How many lip products do you have? How many do you use regularly?

I N F I N I T Y and beyond. Only Mellan knows, assuming he can count that high! Fun fact: there are over 14,000 lip swatches in the database.

— Christine


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Veronica Avatar

Way too many. My dog knows, but she is not telling.

Only one I use regularly is my MAC Lip Conditioner. Love that stuff. I have gotten free Back2MAC lipsticks with lip conditioner empties alone!

Mariella Avatar

How many? Lots and lots and lots many! Regularly, I have 2 lip balms that I use (Kiehl’s and Burt’s Bees) and about 5 lipsticks (MAC Craving, Red Necessity and Full Fuchsia, Smashbox Red Rage, Givenchy Fuchsia in the Know). Oh dear – I’m forgetting the 2 Sephora Rouge Lacquers that I’ve added fairly recently…. Oh dear. I have to say, though, that in these “dark times”, swiping on a bit of lippie really lifts my spirits. I remember in the 50’s, the dismissive suggestion to women who were blue was to go out and buy a new hat. These days, at least for me, it’s to go out and buy a new lippie (far less costly than a woman’s hat!). Is anyone else here old enough to remember that delightful Peter Sellers film “The World of Henry Orient”? One of the 2 teenaged girls in it (played delightfully by Tippy Walker and Marian Gilbert) either quotes something she’s reading or just comments on a beautiful woman who “had a mouth like a crimson gash”. I remember that line all these years later….

kjh Avatar

Merrie Spaeth is my age, and was in my cabin at camp a year or two. ~ 1965-1966. Not nearly as indulged and who-I-am as many others, (Who traded on their dad’s international job or corporate presidency.) She actually was a noteworthy person in her own right, but never flaunted it, or even mentioned it. She’s in media/ communications now, and has a phenomenal Ivy education. (The camp director got a lot of mileage from her attendance, though…) I felt she never let the social climbers use her…and oddly, I never saw Henry Orient.

Diane Avatar

Way too many! I have a purse in my closet that just contains lipstick and gloss and it’s full. My everyday purse probably has a minimum of 10 and every coat pocket has at least one. I also have stashes in my drawers from warehouse sales (MAC) that have duplicates of ones already in use. I definitely have a problem.

Moxie Avatar

A lot. A LOT. So much so that I’m on a no-buy, no matter how much I might be tempted. Some are discontinued and will never be used, and some are swatched/tested and in the queue.

I try to use only one at a time because I hate having clutter so a product here, there and everywhere would drive me crazy.

I see people pan a lip product or more a month and I don’t know how. I’m over a month deep on this current one and it’s only half gone.

Lauren Avatar

I have at least 30-40 that I rotate through regularly. The only ones not on constant rotation are my special occasion liquid lips and my “fun” colors that only really work with certain looks. I finally got everything set up in my little containers and don’t go over that… and if I do I throw colors in my purse to make room! I do regularly get rid of ones that break or go bad and *try* to pass along ones I don’t use often to friends, but I love having a big variety because I like my lip colors to change with my mood.

Mags Avatar

After countless declutters, I’m happy to say I’m down to 15 lip products. If I’m being honestly with myself, I probably use about 7 of them regularly, the others being brighter or grungy colors that I like to keep on hand for when the mood strikes, but are not my everyday. I’m happy with that number, and it includes my lip balms too!

Erica Avatar

Far too many! Nearly 200 MAC lipsticks alone. Shameful. I’m no longer allowed to buy lipstick. And I haven’t felt like wearing lipstick in a long time. Just have been wearing a lip balm so why have so many? Ah the life of a hoarder?

Francesca Avatar

About 25-30 I think. I try to use them periodically, even if some shades are only for ‘high occasions’. I try to coordinate them with the eyelook (i.e warm eyelook with warm lipstick, colourful eyelook with neutral lipstick, bold lipstick with neutral eyeshadow) but I don’t mind the so called seasonal colours (i.e I put orange and corals lipstick all over the year) even if when I tanned a lot in summer, I try to avoid the most pale shades, to not wash out my face.
Little OT: due to the lockdown, it’s more or less two months that I’m not able to wear a proper lipstick. The rare occasion to buy some food we have to put masks… And I think that I have to wait some other months to be able to use my collection of lipsticks…

Wednesday Avatar

TNTC: using lab short form for Too Numerous To Count.

I purged many many lipsticks, but I still have far too many. I still own every single Tom Ford lipstick I ever purchased, even the duds. I have a pretty full range of NARS Audacious, Bite Beauty lipsticks and lip pencils, Pat McG Luxtreme and Mattrance, Estee Lauder Color Envy, Then there is lip gloss..oy!

Yesterday in my bid to update my Vanity on Temptalia, I tackled my beauty vanity drawer and purses because both are always holding a pile of lip products. I have about 30 to 50 lipsticks/glosses which see some wear. The rest are living in my Ikea Alex. Clearly this is an area where I still have issues.

Miradan Avatar

Have gotten my stash down to about 50ish lipsticks, and normally I use about 10-20 of them regularly. Right now I am wearing a lot of lipbalm, though, while working from home.

kjh Avatar

IDK. Way too many. I toss ~30 at a time. Keep some for sentimental reasons, like Biba Blue Roses pot gloss and the original Revlon Naked Pink, and a couple from defunct companies. I do realize that I could, and maybe should deep six everything over 2 years, and replace with CP or Sephora as needed. Better check those old stored Bobbi Browns before trash day tomorrow. Maybe there are T dupes! Old Fresh (they used to do excellent real lipcolor), Garden Botanika, and Benefit…gone, and I miss many of them. When you get to my age, there is a lot of nostalgia about m/u. More nostalgia than practicality.

Olga Avatar

15-20. I don’t feel as bad about owning lipstick than powder products because they’re so compact.

I use two categories: lip stains (~6) in the morning and whatever lipstick I have in my pocket (2-3) throughout the day. The ones in my pocket are always moisturizing and wearable as a lip balm on a swipe and go basis. But I also have a few lip products that I love but don’t enjoy wearing or applying (because they’re dryer or have a wand, for example, or because they’re deeper colors that require careful application). I still keep those because I do like wearing them when I want to make an effort. But I usually don’t.

Jenny B Avatar

Haha, I guess I have around 150 lipsticks and some additional 50 lip glosses. There are five lipsticks I use regularly; I have set myself some “default” lipsticks to either have in my handbag or handy to put on right before I go out. This is to use up some lipsticks and also not stand there all dizzy wondering which colour to pick out in the moment.

Z Avatar

Too many to use regularly, though I cull them once a year or two so at least everything I currently have it something I LIKE and WOULD use…..but as far as frequent, there might be 10.

Ana Maria Avatar

I usually own around 6 lipsticks: a nude brown, a nude plum, a deep burgundy, a blue based red, a grungy greyish chocolate brown, and something ‘fun’ (which is usually a darker purple / plum). Nowadays, with not wearing lipstick that much (although otherwise I have full face on each workday), I only have 4 because 2 expired and there’s no sense replacing them right now.

I also have a SPF lip balm I put on everyday with due diligence.

Rachel R. Avatar

More than 200. I really need to do a lippie declutter. Daily, I randomly use one of the 2-4 lip balms I have open at any given time, and I use a lip scrub once every week or so. I rotate through my lip colors. My goal is to use a different product every day. I sometimes get obsessed with a shade, or busy and default to some tried and true favorites. Sorry, that’s not really an answer, but I just don’t bother to keep track.

Pearl Avatar

11 balms strategically placed in my car, bag, all over the house.

6 MAC Prep and Prime lip primer – one always in my glam tray and essential for me whenever I wear a matte (unless it’s a Charlotte Tilbury matte). The rest are stored with lip liners.

16 lip liners – acrylic organizer

28 lip glosses – acrylic organizer, my bag, strategically placed in drawers around the house. I am typically not a fan of lip gloss but I love Pat McGrath’s LUST gloss and Marc Jacobs has a decent formula also.

122 lipsticks- acrylic organizer, makeup fridge

I wear a balm, lip liner and lipstick daily and when color starts to fade or my lips dry out, I swipe on some gloss or reapply lipstick or both.

I am using up quite a bit of dormant, nostalgic favorites and it’s been….interesting ☺

Mimi Avatar

I’d say probably five that I have with me all the time. Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Mannequin, Fenty Gloss, Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker, the new MAC plumping gloss and the Dior lip glow

xamyx Avatar

I have on obscenely gross amount of lip products… I wouldn’t even know how to venture a guess… Currently in rotation are 16 Revlon Glass Shine lipsticks, and 8 L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine lipsticks. I’m also working my way through a couple bins of older, unopened lip glosses. I’ve completely finished a full-size Stila Lip Glaze, 3/4 of another, and have about another dozen smaller ones in the queue. Being at home all day, every day, I’ve been constantly reapplying lip gloss, even on days I’m wearing nothing else. It just makes me feel more “normal” knowing I’ve made the effort to wear something, so I have an excuse to wear the glosses I like, but often don’t want to bother with…

I also have a bin of entirely way too old lip products that I keep for reference or sentimental reasons, but I’m not including those in my collection.

Mae-Mae Avatar

I have 15 liquid lipsticks (anything that comes in a liquid formula, including lip glosses), 15 non-liquid/”bullet” lipsticks, 3 tinted balms/crayons, 1 lip primer, and 3 lip pencils. That’s 37 products total. Honestly, I don’t even wear lip products on a daily basis, so technically I wear 0 on a regular basis . . .

Mae-Mae Avatar

Though I do apply lip balm several times a day (I naturally have very, very dry lips/skin in general), but I count lip balm as more of a skincare product rather than a “lip product.” I do have like ~4 lip balms that I use on a regular basis that are stashed in various places.

Patricia Johnson Avatar

Waaaay too many. I went to my car to get something for the first time in a week and realized that I apparently keep about 15 assorted lip products in the middle thingie. I carried them back in like I was rescuing kittens. Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel kittens!

Stefanie Avatar

1 lip primer; 14 lipsticks; 1 liquid lipstick; 1 lip gloss; 6 lip liners. Not overkill but luxury lipstick is my weakness: 1 Lancôme; 2 Chanel; 1 Burberry; 1 Kosas; 2 NARS; 2 Clinique; 1 Kiko; 1 Stila; 1 Rimmel; 3 Revlon. On my wish list: Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, more Burberry, more Chanel…

Lori Avatar

Someone already wrote “too many and not enough.” That about sums it up. I’m always searching for the next best color for my pale skin tone. After seeing photographs, I decided to purge my really deep bold colors and I was so sad…but these 52 year old lips just can’t party like they used to! ?

Carolina Avatar

Counting lipstick, lipliners (that I never used) and lipgloss (same thing): 150. The number feels outrageous to me, but to be truthful, this is the makeup “category” where I’ve spent the least amount of money. About a third were offered or gifts with purchases, and 75% is drugstore.

Genevieve Avatar

I have about 20 -25 lipsticks in my collection, and a few of them are almost finished up. I have about 10 backups of my favourite shades too. When I have finished with the ones I have, I will be pairing down my collection.
Interestingly, I just ordered a back up of Maybelline’s Spice for Me lipstick the other day, after the question here on what LE products would not like to see D/C (or words to that effect). We don’t get Spice for Me here in Aus.
I tend to use between 5-10 of them regularly, especially the Colour Pop ones.

Nikki Avatar

1 Maybelline lip crayon, 2 liquid lipsticks, 2 tinted lip balms, 3 flavored lip balms, about 7 lip glosses, an old-but-still-in-usable-shape (the state of most of my makeup-I don’t toss anything unless they smell bad, lose texture, or otherwise just aren’t right) 24-shade Revlon lip sampler (8 shades each of lip gloss, liquid lipstick, and some sort of gel lipstick), and standard lipsticks-I don’t feel like going through and counting them all right now, but hmm, 50ish? 60ish? I might add a few more when Insiders hit the Sephora spring sale next week. I’ve been using my 3 Marc Jacobs Enamored glosses and 4 Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipsticks a lot lately, but honestly, my base products (foundation, concealer, and cheek contour) are the only products I’d say I use on a regular basis. Everything else I just use based on my mood and what goes with the look.

Francine Avatar

I only have 6, but don’t use them. This is the only category I’m loyal to one product…Tom Ford Casablanca. Use it everyday forever.

Vanessa Avatar

13 lip products, and I use 13.
Excludes free samples that I leave in my drawer at work.

2 burgundy
2 purple
4 reds
2 blue
2 nudes
1 metallic orange

Believe it or not, some of those are repurchases… Including some reds and purples… I’m planning on more, though. ?

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