If you could have a professional makeup artist apply your makeup for you every day, would you?

If you could have a professional makeup artist apply your makeup for you every day, would you? Or would you rather apply it to yourself?

No way! It’s a nice treat, but a lot of the fun of makeup is playing with it!

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Terri Avatar

Nope!!! But I WOULD gladly have my hair done every day…..that’s not fun for me. But makeup? It’s not just the end product, it’s the whole experience for me.

Kelsey Avatar

Not a chance! I doubt I would even let a makeup artist do my makeup on a special day (i.e., my wedding day), let alone every day. One of the joys in life for me is putting on my makeup, and feeling proud of what I’ve created. Or receiving compliments and being able to say, “Yep, I did that.” I wouldn’t want to take that away from myself.

Angel Avatar

Patrick Ta. His makeup is always so well blended and glowing! He can do natural as well as dramatic. I just LOVE staring at his Instagram.

Joanna Avatar

nah…I like putting on my own make up
but I’d love a professional hair dresser to do my hair everyday though..I’m so bad at curling/styling hair

artemis Avatar

IDK, I very very rarely let people see me w/o make-up….and also, I wouldn’t want someone poking at my eyes or accidentaly hurt a pimple or something….If she/he(hehe, ideally a straight he lol but not atm as I have a boyfried 😀 maybe I’ll teach him how to do it….but we see eachother very rarely) is gentle and uses very soft tools(softer than mac-my mom’s eyes hurt from their brushes), then I would let the make-up artist apply my eye and lip make-up, face powder and under-eye concealer, maybe highlighter, too, BUT I wouldn’t let anyone apply foundation and blush on my cheeks unless it’s on a clear and non-irritated spot…like maybe my nose and upper lip.

I would only want them to do it to save time 😛

Alana Avatar

I think that this varies from person to person. Us make-up gurus would of course decline this opportunity, but I know some people who see putting on make-up more of a chore than playtime, so those type of people would find having their own make-up artist very convenient.

Carla Avatar

Probably not on an everyday basis, but it might be fun to at least have it done once by a pro, just to see if he/she can do better with my face than I can. I really like the way I apply my own makeup, and I’m always getting compliments/requests for advice.
Besides, it’s FUN to do it myself! 🙂

Leila Avatar

Haha, I think this is totally the wrong place to expect an answer other than “no”. We’re all here because we find doing makeup a joy. I like doing my makeup, it’s a nice pick-me-up. It’s fun and totally frivolous like many other activites, but with an outcome that can make us look polished, feel better and put together. That said, I’m not opposed to the occasional professional application, it’s always great for new ideas and techniques, but take away a little bit of joy from me in an ordinary day? No way.

Speaking of people who find makeup a chose, I can honestly never understand why they bother wearing it. Makeup is fun, a luxury, something to play around with, not a necessity. Unless it’s a part of your job to wear it, why go to the trouble and expense? As much as I love makeup, I still find certain things tedious, such as foundation or concealer application. I guess I’ll never understand the thinking the we “must” wear makeup.

zainab Avatar

It’s kind of tempting because I could look flawless and have someone to talk to (who isn’t saying hurry up, we’e going to be late). But I don’t think I need to look amazing everyday and I like honing my skills.

Keri Avatar

I totally would. I can manage most everything but eyes are terribly frustrating. I’m blind in one of them, and it’s a nightmare to apply eyeliner and any sort of complex eye shadow. And by complex, I mean more than a wash on the lid and a browbone highlight. Also as I age, the blind eye is starting to lose tone in the facial muscles around it. A makeup artist could probably help correct this with the right contouring.

mari Avatar

Here, here, Amblyopic here! one eyeball bigger than the other. I cry at lovely shimmery eyeshadows that emphasize that difference and I cannot/should not use, and also, yes the eyeliner.
I have not either found the correct product or application technique to make hyperpigmentation (melasma) disappear. There is always a large spot on each cheekbone, not gracious freckles, but a large spot that apear next to blush and where highlighter should be… if anyone has ideas, Christine, you should do a post / survey about this!

Jade Avatar

And I feel the need to mention that I would need to find a professional who can do a better job than I can!! I loved the application I had done for my partners work ball, but she didn’t use a heavy-duty enough eyelid primer so my eyeshadow creased. The blush application was stunning, but the lippy was slightly overdone. The winged eyeliner was STUNNING though… couldn’t have done that myself.

Kate Avatar

No, I rarely like the way an in-store make-up artist makes me up, always too heavy. I love bold colours but not a heavy base and they always put too much product on my face. I would love to learn how to get a flawless finish on the eyelids though, I find this hard to achieve, so maybe just some lessons would be good. I always use a primer and good brushes, but can’t get that perfect finish Any tips gratefully received! I agree I look forward to doing my make up in the morning and creating my look for the day, even if it doesn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to.

Andie Avatar

I might. There are always a ton of things I see on TV (looking at you Kardashians) that I wonder if I could pull off. I think, if anything, I would like it for a little while in order to learn how to do it myself!

Erica Avatar

I guess I’m in the minority because I would love someone to do my makeup regularly! I would really love someone to apply my false lashes which I never have time to do 6:30 in the morning. The caveat is the MUA has to do my face twice a week, I’d do my face the rest of the week. It would also have to be someone like Sam Fine doing my face so that I could learn some great techniques to practice the rest of my work week. When they get done doing my face they can make me a nice green smoothie (with almond or coconut milk please) as I walk out the door and clean up a little…I’d appreciate that much more (lol).

Alexis Avatar

I’m with you Christine, I wouldn’t want a professional makeup artist doing my makeup every day because my own skills would slack ;). If I could afford it, I would definitely get a professional hair stylist to do my hair every day!! Girrrrrrl fix ma funky weave.

Zia Avatar

At first, I was like hell yezzzz, but then I realized I truly would miss applying it and experimenting with it myself. I think it’s really tempting to consider though, because no matter what, I never feel like I get that flawless look in the end. Not that my makeup skills haven’t improved over time, there just seems to be a wall I’ve come up against that’s blocking me from really making my makeup exceptional!

LU Avatar

I would for base makeup, such as foundation, blush, contour, highlighting, etc. I couldn’t allow someone else to do my eyes and lips every single day, just some days, I would miss playing around.

Tangie Wimberly Avatar

No not at all. What would I do with all my beautiful makeup?!! Lol, I love putting on makeup it’s everything. Now I wouldn’t mind a artist giving me tips and tricks but that’s it. No need for a professional it takes away the fun of shopping and then playing with all the wonderful products..!!

issy Avatar

Not everyday but I would looove to have personal lessons with Lisa Eldridge, Goss from Gossmakeup, EmilyNoel or the french Elsamakeup or Ruth Crilly….. once in a while.

My makeup is too safe and simple.. even for special events.
They would get frustrated with my lack of adventouresness I am afraid.

Nadia A Avatar

I would love to have a professional makeup artist apply my makeup everyday. I’m currently a stay at home mom and wife. With two young children in preschool and a husband who works from home, my mornings are busy getting my children ready for preschool, making breakfasts and lunches, and sometimes dealing with morning tantrums. With all of that, I rarely have the time and energy to put on a full face of makeup. When I do apply a full face of makeup, I stick to the same makeup look. Therefore, It would awesome to have a professional makeup artist apply my makeup on a daily basis. It would be my 10-15 minutes of “creative” pampering.

Kelly Avatar

Oh hell no! Well it depends on the makeup artist. I have never had mine done by a “professional” just the Sephora, MAC girls and I have never liked the end result. I would like to have mine done by a professional just once.

Denise Avatar

Having had makeovers done a few times over the years and being told by my friends ‘You do a much better job than they do’ , I would have to say they’d better be blinking good to be let loose on my face again!
I totally agree with the other remarks on getting a hairstylist everyday tho’ as I get so frustrated with having a nicely made up face and having hair that looks like a scouring pad when it gets damp or humid. Am getting bored with the same hairstyle i.e. scraped back in a pony tail everyday!

Tam Avatar

Most definitely! Although I love makeup, I end up just looking at and hoarding my purchases because I don’t know how to apply – especially eye makeup. I would have a written list of all the techniques and looks I want to master. As my makeup artist applies, I would like for the artist to teach me during the application how to replicate the looks. So yes, I would love to have a personal makeup artist, but only for a brief period, to build up my makeup skills.

Mimi Avatar

I love to apply a different combo of makeup each time so I’d have to decline the makeup artist. I would, however, love to have someone else wash it all off at the end of the day. Also, shave my legs for me. I hate that job.

Chi-Chi Avatar

I love the ritual and the artistry, so I always want to do my own makeup.
Even for my own wedding day, I’d want to do at least my own eye makeup and pick my own colors for my cheeks and lips.

But if I could have someone do the not so fun parts, like washing and caring for my brushes, keeping my battlestation neat and organized, disinfecting my makeup and cleaning my palettes after each use, keeping me stocked with cotton balls and napkins, etc. that would be cool. Wouldn’t turn that down at all.

kjh Avatar

certainly not every day. but just once by some of the stars in the pantheon. and most of the ones i would crave have passed. One app with kevyn + one with shu. redo the sixties with mary quant. have estee poke me with her fingers…she was noted to pull out product + forego the brushes. Serge Lutens was pretty amazing as lead artist for shiseido, before he dedicated himself to scent. Wayne G: OMG, Just OMG! Lisa E. Cora from Vintage or Tacky. And who is that concealer queen from NYC? Is her name Ellen Konigsberg? If you could afford daily professional app, i think i’d rather spend the dough on one session with a flamingly great artist. btw, i did have my face done by jane/benefit, when the twins were at Bendel’s in Chestnut Hill, decades ago. Now, IDK the status of Bendel’s, except in belgian shoes + jane’s + jean’s daughters seem to have taken over benefit, to a large extent. BTW, was not nuts about the colors chosen by jane. she did not get that i was + still am not a midrange girl. At least she didn’t go for pinky coral lips, which makes me look like swamp thing!

Amy Avatar

Nah, although a hair stylist would be great! I can’t braid my hair, so that cuts out a lot of cute hairstyles, and I suck at almost everything beyond a basic half-updo

Sylirael Avatar

Not perhaps every day (since I don’t wear makeup every day – wait, do I have to turn in my beauty blogger card now? I think it’s uh, still in the mail anyway… :-P), but I certainly wouldn’t mind having a girly makeup/spa day with Lisa Eldridge once every so often. She could show me how to do amazing eyeliner, and I could show her how to do nail polish that will last through scaling two dread towers of evil and the back fence of a tavern after you get kicked out for quaffing to vigorously….

Alison Avatar

Ugh, if I could collaborate with a makeup artist I really, really liked on a regular basis, I totally WOULD but I’d still like to get to do my own makeup and take time to learn FROM them myself periodically, so maybe… part time?

Sarah Avatar

The few times I’ve had my full face done at Sephora it was too heavy and made me look older and sort of harsh. That’s one reason I was inspired to learn better ways! I would love to have a real pro make me up to look like someone else, though…..Lisa Eldridge making me look like a 60’s girl would be fun.

Kierra Avatar

I would like to apply the makeup myself just for the sake of being indpendent and having the experience of doing it on my own. In the mornings im in too big of a rush to sit down and let someone do my makeup. If I was a celebrity or someone who was always in the limelight then I would want my face flawless all the time. But on a day to day basis its no biggie!

anne Avatar

yes, if the mua was really good. maybe not forever. i’m sure i would learn tricks to help minimize my flaws, or at least help with the areas i have the most difficulty with, like under eye concealer. of course, they would have to do as i ask. i’m not a heavy make-up person. i don’t think i have ever had a good experience with in-store sales reps doing anything to me. i particularly love it when a 20 year-old tells me how to do something as though i just fell out of the sky and know nothing. that drives me nuts. like when some little chickee told me that the alcohol is what carries the scent in perfume. gee–thanks for your help.

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