Is there a look you've always wanted to try (but haven't)?

Is there a look you’ve always wanted to try (but haven’t)? Share!

Maybe short hair or substantially different colored hair, but I cannot make either commitment personally!

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Mao Thao Avatar

I own no Mac lipsticks would love to try one in the future, can’t decide between faux or brave, which one is better formula or are they both the same, and which is better lasting power?

Anne Avatar

I don’t have any experience with Faux, but Brave was my first MAC buy and it’s still my go-to “my lips but better” shade. They’re both Satin finishes so the wear should be similar. From the look of the them, Brave seems a bit less cool toned and Faux is slightly more so. Brave also seems like a slightly darker pink where Faux could almost be at the end of the “nude-ish” spectrum. I’m biased because I’ve been wearing it for years and have skipped over Faux, but I personally would go with Brave.

Katherine T. Avatar

I’ve always wanted to try the Gothic Lolita look, which is a form of Japanese harajuku fashion. I would have a pale face, bold smoky eyes, black lipstick, wig full of long curly hair, a short, black lacy Victorian dress, with tights or thigh highs and mary jane shoes. It would be sexy, girly, and edgy all at once. Hmm, sounds like a great costume for Halloween!

Katherine T. Avatar

LOL, oh yes!! I wore a semi-Gothic look one year for Halloween, a short black Renaissance princess ball gown with white lace and silver ribbon trim. He LOVED the look 😉

Bárbara R. Avatar

I really wish I could be more adventurous with my hair. I’m an over-weight girl so I have a round face and not many hairstyles look good on me (I feel). I would love to color my hair, get bangs or cut it short! sadly, my face would look like a balloon.

xamyx Avatar

Have you considered a layered, graduated bob? You can also keep the bangs light & layered, and it would create a frame for your face. There are apps available online, where you can “try-on” different hairstyles, or stop by a wig shop, and try on a few!

Anne Avatar

I’m having some struggles with my weight right now too (mainly due to some crappy health stuff) and those are exactly my thoughts. So, I’m not going to tell you you’re “wrong” as I empathize, but I hope we both get to a point where we feel comfortable in our own skin with trying new things.

Judy H. Avatar

There are a lot of short cuts that look great with round faces. Go to your stylist and look through books with her/him. She will be able to recommend a short style that will be great for your fac shape. My niece (an adult) is a heavier girl and recently got her longer than shoulder length hair cut into a short style. It is one that is kind of stacked layers in the back and it tapers down to a little bit longer length in the front. She got some fun brushed to the side bangs and it looks so good on her. Before her hair was so thin and it is amazing how much body this cut gave her hair.

Nancy T Avatar

Many! Most however, are age and/or health dependant, like wishing I had gotten that tattoo I wanted so badly 15-25 years ago, or an ear cartilage piercing. Won’t be doing them now, though.
Sooo, it’s Blue Lipstick! Love how it looks on younger women! Although nobody would bat an eye back in the NYC area, can one imagine doing that here? Considering how She-Rebel garnered glares, stares and whatnot? Their heads might just spontaneously combust!

kjh Avatar

Yeah, wish I could turn back the clock + wear Technopagan…. Once I got a head turn ?look? for Palomino, but maybe It’s bec. I seldom do pink. Don’t get looks for red, orange, purple, brown, but even those are toning down these days…

Nancy T Avatar

Palomino is my daughter’s favorite Bite lipstick! But my guess is that out here in Arizona, vivid pink may get a “double-take”, though NOTHING like how the reaction is to unconventional/ alternative shades! When I’m out and about on public transit, I don’t even see hardly anyone even wearing makeup, and if they do it’s minimal. Wear Palomino proudly! We can at least dream of wearing Technopagan ( I DO! )

Nancy T Avatar

You could rock highlights, though! I have very dark hair, and yes, I’ve done the bleach thing and, no, it didn’t end well at all! But blonde or copper or even BOTH, look great on darker hair and the upkeep is minimal! Now, there’s even something called “Bronde” , subtle weaving of various shades into dark hair. It’s so pretty that I’m quite tempted!

markiebamboo Avatar

Go for Blonde. You only live once. Hair can grow out. You’re a young beautiful woman and the worst that can happen is damage or that you don’t like it or you love it and want to do it over and over.

I think you’re only going to scratch the itch of curiosity if you go fully blonde or copper.
I personally think highlights look dated.

Gillian Avatar

As far as makeup is concerned I’d say that I’ve tried everything that I’ve wanted to, I think. However, a lot of the more dramatic looks I’ve done I’ve not worn out the house do maybe I should go for something really intense then go and do my food shopping!

Aside from that I’ve always wanted teal hair but my work won’t allow it. I’ve had various other colours such as fire engine red and purple but apparently teal is one step too far. I have the dye and everything but there you go. No teal hair for me. Black will have to do for now. Luckily I like my black hair and it’s a great low maintenance colour for me. Pale skin and black hair is what I wanted as a teenager but never got so I’m making up for it now. 😛

Wednesday Avatar

I can be impulsive and usually blindly go for it. With my hair, it’s always my hair dresser always cautioning me when I want to make radical changes (colour or cut). When I decided to cut my past shoulder length hair off, he made me do it gradually. I’ve slowed down with the hair colour changes and now enjoy just being dark brunette.. it works… for now.

Wednesday Avatar

Awww thanks, Rachel 😀 You are so sweet! I’ve thought about growing it back, but I’m enjoying short hair and I think it suits my personality. I’m constantly changing it up so it never feels boring. I went through the bob stage and I felt it was too pedestrian and ‘mature’ for me. Don’t get me wrong, some girls can really rock a bob, I’m not one of them.

Nancy T Avatar

Ya know what? I am going to get it and wear it in my house with some kick-butt looks, and if my neighbors and our UPS guy see me, oh well! Same goes for CP Dr. M! (Although I think my one neighbor will think it’s really awesome!)

Nicole Avatar

Yo Go Girl! I have CP Dr. M. too, lol. It’s never been outta the house either. It’s really cool. The texture is odd to me. I think they are really kick-a$$ colors. I keep telling myself that I am going to wear them out!

xamyx Avatar

I really, really want to get a couple of facial piercings (septum, and either labret or Medusa, or maybe even snake bites), but I need to first find a job that will allow it… I also want to try an undercut, but my hair needs to get a bit longer, first.

Kayle Avatar

I want to try an undercut but the idea of having to maintain it almost weekly (my hair grows extremely fast) scares me! I also want to try pure black lipstick but I’ll probably look a bit too goth with my black hair and somewhat full lips lol. Another lipstick color I’ve been eyeing is teal/emerald green – it looks wearable but I wouldn’t have many chances to wear it out with school and all so I haven’t invested in any.

Rachel R. Avatar

Bright hair other than reds, or multi-colored hair. I love how they look, but I’m wary of the expense and upkeep. My hair grows really fast and is naturally brunette with lots of red highlights and undertones, so I’d have to bleach it completely white. And then there is the possible damage to my hair.

Also, Goth makeup with the really white face, eyebrows shaved and then elaborately drawn back in, intense thick eyeliner with spider webs drawn in, that kind of thing. I think Goth looks are kick-ass. But while I have strong Goth tendencies in dress and personality, I don’t consider myself “a Goth.” I wouldn’t want to be a poser. It would seem disrespectful to me. So I go for less intense Goth looks, keep my eyebrows, work my pale skin into the look without adding white makeup.

Nancy T Avatar

Everything you just said, except I don’t have a pale or even lt. medium skintone, so I just go with what I’ve got. My makeup can definitely go right to the edge of Goth. But I do find that HD powders lighten just a bit and give that ultra matte look. Then again, WnW Reserve Your Cabana lightens me a bit, LoL!

xamyx Avatar

White makeup & shaved brows are actually just stereotypes (so is black lipstick, which I think just fell out of favor once more options were made available), and those who do rock those looks do so as a personal choice. Being naturally fair, I only “lighten up” for extreme, stylized looks (although not completely white), and my lack of brows stems from (ironically) a “mainstream” phase in the 90s.

Also, as for not considering yoirself “Goth”, keep in mind many of our icons don’t, either-Siouxsie Sioux, Peter Murphy, Andrew Eldritch, Sean Brennan, just to name a few, LOL! I personally think if you’re drawn to a certain aesthetic, go for it! As long as it’s something you truly like, and aren’t doing it *solely* as a “costume” or joke, it’s not disrespectful. I’m not in full regalia 24/7, but there’s always some hint of it, but given where I am in my life, it’s not an option. Maybe if I find a job that allows it…

Nancy T Avatar

That’s exactly how I feel, Amy. What is weird was that for a long time my *costume* was pretending to be more conservative than I truly was. Trying to fit in, to look “normal”, especially while I was going through job training to be an Admin. Asst., and also during my custody battle and divorce all at the same time! Even my first 2 years here in AZ. Now, I’m just doing Nancy. Slowly but surely. But I still don’t go too far, because yeah, 56 and living here.

Nancy T Avatar

I know it’s bizarre that it does that to my face, huh? LoL! MAC C4.5 is, I believe, equivalent to something between NC37-40? Not absolutely sure, but it’s up there in depth, I guess. But I LOVE that WnW powder!

Serena Avatar

The serious, classy “career” look, with neutral makeup, my hair done in a beautiful chignon, pearl earrings and a black suit.
I’m pushing 38 but thanks to my usual look (and an extremely genetically lucky skin) I’m often told it’s unbelievable I’m no longer in my 20s: I’m as pale as a sheet of paper, my signature makeup is made of thick black eyeliner and red or purple lips and nails, and my wardrobe is total black with no shortage of jeans, jumpers and goofy t-shirts with geeky writings on them, so I’m as far removed from classy and serious as it gets 😛
I never did try anything like that as it’s way too out of my comfort zone.

Kat Avatar

I dyed my hair red about five years ago, and I never went back! I’m trying a burgundy purple right now but I’m sure I’ll go back to my signature shade soon. It just feels so much more fun than my natural hair color, and red always stands out in a crowd! I definitely noticed more people noticing/remembering me once I went from dishwater blonde to bright red, so you have to be confident! I seriously love it. The only problem is that the dye fades fairly fast.

Irene Avatar

I’ve always been curious how the whole bronzer contour + tan skin and nude lipstick would look on me, but I’d only try it as a costume of sorts! I’m very pale with dark hair, and I’m all about classic glamour, not “effortless” beach looks. I did cut my hair into a Louise Brooks bob last year, which I had wanted to do for quite long, and I doubt I’ll ever have long hair again!

Eileen Avatar

As a young woman I always dreamed of having long, deep auburn hair. Back then, we weren’t nearly so adventurous or accepting of changes in natural hair color and so I never gave in to my heart’s desire 🙁 Nowadays, at 71, my hair is a beautiful combination of silver and deepest brown and so I have no desire to change the color but I do sigh whenever I see a woman with my dream color.

Anne Avatar

I’ve always wanted to try short hair. My stylish Parisian aunts on my dad’s side of the family have really great short cuts, and that’s the side of the family I’ve gotten my hair from, but it’s a risk as it will either go big and frizzy, or gorgeous and wavy/curly. Either way it’s more maintenance than longer hair, and with the health stuff right now that’s not possible. But hopefully in the later future I can try that out. I also want to do some color changes in my hair but that is also more maintenance so has been put on hold as well.

I’ve also always wanted to cosplay as a ton of my friends either used to or still do it, but my sewing skills are CRAP.

I definitely want a tattoo (or 2, or 5…) but I am having trouble narrowing down the choices. There are some I’ve been set on for years but I’m still in the mode of “what if I don’t like it later” or “what if the tattoo artist messes it up”.

xamyx Avatar

I’d always wanted a tattoo of a rose on my upper right arm, and at 23, I finally did it. I went with something small, that had meaning, and placement was based on 3 criteria: an area that wouldn’t be very tender, a place that would hold up with age/weight fluctuations, and could easily be covered with clothing. Also, having it in a smaller size, it could be modified/covered up, or removed more easily. If you decide to go for it, go to a reputable parlor; it may cost a bit more, but is ultimately worth it. If possible, talk to people you know who have tats, and ask for recommendations. Also, sit down with the potential artist, and make sure you have a good rapport.

Judy H. Avatar

About 20 years ago, in my early thirties, I got my shoulder length brown hair cut very short and dyed a very vivid red with blond highlights in the bangs. I loved it, but it was such a dramatic change, I worried about my husband and friend’s reactions, no one knew I was going to do it. To my surprise, everyone except my best friend LOVED it. When my husband got home from work, my back was to the door, when I turned around to face him, the look onhis face was priceless! He LOVED it. I wore it that way for about 6 or 7 years. When I decided to get rid of the red, he begged me to keep it short. Today, I still have a pixie cut, but the color is kind of mocha with caramel highlights. Had to change colors…the gray hair caught up with me. Red does not stay on gray hair at all. It was a huge change, but I’m so glad I did it.

Nancy T Avatar

That’s the same reason I had to eventually ditch my dark, bright burgundy red hair color, it would not cover gray for more than 2-3 weeks, and faded so fast too! Now all I do is touch up my roots in a shade that is pretty close to my original color, but with a KICK: it has a violet base! So in sunlight, it has a plummy ultra dark brown thing going on!

Ciara Avatar

I so desperately want to lighten my hair color to a mixture of dark blonde and light golden brown. I’ve never colored my hair, and I’m afraid to ruin my natural color which everyone else loves, and I’m so bored with. I’m naturally both light and dark brown with two streaks of blonde in the front that become more apparent in the summer. Plus I’m getting married next year and don’t want to fry my hair before the big day.

Kat Avatar

So many! If I didn’t work at a pharmacy with a lot of older and more conservative customers, I’d dye my hair a full rainbow of different shades! Right now I’m at school until the winter, so I’m taking the opportunity to dye my hair purple (the dye is sitting in as I write this!).

There are certain makeup shades that don’t look good on me, for example light blue eyeshadows/aqua eyeshadows. I can do navy, deep teal, and probably even turquoise, but aqua looks awful on me.

Genevieve Avatar

No – I am really happy with the way I look right now. I love my hair colour (it is now dyed to its original colour comprising red/blonde) as I inherited it from my Scottish grandmother. I just wish I had differently shaped eyes (not hooded) so I could take advantage of all those eye looks.

Ray Avatar

I’ve never done retro nude lips. My skin tone gets sallow easily, and I don’t think my features look right when the balance is disrupted with a lipstick that makes my lips look smaller.

Cat Avatar

There are only two things I can think of that I’ve wanted to do at some point but haven’t (because I tried so many things in the past).

1) Dye my hair black. Because of my fair skin and blue eyes, I’m afraid I’m look like Snow White. Nothing is wrong with the way Snow White looks, it’s just not a look I’d go for personally.

2) Dye my hair a combination of light blue, light purple, and pink. However, I know that keeping it that way would be time-consuming and I just don’t want to commit to that kind of upkeep.

What I was twenty, I had one streak of pure red and one of royal blue in my very light blonde hair and I would sometimes braid them together. It looked very patriotic… but that wasn’t my intention. =)

doroffee Avatar

Oh, yes.

-unconventional lip colors (blue, green, black etc.) for daytime make-up (obviously not for school or office work :D)
-crazy hair colors (I had been contemplating dying my hair dark blue or royal purple… or even a black cherry red)
-a bob with a close shave at the back of my head (I have had bobs, but was afraid to have my back part shaved)
-crazy colorful eyes (I do wear color on my lids often, but I usually use neutral colors to balance it out)
-a full, dense fringe
-shorts in the summer (I overweight and also short, so I feel all shorts seem horrible on me)
-crazier shoes (last time I saw a cool raspberry colored pair of ankle boots, and I chickened out from buying them… and they are still on my mind)

Gamze Avatar

Smokey eyes! I have very big, slightly prominent and heavily hooded (half Asian) eyes. I know dark eyeshadows look good on me (due to the big and prominent eyes, they look smaller with dark eye makeup, which is a good thing), but with hooded lids, I lack the skill to pull off a smokey eye.

trudi Avatar

Dramatic Makeup. I know smoky eyes, Kim K contour and lips that may be just about any color of the rainbow are very popular on YT, but I am a makeup minimalist, love MLBB tones, subtle bronzing / highlighting and neutral eye looks on me. Those trends look great in pics of other people, and I enjoy looking at the tutorials as works of art, but I have never re created the looks.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I would love to get botox and some wrinkle fillers to fill in about three lines I have. I would love to get my eyelids done. A BFF in another state came home after having hers done. They looked wonderful.
As far as actual makeup, I’d like to try the spray on makeup but that’s about all. I’d love to have nails done on a regular basis but my nails are much too thin, dry, and fragile.

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