Introducing NARS + Temptalia Foundation Matrix! Find Your Shade Match for NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation

NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation

We’re so excited to unveil the NARS + Temptalia Foundation Matrix to make finding your shade of NARS’ newest Radiant Cream Compact Foundation that much easier. With the power of our Foundation Matrix–which has over 10,000 shades now included–and photos and swatches of the Radiant Cream Compact Foundation and its full twenty-shade range, we know there’s a match for you! Β Simply let us know what your current foundation and shade is (any brand!) and out pops your results–like magic! Β If you don’t have a foundation to match to, you can view swatches of the full range arranged from lightest to darkest, complete with descriptions, to help you decide.

NARS’ newest foundation is described as a “lightweight formula combines the supple feel of a cream foundation with the weightless coverage of liquid makeup for a truly glowing complexion.” It is “[e]nriched with the NARS exclusive Advanced Emulsion Technology, the velvety cream formula blends seamlessly and uniquely allows for the modern artistic versatility of a wet or dry application.” It’s a buildable, medium to full coverage foundation that comes in a portable compact.

Check out the NARS + Temptalia Foundation Matrix and share your shade in the comments! I’m Santa Fe πŸ™‚

Full Shade Range

  • Siberia Light with neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones
  • Mont Blanc Light with pink undertone
  • Gobi Light with yellow undertone for Asian skin
  • Deauville Light with neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones
  • Fiji Light with yellow undertone
  • Ceylan Light-medium with yellow undertone
  • Punjab Medium with golden, peachy undertone
  • Vallauris Medium with pink undertone
  • Santa Fe Medium with peachy undertone
  • Stromboli Medium with olive undertone
  • Barcelona Deeper medium with golden, peachy undertone
  • Syracuse Medium-dark with brown undertone
  • Tahoe Medium-dark with caramel undertone
  • Cadiz Medium-dark with caramel and red undertone
  • Macao Medium-dark with deep yellow undertone
  • New Guinea Dark with red undertone
  • Trinidad Dark with warm, yellow undertone
  • New Orleans Dark with yellow undertone
  • Benares Dark with golden undertone
  • Khartoum Dark with espresso undertone
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Should be Mont Blanc, but I’d want to swatch in person, it’s not quite as cool seeming in the photo as I’d expect it to be (I’m 110 in MUFE)

Knowing both 110 and Mont Blanc, 110 is really pink and Mont Blanc is not as pink – definitely cool-toned, but 110 almost looks pink when I swatch it.

Sorry Christine, how do I find out my shade again? I tried going into the Foundation Matrix but it didn’t have this foundation on the list of results. Also I can’t find the swatches of this foundation. Am I missing something?

This looks interesting. I’ve never tried a compact foundation. I would pick Siberia but what is the difference between Siberia and Deauville?

Interesting! I was matched to “Syracuse” when I input my Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Makeup in 34 and to “Barcelona” (among others, but I think this was the best match) when I input my MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC37. I have to say, I think Barcelona is the winner!

Yayy!! It’s actually really quite incredible how fluid foundation is – I literally had four shades swatched on my face, and because most foundation isn’t worn 100% opaque, it’s easy to blend to a point, but when you start seeing them against each other, you can really see which is best for you. I usually wore Punjab, but Santa Fe is a better match for my undertones!

I always found I had to mix Celyan and Gobi to get a perfect match in sheer glow. I wonder if the colors read any differently in this formula.

I normally used Punjab, but after having all the shades out, Santa Fe turned out to be the better balance for undertones for me.

Phenomenal idea! I get a match to either Gobi or Mont Blanc. MB is my usual Nars shade, but I’m pretty sure my skin is neutral enough that either would work. (Once my “tan” has faded, I suspect I’ll be back to Siberia)

There was something rather funny about you saying once the tan faded, you’d be back to Siberia… LOL. Summer’s over, back to winter (which I associate tan/snow)!

Siberia is definitely as light as it gets in the NARS range! Based on feedback on Sheer Glow/Sheer Matte, Siberia gets ticked often as fairest (lighter than the average brand’s “lightest” shade).

NARS foundations are also very forgiving. I’m a bit darker than Siberia, and lighter than Deauville in both Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte, but I can wear both equally well.

I wear Siberia, too; I have never found anything like it in the more widely available brands, and it’s definitely lighter than the average lightest (Paul & Joe has the only other close match I have found, intensity-wise, to Siberia). So many of the lightest shades are pink based! In your opinion, do the shades seem fairly consistent with the other formulations (Sheer Glow, etc.)? Siberia looks really dark here, but I’m not sure if it’s my monitor or if it is a bit darker. Thanks, Christine!

It definitely seems ultra pale – basically lighter than standard, which tends to be MAC NC15/NW15.

I think they’re consistent across the formulas! Stay tuned for full swatches of the entire NARS range πŸ™‚

I guess I would be between Stromboli and Barcelona (as in winterish and summerish foundations), actually really digging the Barcelona naming as it gets me back to where I come from πŸ™‚

Are you planning on showing photos of it on your face? I’d love to see the coverage and finish on a real person!

btw, the amount of work you put into this site blows my mind. you’re so detail oriented. thank you for being so dedicated!!

I’m probably Mont Blanc or Deauville but to be honest, with all their colours, I wasn’t able to find a good match in the Nars liquid foundation so don’t know if I’ll do much better with this one.

Okay, I just tried the Matrix and it recommends Mont Blanc but neither of my favourite foundation brands are listed (Guerlain and Clarins) and even in MAC, I had to resort to “Matchmaster” shades (it’s not one I like all that well) because there is NO LISTING, so far as I was able to see, for NW20 in Pro Longwear. Is that an oversight, Christine, or am I not seeing it (entirely possible) OR is there no good match for NW20 Pro Longwear (which might explain why I can’t get a great match in Nars!)

Did you type in “Guerlain” or “Clarins”? Only the top 10 or so brands are linked directly on there, but you can search for any other brand through the text box!

In the empty text field, type “Guerlain” and then select “Guerlain” as it pops up, then these foundations show up:
Les Voilettes Mineral
Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion SPF 20
Parure Aqua SPF 20
Parure Compact with Crystal Pearls SPF 20
Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear
Parure Gold Compact
Parure Gold Fluid
Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow
Terracotta Teint d’Ailleurs

for Clarins, these show up:

Ever Matte SPF 15
Everlast Compact
Everlasting SPF 15
Extra Firming SPF 15
HydraQuench SPF 6
Instant Smooth
Skin Illusion Natural Radiance SPF 10
Super Restorative
Super Restorative Tinted Cream SPF 20
UV Plus HP Daily Shield SPF 40
UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tint SPF 40

Pro Longwear not having NW20 is oversight (my apologies – I have no idea what happened there!), and it is now added.

Thanks, Christine. I’ll check out the Pro Longwear match (though I’m guessing it will be Mont Blanc also). I didn’t realize there were other brands so I’ll check those out also!

Not sure which shade I would be. Nars has once matched me to both Mont Blanc and Santa Fe in sheer glow, in the same week. I did not tan in between the days that week. If I choose my Laura Mercier shade in the foundation matrix then I am Deauville.

I entered my Armani shade and it says I am Deauville so that is probably right because the Armani shade is the best fit I own in foundations.

Based on the matrix, it should be Gobi or Fiji for me! I’m actually quite excited to try that in store. Can you already tell us if you like the foundation, Christine?

(also: I don’t see any links in your post. I clicked on the one you posted in the comments)

It’s the pink text – if you put your mouse over it, it will underline (same as all of our links within posts) πŸ™‚ Basically, in the post above, wherever it says “NARS + Temptalia Foundation Matrix” in pink, those are links! πŸ™‚

I don’t see any pink text, Christine, nor do I spot any Nars + Temptalia text! I’m copy/pasting what I read: “We’re so excited to unveil the to make finding your shade of NARS’ newest Radiant Cream Compact Foundation that much easier. ” (the rest of the post goes like this, where I’m assuming a “Nars+Temptalia Foundation Matrix” should stand) I’m on Firefox if that helps, and I believe I’m using their newest version.

That is SO weird. I’m in Firefox and it is fine, but this is what it should say:

“We’re so excited to unveil the NARS + Temptalia Foundation Matrix to make finding your shade of NARS’ newest Radiant Cream Compact Foundation that much easier. ”

And then a little bit below…

“Check out the NARS + Temptalia Foundation Matrix (click here!) and share your shade in the comments! I’m Santa Fe :)”

ALL NARS foundations are WAY WAY WAY too yellow toned for me, and make me look jaundiced (like I’m seriously ill and close to dying!) The only shade with enough pink is Mont Blanc, but it is about 3 shades too light. Same with their concealer. IMPOSSIBLE to find a match. It’s so annoying.

It is so helpful, thank you!
By the way, it is just me or anyone thinks “Ceylan” shade looks lighter than “Fiji”, although it was listed more darker?

I thought precisely the same thing and my eye picked Ceylan as a possible match for me, but not definitely not Fiji (too yellow). I’m Deauville, but seriously think Ceylan would be the next best–or possible summer colour–for me.

My favorite foundation is already Nars Sheer Glow, so this wasn’t hard for me to do πŸ˜‰

The one thing I will say about Nars foundations- I assume these shades match their other shades in the Sheer range exactly (since they have the same range)- they don’t really do a true pink-toned foundation. Even my shade (Deauville), which is called “light with a mixture of yellow and pink undertones,” still leans strongly toward yellow more than pink. It’s okay for me, since I don’t have much pink in my skin, but someone with true pink undertones would have trouble with NARS, I think.

Other than that, Sheer Glow really is my favorite…I definitely want to try this!

very cool feature, christine! πŸ™‚ looks like i’m closest to cadiz or macao, but if i guessed which i’d prefer based on the swatches, i’d say macao πŸ™‚

and i’m looking forward to your review (if you do one)! i know you don’t do a lot of foundation reviews, but i love learning about new base makeup, so i’m always excited to see a new foundation review from you! πŸ™‚

Awesome new feature! I got Mont Blanc after putting in the information for my Hourglass Immaculate foundation in Shell.

interesting! I am Finland in the Nars TM and got matched Siberia and Deauville. Not sure how the compact shades are directly comparable to the Sheer Glow, but there is no way I’d be Siberia in SG. In my opinion Siberia is closer to the new Terre Neuve shade (in the TM range).

Wow, it’s fantastic. Based on my entry -MAC Studio Sculpt-NC 30 , I am either Punjab or Santa Fe. I’ll be looking forward for your reviews Christine, I would love to try this foundation. Also, since you are also NC30 , does your foundation choice also gives the same results? Thanks

Yay! If you are more yellow-toned, I’d say Punjab. Santa Fe matches me better than Punjab, but NC30 is a little dark and yellow for me (I am like NC27, really – darker than NC25, lighter than NC30!).

I remember being matched with Mont Blanc in store, and after checking a few foundations (MAC Prolongwear NC15, Bobbi Brown Stick in 1, and Bourjois in Vanille Clair and Vanille) it seems I’m likely… well, anywhere between Mont Blanc and Fiji. I’d probably try Deauville next time tbh, seems like a nice balance in results.

Update. Was in sephora earlier today and decided to test this out. I seemed to be a closest match to Deauville. Go figure. My skin is weird. I bet Celyan would be good too though. Probably I should have tried that all over but swatching Deauville seemed better.

Anyway, I’ve only had it on a few hours now but so far I really like it – feels and looks great. Hopefully I keep liking it and don’t change my mind next week like usual! Weird that they’re selling the mirror compact separately, though. Seems like a bit of a rip off. I skipped it – I always have plenty of mirrors on me!

Keep us posted! They’re fairly forgiving – I could get away with four or five shades, really, as they’re all close enough that once you apply anything less than full coverage, it evens out!

Yeah, I can definitely get away with a few. Deauville and Ceylan are all but identical except for a slight shift in undertone. But once it wore I think the pink came out more, so I may go back for ceylan after all. I’ll let you know how it goes! It went on really nicely.

I’m Mont Blanc. I toyed in Urban Decay and MUFE in Mat Velvet and HD and Mont Blanc popped up for all the selections! Never tried NARS foundation before so I’m curious now. πŸ™‚ I really thought I would be Siberia. I want to check out Shiseidos new foundation and now this foundation over the weekend.

Thanks, this was neat!

Hahaha I have a problem, I’m between shades! I use Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 and NC20, I always mix them together. I’m the same in the Studio Moisture Tint, I mix Light and Medium. I put all of those separate shades and products in and noticed the matrix takes into account the undertones, nice touch! πŸ™‚ NC is borderline too warm for me, I’m close to neutral, so I think I’m Deauville, and maybe Ceylan or Fiji in summer!

A lot of NC is too yellow for me as well – I have slowly learned over the years that though I’m warm, not cool, I am not SUPER warm or very yellow-toned, so I have to be careful instantly gravitating towards something “warm” or “golden.”

I’ve got 3 shades to choose from: Trinidad, New Orleans, and Benares. All beautiful shades but the one that matches me the most is probably Trinidad. I’ll have to swatch it in person though to make sure.

I’m either Mont Blanc or Siberia depending on which product I match… I’d guess Mont Blanc, though I like the name of Siberia better haha.

Can you add Chanel Mat Lumiere #002 Porcelain? When I click on Find Your Match, then Enter Any Brand, and enter Chanel, the first choice is #14 Ivoire.

Hi G,

Could you tell me more about that shade? It doesn’t exist on Nordstrom/Chanel’s site (I think Mat Lumiere was discontinued?).

Given that I currently use Mac MSF in Medium Plus, I’m apparently Vallauris. However, my skin is olive (and my complexion tends to look sallow) and I think I should be either Ceylan, Punjab or Stromboli. Chanel VitalumiΓ¨re Aqua Compacts in both 20 and 30 beige are a good match for my skin depending on how tan I am at the moment. I need guidance, please Christine πŸ™‚

Hi Adriana!

Did you try putting in Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compacts in 20 and 30? For 20, when I put that in, the best matches was Deauville, and then for 30, Deauville or Stromboli. If you consider yourself more medium, then Stromboli, but if you feel more light-medium, then I would consider Deauville.

Using my Bobbi Brown, Illamasqua and MAC shades, I got Punjab, Santa Fe, or Barcelona. With my Estee Lauder shade, I got Punjab or Barcelona. I think Barcelona will be good for summer, Santa Fe for all year round and Punjab for the winter. I’m curious to try because I love the NARS creamy concealer but I haven’t tried any of their foundations. Can’t wait to see the review.

It’s weird, but I am NC 15 in Studio Sculpt and I was matched to either Gobi or Fiji and they seem darker than they should be… In my iPad, Siberia looks like it would match me better, but reading people’s comments it is a lot lighter than NC 15. I really wanted to get matched by someone who knows what they’re doing, because to be honest, I don’t even know how much of a match Studio Sculpt in NC 15 is for me. I have just started to wear makeup and I’m so lost, I don’t know what to look for and how to evaluate all of the colors, finishes, etc. I seem to look best in cool colors but everybody else says I should go for the warmer ones, and I kind of have up and wear whatever :/

Anyway, I think Gobi looks lighter than Fiji, but I’m afraid it would be too yellow.

You might consider Mont Blanc, which is similar to the lightness of NC15 but with slight pink tones – if you feel like maybe Gobi/Fiji would be too yellow (they would not show up as a match, because NC15 is considered yellow-toned). Next time you’re somewhere that lets you test foundations, try something cool-toned – see how you like it. I thought I should be warm, golden, yellow anything, but while I am warm-toned, I’m not very yellow-toned, so sometimes warm foundations are too yellow on me and neutral can be a better fit!

Holy cannoli, Christine… you’re FAST! XD
Thank you, I’m going to keep cool or neutral toned foundations in mind next time I’m buying a foundation. I know that when I tan, the yellow tones in my skin show a lot more, but i almost never tan so…
I’ll take the opportunity to thank you SO MUCH for because, like many people here, I read your reviews everyday and then reread them when I’m buying something. You are awesome, is awesome, the tech team is awesome, too, and I hope success reaches you at double the rate of your efforts. You deserve it. πŸ™‚

I actually wear NC30 in MAC’s Studio Fix Powder + Foundation (I believe it runs lighter than other MAC foundations) and Fiji in *all* NARS foundations match me really well.

Another side note, I had the SA at Sephora try Fiji and Ceylan on me. Ceylan was definitely lighter & a little more neutral. I’m not sure why Ceylan and Fiji arent’ switched around in the spectrum.

Oh, and the finish and the texture of this foundation are HEAVENLY. Unfortunately, I’m too oily for it, so it didn’t last very long on me. I’ll stick to Sheer Matte πŸ™‚

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