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The current beauty balm I’m using Dr. Jart+ water fuse & a swipe of a Chanel lip gloss or Nars gloss pencil.

Concealer under and around the eyes, mascara, and cream blush on the cheeks.  My 2-minute fix on the bus when I hit the ground running to work.  🙂

foundation. or tinted moisturizer and concealer. really miss my high school days when the answer would have been lip gloss and mascara, lol

A little under eye brightener, some concealer for any pigmented spots, and Benefit’s Dandelion blush/highlighter. Depending on how fast I was working I might throw in a little UD Primer potion in Sin.

Wet n’ Wild Brulee under my eyes as concealer, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon on my lips, and the browbone shade in the Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells trio on my lid if I had time.

What are your favourite brow products to fill in your brows? I have the same hair and skin tone as you and I find it really difficult to find a brow pencil that is dark enough and yet black just looks wrong! Please give me some suggestions!

This isn’t actually too far from my reality, LOL. I just throw on a TM with SPF, MF with SPF, tinted lipbalm, mascara, and a swipe of a something from a neutral palette (usually *random*). If I have an extra 30 seconds, I’ll fill in my brows. Two minutes is actually quite a bit of time; I *rarely* need more than 10 minutes for a “complete” look. I’ve gotten used this routine, as I’m not a morning person, and I have no major skin issues (anymore). That being said, on the rare occasion I dress up, I like to have a full hour (a serious luxury with a 5 year old). I worked at a bank for 3 years, where makeup was expected to be minimal, and I typically had only 30 minutes to shower, dress, and put on makeup, so I got used to doing it quickly.

I’m always running behind, so I’ve managed to be able to do my full face in around ten minutes or less.  If I had two, I’m positive I could manage to apply BB cream, a little face powder, and an UD 24/7 Shadow Stick.  (In a color like Sin, that makes a decent standalone on the eyes.)

Foundation and Blush.  Without blush, I tend to look kinda dead.  Also mascara if I have the time.

I wouldn’t! I’m perfectly fine going out with a naked face and I don’t personally enjoy tossing on simple and boring makeup — it’s a full face of color and glitter or nothing!
I suppose if I was forced to, I’d put on tinted moisturizer, black eyeliner, and black mascara.

concealer and mascara. and if i have a few seconds left, something on the cheeks, a blusher or a bronzer (depends on the season)

Mascara, or, failing that, eyeliner. It’s pretty rare that I wear ‘full’ makeup, but I look half dead without mascara. 

I would do my brows, as they definitely make a big change to my face and make me look more awake, and I would probably apply a little blush and some lip balm! 

Lol, I wouldn’t apply anything at all xD but if I had to pick something then use a lipstick as a lip and cheek stain.

I’d slap on some Shiseido SPF 55 sunscreen mixed with a tiny bit of tinted moisturizer or foundation, then fill in my brows. Brows are super important! A few days ago, I did a makeover/lesson on my friend who never wears makeup, and though she has decent brows, when I filled them in, she was over the moon about how different and better she looked. So let that be a lesson to  you everyone! 🙂  

Mascara, use a pink or coral lipstick for lips and cheeks and then quickly powder my t-zone.  Done!

I would curl my lashes, apply concealer under eyes, and then apply mascara. I think looking awake makes me feel better about my day. =D

OMG, two minutes??? The horror. DOn’t we all hate those days where the snooze button gets the best of you? Since I have acne scars and uneven skintone I’d use those precious two minutes to apply either of my two of precious MUFE Duo Mat or MAC Studio Fix powder, blush and mascara. Lipgloss as I run out the door!

Oohh this is a fun question!  I would do my eyebrows which I wouldn’t leave the house without doing (the meds I take have made them sparse), put on some tinted moisturizer and if I still had the time, a colourless lip balm.  I wouldn’t put on mascara.  Weirdly enough, I do not like my eyes with just mascara as I think it makes me look tired and my eyes look smaller.

Fill in my brows! That’s really the only thing I HAVE to do. If I have acne then I want to cover it up, but otherwise I’m just fine with my bare face!

conceal undereye circles, curl my lashes and apply mascara! I may not look good but at least I look awake!

2 coats of mascara & buff in (after moisturizer) either LG’s Balance & Brighten or BN’s Banana powder.  If I had an extra minute I’d go for blushes, brows & lipgloss.

I often only have two minutes (it’s hard getting up at 4… Somehow 4:30 is easier :S). So I will usually do foundation, cheek color and either just curl my lashes or, if I have an extra 30 seconds, curl and apply mascara. 

I am not going to lie! If I only had 2 minutes I guess I will be late! The least amount of make up that I wear is liquid eyeliner, mascara, fill in my brows, and some blush and chapstick. Thats it.

a cream eyeshadow, if i really wanted to wear something. but honestly, if i only have two minutes, i’d more likely just go without.

I often do have 2 minutes only! Sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, fill in brows, mascara.

I would just be fine with the naked 1 palette, I would do a nice simple look then instead of the primer potion in original i would use eden as my concealer. But only if i had naked 1 always wanted it but too pricey :'(

Im not even gonna lie thats probably how long I take to do my brows alone!!!! LOL!! But if I could I must fill in brows & concealer (under eyes & acne scarring) & a quick swirl of power to set.

1 minute= red lipstick, 2 minutes=red lipstick & sunscreen, 3 minutes=red lipstick, sunscreen and fill in my brows. What can I say, my priorities are skewed.

I’m always watching the clock when getting ready and I know it often takes about 2 minutes to get my mascara on.. my lashes are blonde so that’s what I’d go for.  And if I had some really good mascara that I didn’t need to fiddle with for 2 minutes, then I’d try for a little powder where I have redness and blush.

my make up only takes 2 mins. tinted moisturizer, bronzer, shimmery pink or brown shadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss. #NARS everyday

MAC of course~fill in quick brows Fling~ liner water line~ mascara~haute & nauty ~powder foundation if time~

Mascara and cream blusher.. Done right that blush turns into eyeshadow, cheek colour and lip tint! Mascara pressed into lash bed doubles as liner too!! Follow me @LondonBrushCo.. Global makeup artist for 22 years..

First grab large paper grocery bag, cut out two holes for eyes, then grab makeup bag, drive to destination and then skulk to nearest ladies room and apply whatever I can get away with timewise!

Sorry, should read ‘tear out eyes holes’…and if makeup cannot be done, I’ll be very late…or come down with the flu or something…

i agree with you Christine i use tinted moisturiser,of  i would also use some concealer and a touch of translucent powder on top  as a general day to day make up routine.

Fill in brows & apply under eye concealer or foundation instead, depending how much redness I had that day..

Moisturizer w/SPF, face primer & Fast foundation using my fingers. That’s all. I did that just today. Was running late to meet w/ someone.

All MAC- tinted moisturiser, mascara on lashes and lightly on brows, tinted lip conditioner on cheeks n lips 🙂

BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer and a lip balm or tendertone. It’s what I usually do before I go to work out (for the SPF :P, I walk 5 miles outside) or if I need to go and am rushed or lazy

l’oreal magic smooth souffle because it takes like no time and is my foundation, fill in my brows, lip balm, bronzer and concealer if I had time or had a pimple or something. Also maybe mascara.

I’m pretty fast when it comes to putting on my make-up; so I’d go for an “all-in-one” mascara (Guerlain’s Le 2 De Guerlain), tinted moisturizer (NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer) and tinted lip balm (Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector).

Concealer under my eyes, mascara and if I still had a few seconds to go then brow powder to fill in my eye brows.

Concealer the new Milani Shadow Eyez pencil (only have one, need to get more, LOVE it), and lipstick. 

bb cream, powder and mascara. my brows are pretty dark, so I don’t really need to fill them in.

I rarely take time with makeup on weekdays (I work in IT, so no one’s looking at my face anyway, plus I work in a windowless room with dim lighting. What’s the point?) so either I’d do nothing, or in two minutes I’d put on some mascara, a bit of blush, and either lip gloss or lipstick. 

Foundation, Bronzer and mascara- I’d bring my eyebrow pen to apply in the car- is that cheating?  🙂

Concealer for blemishes if needed, and always mascara, then either eyeliner or blush, maybe all three if I was quick about it!!!

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