How loyal are you to beauty brands?

I’m not loyal to brands in any sense of I’ll stick by them no matter what, but if a brand has been fairly good in the past, and they miss once, I’m not going to write them off. Similarly, if customer service is weak but not insulting, I’ll probably give them another chance as well.

— Christine
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I’m not loyal to any brand to the point where I’ll put up with poor products, but I have my brands that I give a look at least once a month. I give the Chanel counter at my Nordstroms a fair bit of business. 🙂

I’m not loyal at all! I have brands that I feel can almost do no wrong, brands that I wouldn’t entertain, and brands that I have a love hate relationship with. I mostly like to stick with what I know or try something based on reputable (not paid for) reviews

I am extremely brand loyal, even product or colour loyal.
Clarins or Clinique then Thalgo or Alpha H for skincare. Mac and Chanel plus a smattering of Guerlain for makeup.
I am always tempted by lovely new offerings. In 2014, I tried YSL for the first time. Other than the Touché Eclat I had been using that since launch. In 2015 I tried Urban Decay for the first time.
So many brands and products I want to try and one face. It can be easier to put my dollars where I know I’m less likely to be disappointed.

I have favorites that I keep buying from (ie Colour Pop, Paula’s Choice), but I’m not loyal to any one brand. It’s basically whoever has the best product

I’ll stick by a brand as long as I feel like they are still putting out high quality products consistently, particularly anything I consider to be an HG item within that brand. In other words, as long as they don’t go mucking around with the formula.
And with some brands, one comes readily to mind, I don’t expect all of their LE products to be as great as the bulk of their permanent range, but still would love to see THAT end done right as well. And, yes, I absolutely agree concerning customer service! Utter rudeness or dishonesty are definite marks against any company, including cosmetics.

I’m pretty loyal until a brand starts getting too gimmicky or obsessed with following every trend. I feel like the quality start to decline when they try to hop on every band wagon.

I’m pretty similar, in that unlike something like computers (I’m a MAC person, and though they’ve gone downhill I still can’t see myself getting a PC), I will lean towards a brand I’ve had good experience with in the past, but will cut my losses if they go downhill. I also think a bit more with sort of the all encompassing “ethics” in mind, from how they treat their workers, the ingredients they use, if they test on animals, if they use microbeads, how their customer service is, etc, and if it’s bad enough I’ll walk away or avoid certain products. Likewise, if a brand has basically the same quality of product, but better overall ethics than a competitor, I’ll go for the more “ethical” brand.

not at all,I have a open mind in beauty related and I don’t want to put a limit to my self to loyal to the brands instead look into every good products.I still don’t see a brands that don’t have any flaw tho

I’m somewhat loyal to certain product lines that brands put out such as if I like a lipstick or eyeshadow formula I’ll be inclined to get more colors in that same formula. I’m very picky, though, so when I find something good I tend to stick with it. Even then it’s fair game because you never know when a different brand may put out something better. The only thing I do try to stick with is avoiding brands that animal test so that can cut down options.

I’l loyal when any brand has proven consistency of quality of their products. MAC has really lost my loyalty over the years and it not so much about their permanent product, but the LE collection have been really falling short as well.

Tarte I do love even when their products may not work for me and my skin tone they are one brand I get excited about product launches. That said their last one has me scratching my head.

Kat Von D is another brand and when they makeup in there LE palettes are not as on par with the rest of the brand I don’t mind, because the quality over all gets me excited.

Too Faced has won a fair bit more loyalty from me over the past 2 years, they have upped their game in terms of the product promises and meeting them. They are starting to really innovate their core line and embrascing some eyeshadow stability in their permanent formulas.

MUFE and UD has made my loyalty for years.

No. Straightout ho. M/u brands are not part of my identity, the way yellow VW, Apple, & RayBan are. (Year 25-37 of standard yellow VW, even though I don’t like this one, comparatively.) I do heavy cruising of faves, but rely on reviews, etc. I am more likely to BE DONE with a brand (Tarte comes to mind) and have deselected Nars & UD as I get older. My personality can take the brights better than my face can. Standard French brands have fallen away, as well. I bought French, when I bought fewer. Always willing to try something new. CP, Bite since it’s inception, Catrice, lusting for Zoeva.

I’d say I’m pretty loyal to my fave brands. There’s a brand I still hold in high regard despite having a history of ugly drama, because their products have never disappointed me, and I’ve noticed they seem to have got their act together, finally.
Another brand I consider myself loyal to is Too Faced, because you can tell they take their customers’ feedback into account, and their products continue to improve.

I’m pretty brand loyal because once I find something that works, I will just stick with it and don’t see the need to branch out. I like having only a few brands to watch out for with their latest products because, with how much money I invest in my collection, it streamlines it for me. I really prefer only one stop shopping and want to go in and get what I need/want and then leave. I think that’s why I like Sephora, now – before, I didn’t. I found it overwhelming with all the brands and products and iterations on everything. Now that I know what I want and also have some brand familiarity (besides MAC), I don’t find it intimidating or all the options overwhelming anymore.

I’m not so loyal to any brand to the point where I think they can do no wrong. However, I definitely have favorite brands, or at least favorite products from certain brands. I buy from a variety of brands, though, so I’m not loyal to one brand for all things. As long as the quality stays good and customers are being scammed or treated badly, I’ll continue to buy. Minor mishaps or bad products will be excused if the brand tries to do better.

I’m not really loyal to any brand, though I do purchase more from some brands than others. I tend to be more product-loyal… unless they do something “new and improved” (screwed up and ruined!) that turns me off (including new packaging).

There are some brands that I won’t buy from again, one I’ve never purchased from and won’t (even though a particular eyeshadow palette looks like it would work beautifully for me…).

I’m extremely loyal to the products that work for me. MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation is the best, so they have my business in regards to always buying their foundation. As for lipsticks, I love MAC’s Pink Nouveau and their Viva Glam 5. You can’t go wrong with Viva Glam 5! I’ve recently discovered MAC’s Strobe Cream. It too is a must have for me. I’ll keep purchasing as long as the formulas aren’t changed. Otherwise, I’ll try different brands, but I don’t have to own every item that brand produces. I find items I like and tend to stick with them.

I’m more “loyal” to specific products and I try to keep an eye on brands that already carry products I know work well for me. I have sensitive skin prone to reacting so I am a bit more careful about experimenting with new products than the typical makeup enthusiast.

It’s uncomfortable to think it of loyalty–we all know they’re companies, not human beings with feelings or actual relationships with us, after all–but I have to admit I do have a handful of brands I look to first because I enjoy their aesthetic, their illusion of personality, and I have had good experiences with their quality. Plus, once you find a particular formula of something you really appreciate, it’s easy to come back to it when looking for a new shade. So yes, there are brands I go to first (NARS, MAC, UD, Paula’s Choice) and others I avoid for personal or political reasons (Lime Crime, Kat Von D).

I can’t say I’m loyal, I do have a lot of MAC, I like that I can buy just the eyeshadows and put them in my own palette. I do like their lipstick range. I can’t say I’m loyal to them, though.
I like to shop around, so to say 🙂

I’m not brand loyal in the slightest, but I do buy products that I’m passionate about for the best price I can find. If one brand just happens to make something that fits what I’m looking for, the quality is great, and it doesn’t hurt my wallet too much I will re-purchase again as long as the formula stays the same. Ex: Anastasia dip brow is amazing but if I found something that works just as well for less money without it being low quality I would try it regardless of the brand name.

I’m not loyal to any beauty brands. I have too many occasions where brand of a lipstick I love has eye shadow I don’t like at all. I think it would be nearly impossible to find a particular brand that was of superior quality in every are of skin care and makeup.

I’m loyal to EcoTools brushes. Their retractable kabuki brush is the beauty item I recommend the most, and the one that my friends are most likely to be obsessed with in turn.

When it comes to products, my skin can be really difficult to work with, so any product that’s effective earns a fair amount of loyalty from me, especially if the price is right. At this point I’m probably not going to stray from Becca’s matte primer and ColourPop’s eye shadows because they’re the best at what they do.

I am more loyal to a range of a brand eg Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Lipstick range because they are really good and cost effective. I read all your reviews and only buy the products if they suit me, I can get them and they rate well. Like most of us, we have a range of products from a wide variety of brands.

I have several brands and products I’m very loyal to and have used for a number of years. Case in point, Cellex-C Vitamin C, which I have used since it was introduced in the 80’s. However, I still try a product now and then from other lines: always looking for a miracle.

I’m fairly loyal to cruelty free brands unless they have a major f*ck up. I prefer to try natural and organic brands first. If a brand has a lot of hits for me, I’ll keep trying their offerings when I need something in the category. There are brands that have a majority of products that work for me, lets say 60% or higher with a b or higher rating, I’ll keep buying from them. Current brands that seem to work well over all for me are Sunday Riley, Nude, REN, Caudalie, Acure, John Masters Organics, MyChelle, NARS, Trilogy, UD, Derma E and Fresh. Slightly less so but still worthy of trying all their new stuff: Armani, Becca, Tatcha, Tarte, Chanel, and Korres. Everything else is pick and choose. I tend to avoid YSL or Dior and Chanel skincare due to high fragrance in products.

I do admit to having brands that I consistently love but I’m also very curious about other brands. I do branch out and try other products and love getting samples to try. A great review will also lead me to try other things.

MAC is always first in line to get my business, when it comes to makeup. However, I don’t think it’s loyalty per se , it’s more appreciation of price/quality ratio, knowledgeable SAs and the freaking number of products to choose from!

Nonetheless, if I see a great product for a price I’m willing to pay, I won’t care if it’s MAC or not. I mean there are so many good brands AND, most importantly, products!! I think it’s a self-imposed limitation of your choices/possibilities if you stick to just one brand.

I am not loyal, because each and every brand has duds and masterpieces in their collections. I would say that I am most likely to “forgive” a brand for having an awful product if they have impressed me with amazing stuff already… and also, there are some brands that sometimes I go back to because of nostalgia (high school classics… Nivea / Labello lipbalms, Impulse stuff, fragrance brands I used back then etc.)

I am loyal to certain brands but how loyal is the key. I will not break my wallet for every single seasonal collection just because. If a brand has overall impressed me with both service and products, I will continuously try out new things, return for favorites, and I like mentioning brands and products to other people who are interested. I also don’t judge a brand over one product that didn’t work out for me. Overall, I own products not just from one brand but from many, but there are brands that I do own more of.

Very! Particularly for skincare, primer, base, concealer, etc. I found what works for me and stick to it. I tried cheaper brands but don’t finish the product, and go back to my favorites.
For colors I try to try different brands, but come back to MAC and Laura Mercier a lot.

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