Is there a beauty product you want to buy but just won't pay the price for?

There’s nothing that really comes to mind for me at the moment, but I want the spring Ted Baker makeup bags, which I just can’t justify since I have far too many makeup bags already and rarely travel!

— Christine


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Erica Avatar

Gerlain Meterorites. I just cannot bite the bullet for a highlighter esp since I don’t really wear highlighter/illuminating powders. But dang, those little shiny balls are cute:)

Rachael Avatar

It’s not a highlighter, it’s a finishing powder. And they last for YEARS. It took me 3+ years to finish my first one.

Alicia Avatar

I would say do it!! They are a finishing powder, not a highlight, and they do a phenomenal job pulling your whole face look together and making it look seamless! They last a super long time too! I know they are an expensive investment initially but totally worth it, especially since you will get a year + use out of them!

Jillienne Avatar

Rue La La sometimes has a 2-3 day event called beauty bar, which features some high end brands. They often have Guerlain products, and I’ve seen them offer the basic meteorites (not limited editions) with some discount, certainly better than department store prices. I’ve been watching to see if they would offer the lightest shade again, but I’ve seen it once or twice, but wasn’t ready to buy then. I’ve seen them offer the two darker shades much more often. I did buy one of the 6 pan eyeshadows in a very neutral tones for almost 1/3 off of what it cost at Nordstrom or Neimans.

Jillienne Avatar

This morning Rue La La started the beauty event again. They do have only the medium shade of meteorites listed for sale at $37.99 from $60. There is a shipping charge also, but I don’t think they charge an additional tax. The event is available for 3 days starting from today. Some items sell out fast.

Ray Avatar

Lately I want a Fresh lip balm but I just can’t pay over $20 for a chapstick.

I know I should upgrade from NYX Micro Brow (it’s hard to get a consistently non-Sharpie look from them) to Anastasia Brow Wiz. I don’t know if I can pay $21 for one Brow Wiz when you can get two Micro Brow pencils at Ulta for $15.

Donya Avatar

I was using Brow Wiz and went to an It Cosmetic event and tried their skinny pencil and like it much more. You can get two fir around $24 at QVC. try it at Ulta.

Ray Avatar

I was actually at Ulta today and they didn’t have the “universal gray” tester out. I have black brow hairs and cool coloring. I can’t use a dark warm brown and a lot of brands don’t offer black or charcoal. Have you tried the IT gray one?

Donya Avatar

I Have not since i have medium brown. I will say, i didnt believe their qvc presentation where they claimed “universal taupe” was buildable, but it truly us. Enough so that i chose that color. I hope you find the gray to try. Best of luck. Brows are so important and we all seek that perfect product!

Danielle Sharkster Avatar

I have many Viseart palettes and I have to say, I disagree with you in regards to the packaging. It is actually quite sturdy. You could drop it and the shadows would not shatter. The palettes were designed for professional makeup artistry use. They are sleek, slender and durable. I find them to actually be made of high quality plastic. They are perfect for stacking and packing inside a makeup artist kit. The clear top part of the packaging is ideal for being able to see what shades are inside quickly and easily for a makeup artist.

Michelle Avatar

I carry six VISEART palettes in my kit and I assure you, the packaging is not cheap. It’s simple and It does exactly what it’s supposed to do– protect the superior product contained inside.

Kylie5 Avatar

Yes. I Love Tom Ford tobacco vanilla perfume but the smallest bottle costs about 170 Euro !!! But it is sooooo good. But if I think about what Else I Could buy for 170 Euro I Could not justify buying it. And I am asking how much of the high Price I have To pay because Tom Ford is written on the bottle.

Ms Avatar

Christian louboutin ls

Armani foundation, Chanel foundation especially since I wear foundation so rarely.
TF makeup generally

I wanna buy more TF ls, I have one can’t justify anymore since the texture can be duped/improved with ysl rouge volupte.

Nancy T Avatar

There definitely have been! But I have a price cap that I have basically set for myself, though. If something goes over $80 give or take a dollar or two, it’s OFF LIMITS. It’s just an agreement with my own personal conscience and financial situation. TF Honeymoon: Yes. But many other things I’ve just sat myself down for a reality check when tempted, and said, nope, we’re NOT doing this.

Kirsten Avatar

Basically anything high end. Just can’t afford it. The most I’ve ever spend was $80 and that was for a Mac x15 palette.

Sabrina Avatar

Same with me.
The most high end I go is MAC. I just can’t justify bying super expensive things when there’s so much lower price brands with good quality products. Especially living outside the US where everything is made more expensive with importation taxes.

Pearl Avatar

Tom Ford Traceless foundations – from the reviews I’ve read, the Traceless and Traceless Perfecting sound like they’d be just lovely (one for fall/winter, the other for spring/summer). I don’t have a counter near me so I’d have to get color matched over the phone, by online swatches, reviews, etc. It’s too much money to be uncertain about the shade and I’d be embarrassed if it didn’t work out and I had to return it or exchange it. When the time comes, I won’t want to just get the foundation either, I’ll probably want to get the primer and Illuminator as well. I’ve been thinking about calling Nordstrom or even a Tom Ford Store to see if they’d be willing to send me samples but I’ve been too embarrassed to ask. ?

Heather Avatar

ViseArt and MUFE shadows–I know they’re fantastic, but it hurts to spend such a huge chunk of money at once!

Also, Guerlain Meteorites. My skin can use all the help it can get, but that is a lot of money for a face powder.

Marieke Avatar

Glamglow. I had a sample and it did wonders for my skin. Now I’m still waiting for a month where I still have some extra moneyz at the end.

Lauren Avatar

Lipstick Queen – Let them eat Cake. It’s over $70 here, and while it’s beautiful, that’s just too much for one lipstick!

Mary Avatar

I just purchased my first lipstick queen lipstick from ulta for $24. I really loved the way the shade looked in the tube and even swacthed on my hand (goodbye, a purpley plum with subtle blue shimmer), but I wore it for the first time yesterday and was really disappointed. While it feels very nice on your lips, it doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of pigment I would expect from a lipstick so pricey and only wears for maybe 30 mins : (

Erica Avatar

Mineral oil, gylcerin, petrolatum , lanolin, alcohol and a bunch of plant fragrances. Well at least for their infamous face cream. Those are the first ingredients, hence the most, and they are the most basic of basic ingredients and not worthy of the $155 tag imo. Js.

anne Avatar

i bought creme de la mer many years ago to see what the drama was about. i used it, but it did nothing for me. i’m sure they’ve since improved it, but at that time it was like trying to spread chapstick on one’s face. most of this insanely priced stuff is relatively useless, i think. if it really did anything, it would require a prescription.

Marta Avatar

Maybe a Tom Ford eye quad or lipstick? But if I pay the price will I really love the colors I choose? Won’t it be just another not-quite-there product? Besides I’m too unstable to commit to one product.

For some more expensive makeup I wait for the right circumstances so the price gets to a more reasonable level. For example, I loved the UD Gwen Stefani eye palette and it’s reviews but could not justify it. But with a 25% discount at Sephora AND some failed Christmas gifts to return, I could not find a better replacement.

Erica Avatar

Try a CCO? They sell Tom Ford eyeshadow/blush/lipstick for a fraction of the cost. Supplies/selection are limited but could be an option if you want to try Tom Ford. I still haven’t taken the plunge even with the discounted price. TF just doesn’t trip my trigger in general but anyhoo…

BonnieJ Avatar

It’s the Cosmetic Company Store at many major outlet shopping centers. They’re operated by Estee Lauder, and carry not only Lauder, but all the brands Lauder owns, like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smashbox, etc. Did not know they owned Tom Ford. Worth the trip. It’s how I often buy my Bobbi Brown BB cream and shimmer bricks.

Marta Avatar

I’m not sure what CCO stands for.

I’ve bumped once into some TF lipsticks in an outlet shopping center, but discounted TF prices are still high., and the available colors were just “alright”. I believe some cravings should stay as wishes and not get completed.

Also I have much great quality makeup that I love, so it’s not that I really need anything with a TF mark. It’s just that from the really expensive stuff this is one of the things that actually might be worth the money in terms of quality.

Natalia Avatar

1. BECCA products. I would definitely buy a blush or some other product from their range, but the prices here are ridiculous.
2. MAC skincare and eyeshadows. Same reason as above. The markup comparing to the US prices (i.e. +$10 for the Comfort cream and $14 here vs $6 in the US for the eyehsadow refill pan) just makes me doubt if there is any justice in the word 🙂

Ms Avatar

You’re not missing out if you don’t have Mac eyeshadows. Maybe 5 years ago, not anymore. Save your money. There are cheaper and better eyeshadows now.

I have paid full 15 dollars for them and I won’t pay 6 dollars for them now.

Vivella Avatar

Just a comment to say that yes, there are many Mac dupes but not all of them are good. When I go back to using one of my very few Mac eyeshadows they are a pleasure to use by comparison, smooth and even and I can see that they are worth it. I would definitely buy more of them when I can afford, when my cheaper shadows are finished. Other eyeshadows that can compare to Mac are Inglot..good quality.

Natalia Avatar

Hi Ms, thank you for your comment! I like MAC and don’t have any problems with the quality of their eye shadows, they are good IMHO (granted I cannot get MG or ABH shadows here without paying in gold for shipping) and I would definitely buy more of them. It is knowing how much they mark them up here (I mean, average wages here are waay less than in the States) that makes me stay away.

Natalia Avatar

Hi Linda! To me they just do not worth the price they ask for it *here*. It is more expensive than Chanel and Dior stuff here for crying out loud. If I paid what the US people pay for it, I would not have any problems with the brand and would definitely have more of their products in my stash.

Rachael Avatar

I really want a Loubatin lippie but $90 for a lipstick is pretty much 4 from Bite. I can get the beautiful Guerlain lippies for that price. So much you can do for that price!

Mariella Avatar

Probably more skin care than cosmetics – products from Omorovicza, Tata Harper, Tatcha and Laniege that are close to the $200 (CDN) mark. In all honesty, I really don’t believe that they do all that much more than stuff in the “under $100 price range but that doesn’t stop me wanting them anyway. And it’s probably good for my bank balance that Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford cosmetics aren’t available in stores near me or I might just have caved for some of those pretties.

Flaky Avatar

Im thinking about skin care too – I’d love to try Sunday Riley Good Genes, but the price tag just seems like a lot to gamble on something I don’t know if it will work. With cosmetics, I can usually tell after trying it a few times if it’s going to work for me. But with skin care, I really use it for a while. Maybe someday I’ll take the plunge.

Cat Avatar

I asked for a sample of Good Genes while in Sephora. I was given enough to use a few times to see if it would work for me. Sadly, it didn’t… but it did save me from making a purchase I’d need to return.

KaseyKannuck Avatar

A Guerlain refillable compact. I’m the only one who will see it and I get the same results if the pan is in a Z palette.
Plus, the likelihood of my dropping and breaking it increases with the price ?

Julia Avatar

Tom Ford Nude Dip Quad. My makeup spending “limit” has been creeping up at an alarming rate lately, but $80 for only 4 shadows is sooo painful, no matter how great they are. I’ve spent almost that much on Viseart palettes (I have actually gotten all of mine on sale) but at least they have 12 shadows each! I give a lot of consideration to price per ounce and price per pan – I can justify a lot of things but an $20 per shadow… ouch.

I’m also teetering on the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow Highlighter, which is $65 and cannot be had on sale to my knowledge. It’s been sitting in my cart for a while now. Christine, how different do you find that item from KA Starlight or MAC Pearl Sunshine?

Jane Avatar

Chanel Solutions de la 10, I believe is its name. It is such a beautiful formula, only ten ingredients, but it’s $80.00. I stay at home with my kids and have a third on the way; unless I get some more illustration work, I cannot justify that price! Avatar

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Desirable is $30 and it is just lipstick! I want it but my wallet does not agree.

Tammy B Avatar

The SUQQU cheek brush. It’s not that I won’t pay for it, it’s just that it’s going to have to happen during a month when I don’t want to buy any other cosmetic product. And that never happens, lol!

chris Avatar

I think now with drugstore brands upping up their game, you can find a dupe for most products. I would really like to try G. Armani’s foundation or perhaps a product from Burberry or Charlotte T.

chris Avatar

I have a question. I am looking at the Laura Geller blushes and would like to know which ones you would recommend for a skin tone of NC50/55.

Cat Avatar

I’m scanning through comments trying to find one I relate to and… BINGO!! LOL Yes, every time I see a vault collection, I want it! Then, the more sensible part of me steps in and saves me by saying, “Cat? Cat! You know damn well you could only use half of the products!”

But…. all the things are sooo pretty together like that…

Ana Avatar

Hi Christine, Love your website! Chanel ribbon blush! i love everything Chanel, but this blush is so so gorgeous, but $70 for a blush is too much unfortunately :(. Side note, would you ever consider doing videos? you are so great and informative at what you do, just curious. When there is a new product, I always look to your website before considering purchasing a product. Your rate system is genius!

Ginny Avatar

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronze and glow, Tom Ford eye quads, Guerlain Rouge G. Not that I won’t pay the price for them *ever*, I just don’t plan to any time soon.

Kekeli Avatar

The Marc Jabob’s genius gel foundation looks sooo good on everyone. I have a couple of foundations I want to get through before investing in such a pricey foundation but… Also, Tom Ford! Every single Tom Ford item looks so intriguing but I don’t have the money to be curious just for curiosity’s sake :’)

Aj Avatar

NARS Audacious lipsticks and any other lipsticks in that range. Those are just too expensive for me, as a college student, to justify purchasing even one. I would like to try them eventually though, just not now.

Eliz Avatar

Timely question as I just vetoed my own rule and purchased an expensive serum. Clinique’s Smart Custom Repair Serum, which isn’t the most expensive serum out there, but still. All of my other skincare is very reasonable, so I felt I had a little bit of room to splurge on one product. We’ll see if it’s worth the splurge.

I have also wanted Chanel’s Eyeshadow Quad in Topkapi for ages, but I just can’t justify paying $150 for it via ebay when it was around $65 originally. That’s one of the few beauty products I truly regret not purchasing when it was released.

Sarah Avatar

Any of the Lipstick Queen products. I want Frog Prince, the denim one, Hey Sailor, and the honey one (can you tell I’m good with names lol). Do I have any money for them? *laughs until I fall over* Hard no.


There are a few on my wish list that I just can’t bring myself to splurge on:
TF Love Lust blush
TF Bronzer brush
Chanel Malice blush
Chanel Julia lipstick
Wayne Goss brushes
Pretty much all the Viseart palettes!

Anne Avatar

Tom Ford’s nude dip or honeymoon eyeshadow quads or Viseart palettes come to mind; I already own several eyeshadows I like or love, and so these would be indulgence, pure and simple. Skin care — I spent a lot for an SK-II product but the effect is outstanding and I haven’t found anything that works as well for me, so I do it and use the product thoughtfully so not to waste. Lips: I think I might spend just about anything for the perfect-on-me red lipstick, since I’ve been on the hunt for awhile now.

Kelsey Avatar

I’m interested in trying a lot of drugstore foundations, especially the L’Oreal cushion foundation. But I can’t justify paying nearly $15 for a drugstore foundation, especially due to the fact that it only contains 0.51 oz. That’s nearly a $30 foundation if it were the typical size.

Eileen Avatar

The price has never deterred me from buying something I want and know I’ll use and I have no problem treating myself. It has caused me to think twice, though, as to whether I really want something or if I’m just responding to a lot of hype. Just because I have money to spend doesn’t mean I should be throwing it away.

ouineque Avatar

Same here… As much as I love the lipstick shades… I think I wouldn’t even dare to use them. And I just saw a gorgeous cream bronzer-blush-highlighter trio from Hourglass used by one of the Pixiwoo-girls (no idea how it swatches, but it looked amazing from here): 54 British pounds, I don’t even wanna know how much that is in euro’s!

Stephanie Avatar

I don’t even pay attention to Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury products as they are super expensive and hard to find in Canada. But then again, I just purchased a $70 Cdn Chanel quad (with a discount code so really less than that) so I may be tempted if the product was right.

kellly Avatar

Too many high end things to name. Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel — I have a pretty long list of things that just won’t work with my budget!

Xtochie Avatar

Definitely the SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL … I’ve seen it being applied and it looks so beautiful, but fifty dollars for bronzer is so not cool…

I don’t know if this would also apply to skin care but almost all good skin care is pretty darn expensive.

btw… has anyone noticed that almost all lip colors are outrageously over priced… now in days all lipstick tubes are being sold for no less than $15.. (thank goodness for ColourPop !!)

Marta Avatar

I don’t have them (and don’t want for colors/packaging/rumors about lesser quality of the newer batches) but I feel like these palettes are the most quickly gaining price thing in my Sephora.

Bon Bon Avatar

Not any more. When my children were all at home I couldn’t afford much for myself. They are all grown with families of their own and I am living life fully!

Summer Avatar

Pat mcgrath highlighter set . I just can’t pay that much (like $75)when I have highlighters that are amazing already in my collection for much cheaper

Georgina Avatar

The hourglass cream trio. It has a bronzer, blush and highlight. I would love to have it but I truly don’t need anymore of those 3 products and I can’t justify paying $68 for that. But it looks soooo pretty!

Robin Avatar

Definitely Tom Ford cosmetics, especially the eyeshadow quads. Want one badly but can’t justify it at all. Same with Marc Jacobs & Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows, just can’t make the leap. Am also interested in the La Mer powder but can’t justify the spend not knowing how it will wear on me.

Kylie5 Avatar

Thank you for Taking my question.
There is Tom Ford tobacco vanilla perfume for about 170 Euro !!!???
And I have Heard so many good things about the foundation of ellis faas but it costs too much, I Hope I remember it right.

Maria Avatar

I would have to say more skin care items that I won’t purchase because they are too expensive. So I will keep it simple with skin care. I tell myself that most of the skin care I want to try probably won’t work and cost too much. With beauty items I just have to limit myself and purchase what I really love.

Vanessa Avatar

Viseart Bright Editorials Palette. I wear bright colors all the time, but maybe one of these days the bills won’t take all my money! Also, anything that I have to go through quickly each month, like eyebrow pencils, cleansers, and makeup removers, I hesitate to buy those high end because it adds up fast!

Jenny G Avatar

Latly all high end products are too expensive and the quality is not always there. If I pay US20 for a blush or US40 for an eyeshadow palette for exemple, I expect them to get at a rate A here on Temptalia….but the product that I’m eyeing is Hourglass ambient lighting for some glow and blur efect on my face but I just can’t….

Debbie Avatar

Natasha Denona palettes are what first come to mind since they are so out of my price range. I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on makeup that I cannot actually examine in person. Also the Chantecaille Mascara for $95.

Genevieve Avatar

I have always seriously wanted the Tom Ford Emerald Lust palette and on ebay it is over $200 Australian dollars plus $40 shipping or so…… way too expensive.
And I do love the recent Viseart palettes but they are also over $100 or so here + plus shipping.
Just reading the comments above about the Guerlain Meterorites has me thinking – maybe I should get them after all.

Nicole Avatar

I would love to try a Louboutin lipstick but I can’t bring myself to pay $90 for a lipstick. If I find out wearing it calls a crazy man in a blue box…maybe. 😀

Jillienne Avatar

Some of those beautiful Japanese brushes, but I’ve only gone after the sakura collection Beautylish offered last year. The collection was limited, but a bit more reasonably priced than some of those brushes sold singularly. I went back and forth a lot, but don’t regret it. I just can’t bring myself to get the others.

I’ve been reducing how much/often I buy cosmetics this year, and trying to be very intentional with everything I buy. Cutting back like that made me feel better about getting something like Tom Ford Nude Dip. I’ve been looking at the Tom Ford blushes online for awhile, but really want to swatch in person to make sure the colors I’m interested in won’t be too dark and will actually be something I would wear often. Otherwise I’ll continue to hold off getting something like that or other potential high end purchases.

Yen Avatar

YSL Touché Eclat! I’ve heard so much of it, about how amazing it is; but as a high school student, it costs heavenly for me.

BonnieJ Avatar

First of all, I LOVE all kinds of beauty products, but I refuse to spend foolishly on them. We are well off and enjoy what we have, but hubs and I are originally from working class backgrounds, and among the first in our families to earn bachelor and masters degrees. We are also the first entrepreneurs in our families. We like lasting investments that give us continuing pleasure. Beauty products are a necessity in my life, but they are also consumables, so I purchase carefully, using what works, and finding ways to save money whenever I can. Let me explain.

Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream is the best for my face, and I buy it, but… only at the CCO at the outlet center when we go to the beach, on Ebay, or during Bobbi’s and Sephora’s F&F sales. I just think $46 is highway robbery and ridiculous for an BB cream! Same thing with Bobbi’s Bronze and Rose shimmer bricks, so I buy them in the same way. Love Chanel lipsticks, but mostly purchase them on Ebay.

Had a sample of Revive’s eye cream and LOVED it, but over $140 is nuts to pay for it. I found AHAVA’s eye cream at $58 did just as well, and the AHAVA website often has BOGO and 40 percent off sales. Their hand cream is the best too. I slather it on with at night and then put on cotton gloves. Also seems to strengthen my nails.

I would like to try Guerlain’s Meteorites and Creme de la Mer, but the prices are just insane. I give MAC a lot of credit for moderate pricing and rare price hikes. Love Viva Glam IV lipstick, my favorite and most flattering shade of lipstick.

I would rather invest my money in things like our beach condo, which we purchased three years ago and goes up in value and rentals every year and gives us (and friends and family) extreme pleasure (it’s on the Gulf of Mexico on a beautiful beach with incredible sunsets). My black Chanel bag (Le Petite Shopper in black caviar) was a Christmas present in 2009 from my husband after his business’ biggest year at the time. I carry it on special occasions or when I just need a boost in mood. I get more pleasure and personal confidence from carrying it than I do from anything else in my closet.

Trippytink Avatar

I would have to say the one product ID love to own but won’t spend the money on is the 150 dollar rose petal blush by Les Merveilleuses DE Laduree. While it’s beautiful and nicely packaged for a makeup vanity I don’t see what justifies it being 150 dollars.

Naomi Avatar

so many things I lust after but refuse to spend the money on! Chanel lipsticks and compacts and the velvet foundation, tom ford lipsticks and eyeshadow quads, Dior eyeshadows, Lancôme foundation, anything charlotte tilbury or Marc Jacobs. Also have been lusting after a Classic Chanel handbag for a few years now but now that I’m only 18 and have to be completely independent pretty much any makeup purchase is out of the question!

Mo Merrell Avatar

I will not pay over $36 for a lipstick of any kind and I buy my Dior $50 foundation only with a Sephora discount card. Knowing how much it costs to product these kinds of products, I can never spend more than $50 on any item. The shadow palettes I buy with gift cards from others or again on sales.

Jenn Avatar

The Christian Louboutin lipstick. There is no way in the world I am spending $90 for a lippie. Sorry I don’t care how pretty the packaging is or what name is on it. They are nuts for that.

Ashley Avatar

I would say Artis brushes and La Mer skin care. I love a good makeup brush, and I’m dying to try the oval 7 since everyone is raving about it, but the brand it just to expensive for me. Also, La Mer has always been on the wish list, but I can’t rationalize the price for that either

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