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i know the improved they packaging greatly…but I am not fond of UD Primer Potion in Eden, the tube is a weird hard plastic on mine that shoots out way too much product if you are not super duper careful, and I dislike the big bulkey “Genie” type cap. I would prefer a better tube, and a more user friendly basic style cap.

Too Faced eyeshadow palettes, which are too bulky, and the cardboard just looks cheap & juvenile. I don’t expect “luxury” packaging, but I don’t want a $36 product to look like I picked it up at Claire’s for $10. This is why I won’t bother with the Balm, or benefit.

I really hate cardboard packaging as a whole, but if a brand refrains from cartoonish artwork, I’m willing to overlook it a bit more. LORAC does alot of cardboard, but at least the palettes are sophisticated.

They changed that packaging! Current palettes like the Boudoir Eyes and the re-released Summer Eyes palettes now come in a thin plastic-y tin (I’m not really sure which it is) packaging which is really sleek! I’m glad because I’m with you on that bulky cardboard, such a pain to store.

The up side is that its really easy to remove the actual pans of maekup and compile them into a Z-Palette. More makeup in one spot, super easy to store πŸ™‚


But some too faced palette got incredible quality..
I dislike Cardboard packing because It’s just like not bactercia-protecting and the stuff will get expired more quickily…

Bourjois Healthy Balance pressed powder. Great product, but the packaging is super cheap plastic. Seems like the packaging should be nicer considering the price (in Canada). Apparently Bourjois is cheaper in Europe, so maybe that explains the packaging.

Clinique’s Almost lipstick (particularly Black Honey). I’ve gone through tubes and tubes of this product. Every time I buy a new one and use it for two weeks, the cap gets loose and just falls off all the time. Super annoying !

OMG I’m so glad that someone else out there knows how much it sucks!! Every time I take the lid off it’s so awkward to hold I end up digging my nail into it and powder goes everywhere! But it’s so good πŸ™

Those bareMineral eye colors that come in the little tubes! The product seems wonderfully pigmented and pretty but the messy and wasteful packaging keeps me from buying them!

I admit as much as I think they are GORGEOUS, the Guerlain Rouge G’s are so cumbersome and heavy and a pain to open, I would much prefer simpler packaging for a few less dollars like the rouge automatique.

I agree with you…it’s bulky and not convenient for me as I am lefthanded, so the mirror is useless for me.. and I hate the packing altho the texture is buttery.

Benefit’s packaging puts me off trying any of their products. It is just too loud and chaotic and would look untidy on my dresser.
And speaking of Guerlain, I’m only just realising what an inconvenience the luxe packaging of the Rouge Gs is. I wish the mirror compartment didn’t flip open automatically, but manually – it keeps flapping open while I’m trying to replace the lipstick.

Several but what comes to mind first is Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia. The screw-top separate lid means you have to be careful not to gash or otherwise damage the surface of the product. I don’t know why there isn’t a hinged, snap-top lid. Guerlain’s Rouges Automatique are another – the square tube makes it awkward to apply the lipsticks. UD’s Mariposa Palette – the lid is hard to get open. Finally, any of the “novelty” palettes – BOS 3 and 4, TF Enchanted Glamourland – they’re unnecessarily boxy and bulky, not the best for taking away with you and just plain awkward.

Urban Decay’s Naked2 palettes. The pans aren’t secured properly to the case, which is a shame, because the case is actually quite lovely and has a snap closure.

Milani baked blushes…they’re so great, but the package is so clunky and the plastic top falls out too easily. :/

Givenchy Mister Light Corrective Pen! It’s an amazing product, but the twist pen dispenser sucks.

Guerlain’s Rouge G. It’s pretty and innovative, but overall impractical and it adds too much to the cost of the product, IMO.

Estee Lauder blushes – Sensous Rose is a perfect natural blush for me, but I think the packaging is ugly and clunky, and worst of all, tough to open. I have to use my nail, and I’m always worried about breaking it/chipping off nail polish.

I love Fresh Sugar in Berry and wear it every day, but hate the brushed metal packaging. It’s heavy and good quality, but I hate the feeling of the metal.

I am so glad you asked this question! I absolutley LOVE Urban Decay eyeshadows, but the Mariposa palette is so difficult to open sometimes, the metal packaging is slippery and I have trouble getting a grip on the lid to open it.

Benefit Hervana is my all time favorite blush but I depotted it because I hated the cardboard packaging. I like it much better in a z palette!

My biggest pet peeve.. pumps on products where you only require a tiny bit. I totally adore the entire range of Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighters, but the darn pump inevitably has me pulling far more product than I require in one go. While, I can appreciate they definitely are hygienic, I really hate wasting so much product.

Black Radiance lipstick is such a good product- lightweight, super pigmented, super inexpensive and fragrance free. The only downside is the shitty packaging because it seems as though I’m going to nick my lipstick every time if I’m not careful while closing the cap. Oh and the lipstick kinda shakes if you rattle it a bit…definitely not a good travelling companion!

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation – I love that foundation, but the jar is so heavy and then the plastic on the lid broke and now doesn’t screw back on! Also, Rimmel Stay Matte – love that powder – but can’t take it with me.

Another product that I think is great but is so stupidly designed!!! Its too heavy and bulky to carry around in my makeup bag and is pretty unhygienic…

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush. The brush compartment underneath the blush is a waste of space. The compact is too bulky.

Totally agree with you. And I have the same issue with Milani baked blushes. The compacts take so much space in my drawer.

I absolutely hate the packaging of the Naked 1 palette! I also dislike Benefit’s and Too Faced’s, and that’s probably why I haven’t tried any of their products. If I’m going to pay for a HE product it’d better look, feel and work nice.

Mac pigments In the new packaging is really annoying
. The jars tip easily. Biggest wish, glass jars the same type as the Fluidlines or the cream shadows……

The Mac mineralize lipsticks. The formula is fantastic but the packaging is so horrendous that I don’t buy them because I don’t want to have to look at them in my collection!!!

I thought I was the only one that hated this packaging! I hate the shape! It looks so un-sleek and so dated! And the magnetic closing doesn’t seem sturdy to me, like it would fall right off if I had it in my makeup bag.

Wet’n’wild ‘s mega last lipsticks… Hate when a lipstick doesn’t screw all the way down – I always end up knicking a piece and making a mess of the tube. The black coating of the bottom part of the tube always comes up to reveal the “mechanics” of the lipsticks, and after having it for a while, the caps become loose.

Maybelline’s eye studio products are housed in decent looking palettes, but they ALWAYS break on me! I know it’s drugstore makeup, but they’re so SO flimsy. The original Maybelline eyeshadows had a bit more sturdiness.

Lastly, MAC’s pro long wear concealer.. Love the glass packaging and that it has a pump… But the pump is where it fails! ALWAYS pumps too much product, no control at all!

I love WnW eyeshadows and blushers, but I hate the packaging, too difficult to open. I end up depotting them. I also hate the container for their mega eyes creme eyeliner, it dries out the product too quickly. Another would be the Physician’s formula powders, too bulky! I also think that Benefit’s erase paste need to be in a tube, it has that goopy texture that I HATE to scoop out, and I won’t dip my brush or finger in for sanitary reasons.

I love MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer and Josie Maran’s Argan Illuminizer, but the pumps always dispense way too much.

Benefit’s boxed blushes. Especially for those of us who just throw away the included brush, the packaging is bulky and cheap looking/feeling. Benefit’s packaging in general looks cheap to me. I’m just not into those images of “pin up girls” on cardboard packaging.

In general I don’t like packaging for lipsticks where the cap is super long and there’s only a small base to hold when you’re taking off the cap. Like the packaging for Chanel’s rouge allure lipsticks, Maybelline lipsticks, and the Revlon Lip Butter lipsticks. It’s not a deal breaker, but I prefer having a bigger base to hold on to just to minimize the possibility of dropping the lipstick while taking the lid off.

I have so many, but I’m struggling with two products at the moment. Cheap lipsticks with flimsy covers (wet n wild and nyx, for example). I’m very happy with the product, but I can’t handle lipstick coming open in my purse. Mac prolongwear concealer, such a great product with such a crappy pump.

The bullet on Jordana Easyshines sticks out way far, and the product is really soft, so it’s easy to nick it on the lid. At least it’s only a $2 product, but still…

I am very disappointed with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liquid eyeliners. Every time that I start a new one it’s good for a while and then the ink well picks up (it takes some jiggling to get it down and then I push it down). It also doesn’t close tightly after that. With each new one I keep hoping that it won’t happen again because I like the product, but it does.

For me its anything that comes with a built in brush or in a card board box. Built in brushes get nasty and you can’t really clean them and cardboard falls apart after time

I hate the packaging of most eyeshadow primers, specifically NARS’. They should all come in squeeze tubes like LORAC.

Also, I don’t like any lip color I have to dip my finger in.

+1 to Benefit packaging eps carton ones! cheap, too loud, not chic! however the product itself is super nice:)

and I hate to say it but pretty much all of today’s packaging’s gone too cheap, I remember my first Estee Lauder lipstick that I bought in my teens in mid 90’s, it had gorgeous METAL golden tube, looked and felt like a piece of luxury, and now what we have-nasty cheap plastic, blaaaah:(

So actually Rouge G’s are kinda OK as they might be clumsy but they kind of still feel like a “real thing” if you know what I mean:)

in perfumes I dislike non transparent bottles, like Tom Ford Black orchid or Narcisso Rodrigues for her-you never know how much is left there-annoying!

Anything glass. As much as I like to think that I’m both dainty and coordinated, I am 50% klutz. My MAC Prolongwear concealer and two other glass products I can’t remember fell to any early demise.
Not to mention that glass is a bit heavy.

Bourjois blushes. I love them and think they are on par with Chanel JCs but every single one I have had, the bit of plastic that closes it firmly has broken off within weeks. As I travel a lot and like to carry my botd around with me, I’ve stopped using them.

NARS!!! i love their products and it does feel high end but I wish they would make packaging that is easy to clean and it doesn’t look old after 1 minute in the hands. I am OCD and clean my compacts all the time and I cringe at my NARS powders.

I hate that too! They just seem to attract mess and end up looking scruffy. My MAC liquid powder has the same sort of lid as NARS and it looks horrible!

Rimmel Stay Matte powders, all Benefit and Too Faced cardboard packaging. I hear Tarte has some lipsticks in the recycled cardboard too which obviously have to go. These are mid range companies charging too much to have cheap looking packaging.

I hate China Glaze’s packing..Because it’s difficult to put them in a case..and waste the spaces..(fat bottom)…so I stop buying it..ahahaha. and I prefer Chanel’s texture and packing πŸ™‚

Anything in a tin! I despise little tins. I’ve had so many really good lip balms/cuticle balms but I hate those stupid little tins, I can never open them and always end up breaking my nails trying to get into them. Why can’t they just be in a screw top plastic pot? Its so much easier to get into!

In general, I have a hard time using foundations where you have to pour it out because I always pour out way too much and end up wasting product and because it much more messy than other packaging options.

I hate tins that don’t have that mechanism to open them. Without it the little tins especially are hard to impossible to open.

As much as I love most of their products, both Physicians Formula and Milani need to redesign and slim down their packaging. Case in point: PF shimmer strips eye shadows, PF blushes and bronzers, Milani baked blushes and worst of all, Milani baked eyeshadows. Generally speaking, rounded packages are my biggest dislike.

Guerlain Rouge G. Definitely luxurious, but once you get past how pretty it is, you realize that the product is heavy and awkward to store

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