If you could pick the theme for a makeup collection, what would it be?

If you could pick the theme for a makeup collection, what would it be? What would you name it? Would you have special packaging?


I’d call it Temptalia, duh! I’d want either really pretty pearly white packaging or gunmetal packaging…

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Ooo what a great question. I would name it Vintage love or something like that and the packaging would be porcelain or glass and have hand painted/water color images on the cover. It would be reminiscent of 40’s and 50’s makeup, very classy.

A makeup collection inspired by the artistic period of Impressionism. Presenting “Impressionism!”

Think Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas!

Eyeshadow/Lipglass/Lipstick/Blush colours would come directly from their paintings – soft but sometimes vibrant colours!

As for packaging hmm….it’d be Claude Monet’s Water Lilies painting on the packaging!

Haha…I’m an art student, go figure! Love the impressionists!

Nice question. But kinda hard to pick one, right now maybe I want a gypsy-theme colection. Bohemian packaging. I’m a sucker for both bohemian and gothic stuff. Sth punk & edgy like metal & leather would also be nice for package. Or simply elegant white.

i dont know aBT the name but the packaging would be shiny and purple toned with a sort duochrome..kinda like stars and rockets, a lil lighter or darker =)

i dont know what i’d call it, but i know the theme…. black cream liners with different colours sparkles and bright matte or creme lips. in shiny barbie pink packaging. 😛

I would love to see a Viktor and Rolf team up with MAC! Karl Lagerfeld too, but since he works for Chanel, I don’t see that happen very soon.

A James Bond theme would als be fun. ‘For your Eyes only’ and ‘Diamonds are Forever’ e/s, ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘007’ lipstick, ‘Miss Moneypenny’ lipglass, ‘Goldfinger’ nailpolish, ‘Octopussy’ blush. The packaging could be a nice slick metallic grey or black with a gun on it.

Holly Hobbie would be fun too. I had a real Holly doll when I was little. Or maybe an ‘Old Masters’ collection, with the paintings of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer on the cases.

nice question … infact i wanted to tell u few things which i had in my mind
if mac would launch a collection on u they would name it
“TEMPtealia” coz u love teals ….
and mac would include the following things in the collection
collection name – TempTEALia
blush – margin
lipstick – mari sheeno
paint pot – soft ochre
pigment – teal
brush – 226 , 239
quad – ? (MAC Freshwater – a medium dark blue frost),
christeal (MAC Shimmermoss – a shimmery dark teal),
? (MAC Juxt – a summery yellow-green),
? (MAC Shroom – highlighter)
hey christine i do wanna hear ur comments on this

In honor of the premiere last night, I’d have the LOST collection. Colors you’d find on an island mixed with neutrals, so you look like you’re not wearing TOO much makeup while stranded! The makeup colors would be earthy, but the packaging would be industrial looking, to represent the plane and the inner workings of the island. Yes, I am a geek. Stop judging me :p

Ooh, this is interesting. I don’t know what I’d call mine, but it would be pretty and flowery (bit like Rose Romance) with gorgeous bright pinks and purples and pretty patterns on the powders/eyeshadows. I’d also include some gorgeous MSFs just cause I love them, lol. 🙂

I would call mine Je Ne Sais Quoi. It would consist of bright sparkly (no fallout) eye colors, blushes, and foundations made with powder textures as smooth as cream. I would have royal blue packaging with rhinestones, zippers, and chains.

mine would be called cirque de freak, and it would be all carnival/ circus themed. the packeging would be red aand white striped ( like a big circus tent) and the colors would range from really bright and unusual to dark and dingy.

I’m awful at naming things, so I’d be rather clueless there.

I’d do either a vintage themed collection with a lot of dusty rose, deep plums, reds, with gold shimmers(not BRIGHT gold, just soft antique gold). Packaging would be either matte black, or matte gunsilver, with a printed black lace pattern over top. Oh, and lip stains/cream blushes would be a MUST.

Or a OMG BRIGHT collection with just basic, blendable, primary colors in palettes, or creams/shadesticks/paintpots for basing under such colors, preferably with glitters to go over top. I’d also love it to include those colors for lips. Its soooo hard to find a nice solid BRIGHT BLUE lipstick or whatnot. Obviously, this is not really a “day look” friendly idea, but it would be fun to do it with really arty/experimental themes. Maybe design a couple of crazy sculptural false eyelashes to go with it.

omg, fantastic question…here are my ideas:

1. persephone collection. the packaging would be cobalt blue with gold greek key edging. the colors would be insipred by pomegranates…lots of sheer, juicy reds.

2. kawaii collection. the packaging would be hot pink and girly and the products would all be miniature sized. colors would be neon and fun.

I think I would call mine Cosmic Theory Cosmetics and the whole thing would be very, like, celestial/outerspace themed. Everything would have edgy, futuristic looking packaging and the products would be named things like, Bizzare Quasar and Quantum Singularity. Not that I’ve ever thought about this before. lol! :DE

I think I’d opt to go the MAC route and change my brand’s packaging depending on the season/line…vintage is always super cute, but NARS has fantastic packaging and it’s super modern.

As far as themes go, maybe something cute from the twenties? It was a very fun, chic time and the makeup would be vintage but still very accessible.

No sure about the name, but the colors would be inspired by a pale/muted English country garden. Lipsticks would be soft, semi-matte pinks, berries and pale peaches, eyeshadows would be quiet, sheer palattes of greys, blues, forest green with sheer highlighter colors of very pale pink and cream. Eyeliners would be creamy pencils in matte khaki and gray. Jeez, I wish I could actually do this, lol!

Apologies to the mac fans out there (don’t hate me), but I wasn’t really drawn to mac’s packaging. When I was younger, I just steered away from the mac counter often only to seek out stila instead. I don’t know, maybe it’s cause mac really isn’t that huge of a deal where I live. I always thought that mac’s packaging just looked substandard and sharp & harsh, like the using their makeup would actually injure your skin, lol.

Sorry I didn’t read the question properly. I’d do a big, wide-range Grace Jones collection as the stars of today are ripping her off, I’d love to see a company like MAC bring her and her name to the forefront, it’s long overdue!

off the top of my head i think it would be funny if Mac came out with a LA DEE DAA collection (lol) it can feature items that begin or end with that …e,g eyeshadow La la, Da Bling, Brick o La lipstick.,

A Pirate collection, yarrrrr!
Bold but natural colors: black and white (Jolly Roger!), red (blood), blue and green (sea), and of course gold!

Well, I have no idea what to name it but my theme would have a four quartered approach – each to pay homage to different types of woman.

Say, Demure – pretty pinks and pastels, neutral eyeshadows, soft pink and peach blushes, shimmery glosses and apricot, pink and nude lipsticks all called names like All Dolled Up, Pretty Pink Princess Palette (a bit corny, I know!), Flutter-by and Milkmaid.

Bitchy – strong reds, silver/grey and black/brown shades, deep eyeshadows, matte liners and blushes, red and plum based lipsticks and highly pigmented glosses with names like Stroppy, Don’t Mess With Me, Sarcastic Cow, Take A Number and Get In Line.

Enlightened – modern, bright fun pops of color, teals, purples, silver, blues and pinks. Shimmer and matte eyeshadows, dolly pink and fuchsia blushes, sparkly eye liners, bright cream lipsticks in corals, pinks and glittery lip glosses. Called things like Twinkletoes, Dancefloor Queen, Pop Princess, Sea Goddess, Petal Powerpuff and Love? or Lust? Lilac.

Earth Mother – classic earthy tones – taupes, browns, golds, greens with metallic touches. Deep neutral shades, matte base colours, tawny blushes and bronzers, metallic brown and khaki liners, nude, bronze and brown based lipsticks and glosses, all named Gaia, Isis, Aphrodite, Witching Hour, Sunset Siren, Volcanic Vixen and Tectonic Tramp.

It would be SO fun!

Water Lily theme I think. The colors would be light pinks and some nudes. The designs would have big pink and white lilies on the packaging. The blush would have the water lily on the blush with darker pinks and lighter pinks mixed together. The compact would open up like a lily or at least the outside would look like a lily.

Ooooh, I would choose a theme inspired by the obnoxious luxuries of French royalty. The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles! Chandeliers! Marie Antoinette! I’m thinking gold compacts with big mirrors, perhaps some engraved designs or precious stones…..

And I would like to copyright this idea, by the way!! LOL.

I’m going to go with the answer my inner nerd is just screaming to get out.

It would definitely be a fantasy theme line…and I’d call it something like “Faerie” by My Name Here. It would have two lines to it and you would be able to pick and choose amongst them to mix and match. A day line with bright, vibrant colors, and a night line with darker, smoky, mysterious shades. I would forgo the girly packaging though so it doesn’t look like its for little girls and instead use something simple but substantial in a deep purple. I love purple.

Sakura collection! Just because I love Cherry Blossoms. It would be like pink and white colors obviously, but also like a springy feel to some of the stuff since they bloom in the spring.

The packaging would be a glossy black with a small branch of cherry blossoms printed on it which would be hand drawn by a Japanese artist. 🙂

I’m not sure what I’d call it, but it would have super bright, colorful, and highly pigmented colors, and the packaging would be adorable. Perhaps light pink with rainbow colored swirly stuff.

I would make a collection called Yin and Yang. And it would be like a 2 part collection. Kinda how Spring Color Forecast is. Of course the packaging would be black and white. And one side of the collection will have all girly daytime colors and the other side will girly but more dark colors for the night time. Cause day and night are opposite.

I will definitely have to go with a Grace Jones theme for MAC. My collection will consist of iconic, flawless, fierce and not afraid to be noticed types of looks. The packaging will be chic, of course. Something like that would be fabulous in my opinion…for those of us who are into edgy and daring looks.

I would create a Disney Princess Collection….. it would have pink/glittery/cute (Princess!!!) packaging, of course!!!

PS: I’d be first in line for the Temptalia collection debut!!! hehe

I would like a Dream Girls, R&B, or Motown collection w/ lots of browns, golds, bronze like colors. The packaging would be gold holographic.

I would love to create a line that’s inspired by romance. I include lots of reds, pinks, and golds 🙂 I would include gold because love is beautiful and rare 🙂

What a fun, fun question. I wish MAC or someone else would hold some kind of contest!

My collection would be called Urbanist Culture and draw its naming and packing inspiration from graffiti/street art. I see Black, dark gray, or white packaging with a neon-colored graffiti scribbles all over it (maybe in collaboration with a well-known hiphop brand or artist!)… with lots of bright, bold fun colors.

Possible names??
Concrete Jungle
Don’t Bite This
No More Drama Mama
Art Crimes
Homemade Ink
Tagger’s Block
Da Bomb
No Diggity

Launch name: “Rad”

I would have all 80’s themed makeup but in a more current way. I would have it include hot bright colors and lots of matte eyeshadows and lipsticks. I would create matte bright colored nailpolish as well as creamy matte bases. My packaging would be bright neon colors with spray paint lettering of MAC. That would be totally awesome!

I’d call my theme Grand Bazaar after the huge tented Turkish market in Istanbul. You can find everything from leather to lokum (Turkish Delight). The adjacent Spice market has an unending array of spices which I would take inspiration from to name the different cosmetic colors. I would package everything in a clear see-through packaging reminiscent of the beautiful crystal Turkish tea sets. It would also have gold printed designs similar to the designs found on handmade Turkish pottery.

Wizard of Oz Collection. Red lip (with matching nail color of course!) and a sweet cheek color for dorothy, an amazing silver shadow for the tin man, bronze/golden shades for the cowardly lion, maize and earthy colors for the scarecrow, and lots of greens for the emerald city 🙂

I wouldn’t know what I would call mine but it would definitely be an organic naturally-colored makeup line, also the packaging would be in the likeness of pearlized seashells, with actual pearls when you open the case. Or like something that resembles ancient greek & egyptian architecture. Also, the colors would be inspired by ancient iconic beauty, like helen of troy, cleopatra. Also, the collections would be based on actually folklore & mythology like sirens, sea creatures and stuff.

I don’t know what I’d call it, but the packaging would be very sleek, with gunmetal or metallic purple packaging, and lots of smooth, matte colors in primary and secondary shades–pure red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple–as well as tertiary shades, and some dark duochromes. I suppose I’d call it Gothic Spectrum or something, ha ha.

they should come out with a evil and nice disney collection, from the evil and nice characters from the disney movies. it would be perfect if it came out in halloween.evil witches and princess.
also mac should have a 50s style theme- like characters like elvis, marylne monroe, james dean.
someone mentioned a james bond theme , with uber cute names to it – u go girl!
its too bad i missed the barbie collection – they should come out with a barbie sequel!=)naughty and nice in the winter time!
alice in wonderland collection – since theirs so much hype about it.
wizard of oz collection.
lisa frank collection- it may sound gay, but i actually used to collect their stickers and stationary- they were so vibrant and colorful, with alot of diff animals!
someone did mention an artist collection- with van goh and claude monet- but they already did a mac artist collection , so they prob wont do it.
how about an insect collection- that would be cool, havent seen that before- with spiders, butterflies, praying mantus, beetles.
i actually wish mac came out with more le collections that have diff packaging from their reg black line- it would be more worth it and feel like an actual special LE collection…….MAC ARE U LISTENING?!!

I’d do a Goddess collection devoted to the ladies of Greek myth. Each goddess would have products in a fitting color scheme with clever symbolic names to match. For example:

The Athena collection would be full of burnished coppers, golds and bronze, with names like Aegis, Pallas, Owl, Lady of War etc.

The Hera collection would consist of deep, rich peacock colors of purples, blues and greens with names like The Peacock Quad, Jealous Lady, Queen, Divine Wrath, etc.

The Aphrodite collection would be chock full of soft pearlized pinks with seafoam and mint greens, with names like Love and Beauty, Laughter Loving, Adonis, Lovey Dovey, etc. (Aquadesiac and Pink Venus would have to be included lol.)

The Artemis collection would be filled with ethereal moonlit white, silver and lavender with names like Moonlight, Diana, Lunar Lady, Silver Arrow, Huntress, Virginal White, etc.

The Persephone collection would consist of an array of gothic smoked-out eye colors in muted black, charcoal, sage and plum, with a selection of the most juicy looking range of pomegranite red lipsticks and lipglasses imaginable, along with some extremely pale pearl ones, with names like Pomegranite (of course!), Kore, Underworld, Grenadine, Duality, Hades’ Lady, etc.

Lastly, the Demeter collection, full of various shades greens, yellows, and earth tones, with names like Seedling, Earth Mother, Barley Water, Good Goddess, Corn Dolly, etc.

Lol it’s a lot but that was fun!!!

Awesome! I’d be all over Athena, Hera and Demeter! I love the idea of goddess-themed makeup. I’d want to take it to the extreme and feature goddesses from all sorts of cultures, like Mesoamerica, Africa, Eastern Europe, and so on. That’d be pretty ambitious, but it IS a fantasy collection, after all.

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