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I won’t lie…a LOT. I ALWAYS check Makeupalley before I buy almost any makeup, and usually don’t buy if it’s under a 4.0 unless I’ve tried the product myself or if it’s disliked for a reason that doesn’t apply to me. Also, my regular MAC MAU can talk me into buying almost anything.

Yay, for honesty. I’m very much like this, too. I find cosmetics fascinating, but I have little experience with most of what’s out there. I check makeupalley and here for reviews, and I go from there. I will say that a MAC MUA can’t talk me into anything though. I totally go into defense mode at the MAC center. I’m always afraid that if I don’t, I’ll end up coming home with full coverage makeup, false eyelashes, glitter, and neon pink lipstick. There is a guy at Sephora that can talk me into anything, though. He’s awesome.

oh, and as far as what other people personally think of my makeup, I don’t really care. sometimes if someone tells me it makes me look “older” though I may make some modifications. lol. I’m 25 and want to look my age.

My style, not much–I don’t tend to care about people’s opinions about my makeup. My execution? Constructive criticism is welcome 😀

Not more than to the extent I keep my makeup “appropriate” to the environment I’m in. For example, if there is a particular dress-code where I work, it’s not worth jeopardizing my job. Also, when I make appearances at my daughter’s school, I keep things simple, and in line with what the other moms wear. It’s not that I necessarily care what they think of me, but I’m representing my child, and I don’t want anyone to form opinions of her based on my appearance. On my own time, I really don’t care what people think, and I wear what I want, how I want.

I don’t care at all what people think of my makeup- however I do care if it is related to professionalism. But *my* time means I can go hog wild if I so choose. Another’s discomfort with my pink eye shadow doesn’t upset me, oftentimes I take it as a backhanded compliment when I consider the source.

Other people’s opinions dont matter, but I do check up with magazines for the current fashion. When I was growing up,if I saw someone having some makeup product that I like, then I had to go check it out and likely buy it.

It really depends on the person. I generally don’t really care about the opinion of people who don’t know me all that well to begin with.

Not really. The makeup I wear is probably not the type that would elicit strong responses (I don’t go in for things like outrageous eye looks or blue lips, etc.). So I’ve never had anyone say “Why are your eyebrows PINK? It looks weird!” or things like that. However, when someone (it’s always a woman) says “I love your eyeshadow” or “You look so glowing”, I make a point of remembering what it is that I’m wearing because the compliments have been sincere so it’s a look I’d want to re-create. Now, opinions/comments on products (how they perform, apply, wear, etc.) – those opinions DO affect my purchases, as Maggie has posted. I too check out Makeupalley and Temptalia before purchasing something. On those few occasions when I’ve bought something without checking and then see it has a low rating, my heart really falls!

As someone who used to wear little and very conservative makeup as a daily grind to maintain a professional appearance, I’ve since then branched out to making makeup more of a fun experience. Now that I am older, am self-employed, have mostly my partner and animals to gawk at me everyday, I have the luxury of more time to make it such. I’m not looking to others to seek approval, but I’m definitely open to constructive criticism and learning. However, like most people, I instantly stop listening to people who are bitchy rude even if they have good advice ’cause let’s face it, who can tolerate sanctimony…about makeup?? LoL So, yes, I do seek out places where multiple opinions and styles are stated and represented in a proactive and helpful environment such as this. I take what I learn and go from there and mold into what works for me. I learn and evolve as I go and I’m all intent on making it an enjoyable trip.

Damn straight! I had some guy on YouTube comment once (on a video where I was wearing more “neutral” makeup, which is not the norm for me) “you look so much better without all that colored sh*t” and I was like “nope, don’t care what you think, you can leave now.”

Thinking about it seriously, I realise that the opinions of others barely influence me at all. I’m more likely to go against the grain, than be influenced by others. I’m very contrary like that! I do keep my makeup more subdued at work than on my own time, but that’s mainly so I don’t constantly get comments on it! However my boyfriend did comment that he disliked MAC Saint Germain on me – I’m not sure it really suits me either! However that has meant I haven’t tried to play around with it more.

I wouldn’t say that someones makeup style influencing mine, but I do see products on people that I like. And I am influenced by people who don’t wear tons of makeup. It makes me feel better – like I don’t need loads to get by.

I agree with XAMYX about keeping things appropriate to the environment. My work look is definitely not the same as my night out look!!
The only opinion I get is when I’m out with my daughter and we decide to “play” with lip swatches, and she’ll let me know if something looks good on me or not. She may love something that I think is too bold, and I don’t always buy based on her say-so, although her “second opinion” was the deciding factor in my NARS Afghan Red purchase!!

I´m not really influenced at all. I like my style, I´m one of the few that wear makeup and lipstick particularly and that will never change. Otherwise my style is traditional, since my lipsticks are mostly pink, dark pink, pink brown, pink red, peach and basically thats were it ends. So really people don´t comment in my appereance much, I get compliments from time to time and thats all. No one gives me suggestions they expect me to give them some suggestions if anything 🙂 .

It might influence what I wear around them.

If one of my elders told me they don’t like something (which hasn’t happened yet) I would probably not wear that if I knew I was going to be around them out of respect. If my boss and coworkers felt like I needed to tone down what I wear to work (another thing that has not happened so far) I’d do as they told me.

But just randos on the street? If it’s a compliment I’d be more likely to wear the look again. If it’s a criticism I wouldn’t change something I liked for them. Now if it’s a look I was kind of wavering on whether I liked or not and people told me they didn’t like it it might influence me to not wear it.

It depends who it’s coming from, and even then only to an extent. Really, the only opinion I care of, outside my own, is my husband’s. I know he won’t let me out of the house looking ridiculous because I didn’t blend well or something. At the same time, I don’t let the fact that he doesn’t like bright or dark lipsticks stop me from wearing them.

Not one bit. I do my own thing. I know there are probably a lot of people don’t like my heavy eye make-up and would like to see me looking more natural. But that won’t make me change my mind or my style 🙂

It definitely influences my makeup style. If someone says a color doesn’t look good on my skin then I most likely won’t wear it. I want to look good for myself AND other peopel.

Expressed opinions, almost none. What can influence me is when someone points out something I like – for example, I tend to wear a red lip with my fifties inspired dress because I like the idea of theming my makeup to my dress’ era, and someone pointed that out to me. But I also have a strong preference for wearing bright lip colors in general when wearing more monochrome and subdued colors, and that’s actually why I was wearing that. So all that means is I’m more likely to wear red instead of pink with that dress. Other than that, if I’m perfectly happy wearing a green lip with purple eyeshadow when going out to do grocery shopping, I give zero concern to what other people think.

That said, I do keep my makeup generally appropriate to what I’m doing anyplace more formal than that, and appropriateness to the situation is difficult to untangle from opinions, because appropriateness is ultimately determined by the opinions of everyone involved.

I do listen to opinions from others but only people close to me who know about makeup. I also take opinions from my husband because i trust he knows what looks good on me. I will not change the style i like based on others opinions but i will take them into consideration and maybe make small changes to make my makeup look more flattering.

I would tell you that they don’t, but when my mother told me my face looked red from wearing too much blush (I was wearing a super old one from MAC’s Diana Ross collection), I felt self conscious… I now tone it down on the blush, don’t put a little color all over anymore and have tended to pick the lighter colors from my stash.

My ex hated red lips, it was all about dark smoky eyes for him… To this day, I’m still looking for a very subtle red that isn’t so much in your face bold.

So yes, I guess other people’s opnions do matter.

My philosphy is wear what you want, when you want and screw what other people think. BUT I’d be lying if I said a compliment from someone regarding a certain eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. wouldn’t make me more inclined to use it in the future. Everyone loves being told they look good 🙂 Might as well own it.

I value opinions and comments good and bad based on the source. Any criticism from someone I admire greatly whether a family, friend or even a stranger, matters. But people whom I don’t, doesn’t faze me.

I don’t generally have to defend my makeup choices, because they’re not that wild. But I am very much influenced by the social consensus that dictates ‘we don’t wear green lipstick’, that kind of thing. If other people did, I probably would, but I don’t think I’m the trailblazing rebel myself.

I would say 80% of the time I’m not influenced by others opinions of my makeup. I’m usually complimented on my makeup, but I’m receptive to recommendations and constructive criticism. In fact, when I try makeup I’m not so sure about, I seek opinions from time to time from trusted friends, family and co workers (the remaining 20%). Some opinions certainly have more weight than others. At the end of the day, I still follow my instincts regarding makeup.

Not at all. My mother always tried to steer me away from my red and purples lipsticks, but I loved them and still do!

I regularly read reviews on make up, preferring to form an opinion after reading several reviewers’ opinions on a product. Sales persons’ opinions do not count — effectively all they are interested in is my money. Once it is on my face, other people’s opinions do-not-count. It is my face and I will paint it the way I like it. I even wore Kryolan’s “blue lagoon” high gloss to work yesterday, and except for a few startled looks, there was nary a comment from any of my colleagues. I work in the academia, but still… I guess it says a lot for their level of tolerance too :-).

Not at all. I’ve actually had people straight up complain about or insult my makeup simply because it’s unusual and I’m a bit braver than most – I prefer to use lots of bright colors – but I’ve stomped them down immediately because I really couldn’t care less what they think of it. I use my makeup to express myself. I happen to think all the colors I use suit who I am. They may not necessarily be the most flattering or natural looking thing, but they fit my personality, and I enjoy applying and getting creative with them.

I’d say to 95%, considering that I don’t think I would wear this type of makeup if I didn’t have history and society to conform to. If I was brought up in a totally different society, I think my makeup would look drastically different.

I think there are so many things we think that we choose for ourselves, but we are only really choosing from within a box of (quite limited) possibilities. I sometimes want to wear glitter all over my face but if I want to be seen as a respected person at my office work, I will not be able to do that. It’s not within the box of acceptance and I – to be honest – rather choose acceptance than having to deal with people staring at my face all the time wondering what is going on. It is sad but more convenient!

I dont care what friends say or my mum as they always comment on how i look all the time. But when my brother said i looked beautiful at a recent family gathering and i was wearing neutral makeup and told me to continue to wear this type of makeup as it suits me. I really value his opinion because he will never ever comment on how i look unless he feels like he really needs to say something.

I do not get influenced by ppl’s opinions but then again my makeup is mostly ‘natural’ and not so bold. I usually stay away from the hype around the new products, even if it’s nice it may not be for me. However I do worry that some sparkly make up, eye shadows will either make my face look weird or will not be age appropriate or it is simply ‘for prettier girls’ (fx Chanel Epatant).

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