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I would say Urban Decay! They make really fun products and alot of different items so I think it would be pretty awesome! (:

MAC-there is *alot* I would change… There are several other brands I really love (NARS, LORAC, UD, L’Oreal, tarte), however, I’m enjoying what they’ve been doing, so I’d leave it up to them to continue what it is they’re doing.

Also, while not a “beauty brand” (although they own several), I’d choose Proctor & Gamble, just so I could bring Max Factor back to North America, and drop the prices on CoverGirl.

Burberry! Except I love what they’re doing, so I don’t know as I’d want to be responsible for continuing that output.

For me, it would have to be UD. I love their formulas, and I love their products in general really and for the most part I think they do an amazing job. But lately, especially after the new eyeshadow formula was released, it seems like they’re dropping a lot of their unique colours and going more to the side of the neutrals. I love UD because I can get the crazy colours I adore, and while the neutrals are great I don’t want to lose colours like Strip and Honey.

A nail polish brand… maybe Zoya because I love the naming system and they have great formulas and colors. It’d be a challenge to come up with new color, but I could try. For make-up I’d choose MAC, just to make more lipstick colors. I hate they have colors that go away.

I would love to make some changes to MAC and UD. I don’t mind the *amount* of collections MAC puts out, but I’d try to help them cut down on the embarrassing ones. For UD, I’d put out a fabulous Naked3 that has COOL TONES. Seriously, the first two Nakeds are so similar, I don’t know why people bother owning both. Otherwise… er, maybe I’d also like to own Illamasqua. I wouldn’t change a thing; I’d just like to get it all for free.

If I could have a beauty brand…Id have to research one that is:
-100 percent natural
-100 percent cruelty free
– 10 percent of profits go to charity
– 100 of packaging is recycled

This may sound far fetched and unrealistic, but I think in the future ALL beauty brands will be like this…well in an ideal future anyway.

Is it cheating if I say LVMH ?
So I could own so many at once.
Such as Guerlin, MUFE, Dior, Benefit and so many more….

Urban Decay. Amazing quality products but lately they’ve been going off in kind of an “eh” direction. They’re releasing fewer unique colors and putting out some boring stuff that you could find at your local drugstore. I would put the creativity back in the brand I love so much. I would put out more individual eyeshadows, make palettes with fewer repeated colors and do something about that damned glitter that they feel the need to shove into every other eyeshadow. I love sparkle, but the fall-out is infuriating. I’d also put out more individual colors of the 24/7 eyeliners. *drools*

MAC, so that I could change a few things that bother me and release collections that are really good.

Illamasqua… well, because itΒ΄s Illamasqua!

Benefit! ’cause I love their packagings, the way they call the products and of course the quality! But I must say that I would change something especially I would create more sets and more and more colours of eyeshadows have to be added to the brands!!

While it’s tempting to name one of the luxury brands (then I could own everything they make!), I think I’d really love to own TheBalm!!! The company is very small and not a lot of people seem to know of their products and here in Canada, I’ve only seen it sold at ONE store in my city. They make some totally amazing cosmetics and the names are very witty and clever. If I owned the company, I’d release some of their shadows individually (Insane Jane, for starters) and tidy up the line and work to make it more visible and well-known. Of course, I have no idea how to do that but we’re just dreaming, right?

If it meant owning the whole collection, then of course Guerlain! But Urban Decay would be really fun too – their colors are just outrageous (in a good way), and putting together palettes would be so much fun.

Lovely question! I would love to own my own mid end to high end brand and develope my dreams and ideas πŸ˜€ . If it had to be an already existing brand it would be either Chanel or Ysl…lol what a huge responsability I would have on my shoulders in that case πŸ˜› .

MAC for sure!! I’d put an end to the endless stream of collections with sub-standard quality products and make some of the popular LE products permanent, to give everyone a chance to buy them (Stereo Rose for example). One of the biggest peeves about this brand is the price- gouging that takes place on E-bay the instant items sell out, not to mention the knock- offs. Having a plentiful supply available is one step in trying to prevent these issues.

My 2nd choice would be MAC and for the very reason you outlined. Stop the shoddy parade of collections every 5 minutes. Make the really sought after shades permanent and stop messing with your customers and treating them like they’re only valued as pawns whose heads you can mess with.

I would like to get my hands on Chanel. It used to be a brand that was classical yet avant garde — the brand that brought us Vamp and Hysteria lipstick, Crystal Blue Glossimer, the eye glosses from the 2009 Venice Collection!! Love them or hate them, they were =different=. And if you worked with the products, you could achieve looks that were absolutely unique. Alas, now they produce yet more highlighting powders (one of those will last anyone a lifetime), unimaginative nude lip colours (when will that particular trend be dead and buried??), boring nail colours (beige? seriously?), =another= gold eye shadow, and the derelict Brad Pitt as the face/voice of Number 5 (the dolt who chose his “wardrobe” and wrote the copy for that advertising needs to be sacked). Yes, I am ready to take over. πŸ˜‰

I remember Vamp and Hysteria! I so badly wanted those when I was younger but I didn’t think spending that much on a lippy was worth it =C(back then anyway!) I’m so glad someone else mentioned these! I wish I could go back and buy the whole collection hahah

Do not get me started on the Brad Pitt campaign. (As though they’d even think to let a woman look that terrible in an advertisement!) It’s an insult to the company and the consumer to produce something that poor.

MAC!! It was my first real venture away from drugstore, and it was my first makeup love, so it’s sad to see watered down products and boring, low quality collections. I would love to see MAC great again.

Other than that, I want to create a few palettes for UD! I want to create a predominately cool-toned Naked palette, which I’d probably do half with finishes that are more on the low shine side and then half that have more shine. I also want to create another Naked palette with about 8 mattes and 4 others (2 satin, 2 matte bases with slight sparkle). The last palette would be an all matte shadow palette with mostly bold colors.

MAC, so I could straighten it out. It’s still probably my favorite brand because of their charity, the unique shades they put out and the price point (which despite increases is still pretty good). They need to lower their nail polish price, stop discontinuing solid products and as most people probably agree, put quality over quantity! Or at least be more consistent. Not to mention stop creating hype and then failing to deliver enough stock.

Benefit. I love their products and they look like a fun brand to work for, so that’s something I’d want to continue. As others have said, I’d expand the eyeshadow range. Also, when sets are released, I’d make sure that all the items are able to travel separately. So many times I’ve seen their sets that keep you married to the giant box for the eyeshadows or something like that.

Christine you should totally own/ create your own make up .. And I don’t know about own but I would love to spend the day at Bobbi Brown Head quarters . Ohhh that would be fun. πŸ™‚

Chanel. They make a good product, but they do need some updating. Or MAC, for the reasons previously cited, get rid of the price gouging, supply and demand, but they are creative! Or, Bobbi Brown, she seems to have a company that is run on good ethics.

I thought about this for days and then it hit me – Illamasqua you fool! They are so me. I’ve been actually disappointed in their past 2 collections so I would make sure they are are more what I think represents the company, crazy colours and that uncaring attitude about what other people think along with good quality products.

The one I dont want to own for sure is Calvin Klein. I have the first version. The third version looks like drugstore brand at HE prices.

I would like th Christian Dior collection. And rename it back to Christian Dior, not just “Dior”. Christian Dior (CD) used to have the neatest collections. Blush and powder duo compacts, those diorific lipstick collection, not just for the holidays, a blusher, shadow set compact, neat color compact other than those 5 colors of non-pigmented mess. And those lipsticks in the original collection was to die for…rich, moisturizing etc.

I’d love either Sugarpill or OCC, I love both their aesthetic and the amazing, quality products they put out. Maybe Tarte as well because I love their products, but I’d want the packaging to be edgier, lol.

BURBERRY!! I absolutely love this line but am not fond of the heavy cases of the blushes,eyeshadows and lipsticks.
I would change the material of all the cases and they would become much slimmer and so less heavy !
I have English nationality, pale fair skin and good bone structure so I could totally be the face of Burberry too!

Lancome! I like all of their products and they have a huge range of makeup line for me to do any makeup I want.

What an interesting question… I can’t choose between Chanel and Dior. I think they both represent femininity at its best, but might need a little bit of updating if you start to notice that the so called Christmas limited editions start to look very similar to last year collection. Guerlain is another interesting brand, but too focused on exclusive packaging.

Without a doubt Guerlain! πŸ˜€

I love all their lines whether it is make up, perfume or skincare products. And their luxurious packaging is so gorgeous!
Imagine being able to test all their products first before it will be launched, that would be heavenly.

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