How to Store Jewelry -- Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings

How to Store Jewelry — Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings

A few weeks ago, I went looking for some sort of storage system for my earrings (and other jewelry, but the earrings were what motivated me). I want something that would put them on display and easily accessible, because then I’d actually wear different pairs more often, rather than reaching for whatever pairs I left on my desk. Etsy seller Jewelry Holders For You had some lovely compact and sleek-looking holders, but what I loved about them (and Etsy in general) was how customizable they were. Whether you’re a fiend for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings, you can find a holder that works for you.

I’m an earring gal, and I thought I had far too many earrings (turns out, I have plenty of room to grow!), so I decided to go for one holder that was almost entirely for earrings with a row of pegs on the bottom (to hold necklaces/bracelets). It can hold anywhere from 90 to 180 pairs of earrings. There are two types of holders–little open slats, which are where post earrings fit best, as well as circular holes, which anything with a hook-like backing fits well in. The open slats can also accommodate hook-like backings, though. Underneath all the rows to hang your earrings, there are eleven pegs for necklaces that are staggered on the bottom.

The second holder I bought was the “jewelry combo plus ring storage,” which has three rows for earrings, one row for bracelets (with five pegs), ring storage (up to 20 rings, depending on the size of the rings), and eleven pegs staggered on the bottom for necklaces. I bought both in a black high gloss finish (because it would match my makeup storage units), so they were $54.95 and $74.95 respectively. They’re available in several other (cheaper!) finishes, so prices would range from $39.95 to $54.95 and $59.95 to $74.95. There are additional styles (check their policy page) designed for a combination of jewelry, just earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and you can even get ones that sit on a table top, rather than ones that hang.  Each unit I have is 21″ x 14″ in size. You can also get the holders without the curved top (just a straight edge) if you desire.

Hanging these was ridiculously easy. I think it took me about two minutes each, and I was making sure they were level and that the two of them were even. They give you a template, and you hammer two small nails into the wall, and the holder hangs from the heads of both. The holder isn’t too, too light, but it isn’t heavy either, so it’s easily held up by the two nails. I ended up putting these on a wall in my makeup bathroom, since that’s usually where I’m getting ready (and it was where my jewelry was housed previously).

I’m a nut for organization, so I could not resist sharing this particular new find with you, especially after the encouragement via Twitter and Instagram to make a post about these 🙂  I don’t like to make a lot of non-beauty related posts, but hopefully, there’s enough overlap between beauty enthusiasts and jewelry enthusiasts to make it useful!

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Love this! I’m an earring girl, too, and I currently keep them all jumbled up in a little 3-drawer set. This would be awesome! 

Lovely! I actually picked up something similar at Ross so I recommend checking out those stores because sometimes (not always, it just depends) they have great and similar-looking jewelry holders. I only needed a little one so what I found works great!

@Cat G It’s easy (at least in my experience) to find small ones, but *this* is exactly what I need. My space is so limited right now, so I was actually thinking of just getting some sort of wire grid to nail in the wall, but then I realized it wouldn’t accomodate my post earrings. Besides, these are so much prettier. Right now, I have all my jewelry in small ziploc bags inside a box, so as a result, I don’t wear it as often as I’d like.

 @xamyx  @Cat That me, Amy – if I can easily reach for it and see it, I’m more likely to wear it! I had all of mine in Dior/Chanel/Guerlain velvet pouches, which stores and works for that purpose, but impossible to tell what it is!

I’d love to find something like that that doesn’t need to be nailed into the wall — colleges don’t like that in their dorm rooms! 🙂 I’m hunting for classy ways to store my jewelry and use it as decoration. I’ll check out the Etsy store! 

 @Christine (Temptalia) We are so glad to know you love your holders, Christine. We have photos of most of our style on our Facebook Fan page. Please join by putting,  ” Jewelry Holders For You ” in the Facebook search and view photos in our photo albums. We can send photos though Etsy messaging, as well :- )  We are also shooting photos for new items, with natural wood and no stain or paint as well as other holders, we have not sold before on our Etsy shop. We do have some Table top holders to be listed over the next few days and a link of our Etsy shop policy page is given in each of our listings :- ), Thanks, Marla

 @Christine (Temptalia) I do a couple of different styles– my main love is wire-worked jewelry– particularly with labradorite, which is a natural gemstone that occurs in various colors sand shines in the most amazingly iridescent ways.  It’s like natural magic, and I’m a bit obsessed with the stone. Those pieces tend to sell the fastest, so I usually put up a few with every update I do.  My other big seller is my Faery Wing jewelry, because they’re lightweight, iridescent, and really popular around this time of year.  I also do affordable resin jewelry and some sculpted recycled fine silver.  Right now, I’m working on an India-inspired collection for a trunk show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, and whatever doesn’t sell there will go up on my website in a few weeks.

 @sihaya09  Your work is beautiful!  I just bookmarked your page to review when I have time to really admire and hopefully purchase some earrings. I’m so glad you mentioned making earrings here!!!

Thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking for an earring organization system as well. With 14 ear piercings I own more earrings than I can count and right now they’re scattered everywhere.

So helpful!  I moved recently and I’m on the lookout for clear racks and drawers for makeup and jewelry racks as well!  Thanks for the post! xx

Oh my gosh, I am in love with some of your jewelry! Too bad I never actually wear it, or I’d ask where everything’s from!!

That’s a cool system!  I honestly don’t really wear earrings anymore, I tend to keep in some captive bead hoops all the time and occasionally switch them out for something dangly (but really light, as I’m obviously not used to any weight anymore)!  So some threaders, a few feathery pairs, and a couple different shapes of hoops, haha.  They sit nicely in a jewelry box.

 @Quinctia My mom had my ears pierced when I was really young (maybe two or three?) – and I never really wore earrings overall. I’m lucky the holes never closed up!  I’ve started to wear them more often as an accessory, because rings, bracelets, and necklaces tend to drive me nuts during the day!

If those are real pearls please take them off right away! Hanging them will wear out the string over time, damaging your lovely piece.

Hi Christine…I have an earring only version almost exactly like yours that a store was using to display their earrings and let me buy!  I wear earrings only 99% of the time and I’ve  run out or room in my holder so have been trying to find something exactly like this to hang next to mine. The one I own has sort of flimsy slats with very thin wood that broke all the way through in two of the earring circle/line places (thankfully gorilla glue saved the day), so I’m hesitant to buy another one where I found mine. I’ll be filling most of the holes with various sized earrings so the weight adds up once each bar is filled.  I’ve looked at the Etsy site and would really appreciate your thoughts on how sturdy the slats seem before I buy some of these!  I think they mentioned the slats are outsourced so I could end up with some that are made at the same place as mine, which is why I’m asking. I love Etsy, fun and so many reasonable items. Thank you in advance for any insight you can give me as to the sturdiness of the bars the earrings are hung on.

 @Kelly B Hi Kelly,
They seem sturdy to me – and before I bought, I did go through their feedback, of which they have a lot, but I haven’t had it for years, so it’s hard to say. I have a dresser that seemed sturdy but is falling apart a year later!  You could inquire, too, about where they’re sourcing the slats from if they are!
There are some letterpress drawer organizers on Etsy, which might be sturdier – my problem with them was it wasn’t quite my aesthetic, and it didn’t seem like there was enough storage for as large as it was – but it might work for you!

 @Christine (Temptalia)  I completely agree….it is important to me to have something very functional, space saving an aesthetically pleasing. Sounds silly, but on a bad day, I just look at all of the pretty shapes and colors lined up and it makes me smile. FYI…mine has help up (with some repairs) for over 3 years. Thank  you so much for the advice & posting!!!

 @Kelly B Hi Kelly, This is MarLa, my husband and I are the owners of Jewelry Holders For You. You have a  great question. We manufacture our jewelry holders 100% in our shop. No one makes anything on our holders, other than my husband Frank. He starts with purchasing sustainable local hardwood and makes every part of our holders, except the pegs, which we attain from a wood company that just makes pegs and the place the rings slide into, is made by manufactures who sell to jewelry stores and we buy from their same distributors. Our paint used is top of the line, Cabinet Grade, that which is used on high-end Kitchen Cabinets. Our stains are top of the line and much more expensive than what is found in ones local hardware store.  A lot of labor goes into our items and we are happy they most often sell so swiftly. We have customers who are still using our holders after almost a decade. Come visit our Etsy shop and take a look at our listings descriptions as well as our Feedback. If you do, please say hello. Sincerely, MarLa

Thanks for sharing Marla…

Now after reading your response I will DEFINITELY be purchase 1 if not 2 of your holders – My clear container boxes are just wreckin’ my poor necklaces and earrings!!!

Thanks again,

I don’t have the wall space to do something like that, but it does look very pretty.  I actually have several jewelry boxes around my bureau, some open, some not, and there’s a kind of rough organization over all depending on what type of earring set it is.  (Not to mention there’s a drawer for all the earrings that have lost their mate!)  It’s kind of a shame how much my jewelry sits around collecting dust, but working in an IV room in scubs sort of limits when you can wear.

I worked in high end vintage for years, and this sort of storage is a disaster for nice costume jewelry- your granddaughters will despair over your tres chic vintage of the future being destroyed by dust! Yes, dust is the single biggest issue with jewelry storage followed by humidity. Both destroy purses too, along with the rest of your wardrobe.
I keep stuff on freestanding trees in an Ikea glass case. And some is on the wall in box frames that open from the front. There are organizer boxes to put in drawers for things you wear constantly and all of these are dust protected. Any rhinestones or vintage absolutely needs to be either under glass or in cardboard jewelry boxes with that treated cotton it comes with.
Good stuff is pricey. Take care of it and your descendants will be grateful!

I’m glad you shared this. I was curious about your jewelry collection, hehe.
Your jewelry organizer looks great. So many hooks. I have my earrings cluttered in boxes. x3 I’d like to display them, but I worry about dust/humidity getting to them.
I recognize those orange Owl earrings! Haven’t seen those blue ones, but those are cute too. ^^

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