How would you prefer "limited edition" to work?

I like limited edition more when it means limited time availability; the best example of this is MAC’s Viva Glam collaborations–they keep making the shade throughout the six-month or year-long campaign, so everyone has plenty of time to try it and purchase (if desired) without it being a mad dash. If it sells out in two hours, nah, that’s the kind of thing that exhausts me.

— Christine


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Logan Avatar

I don’t have a problem with the “mad dash” thing. I’ve pulled all-nighters to get Funko pops that I wanted, took off work to get SWC VIP tickets, and sat at home refreshing all day to get the best seats for various SW movies’ midnight premiers when tickets go on sale.

I don’t think every LE makeup release should be like that, but I have no problems with things like that existing. Exclusive, hard-to-get items feel even more special when you do get them!

The average LE release should probably just be, “We’ve only made X amount of things and when it sells out, it’s gone forever.” It should at least last a month or so.

Nancy T Avatar

I would *really* appreciate it if brand’s planned their LE releases far better! As in; making sure there is adequate amount of products available in order to better meet the demand. And, for love of all that’s holy; none of this 1 day only nonsense that Melt just recently pulled with the Gemini and 27 palettes! Definitely would welcome more of what Christine above mentioned, limited time available programs, ie; those yearly special VG lip product(s) offering from MAC.

Mariella Avatar

I think your answer sums up the perfect approach, Christine. It amazes me the amount of time some people will spend in pursuit of a hotly anticipated LE item. We’re not talking about art or a piece of real estate here – this is “just” makeup and folks shouldn’t have to take that much time and energy out of their lives just to get their hands on a highlighter! All that time that could be spent doing so much more worthwhile things like volunteering with the elderly or planting a community butterfly garden. I think a reasonable time limit – so that those who want it can purchase it and even have time to decide if they like it enough to buy a back up, which might still be available – that seems like win/win for everyone.

V Avatar

I agree. I don’t want to seem preachy at all because we’re here for makeup and products but MAC / Estée Lauder has ALL the money and marketing, PR, ad money, seasonal employees whereas indie lines do not. I’m not thrilled when Melt and small companies do very LE products but they have so much to compete with. Meh, I’m not very competitive.

Tea Avatar

I’m 100% with you! Now anything that says LE I avoid it lol. To them it’s all about creating a hype and demand so they can make more money instead of a good product. I do not have respect for brands like that.

V Avatar

? I loved Melt but avoided their LE as well as other LE colllections from other smaller lines. I’m kind of a rebel. I felt this way about “holiday” collections when I worked in fashion. I did not love ordering holiday for the shop I worked at but it’s for the customer and not me. I never wanted to make a holiday collection as an aspiring designer but that’s the way the industry works whether it’s fashion or beauty. I’ve found it’s ok to do it your own way.

Alecto Avatar

First of all, limit of 2 for purchase — this lets a couple friends split shipping costs (if purchased online) but hopefully goes some ways towards hampering those people who only purchase for the sake of reselling after the window for purchase has closed (though there’s nothing keeping them from trying to sell those two items at obscenely higher prices, so…). I really wish people wouldn’t buy from random sellers on Ebay and the like as it only encourages this sort of behavior, but if there were that level of self-control in this world, cosmetics in general would be a much less lucrative industry. :-/

I agree on the “limited time” versus “limited quantity” idea, though the latter is almost certainly the lesser financial risk.

Deborah S. Avatar

I hear you on the limited number to purchase front. I have to admit to having purchased a LE product from E-bay a couple of year ago when it was sold out at the holiday. It was the Guerlain Meteorites Holiday release about 2-3 years ago. I paid a pretty penny for having waited too long to pick it up. I haven’t done that since and have only purchased products that I could not get in the U.S. through E-Bay since.

Alice Avatar

1) Available for at LEAST the whole season (minimum 2-3 months). I hate it when things are so limited they sell out the same day. I feel like that’s taking advantage of customers.

2) No brand should be releasing multiple LE collections per month. 1-2 per season is enough.

3) Seasonal releases should be a mix of permanent and LE products, not all LE.

4) LE products need to be the same quality/formula as permanent products.

Glenda García Avatar

I’m not a fan of limited edition runs. If there happens to be a color or product that you REALLY LOVE, you can’t purchase again because it’s limited edition. It’s a marketing ploy that’s just BS as far as I’m concerned.
For the most part I don’t worry about it because the market is so saturated with products that you’ll find something else that works just as well if not better. Duping products has become quite the cottage industry and many of the dupes are in a permanent line.
But I must say it again: I loathe limited editions.

Leilah G Avatar

I enjoy the rush of purchasing a LE product. What makes those products feel valuable to me are the limited quantities, similar to how the sneaker industry is structured. I personally like having a product that not a lot of people have. What I think is unfair is when brands call things limited edition and bring back the products later. It’s not fair for those who went through all of the trouble to buy the product in the first place.

Genevieve Avatar

I would prefer a limited edition set to work when it is distributed to all retailers, especially international ones so that we can see and swatch the products ourselves. If the initial launch is sold out, then more are produced so that it is available to those who still want it.

Deborah S. Avatar

I 100% agree with you, Christine. Limited to time and not quantity would be the answer that allows everyone who wants the product to purchase it if they want to. In general, it also allows for reviews to come out and products to be swatched in store or seen in YT videos. For products that are quality and work as described that should not be a problem for brands. Sometimes the rush to get a LE product out and ramp up the hype is not supported by the product when it actually arrives.

Bonnie Avatar

I agree. I think it should be available for at least 2-3 months, with enough made for their expected customer base. When the quantity is too small, you have, for lack of a better word, scalpers, who buy them up and mark them up on sites like Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark etc. Also, it sucks when you have to sneak and buy while at work so you won’t get shut out from things that sell out in 20 minutes or less online.

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