How to Keep Track of Your Stash – Tips and Tricks

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Keep Track of Your Stash

Share your best tips and tricks for keeping track of what you own!  Share how you track what you’ve tried, bought, kept, love and hate, and how you prevent buying duplicates!

My Tips

  1. I do have an inventory sheet that captures a specific moment in time, but it’s hard to keep it updated (for me).  If I was starting over, I would definitely get spreadsheet-happy, though!
  2. Obviously, I’m going to take a second to promote the vanity feature on MyTemptalia that allows you to add products and shades you own to your vanity so you can keep track.  We are definitely working on creating a “bulk add” feature to make this easier and faster for those who already have quite the stash–our to-do list is 40+ deep! (In the meanwhile, the best way for quickly adding a lot of products is to go through the Swatch Gallery and say filter by “MAC” and “Eyeshadows,” then adding a bunch of shades that way.)
  3. It’s unlikely that you’ll duplicate a new product, so I’m more likely to check my stash for something that I want to buy that’s permanent, so just having an organized stash makes this easier to locate.