If you could only use one brand for concealer, which could you commit to?

Even though I haven’t been using any concealers from NARS lately, they have great concealers (I really enjoy Radiant Creamy Concealer and the Soft Matte Complete) in the range presently and have been a leader in concealer formulas AND in shade ranges for years so I feel like I could commit and trust that I’d be happy with their options over time.

— Christine
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Another category I have very little meaningful experience with. I can’t answer this question because the only concealers I use are an indie mineral powder concealer for spots, and Touche Eclat for undereye. I have the KvD concealer for “highlighting” (lightening the tone of shadowy areas like at the corner of my mouth and the sides of my nose), but I rarely use it. I don’t know enough about any one brand’s concealers to have an answer, but I’m interested to see others’ answers.

Yup. I would rather go without than use anything else. It’s the only one that doesn’t make my undereye area actually look worse.

I do a two step under my eyes with Born this Way and NARS matte so tough call. I would probably go with the Too Faced since I use it on the rest of my face and as an eye primer as well.

I have three issues under my eyes: I have deep inner corner eye grooves with discolouration/shadows, soft pads of skin directly under my irises halfway between my lower lash line and orbital bone that are slighly puffy and discoloured. I also have a darker ‘trough’/hollow on the very outer part of my orbital bone just above my cheekbones .

I prep skin and lay down a thin layer of Elf studio hydrating under eye primer with a tapping motion. I take a small amount of TF BTW concealer in Porcelain on the back of my hand and with a MAC duo fiber 287 and essentially lay down a thin base layer over the entire area. I use pinky to then tap it in.

I follow up with the NARS matte in Creme Brulee with a (can’t read the number.. the triangular concealer brush- 185?) and apply by pushing into just areas where I have discolouration still peaking through base. I apply in thin taps. I diffuse and buff out the NARS matte with a Marc Jacobs The Conceal brush.

I set with Laura Geller bal ‘n brighten in Porcelain with a Wayne Goss air brush or Zoeva 134.

I get absolutely no creasing and the area stays perfectly set all day/night. I use this method for days where I am wearing greater coverage foundations. If I am wearing lighter cover, I tend to just use the BTW directly on the discolourations only. Imo, full concealer looks totally weird paired with light to TM level bases.

Hi Christine: I’m having major problems with posting comments on Temptalia with both my iPad and iPhone running iOS 12.1 . It’s essentially hit or miss; mostly miss. I am on my laptop PC (which is on its last legs) right now. I sent a form into Temptalia using my iPad regarding the issue, but I do not know whether or not it was received.

I typed a lengthy response to this post and it essentially disappeared. I subsequently tried to post/answer about a dozen times and while each time it appeared to accept my comment, it would totally vapourize. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now.

I’ll ask my dev to look into it, but I have no idea why that would be (the comments are more of a core WordPress function, so we haven’t mucked with how it processes as far as I’m aware). Thank you for letting me know!

Okay, I think I found the problem!

For some reason, a comment was marked as spam (it’s an automated plugin that does that) – no idea why, it’s accurate 99% of the time with the most junky comments with 25 links – but you SHOULD be able to comment going forward as I removed your comments from spam. (It does learn.) So, all the comments were going through but getting automatically put into spam, hence it looking like it went through but disappearing.

Hey Christy: Technical issues with my replies and I lost my long detailed rambling reply. Here’s a condensed version:

1. ELF studio eye primer – thin layer under eyes entire area. Tap in with pinky.
2. Small amount of BTW concealer on back of hand (Porcelain shade for me). MAC duo fiber brush 287 to diffuse a small amount over entire undereye area.
3. MAC 195 concealer brush to apply NARS matte (Creme Brule for me) only to areas where darkness prevails through the BTW layer. I dab into my trouble areas/shadows with the product in thin lines with a more intense application. I have deep inner eye troughs, a bit of a puffy bag mid lower eye above orbital bone, and a deeper groove on outer eye at orbital bone
4. Buff the Nars with Marc Jacobs The Conceal brush.
5. Set with Laura Gellar Balance ‘n Brighten (shade porcelain for me) with Zoeva 134 brush.

Totally crease proof for me. Lasts forever.

I only wear this combo with a medium to full coverage foundation. I use just the BTW concealer with lighter foundations/tm’s on my trouble spots. I think full conceal looks weird with lower coverage products on the rest of the face.

I’d have to say MAC for shade and formula range. Nars would be a very close second. I’m currently using Makeup Revolution but I haven’t been using it long enough to say that I could commit to that brand. MAC I have repurchased the most from.

LOL I’d find one that actually does what I want it to and use that, instead of my current strategy, which is not using any of the dozen or so I own.

Yes to that! Sounds exactly like my situation. I do think Shape Tape is the best I have, but the colour isn’t the best. And the search goes on 🙂

Because I use the one well-known dupe for Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, and it the *only* one that is fairly kind to my aging undereye area, but doesn’t break me out when I use it on either side of my nose to cover rosacea, I really love this type of formula! Therefore, it would have to be one or the other. Nars or Maybelline.

Nancy, I will have to try the Maybelline. We like similar products but different colors except we both love fun eyeshadows. I do like the NATS concealers.

I don’t really have a HG concealer. I am always trying new ones in hopes of finding one that covers my hyper-pigmentation without looking cakey. I picked up a couple with my last haul from Korea and I really love both of them but not practical to “have” to purchase from Korea if I was only going to use one brand. I would have said Tarte Shape Tape a while ago but since boycotting Tarte I haven’t replaced my nearly gone tube. I would have to go with Nars or MAC. The MAC pro-long-wear concealer is a pretty good formula for me. The Nars is the perfect shade, is nice and creamy so doens’t emphasize my undereye bags but it doesn’t have the best coverage over my hyperpigmentation.

Definite No’s: IT Bye Bye Undereye concealer, much to thick.

Want to try: Jouer, Lancome Effernesce, YSL.

I feel like I’d want to try out more brands before I fully commit, though I may be tempted to say tarte just because shape tape is the only concealer I’ve repurchased multiple times. However I’ve never tried the radiant cc from nars, so I’d want to try that before committing to tarte, I think.

I need an annex for all the concealers. Given time, i’d Layer ~4 products. Fab triple duty, primer/usually Smashbox, corrector/Becca, and concealer. Have tried all the majors, except Cle and Sisley. Was late to the NRCC train, and not heavily in love. Kvd, UD are just wrong. Julep, that I used only as foundation, is pretty decent. But my fave has to be MUR. This is under eye only. Don’t sculpt/correct face with concealer. I must have $500 worth of u/e products, and like the cheapest one best.

I don’t know that I could. My “holy grail” concealer used to be Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer. I kept the last drops of it just to see if I could match it and never remembered to take it with me when testing. I really like L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Radiant Concealer too. And recently I tried and am using Benefit’s Boing Corrector (though it’s just that for me a corrector), and with the right foundation, I don’t need a concealer when I use it. Overall, I just haven’t found the perfect one for me and remain fickle concerning this product.

I have such a hard time finding a color/undertone match that doesn’t oxidize or slide off my oily face, that I don’t know if I could realistically do this. If the one I currently use gets discontinued, I may not have an option in another line by the same brand.

Right now, I’d say NYX. Their Photogenic Concealer Wand in Alabaster is light and neutral enough for me, and it has good coverage.

The same goes for Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in Bavarian Cream, but it costs more and is not CF. That’s what I get when the NYX one is sold out everywhere, though.

Mac is good, but I’m always on the lookout for something that’s better on my aging under eyes. Then there is the hyper pigmentation on my face it just seems I just never can get to the point of quite blurring it right out. It’s just under where I put my blush and I feel it draws your attention to it. Ugh!

I feel your pain, Brenda. No matter how many layers of concealer, foundation, colour corrector or anything else I put over my hyperpigmentation, it never really wipes it out and I swear, even when it does by the time I am done with my other makeup, hair and getting dressed it will be shining through again. I have had it so perfectly covered and then within an hour it has eaten all the product and looks like I didn’t do anything to cover it. What a pain and how I wish I had known about sun damage back when I was sunbathing everyday!!

I’ve been in a test flight rotation of 5 concealers for the last month. Tarte Shape Tape, Jouer Essential High Coverage, Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define and Cover Fx Power Play and Hello Fab Bendy Avocado.

So far, my rankings are: Tarte, Cover Fx, Makeup Revolution, Jouer, Hello Fab.

I’m open for challengers.

Maybelline. I’ve been using their concealer for years (2 different formulas), and when the first formula was discontinued, it was easy to find its equivalent.

I started collecting a few to find out the right fit in color/consistency. I like the Maybelline Fit Me Instant Age Rewind i melt all of the concealers my fingers and apply it only under eyes that is if i remember to! Also like the WetnWild tubes actually their 808 Nude for Thought illuminating concealer stick as well as their 800 When the Nude Starts works on me also as concealer. Oh! The Cover Girl one is not bad in a blue case but I find it thicker than these other ones although it covers well. But concealer and primera I don’t use regularly at all. Primer on eyes only since they help shadow last longer on my hooded eyes. If I feel it showing cakey, thick or just heavy I’d rather not bother. The best concealer which would work wonders on me would be to go to sleep early I’m a natural owl and being binge watching Netflix lately catching up on a few series. No good! I know but I love the peace and cozy resting at night now that is supposedly winter in S. California some sort of winter with uncontrolled fires. Feeling awful for those loosing their homes, lives, pets right nearing Thanksgivings. :Air quality has been bad for all. No running outdoors I’ll loose my mind. 🙁

I’ve mnot found my HG of concealers yet. I do really like NARS but always looking for more. I don’t like IT undereye for me as it seems to be splotchy no matter what I do. I’ve used the IT brush too. I lile YST Touche Eclat too but it’s pricy and not perfect for everything. I have older dry skin but few wrinkles. Need for undereye and around nose.

Bobbi Brown has been my go-to concealer for a long time, including the cream and liquid forms,, and products that conceal,like the retouching wands. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away will be my go-to when the BB Retouching Wands are discontinued.

NARS would probably be my choice. I have both the creamy radiant and soft matte and like them equally. My number two choice is the Mac concealers that come in the six pan palette. I’ve actually hit pan on it and it’s unusual for me to finish much of anything as I have so much.

In this order: Shape Tape, Nars Radiant, NYX HD, and Too Faced Multi use sculpting, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. VDL Liquid cushion is my new HG primer to use before any of these and the make it even better.

I love Shape Tape, LOVE it. This winter my skin has been super dry (I’m usually more combination/oily) so I tried the new coverfx concealer because it has amazing reviews on Sephora. I would say that it works better under my eyes. So I use Tarte Shape Tape for other parts of my face, but the new CoverFX concealer for my undereye area to prevent creasing/wrinkling/drying out.

Cle de Peau concealer and radiant corrector. But after reading everyone’s comments— I want to also try both Tarte shape tape and Charlotte Tilbury! I’m always open to anything that works!

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