If you could rock any hairstyle you wanted, what would it be?

I finally dyed/colored my hair, so I think that’s about where I’m at! There’s a not particular cut I’ve ever drooled over and wished I could have, though. I really love long, layered hair!

— Christine


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Wednesday Avatar

I rock whatever hairstyle/haircolour I choose. I have a great relationship with my hairdresser that goes deeper than my roots. Hair colour is an accessory to me so I change my hair colour approx. every 8 weeks. With frequent colour treatments, I keep my hair in a short bob, use a supportive scalp treatment and wash infrequently. Dry shampoo is my best friend. A good friend of mine inspired me with an FB post recently and I’m thinking of doing a pixie cut with longer on top for summer. Right now I am a pale denim blue, smokey lavender with a find thread of black for dimension. I’m thinking pink and pale pink lavender for summer perhaps.

Sheryl Avatar

I’m one of those people who change their hair frquently. When I want a hairstyle, I just do it, so I don’t have any style that I’ve wanted but haven’t done. I’m lucky that my hair grows quickly, so I can grow it out long when I choose to do so. I just changed it last week as a matter of fact. I went from mostly green/turqoise and just below shoulder length to a short curly rainbow sherbet bob.

Kirsten Avatar

I wish I could rock the asymmetric bob that the lead actress in blindspot had in the first season. (Not sure if she still has it because I’m not caught up.) But I have a potato face, not the razor sharp cheekbones she has.

Karine Avatar

I wanted to have bang back since last November and last month I finaly did it. I miss my hidden bright red hair section, but it was a lot of maintenance and it wouldn’t pass in the office job I’m working at right now. At least I got to do it, it was something I wanted for years.

Joyce Avatar

Super long, super bright red hair with full-on bangs (fringe). I don’t think I could handle the upkeep and general maintenance. I’d get frustrated with it leaving stains on pillowcases and running down when I sweat and dripping out every time I wash my hair. Also I have black hair so it would take a force of divine intervention to get it as bold as I’d like!

I’d also love if my hair could curl. I almost never use any styling or heat products and my hair is naturally super straight so it can’t hold a curl ;( Tips??

V Avatar

That’s like the hair I had when I was much younger. It was often mistaken for a wig which might be easier to put on and style. Straight hair, thick sculpted short v bangs that were so demanding, BRIGHT red pigments sometimes mixed w oranges or yellows and pinks to brighten. It was lightened to level 12 lighter like a white canvas. No wonder it never grew passed my shoulders like yours. I miss how perfectly wiggy it was! Bangs that are nicely done are constant maintenance but it’s a preference thing. If you want to talk to a colorist about lighting aka bleaching to get a red bright enough for you it might not take too many steps to get there. Maybe a melt or ombré (or whatever it’s called) can give you what you want without the tedious upkeep. Lightened hair tends to hold a curl more easily (w/ products) than virgin hair. But heat damage from hot tools + styling products that really hold contribute to making reds fade quickly. *Don’t go to sleep with freshly dyed red hair that’s wet OR has treatment in it and have a special pillow case if you prefer white or light bedding! ❤️

Seraphine Avatar

When I was younger, my hair was always dyed. I went through so many different phases—blue-black, aqua, purple magenta, fire engine red, etc. But since the gray started to come in, I finally love my natural color. I just wish my very fine hair had more volume, though I have a great stylist who gives my hair a good shape. I’m still searching for the perfect volumizing product for fine, thin, dry hair.

xamyx Avatar

I’ve wanted a “Deathhawk” for as long as I can remember, but it was never an appropriate option, for various reasons… Even when I was younger, I was a dancer, and my hair had to be “presentable”…

SaffyTaffy Avatar

I miss the “secret alien” hairstyle I had in my mid-20s. I have always kept my hair very long, like down to my rear end, but I used to have an undercut and several streaks of green and blue hidden just above the undercut. So I could wear my hair down at work, and then at night I’d do high pigtails to show off the secret weirdness.
I wish I could wear wigs more, too! Because I keep my hair so long, and because I just have a big ol’ melon head anyway, wigs never lay quite right or look as natural as they do on some people.

Ana Maria Avatar

I sometimes miss my rear end hair I used to rock in middle school and high school… but then I remember how long it took me to wash it and comb it, how hard is was to run or workout with a huge ponytail or braid 😆 Long hair is so versatile, you can wear it down or up, do beautiful braids in different styles, wear it like a fancy crown or weird pigtails. 😀

SaffyTaffy Avatar

I know what you mean about the upkeep- I wish I could go to the gym or take a shower before work, but not with hair that takes so long to dry. But it IS worth it, for the pleasure of how it looks and for never needing to get it cut. Once every other year or so my mom will trim it for me, and that’s all I need.
You know what was weird, though, around 2010-ish when extensions got very trendy, people suddenly asked me a lot of it was real.

Mags Avatar

I’ve been fortunate to work for a company that gives me creative freedom to do whatever I want with my hair, so I’ve been just about any color of the rainbow at some point or another! Currently rocking peach hair. I do wish my hair had more volume or could hold a curl, even a slight wave. It’s fine and straight as can be.

Ana Maria Avatar

Just one? I would like to be a chameleon changing hairstyles everyday. I would want long hair one day, a cute bob or lob the other; curly thick hair one day, straight and sleek the other; maybe to be a dark redhead or a blonde, than a subtle ombre the other day.

But otherwise, I’m just plain satisfied with my hairstyle. I love my natural hair color and I don’t feel the need to dye it (I also hope I’ll get grey hair gracefully); I personally don’t want to `waste` the time it takes to get it dyed… there are so many other activities I enjoy, that I even don’t make time for haircuts. 😆 I would sometimes like longer hair, sometimes I admire someone rocking a short cut… but my medium length hair is what makes sense for my lifestyle.

Nancy T Avatar

IF it could still work on me now? I would get my hair done in my old Joan Jett type styles I rocked back in the 80’s and let my gray grow in, but use a steel-lavender demi-permanent dye over it to make going gray fun! Or, a subtle “oil-slick” dye job!

Catch is, I’m now 60. My cheekbones, while still super high, have a “puffiness” going on that has made them less razor sharp. Also, as I age, my skintone may not look so hot in anything other than the dark brown I would still have had if not for going gray. ?

V Avatar

Joan! ???
I always fell for anyone who looked like Joan even dudes with her old hair. I’m sure you could do some kind of Joan Jett inspired cut with those cheeks!

Deborah S. Avatar

Prior to my breast cancer in 2000, I had been colouring my hair for probably 25 years. My paternal grandmother had all of her hair fall out when she was in her early 20’s and when it grew back in, it was pure white. It was the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. She was a red head originally and hated the white hair. She tried colouring it back in the day and it turned green. Anyway, all of her children, grandchildren etc have had early onset of greying hair. I noticed my first few when I was about 15 but didn’t really have it start showing until about age 25. I hated it then and started colouring my hair at that point. I wasn’t exactly adventurous so stuck pretty close to my natural colour which was a strawberry blond. I did try a few styles but pretty much kept my hair in a long layered look. I would come and go with the bangs. Anyway, age 45, breast cancer, chemo and totally bald for almost a year. When my hair started to come back in it came in very curly and a soft white colour. Having been bald I really didn’t want to cut my hair so pretty much just let it grow with an occasional trim. I decided to not start colouring it again as the hair was coming in quite pretty. Of course, now it is a mixture of grey and a deeper brown which is darker than my natural colour ever was. I didn’t want the chemical load that dying your hair exposes you to so would never die my hair again. I have gotten it cut to shoulder length a few times and right now it is just below my shoulders but having it too long just is a mess. The individual strands are so fine and overall my hair is much thinner than it was before chemo. I have contemplated a short layered look but so far haven’t worked up the courage to actually go for it. Not sure what is holding me back. Maybe the fact that my hair being so fine now, would require a lot of maintenance and I am just not willing to go there.

Mariah Avatar

I bet it looks beautiful! And think of the $$$ you’re saving not keeping up dye anymore! PLUS, here’s people all over right now trying to have white hair, and I keep saying, naw, I’ll wait until I get it for free someday. My mom has pure white hair now and people complement it all the time, she’s very confused by it, but I just laugh, she doesn’t know how coveted it now is!

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you, Mariah. I have come to terms with it but would be happy if the back were a little grey/whiter. The back is pretty dark underneath. But you are right, so many people complement me on my hair and the fact that it is very shiny. I will never dye my hair again and kind of regret having spent a fortune on it in the past. I mean every six weeks at between $100 and $200 over the years and that is quite a bit of money. Think of the makeup I could buy with that money!!

V Avatar

Would your insurance cover the wig or wigs of your dreams? My last stylist told me to try finding a nice quality wig when I was losing tons of hair. I also have fine hair. Wigs and clip in pieces have been too fussy for me these days but hopefully soon.

Lesley Avatar

I want a sharply cut bob with bangs like Vidal Sassoon did in the 60’s, kind of like what Anna Wi tour has. but I do t have the right hair texture for it, and believe me, I tried for years. It has been short for about six years and was really blah until I put magenta highlights in.

Caslon Avatar

i dyed my whole head silver a couple months back and haven’t looked back – my hair’s naturally black so the root maintenance is hell but the end results are SO worth it. it’s at my waist right now and i don’t really think i want to cut it – as it is the length and thickness is a great blank canvas for all the braids and stuff i love doing.

Mariah Avatar

I wish I could rock a pixie. I have had one ONCE before, and my face shape just doesn’t look good with it. I wish it did. (Also I spent my first week with it with a flu and fever and didn’t get to really experience it!) It also grows so fast, and even though I have bright pink/purple hair and have to re-bleach every 2 months, I still feel like a pixie grows fast. (also I feel like MY hair grows ungodly fast) But I LOVE the feel of nothing on my neck, I feel of just popping out the shower and being almost dry! I have a bob just because I hate drying my hair so much. That, and a bob actually looks great on me. But if I had to choose one haircut/look I could rock, I wish I could rock a pixie!

Jennifer Avatar

I’ve loved my thick, waist length, wavy hair for years. But I needed less hair to brush, clock my vacuum cleaner, detangle, cause headaches if buns aren’t placed and balanced right, mat up, etc. So two days ago I got an undercut and I am so incredibly thrilled. I can still do buns, crown braids, etc but they’re not heavy on my head. The back of my head is fuzzy and weirdly sensitive! It’s undetectable from the front but feels a million times better.

Vittoria Avatar

Something along the lines of Yoldani Visser (because I’m comfortable being level 13 blonde with bangs) but a little more like a femme Chelsea… 70s and relaxed with more length in the back/crown.

Kristen Avatar

I’d love to dye my hair lavendar or light blue but my hair is so dark it takes soooo much bleaching that it destroys my hair. I have curly hair and I did one little streak a few years ago and it just fried my hair and destroyed my curl in that section ? Maybe when I go all gray I can do the crazy colors!

Alecto Avatar

I wouldn’t make any major changes that required upkeep, as I’m so beyond caring enough about my hair to make a change that required real upkeep. But … assuming the change were magical and my hair maintained itself (and I could alter my features to actually look good with the hairstyle of my choice, including my brows magically changing to coordinate) I’d have raven black hair in a medium-long, messy, metal chick style. In reality, hair that dark would never work on me.

Second choice would be deep red hair, also medium-long, probably retaining my natural waves. But again, this is pure fantasy as I would never seriously consider making a change that would need serious and consistent touch-ups.

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