a see a “rose mocha” like Benefit Buckle Bunny or UD shotgun I just can’t help myself because its my perfect everyday color AND warm golds drive me crazy cause I like wearing them with different eyeliners.

Catherine Avatar

Everytime I see a color like Amber Lights I have to buy it. If a brand makes that goldish/coppery color, I most likely own it.

Kathryn Avatar

Christine, I am the exact same way with corals! I wonder what it is about coral that is sp appealing? Maybe because corals are never “true” colours, like they are always a mix of reds, pinks, oranges, and beiges!

Vijaya Avatar

Purple. Particularly very dark purples and especially for lip stuff (think Homegirl by Kat Von D).

In fact, the other day at Sephora I was trying on some Kat Von D glosses I had never seen before, and I found one that I love. And the color name? Wouldn’t you know it, it was Homegirl–the same color in gloss form.

monica Avatar

well for my eyes it’s usually…purple. purple looks amazing on me and i gravitate towards it all the time.

for lips it’ i have a bunch of pink lipsticks, and whenever i’m out buying makeup i have to stop myself a bit and ask “wait..i HAVE something that looks alot like that already”. it’s so hard to resist a pretty pink lipstick though!

Jo Avatar

The perfect warm pink peach for lips and blush! I’m always buying similar shades just because “they looked so pretty” And grey and taupes for nails. Neutrals for eyes!!

shatani Avatar

for me its deep, vivid jewel tone blues. i cannot resist them! those eye shadows always look amazing on my skin, even when i just put it on my hand to swatch! love. it.

kat Avatar

For eyes = taupe. But my ab-sol-ute favvvvvvvorite colour for lips is bright pinks, esp. fuchsia. I think my obsession with it comes from Barbie’s lips! I think the color can make a face so youthful and pretty.

Brenda Avatar

shimmery sand/tan, yellows or orangey eyeshadows; anything that falls into that category whatsoever. It’s sad really. And beige, or yellow and orange glosses. I keep buying the same kinds of colours even though I have similar items. I think they are just really happy, brighten-my-face kinda colours!

Cherie Avatar

I’m drawn to blue eyeshadows for some reason! Every time I see a blue e/s I think ohhh that’d be great… but I rarely wear them!

I was also on a pink/coral eyeshadow kick for a while but that’s ok b/c I wear them more than blue.

I also have a lot of light pink lipstick.

I’ve started to stop myself from buying something b/c I think it’s pretty and think ‘will I actually use this??!!” and I have been very good about it. Now I feel like I am not wasting my money now and just appreciate the pretty items. πŸ™‚

Zoffe Avatar

I’m a sucker for bright pink lipsticks and all kinds of purple eyeshadow! πŸ™‚
I wouldn’t say I have too many though πŸ˜› Luckily, those are also the shades that I like to wear the most!

aradhana Avatar

neutral shadows…and red lipsticks! i have a real surplus happening…
i actually managed to purchase 2 embark shadows…but that was really my worst ‘dupe’ experience…most of the time shades are dissimilar enough!

Lindy Avatar

green and grey eyeshadows! can’t resist them. I’m always on the search for that perfect grey gold green and then mac came out with it-hold my gaze but in a palette at christmas last year! If they came out with that as a single e/s i would probably buy at least 5 because i love it so much!

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