How long does it take for you to finish a beauty product?

How long does it take for you to finish a beauty product? Do you ever?

Generally, I don’t finish products. I might finish a skincare product, but it’ll take me about 2-3 months of regular usage to do so!

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Its rare that I finish products, especially eyeshadows. Foundation takes about 3-4 months and I wear it everyday. Face wash is about 2-3 months.

I rarely finish anything either.. But I did finish a mac paint pot & fluidline recently. It took me about a year and I used them every day. I’m about to finish an eyeshadow that I’ve used as my highlight for about 2 years I think.

It takes a looong time to finish things and I try to remember That when I’m buying new makeup but it doesn’t work lol I just keep buying more

it depends on what it is..
for foundation, powder and concealer i need about 8-12 months..
for skincare products in need about 6 months..
and for eyeshadow, blushes, lipsticks etc.. i only use something up very rarely!!

it’s rare that i finish products
i’ve finished a few eyeliners
and also a few mascaras but mainly because the mascaras got old or dried out
but i tihnk i may actually be close to finishing my new favorite mascara lashblast length

Well, that depends on what product we are talking about,Because some products only have a short shelf life, where others s can last longer. Mascara does not las very long, Bacteria sets in to it. Thank you.

I almost never finish any makeup product with the exection of foundation, powder and concealer (about every 6-8 months)

but I have finished skincare products, usually withing a couple of months.

I only finish skin care products… And it may take 2-4 months (depending on the use, of course)
But I can’t remember any makeup product finished =S

LOL Christine I love how you say “I don’t finish products” like nothing is meant to be finished anyway, haha! But really, I don’t finish products either, I try so hard to finish a foundation or like an eyebrow pencil, but then it would take me months and I’m still using them.

…Oh I’ve finished an eyeliner before! Or maybe some mascaras?

Yes, just what others have said. About 2-3 months for hair products, 6 months for skincare, 1 1/2 – 2 years for foundation (I use two different ones, one in the summer, one in the winter) and primers. Forever for the rest!

It depends on the product. Mascara goes bad fast, so I just trash that every 3 months. I also have an eyeshadow that I use daily for my highlight (CG French Vanilla), and I’ve very much hit pan on that but then again, I’ve had it for a while. Foundation takes maybe 3-4 months for me to finish up. Concealer really depends on how my skin’s feeling. If my skin is good then I only need it on my under eye circles. But I still need a lot, unfortunately. I just hope it doesn’t take me too long to finish my stuff up, since I’m doing a project 10 pan now, and I’ve only finished 2/10 products.

Yea it depends on what it is. I finished my powder one time in less than 3 months. Primers and such a couple of times I ran out which takes about 6 months to a year depending on how often I use it and what size it is. The only thing I run out of often is my liquid eyeliner. I can use liquid eyeliner in 2 months or less @ times. And just to let your guys know you can’t use your make up for a long time. Bacteria will form. Most products tell you how long you can use it for. Some are 6 months some are 24 months. You don’t want to get pink eye or cold sores so make sure u keep track 🙂

If you’ve never had conjunctivitis or cold sores you will not suddenly get them from using makeup, no matter how old it is.

These are viral infections (though pink eye can be bacterial as well, that is the nasty one with goopy yuck discharge most commonly and no, you shouldn’t use any eye makeup products with this at all) and unless you are sharing makeup with someone who has those viruses already or you pick them up from other source, you will not suddenly get infected from using makeup over a particular time frame.

Those expiry dates are put on there to protect companies from potential liability – with the happy side effect of making consumers think they have to buy replacement items every 6/12/18/24 months. There are a few makeup products that will go “off” and that is usually because they have some sort of organic (non synthetic) oil in them that eventually goes rancid. Yes, bacteria can build up under certain conditions (usually warm and moist, with a suitable food source) but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily harmful.

We walk around every day literally *covered* in bacteria without turning into festering piles of disease, LOL! If you are careful and always make sure your face/hands/brushes are clean and sanitary, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Cold Sores are caused by a virus, not bacteria. Its caused by the herpes virus (NO, not the STD. There is a type 1 and type 2. One type (forgot which one)is the std and the other is not. But you could get cold sores if you share your lip products and they have one! So yeah be careful.

I go through lip balms like popcorn at the movies. I have no idea how I finished them so fast.
I also go through moisturizer on a regular basis (4-5 month of solid use)
I think it will take me another year (will make it 2.5 total) to get through my face wash since a bought a giant bottle.
I have dry skin so I don’t wash very often and moisturize constantly.

I only ever have one mascara going so I always finish it by its 4 month expiry date.

I don’t think I’ve ever used anything up completely. I’ve hit pan on a couple of shadows and a blusher that I’ve had for years, and I’ve had mascaras dry up and have to be thrown away, but that’s all

skincare = 6-8 months (everyday use = mainly Lancome for me)
liquid foundation / pressed powder = 8-12 months (not daily use = maybe twice to three times a week)
Blushes / Eyeshadow = have NOOO idea, I didn’t even hit pan on any! haha


Skincare: an average sized tub of moisturiser lasts maybe 6 months.

Mascara: every 3 months or when they start to flake, whichever comes first.

Lipsticks: Have 40 so rarely finish, but real favourites last about 9 months to a year.

Eyeshadows: Hardly ever.

Blush/Bronzer: Just over a year, using often.

I’ve never finished an eyeshadow…
skincare products take 4-8 months
make up in general over a year apart from mascara which I change frequently

Skincare products, eye shadow primer, and a couple lip glosses , and 1 quad from Chanel, foundation were the only items I have been able to finish.

I never finish anything except mascara (because they dried up or used for more than 6 months) and foundation (around 8-10 months coz i switch them once in a while).

I can never finish a blush/lipstick/lipgloss/eyeshadow/concealer/settling powder/highlighter. It took literally forever to hit the pan, lol.

Skincare-wise, I tend to finish sunscreen (tinted) within 3 months. it took me 4-5 months to finish a moisturizer, 5-6 months to finish a face wash tube, toner is easier: 3-4 months.

I find lip products are the easiest to finish because I can reapply during the day. Otherwise I finish products never. I’m on a Project 10 pan now and most of the products I’ve finished are skin care products.

I finish mascara every 3-4 months, foundation lasts about a year, concealer between 6months and a year (depends on the product), touch eclat is repurchased every 3-4 months, shadows and liners last me for ever, I mean really for ever!

oh, and skincare products I repurchase about every two to three months ( moisturizer, facewash, toner, nightcream) only eyecream seams to last longer for me

I’ve never finished a makeup product, I’ve gotten somewhat low with pencils but never THAT low. I’ve finished a bottle of MAC brush cleaner, wipes and Clinique Take The Day Off make up remover.

I usually finish skincare product within about 6 months. Same for mascaras.

As for makeup products, I only ever finished a Mac Blot powder, and it took me a year or so of daily use.

I dont finish products unless its skin care, foundation, or mascara. I have so much make up that some has gone bad b4 I really got a chance to use it. 🙁

I finished MUFE Mat+Velvet foundation in about 8 months. I’ve finished a couple of lipsticks, retired some lipglosses, but only ever finished 1. They go bad so quickly! I go through Bare Escentuals SkinRevverUpper every couple months. I just finished my Shiseido sample of their Pureness Mattifying Moisturizer. It took a couple months as well. Eyeshadows rarely get used up, but I clean my brushes regularly so I have a feeling they’ll last me a couple more years.

I don’t think I’ve ever finished a product other than foundation or powder. I’ve come close with a few MAC shadows (Sweet Lust is my go-to “in a hurry” shade) but never actually scraped the last bit from a container.

skincare/haircare = every few months (not including shampoo and conditioner which i need to buy more frequently)

I can’t remember the last makeup item I completely finished.

I must say, I generally don’t finish many products either. I finish skincare, MAC Hue lipstick (I go thru 4-5 tubes a year!, mascara, and MAC Well Dressed blush, that’s about it. I have a huge collection but never seem to get through it all!

Face wash/cream – up to 3-4 months.
Powder (I don’t use foundations) – up to 6 months.
Eyeshadows – that’s tricky. If I use one everyday it takes about a month to hit pan. But that happens like once a year 😉 usually I give away eyeshadows before I finish them cause I got bored or found a better dupe.
Lipbalm/lipgloss – again, depends. If I use one all the time – up to a month, if not than it takes me a year.

I usually finish my Shiseido foundation powders within 3 months. Other than that, I rarely finish a product! I don’t think I’ve ever finished an eyeshadow ever.

Sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to finish some products like my eye shadows and pigments. There are only a few products I use up regurlarly: mascaras every 4-5 months, makeup remover every 5-6 months, skincare/foundation can last me up to a year. But other than these, I think I can live the rest of my life with the makeup I already have.

It takes me a really long time. If it’s something I know I wear a lot, I buy a large amount. Otherwise, I keep changing up my cosmetic look every day so I don’t go through my products very fast.

The only beauty products I regularly finish are skin care, foundation, powder, lip balm, and mascara. Mascara and lip balm get replaced a few times per year, foundation maybe a couple times per year, and powder less frequently. Skin care products can last me quite a while since I don’t usually just stick to one set of products – I alternate depending on my skin’s needs at any particular time.

I have finished a few lipsticks and maybe a couple glosses ever. I don’t know if I’ve ever finished an eyeshadow (though I am extremely close to finishing Shroom, but it’s taken me a LONG time), and I don’t think I’ve ever finished a blush either.

The only products that I tend to finish are concealers. Those take about a year or more (gross, I know…but they’re MY germs! :P). I’m close to finishing a single NYX eyeshadow, but only because I dropped it and lost most of it to the floor. 🙁

Powder foundations prob 3-6 months, liquid foundations prob a yr or when it expires. My gel eyeliner by clinic which I wear everyday I use up in about 2 to 3 months. Eyeshadows I’ve never hit pan on. UDPP I usually go thru a bottle in about 8 months (which I’ll b buying the new tube form soon so hopefully it’ll last much longer.) Mascara every 2 months. My favorite blushes about 12 to 14 months. Blotting papers I buy a pack a month usually.

It took me about 4 years to completely use up my Lancome blush subtil, but this was because it was the only blush I owned for awhile, so I used it almost exclusively. It takes me about a year to finish a lipstick (I’ve only finished a few).

The last time I finished a makeup product was probably in the late 90s, before any diehard cosmetic addiction had set in. That’s maybe a bit of an exaggeration since I’ve used up concealer and foundation since then, but color cosmetics? Not so much.

I do use up shower gel and shampoo fairly quickly though. I need gobs of lather.

all my face, toners, vit c and e cream, and eye cleansing…pretty fast. mac shroom, phloof, idol eyes, i have heavily dented in relative short time.

I can go through a jar of moisturizer in a couple of months. I bought a pot of Palmers Night Renewal Cream (75g or 2.7oz) about 3 weeks ago and I’m about halfway through it (it’s very nice!).
I have about 3 face washes in rotation but I am getting to the last bit of Dior Magique and I started using that about 18 months ago.
I’ve hit pan on a couple of (highlighter) eyeshadows but never on blush. Never finished a lipstick, got close to finishing Chanel Glossimer in Equinoxe but never quite got there.

I never use exactly the same products every day (except concealer and brow powder) so I don’t think I will EVER finish a makeup item!

I never finish products. I’m constantly buying new things and I seem to have the same makeup since I got my first train case years ago! The only thing I ever need to replace is lip glosses or liquid liners.

I finish up my concealers and liquid foundations and eyeliners within 6 months or so, I really never hit-pan my eyeshadows, lipsticks usually take me to a year or more to finish, and mascara only takes about 2 months for me to me to finish it.

As for skincare, I’d say 3 months… For make-up I always end the “basic stuff”: Concealer, Blot Powder, Eyebrow Pencil, they last me like 6 months, the other stuff… God, I don’t think I’ll ever gonna finish all the eyeshadows (MAC Mulch is the only eyeshadow I’ve finished & repurchase), blushes, lipsticks, etc, etc, etc…

Here’s how long it takes me to use mine up.

Macs studio fix foundations (pressed powder or the creamy one)
If you wear it everyday then it will get used up in 2-3 months

Mac Liquidlast liner (black)- I used it everyday, so it took about 6 months

Mac nailpolish – I always kept my toes pink, and every now and then wear another color…so i think i used the polish up in 8 months..

Mac lipglass (the ones in the fatter tubes) – if you wear it everyday you could run out in about 3 weeks, i hate those you don’t get enough product. And sephora brand has dupes for those colors too.

Too Faced Shadow – I bought this maybe 2 months ago and i still have some left.

thats it, i’ve never used up an eyeshadow, or paintpot or pigment jar. I think if i stop buying makeup and just use what I have then i will use it up.


It takes everyone a rather long while to finish up beauty products.

I can go through foundation, concealer and powder in about 2-3 weeks.
Blush takes me a little while longer, maybe a month or so.

Eyeshadow lasts me a while depending upon how much I use the product.
Usually i can go through my favs in about a few months if I use them daily. My other eyeshadows I’ve had for a LONG time.

Eyeliners and mascaras last me about a month or two.

I ALWAYS wear makeup besides when im sleeping. Im consantly touching up also. So maybe this is why I tend to go through things faster …

I bet my bank balance would love it if it took me 3m-1y+ to use any of my beauty products.

I once finished a tube of my concealer. Took about 6 months of regular use. A bottle of foundation went in 3 months, but that was when I practised applying make up.

I always run out of primer first, then foundation. Usually takes me about 6 months. Lipgloss takes me about 6 months. Other than that I haven’t finished any other products like blush because I just keep buying more ._.

It depends on the product.
The only products I finish (sometimes) are mascara’s, good foundations and some skincare. Generally, they last about 6 months…

It depends…I go through shampoo and conditioner quickly. I rarely finish makeup. Though I did just finish a tube of Russian Red and a Silver Ring eyeshadow.

On Make-Up:
I used up plenty of foundations, powders and lipsticks, one or two blushes. I try to keep products useable for a long time by keeping them stored dry and in a cool place; of course things that are spoiled will be tossed.
I just think that suddenly the price of a product would go up by a lot if the price was compared to the actual amount of product used. After all, all is paid for and as long as I like things I will also use them; otherwise it would be a gigantic waste of money (and most of my make-up is expensive enough as it is, not because I_like expensive things per se but because of its quality and colours).

Mascaras…6 to 8 months
Lipgloss…usually loses them before finishing, except a MAC plushglass…used it everyday and finished it in 3 weeks.
tinted moisturazer…6 to 10 months

The only products that I finish consistently are skin care, foundation, and lip balms. cleanser is about 6 months, moisturizer about a year, serum about 4 months, foundation about 6 months, lip balms about 6 months.

toner, about two months… but with things like cream, quite a few months!! i also have a lot of different face products, so that makes them last quite a long time.

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