If you could only use one brand for eyeshadow, which could you commit to?

Pat McGrath, though I think I might yearn for some core shades as the range is presently setup across palettes, so there are a ton of gaps within what they have. I just gravitate toward shimmers and intense pigmentation, and PMG’s palettes have been what I’ve wanted to reuse most. The other consideration would be Viseart, as they have a pretty diverse range (though not quite as diverse in the permanent range–a lot of the shimmery, colorful shades are in limited edition palettes), but they have a really reliable, easy to use formula. I think if I wanted to say more matte/neutral, Viseart would trump PMG. ColourPop was on my mind briefly, but they discontinue shades so quickly that who knows what there might be to choose from at a given point in time!

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

Oh dear – what a hellish question. If $$$ were no object, I might say Pat McGrath but as she has no singles, maybe not. In all honesty, it’s probably a toss up between ABH and UD because of their awesome palettes and their wide selection of singles. MUFE is a close second because of selection (though I’m not quite as all fired up about the newer iteration of shadows).

Mariella Avatar

…oh, yes, the “reasonable price point” would be an additional bonus. I was so happy when MAC dropped the price of their pro pans but now, I’ve got pretty much all the MAC shadows that I want from their regular line. I sure wish UD would do similar – pro pan versions. And, of course, my fantasy – PMcG singles, pro pan, reasonable price point….if only!

Ariel Riley Avatar


I love the product, the colors, and most importantly, the price! I haven’t quite taken as strongly to their other products, but the eye shadows can’t be beat imho! I can deal with the discontinued shades – if I like one, for a grand total of $20 I can buy 4 😀

Anne Avatar

Because I buy single eyeshadows, search haystacks of products for quality mattes, and don’t stray from my cool, color story shades, there is no one brand that could possibly meet my needs. I cringe at the thought of making a collection from only one brand. I could end up with 5 shades or less. Talk about a minimalist collection!

Sandy Avatar

I love Viseart! I would choose Viseart! lol I use mine almost every day in some form or fashion. But I would be sad to choose. I only have one Pat McGrath mini-palette and I just bought a Colourpop – it’s a princess thing. Wore the CP yesterday and omg, it lasted almost 12 hours!

Erica Avatar

Not that I have that many different brands of eyeshadow I pull from but I would never limit myself to one brand for eyeshadow. If I have to choose, it would be MAC simply bc they offer so many colors, finishes etc and they have so many work horse colors for me that I cannot be without!

thirteenthirteen Avatar

After thinking about it for a minute, my own answer surprises me: Colourpop. I think I would be perfectly happy just using their products, and I’d never be overly concerned about the price.

Alecto Avatar

It would have to be an indie — Aromaleigh. If not that, then *possibly* Make Up For Ever because of the range of finishes and colors, but the sticker shock is strong with that one. If for some reason I became less infatuated with unique colors and finishes, and just wanted good eye shadow in a good range of classic shades (with some pops of color options) and two or three finishes, I’d almost certainly pick Viseart.

Jane Avatar

Thanks for sharing the AromaLeigh. Never have seen or tried, though I have purchased from Femme Fatale Cosmetics (which apparently carries some of there eyeshadows, but I must have missed). They have some beautiful, really stunning colors!

xamyx Avatar

Kat von D Beauty; while there are many things about the brand that turn me off, the primary reason I buy anything is based on the actual product, and her products suit my needs. However, if Melt Cosmetics started making more red shades, I could easily switch over…

Nancy T Avatar

Oh boy, this is a tough one! That said, if MAC were to bring back all those wonderful shades that they’ve axed in recent years, it would be have to be MAC. I love that I can get such perfectly blown out smokey eye looks, as well as more artsy, almost editorial, looks using their permanent eyeshadow line. Unfortunately, they keep getting rid of some of their best permanent shades: Typographic, Copperplate, Vibrant Grape (which I missed out on), Aquadisiac, etc.

Now, having worn a truly kick-butt look yesterday using PMG Metalmorphosis palette and getting loads of compliments and MAC MUA’s asking me what I had on my lids, it *may* be Pat McGrath. But, only if her shadows came as pro pan singles at a truly competitive price per amount of product.

Problematic question, because I also love 95% of all my Viseart shades, many UD shadows, plus, I would NEVER part with either my ND Lila or its mini, either!

brittany Avatar

Currently, my fave shadows are from thebalm. I can basically live off their palettes due to their color scheme, quality, and cohesiveness. I love Colourpop metallic pressed shadows and was so upset when they discontinued a majority of my fave shades (they temporarily brought them back during some limited build your own palette sale). I guess I would say right now it’s really ABH, Buxom, and Colourpop for metallics and thebalm for palettes (kinda rhymed!) ?. I’ve given up on pressed shadows right now and plan on sticking with the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows.

BTW, did we all forget about Urban Decay and Makeup Geek shadows?

Rachel R. Avatar

ACKKKKK! I was dreading this question. lol

I surprised myself by picking Juvia’s Place. They don’t have singles, but I usually buy palettes, anyway. I love everything I have from them. Their shadows have fantastic pigmentation and quality, they have a variety of neutrals and brights, the pans are huge (and often they offer mini-versions of palettes), and the packaging is pretty and functional. Their pricing is very reasonable, and they have frequent sales.

Before the formula change, I would have chosen MUFE Artist Shadows.

Other contenders were Anastasia, Urban Decay, and SugarPill.

Sarah Avatar

I can say with 100% confidence Sugarpill. Every single shade is a knock out and there’s a surprisingly solid amount of neutrals to create looks that are work appropriate. And the rainbow shades? They’re so pigmented and so beautiful that I set them as the benchmark to which other rainbow shades should aspire to perform.

Plus. Pan size. You’re totally getting your money’s worth.

I just. I love Sugarpill so much *sob*

Deborah S. Avatar

Even though I knew this question was coming, I haven’t been able to commit to an answer!!! If I were basing my answer strictly on quality it would be Pat McGrath, hands down. But, no singles, no transition shades or brow bone shades for me in any of her palettes. Based on price point, ColourPop and MAC would win hands down. I love my Viseart, MUFE and ABH shadows but while they are great, good selection, good range of finishes, they don’t excite me like just adding one shadow from Pat does. Who needs a brow bone shade or transition anyway, right? I am going with Pat McGrath and hope that when the eye shadow apocalypse happens she will step up and add singles and lighter shades to her line and I will be able to get what I want!!!

Stefanie Avatar

Definitely Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have Modern Renaissance and it’s everything I need to create a warm toned look. I also use their Aurora Glow Kit as shiny eyeshadows too. I love all of the ABH palettes, each new one that comes out looks amazing.

Genevieve Avatar

You are absolutely right about ColourPop discontinuing shades so quickly, it’s really quite bizarre when they are great standout or popular shades.
However, I would find it hard to commit to just one brand but either Urban Decay or bareMinerals Ready formula would be my go to brand(s).

Denise S. Avatar

My answer is similar to Christine’s, Pat McGraft eye shadows are so well done and pigmented that I could be happy with just using them. Viseart’s a close second and Natasha Denona 3rd. Honorable mention to Juvia’a Place and Colored Raine, lol. So many brand that I enjoy wearing glad I don’t have to choose.

Helene Avatar

I’d have to go with MAC again. I can live using just their permanent range. I would miss Pat McGrath a lot though. I also love my one palette from Viseart, the Neutral Matte one.
While I really like ABH MR and a lot of other brands I don’t think I’d miss them as much.
Sometimes I think I have reached my limit when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. I don’t get as excited as I used to, it must be something really special to make me (silently) scream, I want this!

Jane Avatar

Easy decision here, since I don’t have any Pat McGrath (and would like to change that based on all I’ve seen online and read), it would be Natasha Denona. I don’t think I’d miss anything with her line, though I don’t have all of her palettes nor have I bought any singles (the only one I’ve wanted to buy is the Blackest Black single).

Silvia Avatar

Colour Pop for sure love both super shock and pressed powder ones. WetnWild many satisfies my winky winners also. But this is a brutal question (as we called the course after running the beautiful Big Sur marathon Lol!) as I can’t neglect the nice expensive ones also! Yikes!

Ally Avatar

Sydney Grace hands down is a brand that I could commit too. I love the formulas, color range and price point. MAC would be the runner up for formula range and color range. I couldn’t commit to a brand that only has palettes.

Z. Avatar

Ou, this is tricky. Maybe too faced. I love their peach palettes (both sweet peach and peachy mattes) and although I’ve never tried their chocolate bar palettes, I know they’re good. Perhaps also Anastasia, but I find their formula more hit and miss and I don’t like as many of their curated palettes, but I’m sure I could get by on their single shadows.

I was also tempted to say tarte or natasha denona, but while I love tarte’s formula, they just don’t have enough palettes that suit my taste, and I like what I’ve tried of ND, but I don’t think I’ve tried enough to commit to the brand forever.

I haven’t tried PMG, but if she had more neutral/core palettes (though that doesn’t seem to be her vibe) I’d be tempted to try those as I’ve only heard good things.

Bonnie Avatar

My top 2 are Huda Beauty and Colourpop. Both wear all day and my look stays where I put it. No muddying of colors as the day goes on or crease grease leaving one eye with just a lashline color.

I think Colourpop might have the slight edge because their selection is more extensive and, duh, they’re so much more affordable. These questions, for me, take that into account. No one said we’re getting our chosen brand for free, so it’s got to be something I’d actually want to buy often.

That said, there are a few brands I pretty much buy every palette from and would be okay with being my sole provider: Colourpop, Huda, Two Faced, BH, Jeffree Star, and ABH…in that order I think. I have no bad experiences with any of the above.

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