MAC & Beth Ditto Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners

MAC & Beth Ditto: Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners

MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners ($22.00 for 0.03 oz.) is a brand new product type for the brand that launches specifically in this collection. There was originally five shades in the collection, but one was pulled out of production (no reason given). According to the very nondescript blurb online, it’s a dual-ended product with an eyeshadow on one end and a Greasepaint liner on the other end to create “the perfect smoky eye.” If you read through the color description that MAC gives, it’s easy to figure out which side is supposed to be the shadow and liner.

The four shades are: Beth Mask (reddish brown bronze liner / golden peach pink shadow), Beth or Glory (deep brown liner / bright blue shadow), Drag, Strip (smoky navy liner / pale blue shadow), and Little Miss Moffet (true black liner / true white shadow). Each dual-ended pencil has a side with a rounded tip, which is supposed to be the liner, and a slanted tip, which is supposed to be a shadow, based on the color descriptions.

This is not a positive review, and this was an incredibly frustrating product to test. What I experienced with this product made me go, “Either it is one of the worst products MAC has ever launched to-date OR I’m doing it wrong.” The concept of using a product in such a wrong way that it doesn’t work is something I find very, very suspect–most of us are not new to the makeup game, and a lot of products are similar to ones we’ve used in the past. This product is called “Shadow/Liner,” so naturally, one would expect to use it as an eyeshadow and an eyeliner. This means actually applying it to the eyelid and on the lash lines. The results were so terrible (more on that in a second) that I decided I would reach out to MAC to ask them more about this product: what was it supposed to do and if they had any tips on how to use them. I was informed these are long-wearing and water-resistant.

MAC Senior Artist, Keri Blair had these application tips:

The tapered end is the “liner” so it’s better for more detailing and defining (I don’t recommend it for the water line) however the slant tip makes it easy to apply to the eye lid or inner corner of the eye. Use it to pop the lid and with a flip of the wrist you can use the rounded side to smoke out the outer and inner corner of the eyes. The rounded side is great for smudging and “smoking” out the eye. You can blend with your finger or a brush but work quickly because this long wearing, water resistant formula dries fast! My best advice is to work one eye at a time to achieve a perfect Smokey smudgy look.

On occasion, I get to utilize a very interesting test: I ask long-time reader, guest writer, and makeup artist Dustin Hunter if he managed to find a way to make something work. If there is ANYONE who will find some use for a product, it’s him. Me, on the other hand, I’m less likely to bother finding really creative ways to make a truly awful product work–I don’t have the time, desire, or energy to do so. There are too many excellent products waiting to be discovered and reviewed! We had a rather long exchange on both Twitter and via e-mail on the difficulty in using and testing this new formula, because it just wasn’t working.

The formula, regardless of which end, is dry. It is extremely dry, which results in poor color payoff and painful application. When I first tried applying Beth Mask to my lid (using the peach side as a lid color), it was so incredibly painful–there was so much tugging, pulling, and drag. For all of that, there was hardly any product on my lid, and what little there was ended up uneven and sparsely applied. I used several different tools in attempt to get color to transfer onto my lids: fingers, brushes (231, 208, 212, 316), and straight from the tube. I had the “best” results straight from the tube.

Some shades were more difficult to work with, but they were all poor performers. I couldn’t use any of these as eyeshadows, and a few of them were better as eyeliners, but the wear wasn’t there. On the lid, I had creasing after five hours. As eyeliner, the ones I tried (Beth Mask, Beth or Glory, and Drag, Strip) were smudged after four hours. When I used them on the lid, blending was futile–because they start out so dry, it’s already immensely hard to blend them out, and they do dry further after being applied. Trying to apply them over a bare lid wasn’t working, so I tried applying over a primer (I used NARS’ Smudgeproof), and it was easier to apply, but it was only marginally better. The result really speaks for itself.

I didn’t expect them to be as bad as they were, because when I swatched them, I was able to build up the color on most of the shades, but I did have to go back and forth several times with firm pressure–and that firm pressure just doesn’t translate well to the eyelid. When MAC has outstanding formulas like Shadesticks, Greasepaint Sticks, etc., how this product can fall so short, I’ll forever be baffled by. I’m also rather disappointed to see there was a measly 0.03 oz. in the product (the average regular eyeliner is 0.04 oz.).

This may be one of the worst products I’ve seen from MAC or any brand. There are flops, and then there are products that make you wonder what kind of testing happened. You want to read those reports. I know Big Bounce was a flop, but at least there was a way to use them that wasn’t too far off from how one might use them anyway (as an eyeshadow base–you just couldn’t use them alone). I might as well write my to-do lists with these, because you won’t see me ever going through the pain of using one of these again.

MAC & Beth Ditto Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners Review, Photos, Swatches

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MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners

MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners

MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner Attempt #3

MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Beth or Glory Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner
MAC Little Miss Moffet Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

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Based on your reviews, the products from this collection are horrible coming from MAC.
I’ll be spending my money on the eye and lip products, and pass on this collection.

Once again I will thank you for your blunt honesty Christine. You are truly a service to beauty fans everywhere because we’ll never have to worry about you making excuses to like things to stay on MAC’s good side!

@gilded_lady Now I’m kind of curious to see what some other blogger are saying about these. Christine is *defininitely* my go-to for swatches & honest reviews, but there are a few out there who will say *anything* because (a) they get free product & (b) it’s what their followers want to hear/read.

 @xamyx  @gilded_lady Or there are those that just honestly never really seem to dislike anything which makes it that much harder to trust their judgement when they say something is good!

Sigh, considering that Beth Ditto said that this was one of her favorite products in the collection I can’t help but think that she didn’t actually use them if they’re that painful to apply. Disappointing.

These look awful! I’ve seen really cheap make-up work better than this. You can get $1 liner that works better from the drug store. What was MAC thinking?

Same, I love Beth so I was hoping for some good quality. I’m glad at least the lipcreams aren’t total fail, cause those are what I had my eye on the most, but it’s just so, so sad that MAC would attach a celebrity’s name to something and then put this quality out. I don’t know if Beth tested these or only conceived them, but if she didn’t test them and put her trust in MAC to make a good product, it’s sad how terribly MAC has betrayed that trust and put out something this bad.

I wish Mac would’ve just released these colors as eyeshadows/liners separately instead of doing this dual-stick product, I really liked Beth Mask and Beth or Glory  color combos, shame the product is so terrible. Thanks for you honest review as always, Christine!!

I am so glad I waited to read the reviews of this product before ordering from the new collections! It’s strange that these should perform so poorly given that MAC already has the formula of Shadesticks and Greasepaints figured out. I don’t understand the problem!

Hey Christine!
I was just going through my make-up drawer yesterday for some products I never use. Found the Mac Shadestic in Nurture (l/e I think) and then was expecting your review on the Beth Ditto ones to find a way to work with mine. You describe the same application-problems with the shadow/liner that I have with my shadestick. But if you don’t know a way to deal with it and also Dustin doesn’t see an alternative way of using these – I guess we are lost with these products! That’s so disappointing! I could try to use mine as some kind of highlight product (it’s a champagne-nude shimmery colour) – but to be honest: It’s too glittery for my cheeks. And: It’s supposed to be worn on the lids!

It sounds like yours dried out over time–I’ve had much better luck with Shadesticks, though I haven’t used them extensively in the past few years. The only thing I could suggest would be to try heating up the end a little to see if it would revive.  But these types of products are more prone to drying out over time (and my goodness, I can’t imagine these in a year!). 🙁

 @Christine (Temptalia) Yeah, you’re right, it must have dried out! But I remember that it never was too creamy when I just had purchased it, otherwise I would have used it more often.

@Julia @Christine (Temptalia) Julia-I have the exact one, and I run it over the back of my hand a few times, and that seems to do the trick. HTH

I’m not Christine, but I think I know what’s wrong! Nurture came out quite a long time ago, so yours has probably just dried up over the years 🙁 Shadesticks don’t last nearly as long as other cream products (like Paint Pots, for example). You could try heating it up a bit with a lighter or a hair dryer, just to get the texture to soften a bit to where you can blend it, but other than that I think time has pretty much been the enemy here. Overall I think Shadesticks are convenient and they work well, but they’ve definitely got a significantly shorter shelf life than other cream eyeshadows 🙁

I have a shadestick in “Heirloom” that has NEVER worked for me.  It swatched so beautifully in the store that I thought maybe I just got a bad one.  It seriously hurt me to try to use it, and turned out patchy just like these.  I’ve been thinking of depotting it and trying to use it that way, but now I’m thinking I’ll just toss it. 

A. How can MAC even consider releasing such a poor product? It’s just completely unprofessional. I’m genuinely starting to wonder if they even care about business anymore because I know an overwhelming amount of people (makeup artists and casual consumers alike) who have completely given up on the brand after watching them go so far downhill over the last couple of years. Their business practices are terrible.
B. Why, why, why would *anybody* be okay with putting their name on these? Yeah, publicity is great, but how hard-up do you have to be to endorse products that are so blatantly atrocious?! Please, future MAC collaborators, at least test the products before you sign your name to them.
I honestly think I’ll have to make it a point to lament about how terrible MAC products have been lately during my next trip. Granted I’m nobody and my opinion most likely won’t matter, but they *really* need as much awareness about these issues as possible. I don’t see any other brands having the amount of problems that MAC has been having. ((And how do they justify increasing their prices $1-2 every year when product quality is going so far downhill?))

 @Christine (Temptalia) Haha I’ve mentioned bad quality products to former MAC employees that I’ve run into. Both said that if a certain product from a launch was particularly bad, they would just avoid showing/suggesting it to customers, but would never advise them *against* buying it. But I don’t think they’d ever really had a situation where an entire line was bad, so I am really curious now.
Maybe I’ll put it to the test next week…just go in and see what the girls have to say about it 🙂

@Makaegan @Christine (Temptalia) The fact that some people on this review voted “Loving It” *proves* (to me, at least), that there are consumers out there who will buy *anything* as long as it says MAC. Not *only* are these substandard in quality, absolutely nothing about them is unique; I personally find them to not be worth even looking at while passing a MAC counter. I may not be a fan of MAC, but I do occasionally stop by when I walk through Macy’s, and the majority of the SAs there would try to sell a box of crayons if they could (there is one I absolutely adore, though). I’ve actually witnessed them trying to disuade returns by telling the consumer they’re basically not using the product “correctly”, and proceeding to give a demo. Usually, the consumer is so under the MAC spell, they walk away *with* the product they wanted to return. I am totally one to do my best to make something work, somehow, if the color (or something about it) is unique, but these are just so bad.

They do notttt care about their product anymore. It’s been going downhill and becoming more and more obvious since the ownership switch 5+ years ago and now they officially only care about celebrity endorsements and INSANE profit margins. Their product is shit and most drugstore brands that have been stepping up their game recently have surpassed Mac in quality, without question.

 @xbrookecorex I can (somewhat) understand when a shade or two doesn’t perform as well as it should–like say one eyeshadow of ten–but not when a new product type does, because it should go through extensive testing!

To B: I don’t know how far Celebrities get involved in the process of a new collection. Maybe they just get to choose the colours? Do they have an influence on the consistency of a product? Ok, you wouldn’t do such a collaboration if you have no interest in make-up. But honestly, I just cannot imagine Ricky Martin trying several lip balms to pick the one he likes most. I guess it works another way.

Either way though, the sad thing is with a brand like MAC you’d think celebs would be able to trust someone with their rep to put out a quality product–but I guess this proves you can’t.

And even so, you’d think that when someone puts their reputation on the line, they’d at least make an educated decision about it. I can’t imagine ever just signing my name to a product that I didn’t have ample influence in creating, whether it’s for NYX or MAC or Tom Ford. Because when a brand comes out with a terrible, terrible collection like this, we can’t really point our fingers at one person in the corporation who is responsible for it. But in cases like this, when a celebrity puts their name on that product, their personal reputation takes a hit and they lose credibility for endorsing poor quality. And of course there are those of us who have seen the decline of MAC in recent history, so we know to blame the company and not just the collection, but I do put some of the fault on the celebrity who signs their name to a terrible product. And it honestly might be *worse* in my opinion if she just blindly signed off on it without having a say in the creation of products. It’s very poor judgment.
Okay, I’m rambling! 😀 Sorry, I just wish people (and companies) had more sense. It makes me sad   :’-(

LOL I’m imagining Ricky Martin pursing his lips in a 360 mirror in search of the perfect pout…  Thank you so much for the mental picture 😀

Oh I have no idea what role the celebrities actually play in things, although I suspect its just a photoshoot and a signing of a paycheck haha I was just trying to say that Mac seems to think as long as they can slap some celebrities on collections, people won’t care about the quality of the products. Sorry Mac, consumers are a LOT more informed nowadays and that 1950’s marketing doesn’t work so much anymore. Buying Budweiser beer isn’t going to put you on a yacht surrounded by supermodels like the guy in the commercial, if you get what I’m saying!

Hey Christine!
I was just going through my make-up drawer yesterday for some products I never use. Found the Mac Shadestic in Nurture (l/e I think) and then was expecting your review on the Beth Ditto ones to find a way to work with mine. You describe the same application-problems with the shadow/liner that I have with my shadestick. But if you don’t know a way to deal with it and also Dustin doesn’t see an alternative way of using these – I guess we are lost with these products! That’s so disappointing! I could try to use mine as some kind of highlight product (it’s a champagne-nude shimmery colour) – but to be honest: It’s too glittery for my cheeks. And: It’s supposed to be worn on the lids!

Between the crappy new releases and that they’re now doing animal testing I would hope that the MAC die-hards realize there are so many other much more awesome brands out there!

Thanks for the honest opinion and hard work as usual! I don’t know how u manage to maintain such an informative blog, test all these products, and do everyday life but u do and I appreciate it! =)

I have yet to find one of these types of productsthat works. I just returned one of the new ones Revlon just released, because it was just terrible, dry and impossible to get the color to show. I was really hoping MAC’s would be good because Beth Mask is extremely similar in color to the Revlon one I returned so I thought about giving it a shot, guess not. LOL

I too would like to thank you for spending so much time trying on and testing products and giving us your honest opinion about them. Before every MAC product launch, I read your reviews to determine whether to buy or not. In fact, I rely on your blogs everyday and enjoy your sense of humor and honesty in everyone of them. : )

wow, i’m shocked O_O not something i expect from mac or something i’d expect for $22 in general. i’ve never seen a product under perform so much in a simple swatch. did they test them?

Good God, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flat out 0 from you in the Product Category! And the look of the Beth Mask on the 3rd (*third*!) attempt…. yikes. It almost hurts to look at your eyelid. You know how normally verbose I can be but your review left me speechless. Almost NOTHING makes me speechless!

it kind of make me want to boycott mac… it just sad! ill probably pick up my concealer when it runs out or something but ive been disappointed to many times…  im kind of just over the hole thing

hahahaha!  I went to the MAC Pro Shop (which I kinda hate doing because they tend to be snobby) near me recently because I couldn’t find some of the lipsticks I was looking for in the Dillard’s MAC and the girl helping me tried to sell me the Mask duo and also the Powder to the People.  Mind you I’m too pale for NC15.  I think they’ve been instructed to sell as much of this as they can before word gets out that the whole collection sucks!

 @mightyclassy07 So it isn’t just the MAC Pro in Toronto with uppity sale girls (young 20’s that don’t really know anything about the products). the past two years they have gotten better about who they hire thankfully. I’m also too pale for NC15 so high five!

 @Ani_BEE Actually it’s the MAC Pro in the Northpark Mall in Dallas but I’m almost relieved to know that it seems to be a continent-wide problem!  Of course, Northpark is a pretty pretentious mall anyway…  And a big high five right back at ya!  Thank the Lord for Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in 105!

 @Ani_BEE Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who found that the salesgals in the Toronto MAC Pro store were kind of uppity/snobby. The service and knowledge I receive from my preferred MAC store in RBC Plaza and/or in the Eaton Centre are light years better.

I find it odd that Beth Ditto would even allow her name to be associated with this release!  Geez MAC, it’s time for a reality check!

I had been thinking of getting Beth Mask, as the colours are beautiful.  Thank you for stopping me wasting my money on something that would disappoint badly, especially since we are unable to return cosmetics here in the UK.

 @bellyrockin You can’t return products?  Especially considering how MAC’s new products have been, that sounds awful!

 @mightyclassy07 In my experience, most places outside of the US won’t accept returns/exchanges on cosmetics (even unopened). I was absolutely shocked when I was in the US at Sephora and I returned a mascara that I had used (it smudged and flaked horribly on me) and they gave me my money back. 

 @Quinctia For the $88 I spent on these, I’m seriously considering using them to draw something!  Big Bounce couldn’t be used like MAC said – they weren’t long-wearing on their own really – but you could easily use them as bases at least! I have not a single cosmetic-related use for these.

 @Christine (Temptalia)  @Quinctia Use them to write a product review to MAC.  Say it was the only way they actually worked for you. 😉

 @Christine (Temptalia) Christine, seriously, return these. MAC needs to know how awful they are, and clearly MAC isn’t paying due attention to blog reviews considering how awful many of the products they have been putting out in collections are. Perhaps returning the products will send a message. In my opinion, although you got “use” of these products for your review, it is completely ethical to return them.

Judging by the swatching on your hand, these look heinous. I’d never make the purchase if I saw them in-store and did this on myself. They look too waxy; like they’d pull. Worse than drugstore makeup! I actually *love* Mally Beauty’s shadow sticks, which look very similar to what MAC was trying to achieve here. I’ve been dying to try Laura Mercier’s version, too (the Caviar sticks). Thanks for your honesty, Christine!

There are actually people *loving* these? I guess it just proves there *are* people who will buy anything with a MAC label on it. I’m not an advocate of returning used cosmetics, but these seriously merit an exception. I will always look for a way to make a product perform, but other than giving these to my 5 year old to color with, I can’t thinkl of another use (and these would be seriously expensive crayons). Please, Christine, if you actually paid for these, *return* ASAP! I know I’m not the biggest MAC fan, but I have to admit when they put out a good product, and these are an epic fail.

 @xamyx  I was bewildered by those 2 votes as well! I know not everyone reads the full review all the time but when a product gets an “F,” surely they would? And then to still vote in favour of the product?! <does the dog head tilt of confusion>  I’m chalking it up to an accidental slip of the mouse because, frankly, nothing else makes sense to me.

Like you, I’d love to read the reports of this in progress. What were they *thinking*? I mean, even in swatches, that’s just…awful.
I don’t buy MAC products for a number of reasons (one being that I frankly get overwhelmed with everything they have; if I go to Chanel, or Guerlain, I can say “Show me your lip glosses” and they do. At MAC it’s like…well, what kind of lip gloss do you want?) but I have to say, this looked interesting to me because I’m really not very good at doing eyeshadow and this seemed kind of idiot-proof.
Now it’s idiot-proof in the sense that you’d have to be an idiot to buy these things.

@blueraccoon  “Now it’s idiot-proof in the sense that you’d have to be an idiot to buy these things.”  — That made me laugh an ungodly amount. Out loud. And loudly. VERY loudly.
I really love this board. 

Wow. Almay makes a similar type of product, and I thought it was bad (mine actually crumbled, in addition to never really working at all). This may actually be worse, and probably about 3 times the price.
Mac is so good at some things, but then they turn around and do stuff like this.

At least this is one product we can be happy is limited edition! So, hopefully, once it goes away…it’ll be gone and never coming back! RIP Dual-Ended Shadow/Liner! 😀

P.S. – Can we send out an e-mail as a blogging community that states MAC HARDCORE SUCKS?! DAMN, they’ve got no shame, do they?

 @xamyx  @Miss MAC just annoys the hell out of me. I have submitted comments/constructive criticisms, and have received responses telling me they don’t take “outsiders” opinions, LOL. They really do not care what their customers think as long as people still blindly follow the cult of MAC. 
I did indeed hear about his bond being revoked. I am wondering if his wife will face perjury charges. I think the most outrageous thing I heard was O’Mara sort of giving the excuse that George is 28 and does not believe he has committed a crime, as if that makes his behavior acceptable; in addition, trying to claim it was an innocent mistake. That’s just ridiculous. He’s a grown ass adult, and I don’t care if he doesn’t believe he committed a crime. Everyone must abide by the same standards in a court of law. You don’t get special treatment, or do whatever you want, just because you believe you are innocent, LOL. You don’t attempt to talk in code if something is innocent, either. I am hoping Judge Lester does not buy into this BS. He shouldn’t get a second shot at bonding out. He already had a fair shot to bond out, and fucked up with his intentional deception. However, I would really love to hear his father come out and give that asinine George Washington speech again. “George never lies…” He did not chop down that cherry tree, and I swear it was self-defense, too. 😛

@Miss J @Miss Apparently, he had *two* passports. BTW, I recently read NARS Outlaw blush will be repromoted for Fall 2012, but I’m not sure if it will be LE, or placed back on the perm line.

 @xamyx I thought it was interesting that the Judge didn’t think more of the additional passport. In their conversations, his wife clearly tells him she has a passport for him in safety deposit box, and he responds for her to “hold onto it.” I think it’s strange O’Mara claims he knew about it, but just forgot to turn it over. It just seems too convenient he would turn over the invalid/expired passport, but “forget” the current one. 
Thanks for letting me know about Outlaw! I will have to keep an eye out for that, woohoo. 🙂

 @MarioInvincible aren’t those from the casual colours collection? or am i getting confused there’s always like five collections at once…

 @MarioInvincible The lip and cheek pots are from casual color collection and these pencils are from Beth Ditto collection.

Oh your poor eye Christine!!!  I hope it doesn’t get irritated from that ridiculous excuse of a cosmetic.  Shame on you MAC!

“Me, on the other hand, I’m less likely to bother finding really creative ways to make a truly awful product work–I don’t have the time, desire, or energy to do so.”
That makes you sound pretty lazy. And it’s quite discouraging to read that for people who trust you enough to consider your reviews when deciding whether to purchase a product.

 @hheartme I specifically said “really creative ways” — e.g. I’m not going to try these eyeliners/shadows as a lip liner or as a blush. I tried them as eyeliners, as eyeshadows, as a base. I’m not going to LOOK for the one way they’re going to work that’s not how they’re supposed to.  For instance, if a lipstick is really bad, I’m not going to see if it works as a blush – because it’s a lipstick.
If you read the review, you’ll note I spent over two days trying every single shade and color trying to find a way to make them work. IMO, I gave these more than a fair shot. I even ASKED the brand how these work in an attempt to figure it out.
Why keep working with a product that just isn’t working? Why try to find some unconventional use for them when they don’t even get close to doing what they’re supposed to – shade and line?  You’d rather I spend another week trying to find some use for these than testing out 10 other products?  I spend 70-80 hours each week on blog-related activities. I’d like to think I’m the very opposite of lazy, but I’m sure going to be honest and tell you that I’ve exhausted all the testing and trialing I am going to do with these.

 @Christine (Temptalia)  @hheartme
 Christine, I’m sure you know that the very large majority of your readers -really- appreciate the time and effort you put into your reviews. I always check your blog first before making a purchase! Thanks so much for your help <3

 @MarioInvincible  @Christine (Temptalia)  @hheartme Absolutely. I admire the work she puts, and this product is a perfect example. These look gorgeous, and some of the Mac MUAs are very good at making a bad product appear to swatch well. Without this review, I might well have bought these and then been unable to use them, but assumed the failure was on my end.

 @Christine (Temptalia)  @hheartme Look, I really appreciate the fact that you mentioned that at all. When I put money down for a product it’s because I expect it to do the job it’s designed to do.  If it turns out to be versatile in unexpected ways – fantastic!  That’s exactly how I ended up buying that Burberry Sheer Summer Glow palette and why I wasn’t fazed at all by the cost: it’s a bronzer, blush, highlighter for me – and an occasional eyeshadow.  This is also part of why I adore Fyrinnae’s eyeshadows: they’re wonderful liners and I can get so many different textures – as a shadow – with slight variations in application.
But why would I pay money for a shadow/liner that works only in conjunction with other products? Fyrinnae’s shadows are notoriously at their best when used with their primer – but they’re also excellent shadows used alone, patted on gently or as a sheer wash; I don’t *need* a second product. Alima’s mattes are soft, smooth, richly pigmented and last forever over a primer – but again, they’ll work beautifully alone if applied with a little care. For goodness’ sakes, even Wet’n’Wild’s eyeliners will give me some bang for my buck – and I mean *literally* the single buck I pay for ’em. 
So why buy one of these shadesticks? Not for the lasting power, obviously. Not for the colours, which look reasonably dupable even to my untrained eye.  Not for the convenience – obviously, if I need painstaking application and extra products. Is there any reason at all, other than the brand-name? Not that anyone’s mentioned – anywhere. I can find similar or better – almost anywhere else. 

 @hheartme It’s odd… I was marveling at how hard Christine worked for this review. When she couldn’t get it to work the first time, she didn’t immediately grade it down, but called a representative to explain the proper application technique. And because Christine herself doesn’t go “all out” and apply this in other areas of her face using different application techniques,  she contacted a friend who does enjoy doing that. I was seriously about to leave a comment thanking Christine for going the distance in this review.She didn’t test it and give it an F, she tested it, checked her application techniques, then asked for another opinion.  And personally, I don’t believe that it should be that much work to test out a makeup product, it should be accessible and easy to use. Christine did a one-armed cartwheel for this in my opinion.

 @hheartme I don’t see anything discouraging in this review…. quite the opposite.  Look how much time and effort she put into a product that most of us would swatch once in a store and then walk away from.  Honestly, I’d be discouraged if she tried to defend the product by coming up with really creative ways of using it- the product should do what it says it does.

 @hheartme Seriously? This is someone who will go in the shower to test the wear of products in water/humidity for us, or do drop tests, and other assorted, random, and crazy tests to evaluate a product. She will ask the brand, makeup artists, and even us readers for suggestions if she can’t seem to figure a product out. IMO, she is FAR from lazy. Why would she waste an excessive amount of time on one product that sucks when she could move on to other products that are better? There are so many products to try, at some point, you have to give up on a product because it becomes a waste of time.
Christine, THANK YOU for all of your dedication.

@hheartme So you’re saying that after paying for a high end product that doesn’t work for what it’s supposed to, you want Christinr to tell you “But it worked great for writing my to do list on the bathroom mirror!” That’s not info I want. I can buy drugstore and get that kind of frustration. I think your comment wasn’t worthy of being posted, personally.

 @hheartme Totally disagree.  If a product is so bad that a reviewer has to struggle to find a way to get it to work, I think it’s much better for her (or him!) to just say so rather than to jump through hoops trying to make it work.  That’s the kind of information people who haven’t already bought an item benefit from having.  The “how to make this work despite this product being a failure” tips are really only helpful to people who have bought the product already and are deciding whether or not to send it back.  And if a product is this bad, it *should* go straight back.  MAC has no incentive to improve the quality if its customers show regular willingness to accept their crap as is.
It’s up to the cosmetic companies that produce the product, and not the consumer, to find ways to make their products worthwhile.  I think Christine did all that was sensible in this situation after she contacted MAC when she ran into trouble swatching them.  If MAC can’t offer advice on how to make it work, why would you expect a reviewer to?

 @hheartme not really… I know I sure as hell wouldn’t waste time on something that’s just a bad product when I can be doing much more productive things. And I sure as hell wouldn’t buy something that’s meant to be a shadow/liner to use it in other ways – that’s why there’s products specifically for your eyes, your lips and your face. Many of which don’t cost $22 either. Are you honestly saying if Christine DID say they worked as a face/lip product, you’d buy it??

 @hheartme i don’t agree, not for a product like this.  when a company describes the use of its product so simply (bascially two products to create a smoky eye), no one should have to find “really creative ways to make a truly awful product work”.  it should work exactly like it sounds- apply the shadow to your lid, then use the liner to create depth.  i believe it really should be that simple.

 @hheartme Really? You see how many reviews she does right? I doubt she has time to spend trying to jump through hoops trying to make a bad product work. As a consumer I don’t want to read that she had to find creative ways to make a bad product work, because that means I’m going to have to do that do, and I don’t have the time, desire, or energy to do that!   

 @sea_andstars So did I – just last night 🙁  AND I’m in the UK so no hope of any refund.  Ah well, will use them for my ‘to do’ lists (top of the list being check reviews BEFORE purchase in future…)

MAC is beyond shitty sometimes. I really wish they would pay attention to quality rather than quantity i.e. coming out with a million collections a year! they really disappoint on this one.

OMG thank you Christine. I bought one of those on thursday got it today, I was completely astonished of how disgusting it was ! I swore I thought for a second that I was using it wrong. This is going to be returned ASAP.

Sandy Elle So happy to hear from others who have tried these! Sometimes I hate being one of the early reviews out there – like when you are SO IN LOVE or SO HATE a product, you’re like, “Hmm, will it just be me?”

 @Julesmond No, I love it too! It just make for a much more interesting discussion. Plus it reminds us that Christine isn’t afraid to say when a product is bad.

Long time ago smashbox released a similar product, two sided, and were difficult to deal with much like these. I was able to press my finger and really rub them hard to get the heat and force to transfer the product..but you have to ask yourself..why do they let these things go out to the consumer esp after the big bounce failure. (which Ive heard they reformulated and plan to release this year again) Thats big business for ya..

 @KRISTANNA I bet that Big Bounce reformulation will be just like the Metal X “reformulation”! I doubt that there is any way they can actually reformulate those to a good product.

 @t_zwiggy  @KRISTANNA I’m very curious to see how they position them. I think the formula was workable as an eyeshadow base, but they absolutely needed to be set with some sort of powder to work.  Though, TBH, I think it’s a bad idea to come out and say it’s a reformulation, because you’re still leery! I’d rather them just come up with a new product – but of course, they did rename it, and I wonder whether the back story of reformulation was meant to be released to the public!

Wow, I’m impressed! Impressed that someone has actually been able to make shadow pencils that suck more than the NARS Soft Touch. I really didn’t think that was possible. Well done, MAC!

This is just unbelievable. It’s blatantly obvious that MAC is not listening to customer feedback on blogs because they’re continually releasing overpriced, terribly performing products. As someone who, over the years, has spent hundreds of pounds on MAC products, it feels like a slap in the face; they obviously could not give a damn about their customers as long as they’re still raking in profits from people who are either ignorant of the product reviews before they buy, or are too under the “MAC spell” to care. Absolutely appalling. I’ve absolutely switched by “allegiance” to Illamasqua – their products are consistently fantastic, the prices are around the same as MAC and their customer service is, without fail, stellar. MAC needs to look at smaller brands like this and learn something.

I can’t even deal with your review. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you did it. Your application picture, though… My eyes won’t stop watering from the pain that it looks like you’re in! I have sympathetic eyes, what can I say? Guess it doesn’t help that the color is a little bruise-like anyway, lol.  Thank you for your honest and thorough opinion, though. I don’t have luck with most “stick” products anyway, so I probably would have passed. I like to take a peeksie from time to time to make sure I’m not missing anything amazing, though. Obviously I am not.

Really? There are very few cream formulas that don’t work well on me. Here are just a few that I have no problems with: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners, MUFE Aqua Creams, MAC Paint Pots, MAC Paints, MAC Shadesticks, MAC Greasepaint Sticks, Shiseido Cream Eyeshadows, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Buxom Stay There Shadow…

I’d been looking forward to seeing your review on these since they sounded promising from the PR text.  But, ugh, what a mess.  Thank you very, very much for being so frank in your reviews. 

Wow, this Beth Ditto collection looks like a real flop. MAC always has winners and losers in each release, but I don’t remember a collection being so consistently bad before.

When I saw the application on your lid I think I screamed. I’ve never seen even flea market finds do that kind of mess. MAC sure is way way off. Who tested the product, the three stooges?

WHAT is this???? O_O was waiting this collection so much, hoping it was the one real good collection among the 2983572520 mac came up with in the last 12 months… but.. no .-.

I had pretty much sworn off of MAC LE collections after the release of Big Bounce shadows, and had stuck to just increasing my collection of permanent items. However, after seeing these, combined with the recent news of MACs international policy on animal testing, is making me question whether I want to give this company any of my business.

You should contact the company and research better before assuming such things. MAC along with ALL companies who are selling all over the world are required to test on animals in certain countries. The products specifically designed for an Asian market and are only available there are required to be tested on animals based off the market. Any MAC products that are in North America are produced in Canada and are not tested on animals. If you question MAC then you should stop wearing makeup altogether as this applies for all makeup companies. 🙂 

@Kristen It doesn’t matter where the cosmetics are made, sold, or for which market they are created, or even if MAC tested only one product on animals; it doesn’t change the fact that MAC tests on animals.

I am SO glad I read this. It was the product I was most excited about as I’m a real fan of MACs shadesticks and pencil liners and I didn’t even dream that they could screw it up as I thought it would basically be the same sort of formula as those in a swanky, convenient double ended tool! How on earth have they messed it up that much?? Oh dear MAC.
I am eternally grateful to you Christine- without Temptalia, I would probably have bought every shade and tried and tried them in frustration and snapped them and thrown them across the room in frustration. Sorry you had to go through that, but now people worldwide don’t have to!
I think after thinking about it and reading reviews I won’t be getting ANYTHING from Beth Ditto’s collection now which is very sad really. I was excited when I first read about the collection so long ago, and now it’s all a bit… meh.
Would you say they’re as bad as the NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils Christine? Or do we not speak of such awful products?!? Worryingly the NARS seems to have better pigmentation, and I don’t remember you saying NARS pencils ever actually HURT you, so perhaps it’s actually worse?!?

 @FaerieEvenstar As far as I know (I’ve only been specifically tracking the ratings since we implemented The Glossover system), these are the lowest scoring products, period. Prior to that was a NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil (I believe it was Celebrate).
I would say these are worse, because they are painful and you can’t even GET the color to really apply, LOL!  

 @Christine (Temptalia) I know we sometimes have to “suffer for our beauty”, corsets, high heels, waxing etc, but applying make-up is normally not one of them!!
You should email MAC and tell them it’s the lowest scoring hah! I doubt they’d do anything about it though… they seem to have become so obsessed with churning the next LE collection out all the time that they’ve lost sight of quality :

Wow. This is really horrible.. I was getting into MAC when Venomous Villains came out, and I remember you made a countdown thread for it.. Since then, no one is ever excited for a MAC collection anymore. MAC clearly just doesn’t care – and I was also appalled to hear that they began animal testing. I suppose I’m no longer willing to be a customer to MAC, as there are much better performing brands out there.

Given the grade for this product, I’m kind of depressed by how pretty the swatches of Beth Mask are (not the swatch on the eye obviously!).  I’m a sucker for burgundy brown liners and that’s such a pretty shade of peach!  That said, I’m not incredibly surprised by how poorly these perform.  MAC’s string of failures aside, I’ve seen several companies release similar double ended eye products like this and I’m not sure that any of them have been good products.  It’s kind of depressing how so many companies are willing to put out products they have to know are complete crap.

I think everyone who is able to get to a MAC store or counter should do so…with bare lids. Once there, we should all act all excited about seeing these, choose a color, and ask the MAC artist to apply it to our lids (it would be really nice if there were a whole lot of other potential MAC customers milling about at the time). We already know whatever the MAC artist does with this product is going to be an epic fail. At that point, we should  insist they remove it from our lids because we’d NEVER go out in public looking like that, and then storm out of the store loudly declaring that MAC has become one big makeup ripoff. Maybe that’s what MAC needs to get the message…

@Twirly Girly Wouldn’t it be hilarious, if we could all (Christine’s readers) arrange to do this “en masse”, at the same time, same day, at all of our local MAC stores/counters, across the country. Of course, that’s not possible, but it would be fun.

 @Twirly Girly  The people who work in MAC shops and counters are not responsible for the products the company makes – i know they try hard to satisfy their face-to-face customers. No reason to give them a bad time.
If you don’t like a product – one that you have actually used or at least tested – write to the corporate office. Use rational language, not deep sarcasm or rude words, and explain clearly why you think the product is no good. 
Behaving badly in a shop is not going to get any message to corporate.

 @lilinah I couldn’t agree more. As a former low-paid SA for a multitude of retail establishments (mostly as a licensed Optician), I have to say that a crummy pay check, long hours, sore feet and back, missed lunches and breaks, and lost time with your children is NEVER improved upon by the general abuse that SAs take all day and night; therefore, a staged uprising to daunt and abuse the MAC SAs sounds absolutely heartless. It’s not their fault their company has put out a disappointing product. They actually have absolutely no control over what products are handed to them to sell. I don’t even want to say what my opinion would be of someone who would go to so much trouble to waste the time of  any SA by means of a drawn-out humiliation ploy. I’ve worked places where I was treated so badly that I went home crying every night, but had to keep going back because my baby needed to eat–I don’t know how some people sleep at night knowing they belittled and demeaned a person working in a low-paying service industry. 🙁

 @Twirly Girly That is rather immature.  By doing that MAC isn’t going to get the message, the girl at the counter will just be humiliated and insulted.  By making a scene your are hurting those who are not responsible for the quality of the product.  If you have ever worked in retail you should understand this.  We (the employees who run the cash and upkeep at the stores) have no influence in the production of products.  If it is faulty, yelling at us and humiliating us will not fix the situation.  It will only make you out to be a bully and it will devastate the poor person you choose to act out on.

@Caitlin Mary @Twirly Girly However, as an SA, you shouldn’t try to push a faulty product onto a consumer; in fact, you should be *honest* and show the consumer something that *will* work. Yes, I’ve worked retail. I worked in a vintage clothing store, and when girls would walk in and see something that was *obviously* too small, I would do my best to find something similar in an appropriate size; the key to being a good SA, is to know your inventory, and to be able to make adjustments. As a consumer, I would much rather be told a product is an epic fail, rather than get it home, just to bring it back. I also have more respect for the SA who is honest, as it seems they are in that position because they stand by the line, not for the sake of getting a paycheck. As for upselling, it’s far easier to sell a great product, that a consumer will keep than it is to sell a poor product a consumer will likely return. I’m also more likely to buy from a store/counter that wants me to be satisfied rather than has the SA push a bad product on me.

 @xamyx  @Caitlin  @Twirly But it would be extremely unprofessional for the MAC SA to go around trashing their own company’s product. Yes, they are there to help the customer, but they still represent the company. The SA could simply steer the customer away from the bad product, not bring up what a failure it is. Personally I would not appreciate that sort of commentary from the SA who was helping me. 

 @Twirly Girly I’m sorry, but that just comes off as rude to me. The sales associates at MAC don’t create the products. I say if you want to send a message, write an email… don’t embarrass innocent men and women who are just trying to do their job and make some money.

Wow…Thanks for this info. Was just about to order on line, thought I’d take a few minutes to see what you thought (I always find your reviews immensely helpful). You’ve saved me the grief!

WOW!!! none of the beth ditto items look like they are worth getting or even bothering with. So embarrasing! How sad for Beth, these have her name on them. WTF were people thinking with these?! Apparently no one tested them…

I have to say my experience with these mirrored Christine’s. I was the first one to try them at my local MAC store – they’d just put up the display in a back room for pre-sale – and they were dry and uneven from the start. I was looking forward to these, especially Beth Mask, so i was quite disappointed.

 @Christine (Temptalia) *sigh* I swatched Beth Mask in the store before launch, and before my Pro pre-release, and it swatched exactly as I had hoped it would: buttery smooth with the shadow side, and a little waxy with the darker liner side (I have been really looking forward to this as a smoky liner with a matching shadow). I ordered the product as soon as it released–before your review or Dusty’s–but I have yet to receive it.. Allura gave it the same review, as did at least one person in Spektra. It’s so odd that it swatched nicely on my wrist but would behave so poorly on everyone’s face! I guess I have mixed feelings about this review (I did see this 5 days ago when it was new); part of me is hoping my swatch experience will ring true for me when I try it on my eye, but part of my feels prepared to return it for a refund, which I would not have felt without this review. If not for the review, I would be VERY disappointed, even sad… having a completely ruined day if it sucks this much when I get it, but because I have forewarning that suckage may cometh my way, I’ll just say “meh… was worth a shot” when it arrives, and I won’t let it ruin a moment of my time.  Also, someone on Dusty’s video mentioned e.l.f.’s $3 product as being “the same thing” but I have (had, actually) 2 of those, and they really are NOT the same. The e.l.f. ones are more like a nearly zero pigmentation grease-stick. I originally bought those for bases in place of NYX Milk and Black Bean when I couldn’t find the latter, but they were completely useless–a waste of $3! Having at least swatched these shadow/liner pencils I can say the pigmentation and texture are absolutely nothing whatsoever like the e.l.f. product in spite of the seeming similarities.
Considering what I was hoping to do with Beth Mask compared to what you did do with yours, I still have a glimmer of hope that I may enjoy this product, but that glimmer is waning, and I’ll live if this winds up in a return package on its way back to MAC. Thank you for going to so much trouble to try and give it a chance!

 @Ruca They swatched wayyy better on my arm than on my lid – I did not think they were going to be as painful as they were. I saw some pigmentation problems.  The skin on the arm vs. the eye is different enough, I suppose.
But keep us posted, Ruca! I’d rather give a bad review and have you thinking it might not be great – and buying it and having a great experience than a glowing review and have you have a terrible experience!

 @Christine (Temptalia) Thank you, I’ll let you know what happens. How very odd that they swatch so well on the arm or wrist yet perform so poorly on the lid! I have sooooooooo many products (not as many as you, but I could give you a run for your money lol) and this really almost never happens! Usually what you see is what you get, but I can think of at least 1 other product that swatched gorgeous on my arm and then turned to blech on my eyes, and it was a MAC Pro item, too! (Fall Trend eye palette aka ‘the only MAC item I have EVER returned). I do think it’s worth a shot, but at least I’m prepared for a challenge, and perhaps even a refund LOL I think it’s coming in tomorrow. 😉

 @Ruca I can’t remember having a product that applied as dry/painfully as this one.  Like you might expect it to crease after a few hours, but I couldn’t get past the shoddy application. 
I’m looking forward to how yours go! There have been a few who have liked them, though, so maybe there are inconsistencies within production.

The only way I think it’s possible to make these work would be to pull out the hair dryer, melt them and use them with an angled brush as a replacement for liquid liner. This is assuming that they are creamy enough to stay liquified for long enough to work with. Even then that’s a way to literally burn through a product in five minutes, not worth the money at all.

@ Twirly Girly
I am a (junior) MAC artist. When a product is an ‘epic fail’ please keep in mind that it is not OUR fault. We are not involved in the process. The situation is even trickier for us because we have to deal with the product no matter what.
The team I work with always do its best to satisfy the customers, even if the person wants to try a product we don’t like or consider as a bummer. We always give our honest opinion (because we are badass rebels ^^) but we can’t prevent anyone from trying a product. So, we have to deal with some disappointing products and have make them work the best we can.
Raising a stink on the corner is useless. When you do so you, trust me, if a retail manager hear this it will be considered as a complain about our ability as make up artist to work the product, not as a complain about the product itself. Plus, it hurts.
When a collection does not meet our expectations we may be the first ones disappointed. But I love my job and wish the Shadesticks back !
Sorry for my somewhat broken English, which is not my mother tongue 🙂

@Paivi Perhaps where you work, the team is honest, but I’ve seen the opposite. It seems at my local MAC counter, the SAs are encouraged to push the new products, at all costs. I’ve only dealt with *one* there who I trust completely, but then that could be only because I go in with the attitude I know what I want, and he doesn’t even show me anything else (except any new pigment shades). For what it’s worth, as a consumer, I wouldn’t trust the opinion ever again of any SA who tried to sell me a product this bad, as I would feel whatever they showed me in the future was poor quality, as well. I would much rather the SA tell me not to bother, then show me something worth my time & money.

 @xamyx  @Paivi Well, yeah. Companies force SA’s to push new products not by rewarding them for selling a certain quantity, but by taking away some of their weekly hours if they don’t sell that quantity. In other words, their jobs are on the line. I don’t know if Mac’s doing this, but it’s not like the SA’s are going to get rich themselves by conning you into buying bad products. The problem is not the SA’s; it’s Mac. It has to be, because they’re in charge. If they didn’t want SA’s pushing new bad products, then it wouldn’t happen.
That’s why people are suggesting people write to Mac instead of making life difficult for the SAs.
I would also suggest complaining online – on your Facebook and any other platform you use, on sites like this, etc. If Mac cares, they’ll read and change their ways. If not, then nothing we could have done would have changed their policies, so we might as well move on.

How dissappointing……when I saw these listed in the collection’s products, I was excited. Thanks as always, Christine, for working so hard and making a great effort to give a sucky product a chance to work, and of course, for helping us save our bucks and eyelids!!

Has anyone else realized Christine had to purchase these herself, and wondered why MAC didn’t send *at least* one PR sample? Hmmmm….

 @xamyx It’s usually available for purchase to me (because MAC PRO launches it a week early) than if I wait for press samples (and it’s a selection of products from the launch — e.g. it might be 2-3 products, could be half, could be almost the entire thing), so I typically by the entire collection as soon as it’s available for sale since 1) I need to get it up ASAP; 2) I don’t know what/how much I’l receive so I still need to buy whatever else is missing.  
I’ve bought nearly every single MAC collection since Dame Edna – there are a few exceptions (like Venomous Villains, because I went on a press trip for it, Bloggers’ Obsessions, Liberty of London, By Request, and others I don’t 100% remember on). Example – with Hey Sailor, the day I got the products I purchased was the same day I received press samples (which was about 50% of the launch).
Though I’ve given MAC great grades and some of the worst grades, they’ve never ever emailed me about it. They’ve never asked me to alter or remove content, and our relationship today is pretty much the same as it was when it started (which was five or so years ago). I’ve always been treated respectfully and courteously by the brand and all of the people I’ve met and worked with at MAC HQ. 
Just wanted to clear all that up! It’s all behind-the-scenes kind of stuff that I know isn’t readily apparent.  The short answer: I usually buy the collection before the samples arrive!  With respect to this launch, I received a selection of samples a day or two after I started reviewing.

@ Twirly Girly
I am a (junior) MAC artist. When a product is an ‘epic fail’ please keep in mind that it is not OUR fault. We are not involved in the process. The situation is even trickier for us because we have to deal with the product no matter what.
The team I work with always do its best to satisfy the customers, even if the person wants to try a product we don’t like or consider as a bummer. We always give our honest opinion (because we are badass rebels ^^) but we can’t prevent anyone from trying a product. So, we have to deal with some disappointing products and have make them work the best we can.
Raising a stink on the corner is useless. When you do so you, trust me, if a retail manager hear this it will be considered as a complain about our ability as make up artist to work the product, not as a complain about the product itself. Plus, it hurts.
When a collection does not meet our expectations we may be the first ones disappointed. But I love my job and wish the Shadesticks back ! Sorry for my somewhat broken English, which is not my mother tongue 🙂

Hi Christine, I was wondering how close the shadow part of the Beth mask shadow/liner was to the Nars Orgasm blush? Or are they totally dissimilar and I’m crazy?

Agree with the comments, received my stick today…..sooooooooooooo gutted with it. I think childrens make up would probably be better than this. Have sent email of complaint to MAC UK, see what happens next. Thanks for the review tho, just wished I had read it before I ordered.

Sorry – but I don’t understand your problems with these sticks – they work on me and two other girls I know. I have bought “Beth Mask” and “Drag,Strip”. And both work.  I have worn them the whole day – without creasing and fading. And in the evening I have build the colours up and it was no problem. My two girlsfriends who tested these sticks enoy them also.

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