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How long does it take you to decide if you like (or dislike) a product?

How long does it take you to decide if you like (or dislike) a product? Do you ever return to it and try again?

I’ve definitely learned that all things need to be applied and used in practice, not just swatched, because a swatch only tells part of the story. Sometimes the swatch is better, sometimes the swatch is so-so, but the product is infinitely better worn as intended. Having said that, I would say that half-way through wearing a product, I have a good idea where it’s going to land. If something is really bad, I don’t usually go back, but if it was so-so or maybe was paired with the wrong products, bases, etc. or my skin wasn’t in the right shape, then I will try it again.

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VickyM Avatar

As soon as I swatch it I know if the color or the consistency is what I´m looking for, after I apply it once maybe twenty minutes later I know if I like it or not. Thankfully swatching personally rarely fails me, since I have very few misses in my collection. Once a product performs badly I don´t go back to it anymore because I know it just doesn´t work for me.

Maggie Avatar

I actually look forward to reading the answers to this. I’m quite prone to allergic reactions, sensitivities, acne and eczema. If I have a bad reaction to something, it may take a while for my skin to recover before I can try the next thing. Usually, after a week of use, I can figure out whether or not I like cosmetics. Skincare is different though–may take me a month to figure out whether or not I like it or can fit it into my routine. Whether or not I like the results or if the product was worth it may take longer.

Sara_beauTime Avatar

I usually know after wearing it once. However there were products which didn’t work for the first time but later on became my favorites after finding out the right way to apply them. By swatching only, I would say I can get only 60-70% of an idea for an eye shadow, 30-40% for lipsticks and only 10% for foundation

Jade Avatar

I usually know pretty quickly, either immediately or within a few hours. Sometimes it can take a day or two, especially with skincare or base products. My issue is, often I doubt my judgement! How often have we all gone, “Maybe I’m applying it wrong,” or “This would work better paired with other products,” or even “I just don’t have the right brush for this,” (though that one can be quite true).

Jan Avatar

For me, it can sometimes take uses – and I often need to view the effect in different lighting. On occasion, I can tell immediately. Scented items, certain acids, metal flakes or glitter – I can usually reject those before trying them. But more sophisticated textures, formulas and colors take a bit longer.

I can sometimes be an impulsive buyer. I rarely return items, even if I.don’t use them or they are broken. I give way the unopened ones. If often but hardly used, I determine whether it can be sanitized for reuse by another.

Rossella Avatar

I agree with Christine, the products have to be fully tested. I can swatch a face powder but I don’t know how much it will last on my face. The swatches are really useful for a “first” test but I have to wear the product in order to determine if it fits or not for me. I’m italian and I can write a little english/american, I’m sorry! 🙁

Verily Avatar

As much as I’d love to love a product at first use, I think for some things it takes a couple of uses. Mascara, for instance, grows on me after a few days. I also do play around with primers, eyeshadows, foundations, etc, to see what combinations I love best with them. So I guess my definitive answer to that would be – after a couple of uses.

Anetra Avatar

I actually only give a moisterizer a few days. I am one of the few people that prefer a shiny, dewy face. 🙂 I have an oily t-zone but I am dry now due to my acne meds. If I don’t have any shine at all the moisterizer has got to go! Love the site.

xamyx Avatar

It depends on the product, but usually a pretty long time. Lip products, however, are typically immediately; I’ve only ever had one adverse reaction to a lipstick, and there are brands I just don’t like, but the primary deciding factor is color, and I know what I like. Having to reapply has never been a deal-breaker, as no lip product has ever lived up to it’s claims, LOL.

With eyeshadow, again, color is the main thing. I’m willing to put in the extra time/effort to try different bases, primers, brushes, and application methods, and unless I get that rare adverse reaction, I can usually find a way to make it work. The only liner I’ve tried that I didn’t like was UD 24/7, and that was instantly; as soon as I applied it, it was gone… However, I’ve found other uses for the ones I have.

Face products are another product that depends on what I use them with. Some foundations just don’t play nice with some skincare, and I’ve had blush wear off faster, or even change color, with certain foundations, yet last all day with others. Again, for me, it’s about finding the “right” combination.

I also tend to stick to a core group of brands (which vary depending on product), and there are a few items I just keep going back to, so I’ve decided I should just stick with those. I’ve also figured out some of the “weaknesses” across the specific brands I prefer, so I can usually figure it out pretty quickly.

Ru Avatar

I think usually within the first wear or two I’ll know if I like it. It takes a while (or something bad has to happen) for me to dislike it. If a product doesn’t work, I try really hard to make it work. For example, with non-payoff shadows I’ll try different bases or layering to find a way to use the product. However, after all that if it doesn’t work, I’ll usually give it away or worse let it just sit there until I forget how much I hate it. LOL. I’m not big on returns unless a product irritates me.

tzwiggy Avatar

Sometimes I know that I dislike a product just from swatching it, like super sheer eyeshadows with chunky glitter (UD Eldorado, ugh!), other times I will know during application if a product is hard to apply or looks really bad once applied. IMO there’s too much good makeup out there to spend a lot of time trying to get a decent product to actually work. Deciding if I like a product typically takes a day (10-12 hours), just to see how it wears on the skin, sometimes it can take longer with face products because I need to know if it breaks me out.

Lauren Avatar

I think it usually takes a few uses. Some products I know right away (if a foundation makes me really oily its a no go, if a blush isn’t pigmented enough I won’t like it, or if I simply don’t like the color on me). But others need experimentation. For example, one foundation may look awful if I use one brush, but with a different brush, it looks great.

Lauren Avatar

Also wanted to add, I have sensitive skin. I need to know if a product will break me out. I am currently testing the Tarte BB cream. I LOVE the coverage and finish. I broke out after using it, but I’m not sure if it was that or something else (my skin has been acting strangely lately and it could be stress). So I need to test a bit more to decide whether it works for me. On the other hand, I really gave Hourglass Immaculate foundation a really good try. I wanted to love it so much, but no matter how I applied it, I just hated the finish. No matter what primer I used, it faded from my nose by lunchtime. That turned out to be the ONLY beauty product I’ve ever returned.

liz Avatar

with lip products I usually know immediately. i’m usually after color and texture with those and i can tell as soon as it hits my lips if it’s what i’m looking for or not. (mac amplified cream formula? instant YESSSSS feeling as soon as i tried it.) with face products it’s usually take a bit more attention to decide if i like it or not.

Danielle Avatar

I typically know right away if I’m not going to like a product.. but not always. And I’ve had products that I have used for months and then suddenly decide I hate. So it depends for me haha.

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