How satisfied are you with your skincare routine?

I think my skin is, generally, not that fussy. It’s rare that a product makes me break out or my skin react poorly, so I’m usually happy enough. I find that greater knowledge about serums, toners, and exfoliants has gone a long way into improving my overall routine in subtle, but meaningful ways, as needed. I feel like I have enough steps that it’s a nice ritual (treating it as a relaxing ritual helps me not be lazy about it!) but not the point where it’s exhausting.

— Christine
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At this point, It’s hard to discern if I am satisfied with my skincare and yet dissatisfied with my skin, or vice-versa ?

I’m very satisfied with the products I use, but I often forget to put on moisturizer before bed, so my ritual can use improvement. I’ve been using Clinique Mild Facial Soap for many years. Before that, I used drugstore brands like Cetaphil. Although they were good, my skin breaks out less with Clinique. I only buy it when it’s on sale and I always have a backup or two. I’ve used several moisturizers over the past few years, including Clinique and Estée Lauder (the gifts-with-purchase), but the one I always go back to is CeraVe because it does a fine job for a lot less money. The one product I don’t use that I loved when I tried a sample size was Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil. It made my skin feel amazing when I put it on before bed, but it’s just too expensive, even on sale.

Currently very satisfied. (Prob my skin is also going through a good phase). Using a gentle drugstore skin cleanser, gentle toner, and swap between gentle face serum and lactic acid serum helps with flakiness.

I’d like to think the addition of a rose hip oil helped with calming my redness and weird dry patches on my face.

I have such sensitive and reactive skin so it is really hard for me to find a consistent routine. As my skin gets drier with age I need more moisturizing products, but I find many of them break me out. Even if a product works for a week or two it may randomly cause either breakouts or sensitivity/redness after that. I absolutely can’t use anything coconut, scented stuff causes skin freak outs, any high powered products cause massive redness… it is a struggle! I do have a staple toner/redness reducer I love and a hydrating spray that doesn’t react with my skin so I’m not totally hopeless. Finding a face lotion (night and day) and SPF are the hardest finds for me.

If you haven’t yet tried the Purito Green Level Centella Unscented SPF 50, I highly recommend that one. I’m in the US and I order it through Amazon or YesStyle, both authorized sellers. It feels very nourishing and soothing on the skin, and it’s never caused me any breakouts.

I’ve never heard of it, but definitely worth a try! I’ve wanted to get some things from YesStyle (never used, but have a wishlist) so I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

Lauren, Emily’s absolutely right about Purito’s sunscreen. I’m a two-time skin cancer survivor (melanoma and basal cell carcinoma), and I greatly prefer Korean and Japanese sunscreen products to US products. You can buy this one from (based in Los Angeles). I personally discourage people from buying from YesStyle because it is based in China. I use a lot of Purito products, so feel free to follow me on Beautytap and message me there for other recommendations ( You might also consider Elta MD UV Clear, which is good for acne-prone skin and for people with rosacea. It’s more expensive than the Purito, but it’s very good. (available on Dermstore).

Agreed on the Korean SPF products, they are amazing. I haven’t tried this particular one (It’s now on my list, thank you) but I do love the Make:Prem suncream SPF50+ PA++++ and have been using that one for a few years now, I order it from Korea on ebay since glowrecipe stopped carrying anything other than their own brand.

I have the exact same skin type!! I honestly thought I would never find a moisturizer that worked on my skin but I received the “First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Daily Face Cream” as a gift once and its the ONLY moisturizer that my skin doesn’t react to/get acne or clogged pores from. I honestly just use this day and night and have stopped hunting for anything else besides a good spf because it has cost me so much time and money. Oftentimes I find it at TJMAXX/Marshalls on sale as well. None of FAB’s face products work from me except that specific cream unfortunately. I’m STILL looking for a physical spf that I don’t react to.

I feel like my skincare routine is at a really good spot for me. It’s not overly complicated, but I get a lot of hydration, some exfoliation and it’s protected daily. My skin is very normal and I am lucky enough to rarely get breakouts, though, I do get seasonal eczema, especially in the spring when everything starts to bloom. I get hives on my face sometimes, too, but I think that’s environmental.

I get bumps on my hands in the spring, somewhat similar to eczema, but dermatologists always told me they are a sun allergy, not related to blossoming necessarily. I hate them, but it’s the ritual of every spring, once temperatures go up. No matter the amount of sunscreen I use on my hands I still get them once and I got to live through them 2-3 weeks to heal.

Fairly satisfied but I could use something to even out the red blotches I sometimes get on the side of my face.

And my chin has a consistent cluster of closed comedones that occasionally erupt into small blackheads that I extract, which I wish didn’t happen. But I can’t seem to find the reason or solution.

Have you tried Dr. Jart Cicapair products? They’re all about healing and reducing redness. I’ve been impressed with them (though don’t have your exact issue).

I have several of Dr Jart’s cicapair products when my skin gets red. I have mild rosacea. My skin is dry and a bit sensitive. Just a few wrinkles, frown mark. I have a bunch of serums and moisturizer that I use depending on how my skin feels. My skin burns very easily so I use a high SPF in addition to any other products.

Might I suggest 10% niacinamide and azelaic acid? The Ordinary is inexpensive so effective for those issues. 🙂

Very much satisfied, for the most part. I suppose that’s why I’ve stuck to the same routine and products for quite some time. Everything works the way it’s supposed to. The only thing I would consider adding would be a richer moisturizer or stronger medication for my eczema.

Unfortunately, I have no routine to be satisfied with—I am too lazy (i.e. utterly unmotivated to care for myself beyond the barest minimal maintenance) to actually have one. Yes, I am one of the people whose skin has gotten worse during stay-at-home orders!

Don’t worry about routines. ? I kept mine by the book, but with all the stress related to the pandemic (including worrying for my family on the other side of the planet), I got more breakouts then ever and my hands got eczema like dry patches. My routine keeps the acne under control and heals the scars/marks faster, but the pandemic got to all of us.

At this point I’m very satisfied with my routine, after years of reading more on skincare and trying products to find what works for me. I have nailed down my morning and night routine and my skin looks generally good. I had to rethink some parts of my routine 3-4 years ago when I moved from Europe to California. I’m still combination slightly oily and breakout prone, but the dry climate of California dried my skin. Finding the balance of moisturizing without causing acne or more oiliness took me a year.

I am not someone who is ever really satisfied with my skin care. I am always looking for the next best thing or some miracle product that reverses the signs of ageing and gives me that baby soft, perfect skin of my youth! Plus, I like trying new things. I had sort of given up my usual routine for the past few months and was doing minimal but during the Sephora sale I picked up a few things and am anxious for the products to arrive so I can try them out. I also picked up the Peach and Lilly Glass Skin trial kit from Ulta. We will see! Once I decide on a routine I am very faithful to it. It is frustrating that it takes so long to know if a product is working for you or not, though.

I’m satisfied and in fact wary of trying new products, even samples, as they sometimes lead to breakouts. If ain’t broke(out), don’t fix it!

I actually really like my skincare routine, it’s pretty simple but effective. My skin has gone from oily (younger years) to dry to relatively normal, still leaning dry now that I’m in my early 50’s. Lots of sun damage that has been improving as a result of my routine. Sun spots are fading/disappearing and my skin is clear with slight surface redness and only a few fine horizontal lines on my forehead. I’m crazy about the brand Mad Hippie, this is my “holy grail” skin care but I do dabble in a few others, usually for treatment options (love The Ordinary 30% AHA + 2% BHA Peeling Solution once a week) or cleansers.

Since finding a skincare routine that works for my skin seven years ago, I’ve tended to keep it simple: Evanhealy cleansing milk + hydro soul + oil serum.

BUT, over the past year, I started to add in makeup. Yay! Also, whoa!

I’ve had to adapt my routine recently due to the economic downturn and I’ve run into issues. I recently placed an order for components to mix my own oil serum but still feel I need to pay full price for the cleansing milk and HyroSoul spray so that I may minimize variables. If I had more chemistry knowledge, perhaps I would know which variables to do DIY in tandem with the oils.

Considering the semi-recent addition of makeup to my routine, perhaps that has introduced a new reaction in my skin? Maybe it’s diet? Stress? Lack of exercise?

There are many variables, from lifestyle to
carrier/essential oil quality to quality and recipe to makeup products/brushes and cleaning routines. That said. I think that Evanhealy has nailed their formulations and I look forward to holding the economic standing needed to continue ordering the same products I’ve been using these past seven years.

I now also use A313 as a regular retinol so the SPF that I use, REN Clean Screen, is an added variable.

I have new breakouts forming in both the usual and new places so I’m hoping to resume the usual routine, at full cost, so that I can substitute out the DIY oils to test my SPF, blushes, bronzers, and brushes. There’s so much to consider!

Very happy – I use a combination of Herbivore oils, Biologique Recherche P50 and other Rescue Spa products (downside: they all smell terrible) and glo skin products.

I double cleanse with a pmd clean pro and charcoal soap every night and I think doing those 2 things specifically really helps keep my skin glowy and even-toned.

I am very satisfied with my current skincare routine and the number of products that I use. Over the past few years I have got it down pat and the major variation with the seasons is the amount and strength of SPF that I use.
Introducing oils into my night time regime has been the best thing for my skin. Argon and Chia Seed oil has been my staples and my skin feels better for it.
I also don’t over exfoliate either – only once a week/fortnight as I think it strips away the essentials oils in your skin.
I think the improvements in moisturisers with SPF 50 has made a huge difference in making sunscreen more wearable on the face.

I’m very satisfied considering I spent five years researching ingredients after being diagnosed with rosacea at 45. I went from great skin to an absolute disaster almost overnight. Now at 52, my face and neck are calm again and rosacea breakouts are minimal. No one believes I have rosacea until you look closely and see the capillaries around my nose and chin. I have added a few anti aging items, but minimal is key and fragrance, be it natural or synthetic, is my enemy.

I’ve always had a good skincare routine (thanks Mom!), but when I discovered K-beauty in 2015, everything changed. I don’t think everyone needs a 10-step routine (nor can we afford one), but learning how to use targeted products to address my skin concerns was game-changing. I no longer expect my moisturizer to do miracles, and I have multiple sunscreen products that go in and out of rotation seasonally. I, too, look at skincare as a form of self care, and I’m hopelessly addicted to low pH cleansers that smell good (like SRB, which is a powder cleanser that smells like Rice Chex). Sleeping masks and eye serums are life, and I rely on heated eye masks for relaxation, especially after long days at my computer.

Pretty satisfied! I’m not opposed to trying new products and I have a fairly good idea of what I can or can’t use.

I’m very satisfied with my skincare routine!
It is very minimal but it does the trick for my dry, mature, eczema-prone skin. Adding a watery essence a few years back really improved texture, firmness, and hydration overall.

I’m happy with it. I scaled back last year for a brief period to simplify my routine but felt like my skin showed it, so I reintroduced some of the products back. I mean I guess it’s not THAT bad, I have a cleanser, essence, 4 serums, moisturizer, and SPF for daytime, and 2step cleanser (just added in one more, the first is the same cleanser as from the morning), 2 serums (sometimes one, since one is a retinoid and I don’t use it every night) and moisturizer. I nighttime to be quick and easy or I won’t do it.

Aside from the period where I tried to simplify, I’ve been holding steady with the same routine for a (cumulative) 2+ years now.

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