How would a new brand or product capture your attention?

If it’s a newer brand but more corporate-backed, then it doesn’t have such a long journey to get on my radar, presuming they offer something interesting or different or have given me some reason to expect readers to care. For a newer, more mom ‘n’ pop kind of brand, I have to see some history of good customer service, interesting/quality products, and see readers mentioning them as favorites and the like. For a product to really grab me, it often is a quality thing–I’m a big fan of Bite’s lipsticks, so if they dropped Amuse Bouche Luminous Lipstick, I’d be VERY excited to see that, because it’s a different type of finish for them and based on prior experience, feel like the chance of them being good would be high.

— Christine
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They’d capture me with NORMAL makeup, haha. I like to see models wearing fancy/ interesting makeup (ie the Chanel blurry green campaign right now) that you can wear to work or play, but isn’t Instagram blown out. I also like small palettes that are manageable to lay around your makeup area/ bathroom because these massive 28 pan palettes may be pretty but just not practical when you’re getting ready for work and don’t want to think about how to put colors together. However that also means a quad needs to be a practical price so you can collect a few (one for neutral, one for pink, etc) without breaking the bank—$62 each is too much.

Finally, there are several brands floating around selling a “system” or their own special brush/ sponge, I wish they’d make a foundation that worked with fingers and move on. I’m definitely NOT buying a system to get best results, or mediocre as the case may be.

All the bright and “editorial” makeup does nothing for me either; I am so on the same page as you regarding “normal” makeup. I got the Chanel Blurry Grey quad back in June because I was where there’s a Shoppers Drug Mart that carries Chanel and I was able to get it for 20% off and pay most of the balance with “loyalty points”. I was torn between Blurry Grey and Blurry Green but opted for the former and love it. Any company that offers wearable (by my standards, which may not be everyone’s), good quality and affordable makeup that is readily available for me in store – well, they’ll get my business or at least pique my interest.

For me. a brand has to be accessible first, I am usually one to hate things being shipped from overseas, unless the line is by a well known makeup artist whose work I am familiar with or a brand, I wouldn’t go the extra mile to purchase the products. I also like seeing reviews from trusted reviewers such as yourself, Mel Thompson, Kelsee Briana Jai, Alicia Archer (Kinky Sweat), Morgan Turner and Julia Adams. If I am hearing a lot about a brand from influencers I don’t think too much about the brand because I feel as though they are looking for exposure and not looking for people to actually critique them to improve their products. In general, I don’t try new brands without hearing reviews because I rarely return things and wouldn’t want to keep something I did not love.

For indies: If I see them mentioned on a few of the indie makeup Instagrams. I found Clionadh, Menagerie, Touch of Glam, Give Me Glow, and Vanessa’s Vanity this way. I liked the swatches and packaging so I went to find their IG and reviews.

For corporations: This is hard as I feel like I’d rather not try any more new big name brands. I browse here and the IG of the brands I like to see what they are doing.

I’ve begun to feel that in going for the “universally good for all skin tones,” claim for each product, companies are trying to reach the broadest market segment, and since “universally good for all” is false marketing, that inevitably will mean that some folks are excluded, while others have to waste their money, for example, on each eye palette containing some colors they can’t use. This is wasteful. I’d like to see smaller niche offerings in specific shades aimed at different market segments. If anyone had the courage to do this, they would win my loyalty. And if not, I probably have enough of most kinds of makeup already.

Via excellent reviews by the handful of reviewers I trust most (Temptalia site, plus YT’ers [email protected], Mel Thompson, Allura, Michelle Wang), plus fellow readers pleasant and enjoyable experiences with said brand. Both would be key in getting my attention.
Another major factor is the brand’s aesthetic. I do go more dark, grungy, borderline Goth, however, I don’t want any sort of spiritistic, religious or other very controversial imagery. Nor shade names, usually, either. In a larger e/s palette, this may be unavoidable. Therefore, I’m reasonable about that. If one e/s is called Voodoo, for instance, in a 20 shade palette with no other such names and it’s a palette I really love, I will be able to overlook that. Anything more controversial than that example cited above and I’m out, though. Also, NO racial or ethnic slur based names, please!

Nancy, wouldn’t it be nice to see a green eyeshadow named green, etc.? I saw one the other day that was an obvious color, but called by another color name. They could even use Pantone color names….just get rid of the drug, ethnic slur, hateful names.

Definitely would be a refreshing change, ShariP! One I’d welcome would be the Pantone system, if more brands would move away from overtly sexual, spiritistic, drug and crime related, and ethnic slur inspired names and go with even that more basic naming system, even nature inspired names, it would be
a beautifull thing. I’m so over those other types of names!

Also, maybe get rid of the sexually explicit names. If I receive a complement on my lipstick, I don’t want to be embarrassed in naming the product. Plus, I get undertones of misogyny from many of those names.

Hi Nancy…Although I love to read everybody’s responses, I find myself always looking for yours. I feel like you answer with the right amount of fact vs opinion and find your answers helpful and inspiring!!! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!!!

I may have taken this question too literally but when I read it I thought it was asking “how” I would actually know about a new brand or product and the answer to that is that my knowledge is rather random, at least these days. I use to learn about brands/products from here on the blog, IG or YT videos, with YT videos being the most impact-full. I am seriously down to only watching 4 YT channels on a regular basis and I don’t follow any other makeup blogs. I see posts via IG but if you aren’t following that particular account you aren’t going to see much of what is new. As to what would a brand have to do to capture my attention, it would be based on the products being unique/good quality/reviewed well/fill a hole in my collection or the aesthetic pleases me. I have long held the opinion that if something is really good or really news worthy, I will hear of it. That is sort of the philosophy I follow with regards to the news. I am not a great news follower as I get too upset about anything negative in the news. I have found over my lifetime that I manage to hear about the things I need to hear about and the rest I don’t care or want to know about. These days I have extended that philosophy to my makeup knowledge. That is likely why I really read the Friday Haul and Saturday makeup look posts. I like to see what other people are valuing and find worth spending their money on. This has helped me a lot to stop buying just random things.
I use to spend a few hours a day just watching makeup/beauty videos on YT and eventually came to the realization that I was wasting too much time doing that and it was creating stress related to FOMO. Watching only a few channels on a regular basis has decreased that stress for me.
On a tangentially related note, I always read Rachel’s posts because she is the guru for Indie brands and I have found some interesting brands/products through her so thank you, Rachel.

I’m a fan of yours too, Rachel, because I love how you aren’t afraid to experiment. While I wouldn’t do and use everything you do, makeupwise, I love that you go for it no matter what’s “appropriate” or trending. I feel like we have similar taste. And we both love our indie brands.

The number one way would be by being something different such as having unique colors of finishes, foundation having a match for me, innovative formula, etc. By being affordable for me and easy to get a hold of. Good reviews from friends and bloggers/vloggers I trust. I won’t lie, cool packaging gets my attention (but doesn’t keep it on its own).

There are certain product types I’m always on the lookout for…hydrating concealer, tightlining eyeliner, sheer lipstick, etc. If a brand offers a new product that matches one of those categories, I’ll look into them.

Beautiful, elegant packaging with product that is quality, dependable performance. I don’t want packaging that looks like it was made for children. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t personally like that look. It would be awesome if they had a program that was kind to the earth, whether it was through their manufacturing of product or like Chanticaille where a portion of sales goes toward a reliable charity. Or offer product “refills” to eliminate some of the packaging. Or all 3, lol.
The company would do well to listen to their customers and give us what we want. For instance, those green eyeshadow palettes or cool toned eyeshadow palettes we’ve all been discussing for a couple years now.

To get on my radar, it would have to be reviewed here and get a stellar rating – for a start.
It would also, most importantly for me to purchase, be the kind of shades – both eyeshadows and lipstick that I would wear. Furthermore, it would be accessible for me to purchase and reasonably priced….
I prefer cruelty free makeup and the eye palettes to be no more that 10-12 pans.

If they released a true cool toned complete eyeshadow palette that included greens, greys, mauves and blues as the “pops of color”. If they also did not include any warm browns, warm gold, brass or orange. In other words, a palette where I could wear each and every shade included. If this palette then received excellent reviews and didn’t make my stomach clench when I learned the price, then it would capture my attention and I would be very curious about any other products in the line.

To make me notice it, a cool image that isn’t too gimmicky. I’m talking to you, Glamlite food palettes. Not to cheap looking either.

Certain influencers, particularly British ones, can pique my interest. There’s just something so cool about the UK girls. And I’m okay with seeing IG looks with bold colors. I don’t walk around in looks like that, nor do I have the taut 20something skin to pull that off. But I do use colorful palettes. I just blend and smoke them out to a more wearable look for me that still uses colors. Those bold looks are inspiring to me, and if the product doesn’t look patchy, I might give that a go.

I’m a huge fan of indie giants like Colourpop and BH, but I’m also a pretty big fan of the similarly priced Rude Cosmetics.

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