How often do you purchase a beauty product after seeing it on a blog or in a video?

How often do you purchase a beauty product after seeing it on a blog or in a video? Share!

Once a month or so for me! I have the advantage of buying a lot of the new stuff as soon as it releases, so it is harder to catch me before then! 😉

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I read blogs all the time to find out about new products to buy. If it’s LE and the company is known for doing such a product well (ie MUFE shadows, Becca highlighters, BITE lippies), then I might buy it right away because it might sell out fast. But I usually wait for a few more reviews and swatches before deciding to buy. If it looks interesting but not a must-buy, I put on my running wish list, then wait for sale or promo.

I will check a product out after I see it on YT but i dont trust these ‘gurus’ anymore because I feel like they’re just walking/talking promotional ads. I also find it suspicious how they loooove everything they have a discount code for. Idk I always like to see things in person. I trust my brands. I do like Temptalia because I dont feel like they’ve ‘sold out.’ I find Christine to be very honest and she’s gives her opinion as a consumer.

A LOT!!! Probably even more often than I would really want to admit, even to myself, LoL! But what many times can seal the deal for me, are the creative eye looks or sometimes even whole face looks that I draw inspiration from that you do, as well as ones by Karen @ M&BB, Phyrra Nyx or Emily Eddington.

Since I started reading beauty blogs I almost never buy anything without first seeing a swatch or review. I find new brands/products that I like through reading beauty blogs (the comments too!) a few times per year.

Anywhere from RIGHTFREAKINNOW to a few months. But only from certain brands for certain items, which narrows things considerably otherwise I’d be buying everything all the time.

That’s a great question for my bank account. ??? LOL. I’d say once every week or two.
Instagram (trendmood1), YouTube (Destiny Godley), Specktra (HAA) and Temptalia are my kryptonite!
Every time I try to go on a “Makeup No-Buy”, it never lasts. 🙁

I don’t know that I can come up with a specific frequency, but if I see a product mentioned at least a few times over a longer period of time (ie after the hype has died down if there is any), I will go check it out in person, and if I find I like it, I can afford it, and that it fits into an empty spot in my makeup collection, I’ll get it. I am also more likely to buy something that’s mentioned if it has detailed reviews, as well as in the case of skincare items, if the person has the same skin issues as me. I think some example items would be the Sephora Cream Lip Stains (I have 3 now), the Ambient Lighting Palette (finally! though I did get the blush palette first), ColourPop stuff, the It Cosmetics CC Cream, my Jo Malone perfume (and I usually hate perfume!), and my obsession with all things Charlotte Tilbury (which I had never heard of until bloggers/vloggers started mention her). Nowadays I have a few vloggers I watch regularly, this blog and I think 1 or 2 others to keep current, so I tend to check stuff out whenever I swing by a place with a Sephora/Nordstrom/etc and just take a look at what’s new.

Fairly often because most of the time I wait for reviews for the products I am eyeing, to see if it is worth my money or not. Sometimes though if I see it often enough I get tempted to buy it lol

Way too often! I trust your reviews Christine so if you like it I’m pretty certain that I’ll like it too. You’ve not steered me wrong yet! I don’t buy everything of course but especially when it comes to lipsticks it’s hard for me to say no (that new Rouge G better be awesome because I think I’m buying it no matter what)!

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Christine. And thank you too to those behind the scenes who also make this site possible. *group hug*

Would love to know who your favorite people are to watch on Youtube Christine! There are five places that inspire me to make purchases. Your blog, NouveauCheap’s blog, Youtube videos, MakeupAlley website and magazines like Allure who dedicate large sections of their magazine to makeup every month.

I don’t watch a lot, but if I do, it tends to be people I talk to outside of YouTube – like xSparkage (Leesha) and Dustin Hunter (Dusty), but a few that I don’t know and watch: Tarababyz, Elle Fowler, Jackie Aina, goldiestarling, Lisa Eldridge. I’m definitely missing some from the list! I watch videos maybe once a week or less, though – I am nottt a video person.

Oh…about a nanosecond after reading Christine’s reviews either I’m online ordering or breathing a sign of relief that I didn’t jump on something too early. Except for MAC- I’m still pretty much a fan & because of their great customer service I’ll go for the latest releases pronto and not wait for a review. I have bought some real lemons though…

I’d say it’s 50% after randomly coming across it in a video or a blog post, and the other half is from me being interested in a product and then seeking out video/blog reviews. I never buy something without having read a review.

I have never had much will power when I see something I want so if I see a video that piques my interest, I’ll usually have it in my possession within a week! This is precisely why I should stay away from makeup blogs and youtube videos!

I buy practically everything from seeing it in videos or blog posts. I’m sure if I were to stop watching YouTube I wouldn’t buy nearly as much stuff as I do now. Other than that, I’ll see something in the “What’s New” section of Sephora and be interested, but it’s usually blogs or videos.

Frequently. I have learned over the years, though, that some bloggers and I are on the same page and some aren’t. I used to watch one vlogger regularly because I thought we had similar coloring, yet I found that most of the things she highly recommended that I tried just didn’t work for me. Most vloggers, ugh! Way too much makeup and contouring and creepy Sharpie eyebrows!

Now I mostly go by blog swatches such as here at Temptalia (also like Musings of a Muse) and then make my own decisions. I know what colors work for me and which ones don’t.

Not very often.. only when I’ve heard about it multiple times do I ever impulse buy something I’ve only seen online. I have to take into consideration my skin tone and type with most things, because a lot of bloggers/YTers are darker than I am and whereas, it looks stunning on them, it would not work for me.

I read only a few blogs regularly, but I’m rarely persuaded to buy something just because it gets a good review (it has to a color I’d wear, or contain skin-friendly ingredients), although I do appreciate/respect the opinions of others-including readers. That said, I’ve recently become *obsessed* with a relatively new YouTuber, Drac Makens, who has somehow managed to reignite my passion for lipstick, and has inspired me to wear bright eyeshadow again. While her looks may be a bit much for me, her artistry is nothing short of amazing! I don’t follow her looks exactly, but I will “tone” it fown to fit my needs, and she comes up with combinations I would never think of. Because of her videos, I’ve been inspired to purge my lip stash, and replace about 40-50 new lipsticks in the last few months, and pick up the WnW Summer eyeshadow palettes & the Kat von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette, LOL! I have no regrets on any of my purchases, and she’s definitely worth checking out, even if her looks aren’t ” your thing”.

It ranges from right away to months (sometimes years, as I did with Naked 3), actually. If the reviewer is someone I really trust (like Christine) and/or I’m really familiar with the brand, the item is LE, the item is something I really love, and I have the money, I’ll by it pretty quickly. If it’s not LE, I usually like to wait for more reviews and swatches, read user comments, etc. I prefer to do as much research as possible before I buy.

If it’s LE, I put a rush on it and if the money tree allows, I pre sale or get it upon release. If it’s not permanent, as soon as the budget allows. I like my beauty goodies. 😀

practically always, but i do my research. like i see something in let’s say youtube… but i don’t really trust the beauty gurus blindly because sometimes they’re sponsored and they’re like I LOVE THIS and when i try it… it isn’t THAT great and all of that… but i read your blog everyday (kudos to you and your honest opinions!) and i think your opinions are really accurate also i read costumers comments, they’ll always be honest about their experiences and i seriously read a bunch! you know to lessen the possibilities of regret, some of those products are very expensive so i have to take care of those invesments lol

it’s a very long process but with 95% of accuracy (the other 5% is when i impulse-buy without seeing their review)

I read a lot of blogs on makeup and skincare. I’m influenced by people’s opinions I trust, like you, and I’ll buy when I have the money to do so if it fits a need and rates well.

Almost every makeup product I’ve bought this year has been recommended by a blogger I trust and only once was I staggeringly disappointed. Everything else is almost as good, as good, or better for me than it was rated. Like you rated my current favorite Fall lippie a B+ and I can see why but it’s an A for me!

All the time! I often wait for reviews to purchase a product. I’d say at least 60% of what I buy is because I saw a review.

Maybe after a month or so, I don’t like purchasing new products on line I need to see them in person, even if there are swatches and video I feel like lighting can distort the colors sometimes and they are true to what you get in person….

95% of the time. I always try to find a review on a product before purchasing. Actually, I try to find several reviews from various sources because I know there are bloggers who will hype up everything. Of the two items that come to mind that I purchased without much information, one is now a favorite and the other was a complete disaster! LOL

If the question is referring to how often I am motivated to purchase a new product after seeing/reading about it for the first time, that percentage drops considerably. I have to take many things into consideration, such as the age, skin type, undertones, and personal tastes of the reviewer. It’s highly unlikely that I’d purchase a product to diminish or conceal the signs of aging after seeing someone younger than 45 review it.

It depends if I like the colour or not 😛 but most importantly, it fits within my budget! I can’t afford those super high luxury brands like Dior, Guerlain… *broke college student* ;_;

Maybe about once a month or so, but the reviews have to be really good for me to buy it and also, most of all it has to be something I am attracted to (for packaging) and works well for my skin (if they do provide a sample like Sephora). Actually, after reading all the reviews of Colourpop and seeing it everywhere on Youtube, I decided to order from them. I live in Canada, so shipping was okay and now I’m obsessed with the brand. When I find something good, I’ll just use it but I would try other things too.

I am learning that more and more it’s a personal thing. Opinions and ppl r all different. Just because someone else likes and works them doesn’t mean it will for me. I have read reviews and do watch a few you tubers. One of my fave blogs is NouvoueCheap. I usually check her first thing usually around midnite the nite before I get her blog notice in my email. I just recently learned about u here Christine and check u and refer everyone to u. Because of the in depth reviews. There r cpl You Tubers I trust like Jambeauty89 Jessixa Braun and EmilyNoel. I tried to find the Same skin type and hooded eyes. Because I deal with that but that didn’t work out real well. Because like others mentioned sponsorship. But I mostly buy Drugstore when I do. Because I can afford those a lot more. If something is very special LE coming out and expected to sell quickly I might jump depending a lot on funds and reputation. But I don’t jump on anything else very fast at all. Too many things to consider. But mostly just because one mascara works for someone doesn’t mean it will for me. Learned that so quickly with products any more. It’s just such a matter of opinion and person. There is too much coming out all the time. I have only really known about all the beauty community a cpl yrs. I’m still new and learning all the time even if I have worn makeup for about 30yrs now. I think a lot of the comments r really good on here and considerable.

I read your blog and a few others every day to check out what is new in the market. I only buy what I really, really like and need. The issue living in Australia is that we don’t have easy access to many products; international shipping is very expensive and our dollar does not buy much. I always check out the quality of a product from blogs like this one before I buy any eye shadow palettes. When it comes to lipsticks and blushes, I often take advantage of deals and discounts either locally or through a website. This is always my first port of call.

Honestly? Several times a month! Christine, I look forward to your beauty blog EVERY day! And if I see a review that you have done and given a product an awesome grade, I will DEFINITELY get it!

It happens, but only if I’ve seen it here, as I have complete trust in Christine. Some bloggers and you tubers seem to like everything, I read once that this blogger, can’t remember who only wrote about the things she liked, and never about the things she disliked.

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