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So glad you didn’t put Kim Kardashian LOL. She is gorgeous & all but people are a little too obsessed w/ her

I don’t! I’m not sure if you were thinking I was Hispanic (I get it a lot), but I am half Vietnamese, quarter German, quarter Swiss πŸ™‚ I couldn’t roll my Rs so I didn’t take Spanish in high school!

*high five* I cannot roll an R to save my life, and I took 5 years of Spanish. I had several native speakers over the years be determined I simply hadn’t been taught it correctly. After a few fruitless hours, they all finally admitted that I simply had a speech impediment. Guess it’s lucky I was born in a country where the primary language involves no R rolling!

Sorry for being irrelevant, LOL!

I took French instead, but I could never get the guttural French sounds either, but it was less embarrassing than not being able to roll the Rs in Spanish!

Yes, I thought that. Your face looks like a very Hispanic. I speak very little English, I read very well and write badly. haha

I like a lot your page.

Either Lucy Hale because of her big eyes and doll-like features or Jessie J ’cause I don’t think she’d be afraid of anything I’d throw her way.

Ugh, no question : Paz de la Huerta. The nutcase from Boardwalk Empire, remember?

Such a pretty girl, and so badly made-up. First I’d wash her. With a garden hose and some industrial-strength bleach. Then I’d sedate her with one of those elephant tranquilizer guns (she looks like she bites), and THEN I’d do a very nice, natural makeup look and define her flippin’ eyes. See, Paz? You don’t ALWAYS have to wear red lipstick that looks like you stuck those Mini Babybel wax halves on your mouth before going out. Oh, and then I’d blow-dry her hair, and maybe just slick it up into a nice ponytail.

I wouldn’t call her a celebrity because she is an actor who doesn’t play the celebrity game. It would definitely be Julia Roberts.

Actually it’s not a celebrity but a top model of the 90’s: Christy Turlington. I think she has the most perfect face i have ever seen! And a beautiful canvas to create!

Britney Spears. I love her to death, but her makeup in recent years has not been up to par. I could do a much better job! lol

I *want* to say Lady Gaga, but I’d probably get worried that I’m not being exciting enough, lol. Maybe Aubrey Plaza, because I’d really like to hang out with her in general.

Wendy Williams & not because I think she’s the most gorgeous lady, ever but, she has a ton of personality and would make me grin ear to ear.

No doubt!

It must be.. YOU, Christine! πŸ˜€

You inspired me with many many many gorgeous looks.

Thank you <3

idk…probably nicole scherzinger cause i love the way she looks, i love her make-up usually πŸ˜€ i’d do a very dark smokey eye and pale lips and contoured cheeks

Selena Gomez. Not because of i like her music, or fan just cause of i look like her, and then i maybe would know what would suit us best when it comes to makeup (:

I would pick Mila Kunis, she’s has big eyes and beautiful features which would make the makeup look even better!

Nicki Minaj! I’ve really grown to love her makeup. I think it’s so fun and bright, while still being flattering.

GAGA! She has such great eyelids (does that sound weird???… lol) and she can pull off anything! I always adore her makeup when I see it!

honestly? snooki. i’m not a fan at all, i’m just sick of seeing her horribly made up face everywhere. i’d like to tone it down a bit for her!

Maybe Jennifer Lopez? The main reason being that I think she’s gorgeous and since she seems to really like having that glowy look on her cheeks, I know I could do her makeup well! Her skin tones and eye color and everything isn’t SO different than me that I’d mess up lol

Christina Aguilera. She’s got a beautiful face, but the way she wears her makeup ages her terribly, and is just toooooo much sometimes, you know? I realize that some people have a different aesthetic, but I’d just want to take her out of her comfort zone with all the lashes, bronzer, bright lips, overdone brows, and so on. I’d take her back to that Versace campaign she shot all those years back with Pat McGrath as her makeup artist. Just gorgeous milky skin, with the perfect amount of dewiness, maybe a nude lip or a lip stain, and minimal coloring on the brows.

Probably Kristen Stewart. I love the dark hair, pale skin and gorgeous green eyes she has. Love it how she always accentuates on her eyes. Plus i would try and fix her eyebrows, they kinda bug me, lol

It’d probably be Diana Agron, Freida Pinto, or Chanel Iman. I’m not super into celebrities but these are probably some of my favorite celebrities in terms of their makeup style and looks.

I think Mario does Kim perfect so I would leave him to it.

I think I would LOVE to do Ashlee Simpson’s make up!

I know it’s probably terrible but there’s loads of celebrities I just adore for style, make up, hair etc.. haha.

I’d also quite like to do Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sophia Bush, and uhm… any celeb really =P x

Zoe Saldana – her eyes are gorgeous and she has such a striking face shape! And I don’t think she’d shy away from bright color.

Adam Lambert because 1. He’s gorgeous and his facial features are perfection and 2. He’s not afraid to experiment with his look.

Although I would probably be so nervous and shaky that I would do a terrible job.

Christina Ricci because her face is perfect, or perhaps Kate Winslet. People have said I look a bit like Kate so maybe the same makeup would work. Arrgh, two of the loudest cats I’ve ever heard are fighting outside my window.

Kate Middleton! Can you imagine? the future Queen of England with Hot smokey eyes? Or rocking a fashion shoot with a Avant Garde look?

Or if they were still alive, Marilyn Monroe, or Amy winehouse, just to change their signature looks and see what they would look like in a different style. Actual any celeb who has a signature look!

I’d love to do makeup for someone like Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj, who could pull off bold makeup. Or maybe Dita Von Teese, just because I think she’s gorgeous.

hmmm i would LOVE to give kim k a make UNDER!

and i would makeover Kajol and Kareena…Kajol because she has gorgeous features and Kareena cuz whenever she does her eyes she gives herself raccoon eyes.

Johnny Depp, think of how much fun that would be – to do the Pirate thing. For a woman, I think Nicole Kidman, Id love to do a dark smokey eye on her. Her coloring would make it a challenge for me.

I would choose colbie calait because she has realy nice facial features and she has a sort of country vive that reminds me of some of my closest friends.

Jennifer Lopez, her makeup is always so flawless, and she has such beautiful skin. She goes from nude lipstick to bright red. She dares to try it all, cool tones and warm tones.

“The girl from breakfast at Tiffany’s!! The original!’” – That would be Audrey Hepburn – she is a classic beauty.

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