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It is a regular part. I use the Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum, which I consider more like a skin care product for me than just a primer. I don’t use it to extend wear, but to add moisture and help smooth out my skin.

Absolutely. I need my foundation to last from 8am to 7pm each day, and now Illamasqua’s satin primer makes my makeup last but also gives me the dewy finish I like.

I only use it when I wear regular foundation, which is for special occasions. My skins not too oily, nor too dry, so I don’t typically have issues with my foundation not lasting. I do have larger pores, so I’ll use a primer to “spackle” the areas where I have that issue.

Most days, I just opt for a TM (Garnier BB Cream & Aveeno are my current faves), and/or a mineral powder foundation, and occasionally a bit of concealer.

I think if primers had been more prevalent when I was younger, I likely would have used them, as my skin was somewhat on the oilier side.

Mostly I use primer when a) I remember and b) I need makeup to last and look good for a long time. The combination of these two things doesn’t happen often. I use Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, mostly.

I do use it every day, unless I forget to use it. I tend to be more oily and when I work 8 hours straight I like my face to stay put. I use Smashbox photofinish primer or monistat chaffing gel =)

Face primer is part of my regular routine, and I use Too Faced Primed and Poreless with the bronze tint. I’m naturally getting more pale as overcast weather sets in and I stay inside more, so the bronze primer allows me to keep using my summer foundation. I have a clear Palladio primer to use when I have to start using my winter foundation.

It depends if it’s my daytime or nighttime routine.

During the day, my antioxidant serum and sunscreen are already two additional layers with which my very oily skin has to manage; although the water- and transfer-resistant capacities of sunscreen does keep shine from coming through. So no during the day.

However, I find that using a primer (keep in mind that for most people any moisturizer/serum-type product can be a primer) in my nighttime routine helps extend the longevity and overall look of the rest of the face makeup (in place of my sunscreen).

Anything that’s very oil-controlling works fine. Some good products include the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Smashbox Anti-Shine, or the OC Eight Mattifying Gel. The Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper is also decent.

I’m planning to order Smashbox Anti-Shine next month. It’s my birthday month so I decided that I’d order it in November and get the “birthday gift” too. I use Smashbox Light and while I like it, I still could use more oil control in my t-zone than it offers.

I hope you like it! I’m just a little disappointed that it’s only available from Smashbox.com. For some reason, this product was pulled from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom. 🙁

I actually ran out of primer recently and started wearing foundation without it for a while to see what happened – pores, pores everywhere!! I definitely need one and use one every day.

Oh no, I’m HORRIBLE like that! I used face primer for the first time during my trip to Taipei this summer, as the heat and humidity were hard on my BB cream. It helped for sure, but once back in a less challenging climate I promptly forgot all about it! I’m fine most of the time though, or at least so I think 🙂

Ever since I read the raving reviews of Korres’ on Temptalia, it has become part of my routine whenever I’m wearing foundation. It works such wonders on my dehydrated skin that I can’t imagine going without primer ever again.

Face primer isn´t part of my daily routine, I only use it when my skin needs to look perfect throughout the day without the foundation wearing off or something. I have a sample size of the Smashbox Photoready Primer which is quite good and a MAC one (can´t recall the name) that I don´t really use.

Not at all ! Today I am wearing Chanel Tumulte and Dior lipstick Diorling without any primer. Long-lasting and easy to wear. Sometimes I do wear a primer on the lips or eyelids but my makeup is often simple, just a high end blush on the cheeks and a pretty lipstick. You were right Christine The Grand Bal lipsticks are gorgeous, luxurious texture and beautiful pigments ( I took 3 : Marilyn, Diva and Diorling I love them !)

Yes it is, if I’m wearing foundation (as opposed to BB cream or tinted foundation). Actually, now and again, I’ll wear primer (Lise Watier’s, Clarins or Hourglass) without any foundation because it does give a really nice look to my skin and the Hourglass one has SPF.

Oops – I meant “tinted moisturizer”. It was too early in the morning when I typed my message – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Everyday underneath my powder foundation. Revlon’s PhotoReady Perfecting Primer is amazing! Much lighter in texture than many high-end brands but still super rich and has the nicest velvety matte finish.

I use it everyday during the week! As I’m gone from 8-10 hours a day at work, I need a little more than moisturizer to keep my makeup in place and fresh-looking while controlling my oily t-zone. Most days, I use moisturizer all over my face and then Cover FX Clearprep Matte Primer on my t-zone. It also helps control breakouts so that’s a huge plus for me!

On my days off, sometimes I’ll just wear moisturizer or sometimes just Philosophy’s The Present Clean Makeup just to even out my skin.

I always use either a primer with spf or a sunscreen that doubles as a primer. I feel more protected from the sun and it just feels better that there’s something between my skin and my foundation. I alternately use that of Clinique, The Face Shop and Biore.

Occasionally. I tend to use facial serums that could also serve as a smoothing primer (Like The Vitamin C one from The Body Shop, or most serums from Paula’s Choice)

I like to use primer because my skin is just not “feelin” it in the morning. Prepping my skin is also another way I wake up. I like to use Korres face primer or Smashbox photo finish Hydrating primer. I work all day in an office and don’t really get much chance for a touch up so the primer does it’s job.

Yes, everyday. I have been using MAC primers for alongtime and sometimes smashbox photo finish ans Laroche Posey.

I don’t use it daily. I use it if I want the make up to last extra long, or if I want it to have a more even finish.

I used to use a primer every day, but now I find with a really good foundation, I do not need it unless it is super hot and humid. I have combination skin so breakthrough oil is not an issue. In fall/winter my skin goes to dry and foundation sticks on me forever!

I’ve tried it, but I don’t use it regularly. Normally I don’t plan enough time to put on make up in the morning before work and so I stick to spf moisturizer, concealer, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara.

Heck YES! Any time I apply face make-up I always use primer. Currently I am using 2 from Hard Candy. For drug store, they work pretty good. I will not be buying them again though.

You betcha! I have oily skin and makeup just seems to rub off after a few hours so I need all the staying power I can get!

I always use a primer, even if I’m just using concealer. I find that the makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer when I do. My favorites are Revlon’s Photoready Primers and MUFE HD Primer in Original. I just bought UDs Primes Perfecting primer, so I’m excited to try that! I like my primers to have a matte finish.

Yes! I use the Korres Vitamin E Face Primer, because it keeps my skin from feeling dry and tight underneath my foundation. My skin has been extra dry lately, so it’s one more way to add moisture. It really helps! Plus, it keeps concealer from looking cakey.

I have to use a primer every day 🙁 I have really red cheeks so I use the red solutions primer from Clinique. Works really good on me and it has SPF 15

It has become a more regular part of my routine since I started using a beauty balm (Marcelle- Canadian brand) and since I started working at an office that seems to eat makeup. For special occasions, I use Armani’s Fluid Master primer, which is make my skin look absolutely perfect.

I need a primer because my skin is very oily and makeup just doesn’t last! I currently use the Sephora brand oil control primer, which I believe is supposed to be like UD’s “De-slick in a Tube.” The primer with UD’s De-Slick spray is the only way I’ve found to keep my makeup on. Sadly the Sephora primer has been discontinued and once I get through my backups that’s it! 🙁

My favorite Sephora Primer (Perfection Primer) got discontinued last year too and I’m sparingly using it 🙁 I actually think it’s better than some of my other primers and I’ve been trying out a lot of different ones!

Yes – I have to use one in summer or my foundation melts or comes off easily. Right now Stila’s One Step Correct Primer fits the bill (combo skin: dry, but oily t-zone). But since it’s winter, my makeup hasn’t budged so I’ll try to go without primer for a day and see what happens (I like to do the same makeup routine every single day, but change only one element, if I’m trying a new product, so as to act as a control).

I wear the Hourglass Mineral Veil, otherwise my dry skin soaks up the moisture from the foundation and I look splotchy. This happens within two hours. So, I always put on a primer if I am going to put on makeup.

Every time I wear makeup, yes. Sometimes even when Im not wearing any I still use primer. It gives me more of a finished look or at least I feel like it does. I use The Present by Philosophy btw.

Yes, primer or a mattifying product is always part of my routine, ever if I don’t wear makeup, because I have a severely oily t-zone.

I have yet to find a primer that doesn’t make me break out, either in pimples or little irritated reaction bumps. Anyone have any suggestions?

I use primer most of the time. Otherwise my makeup disappears. I don’t use it with Smashbox BB cream, but now that my skin has “faded” I’m not using it anymore. My skin is between shades (Light is too Light and Light Medium is too dark). So now, I’m back to foundation, which requires primer. I use Smashbox Light primer. It is very light, oil free, and doesn’t break me out at all. I still get some oil, but not as bad as without primer. I’m going to try their mattifying gel too, I think, to see what I like better.

I used to think i needed one, and i tried alot of them (even Milk of Magnesia), but i havent used one in a year and i get a longer lasting finish than when i used to use it. I just think you need a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type, and i wait for it to settle before applying foundation. i buff the foundation into the skin, rather than just applying it lightly. Also pressing powder onto the foundation and then buffing with a powder brush really helps!

Face Primer a must for me because I have combination skin and otherwise my makeup would melt off. I love both Loreal magic perfecting base and Benefit’s Porefessional!

I only use it with foundations I know will not last long. I have really oily skin and I’ve noticed the primers I use make a huge difference in the staying power.

yes, I always use BareMinerals original Prime Time for face. I love the way it preps my skin for the foundation.

Not too often. I have tried several but none have really met my needs. I have an odd situation with my skin where at times it can be very dry AND then turn into an oil slick. Primers that claim to be oil controlling actually make me oily quicker. Mattifying products seem to do the same…and some make me break out (not sure what specific ingredient is the culprit though). My makeup seems to last better without it…and if I need a longer lasting foundation then the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h does an amazing job at staying put even if I start getting oily.

I’ve tried several primers and just don’t like them. Perhaps because I use powder foundations. A good moisturizer under my foundation works best for me.

I use mineral foundation, so yes. I didn’t bother with primer when I was using liquid foundation.

I am running low and considering buying that Monistat anti-chafing cream instead. They’re supposed to be basically the same thing, and from the feel of my primer, I can believe it.

Yup, I’ve been trying diff face primers to see which ones I like best.

I like the smooth feel of my face after primer application. A good, even base.

I think they help with my oil control too.

I must use primer because I’ve got combo skin! My former favorite one was Sephora’s Perfection Primer, but it was discontinued last year and I use it very sparingly since my tube is almost finished.

My other current favorites right now are MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin, Hourglass Mineral Veil and Fyrinnae’s Primer.

Only when I have to wear foundation for special occasion or when I’m pissed off at the hubby. He doesn’t like it when I wear makeup. I’m one of those plain and unnoticeable girls without makeup. Otherwise, I just wear bb cream or tinted moisturizer. I like using Boots no. 7 beauty serum or clinique’s moisture surge for daytime moisturizer. The primer I have is from Estée Lauder double wear line. I got that when I bought the double wear light. Someone told me to make sure the products on your face match with each other. For example, if your moisturizer is water based, make sure your primer and foundation is also. It makes them last longer. Like oil and water don’t mix! Ah, should have paid attention in chemistry class.

I’ve hated silicone based primers from the first time I tried them. Even with my oily skin they make me flakey, make me break out & do nothing to make my makeup apply better or last longer.

After an extensive hunt, I found one non-silicone primer that actually keeps oil production down to a minimum & makes my makeup last well over 12 hours. It’s made by Nurturing Force & is called Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control Cream. Spectacular stuff, aloe vera based, works with all types of makeup. It can even be patted on over makeup later in the day or worn without makeup to take the shine off skin all day on no-makeup days. It also doubles as a great eye primer for those with super oily lids. It keeps Eyeshadows from creasing & liner from smudging, migrating or fading for as long as you’ve got your makeup on. And it never makes me break out.

The only problem is that very few places sell it. I had to get mine from Paints & Powders online store after trying to hunt it down for well over a month after I had heard about the product. It was recommended to me by a professional makeup artist who uses it himself for situations where he’s doing makeup for concert performers & other professional entertainers who are under hot lights for extended periods of time & who are really active on stage. I was skeptical, but once I tried it I was completely sold on it. I can’t go without using it now. It really does work phenomenally. Best primer ever, and the only one I’ve found that does what the company claims. Most other primers are the same mix of cheap, crappy silicones with a different label from another overpriced brand & outrageous price tag slapped on them. This stuff is only about $25 & lasts a very long time.

I use face primer anytime I wear foundation. On the days I don’t wear a full face of makeup, I put just a little primer on my cheeks and cover it with some blush (so that it will last throughout the day), just to give my face some color.

Face primer is wonderful. You will find its effect when you want to conceal an uneven skin tone and prepare the skin for the application of foundation and further makeup.

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