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Totally eyes. And if only times for one product: mascara. I have blonde eyelashes that blend in with my skin; mascara makes a huge difference.

Undoubtedly lips n I often do that honestly

I have my sunscreen on and when in rush
I paint my pout n go out

pout out …. m sick ๐Ÿ™
keep myself reminding that I dont need any more lipsticks

Concealer! Specifically to cover up the dark circles under my eyes, and even out the redness around my nose. Then I’d comb my eyebrows and apply some lip balm as I run out the door!

Brows; I succumbed to the over-tweezed trend of rhe early-90s, and they just never came back in… Most days, all I wear is a TM/BB Cream (which I count as skincare) & lip balm, along with brows, and I’m done.

My undereyes. I can ignore the gaps in my brows and the pigments spots and old acne scars on my cheeks but my dark circles make me look really hagard even after a full nights sleep. And I think they really age me too so they’ve definately gotta be hidden.

Eyes! For me mascara is the difference between looking bad and looking okay. If it was all I could do I go all out with a smokey, kohl lined eye.

For me it would definitely be my brows too, simply having them filled it gives a more polished look. My second choice would be concealer for redness!

If I’ve overslept and literally only have time for one thing on my way out the door, it has to be lips. My skin looks better if my lips have color. If I have time for two things, I start with foundation.

I would say foundation. I have uneven, blotchy skin so foundation would be the best item for me. I think its like art. You cant have a masterpiece painting on a dirty canvas.

When I do wear makeup, it’s eyeliner I end up going with. It defines my eyes, but doesn’t interfere with my glasses like mascara. I always wear lip balm though!

Eyes! Most days I don’t wear makeup and if I do I just throw on a little mascara to open up my eyes and give me a more polished look.

Eyes probably. If it has to be one item then eyeliner.

If not that then cheek stain. My skin gets really dull over time and just putting a bit of my body shop stain (which is the exact colour of my real blush) on my bare face makes my skin glow. No need for any foundation then.

Definately my eyes! If I donยดt put mascara on, my eyes are way too small and donยดt stand out the way I want them to.

It would either be under-eye concealer (I have dark circles that really show on my pale skin) or lipstick (without lipstick, I look very pale and washed out and some colour on my lips really does distract from my dark circles, which would be “on display”).

Face. Definitely Face. I’ll most likely use my American BB Cream, or whatever foundation shade seems to match more closely; I have two foundations- one lighter (NC20), and one darker (NC25).

My face makeup helps my skin look “normal”. I have redness from post-acne marks, and any face makeup helps immensely.

I never leave home without at least doing my eyes–bare minimum being to at least apply mascara. As you age, you start to lose definition of your facial features, eyelashes and brows thin out, etc. And it alters your natural beauty. That’s why younger people can get by with less makeup. They still have defined facial features.

Definitely my eyes. My eyebrows are naturally dark and thick and my skin is not so bad except for my under eye circles. But when I’m not wearing any eye makeup I look tired and lifeless. Even a little bit of mascara alone makes a world of a difference for me.

I agree with brows! Its the first thing i do in my routine, and while its possible for me to go out without makeup on i would much rather take the time to do brows if its not possible to do anything else!

Concealer around the eyes and nose and mascara. My skin is generally quite pretty on its own, but I do have dark circles that are quite noticeable in the months when I’m an NW10/13. Brightening them up goes a long way.

This sounds so silly. But I find it super strange when people put on only one thing. I have a coworker who only puts black liner on her upper lash line. I just find it so strange. I would probably just skip makeup all together and put on a little clear lip balm.

As much as I want to say eyes, I’d still have to go with just “the skin” and apply foundation. It makes such a huge difference in my complexion.

Cheeks, especially blush – they’re my favourite makeup product, and I have the most fun switching them up depending on my mood. I can live without virtually every other kind of makeup.

If I’m going to to my makeup, I like to really do it. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so as much as I love to do my makeup, I usually don’t. If I want to look decent, but don’t have a lot of time, I will put foundation on. My skin has so much redness that I feel like I look funny if I just do my eyes or lips and no base. But I’m really more of an all or nothing girl.

Eyes! My skin is fine on its own. But i have light lashes and dark eyes. Not a great combo! I would rather wear eye makeup from the day before, than no makeup at all.

Absolutely eyes – mascara is a must (very light lashes), followed by brows (so they match my hair!). A little eye makeup makes me look like I’m actually awake!

Depend on how I look. If I look semi-decent (like no break-outs and no brow problems), I’d do make-up on my undereye. Of course if there is a bigger sparse area on my brows or I look extra unhealthily pale or I have some major skin problems, I would tackle those with make-up.

Lip color, either lipstick or gloss, and/or blush. I like the look of natural clear sparkly eyes that are well rested and bright. I don’t like all this heavy black eye makeup women wear these days. It makes young women look cheap and hard, the complete opposite of classy, and older women look haggard so, no thanks. I grew up in the era of thick Brooke Shields eyebrows so I never over plucked. Also, I noticed that the brows get thinner naturally as my mom and her friends aged, so that’s another reason I didn’t over pluck. My skin is pretty good still, so I’ve got to say that lip color and blush bring “life” to my middle aged face. Both make me come alive so it would be a tough choice but probably lip color would be the winner if I had to pick only one. Gotta say though, nothing beats good health.

on instinct i would say eyes cause they’re my favorite! but yes, brows are a must!!! even if i’m just running to the store, i do my brows quick.

My cheeks are full of disgusting red hyperpigmentation (my skin marks easily after every single breakout), so I would definitely go with my face (foundation+setting powder)! If I had clear skin, it would be my eyes.

Face, most exactly correcting/concealing. I do not feel really confident about going outside when my rednesses/spot marks are too visible, especially during colder seasons.

I totally agree with brows… but I would probably choose to do my skin, because I have a lot of breakouts and I just feel more confident when they are covered and evened out.

I’ll say “eyes” but that has to include the under eye area because I always need to use a concealer, too. But eyes, defnitely.

I would do the face: a little tinted moisturizer, under eye concealer and powder. Otherwise, I can easily look sallow, and I have huge dark circles.

Eyes, most definitely. If I had the time, I’d do shadow, but if I’m really pressed, I’ll just throw on a quick bit of eyeliner and mascara.

Highlighter, highlighter, highlighter. It’s amazing what a good highlighter can do. Applied to the cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin — and don’t forget under the brow — you can seriously transform yourself into a million bucks. I just think a highlighter gives you a youthful, dewy, and (of course) brightened and awake look.

I never do brows, and can go without foundation, so it’s either mascara or lipstick that is most important, depends on the day I guess. If my eyes need perking up mascara, if they’re ok then lips.

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