How important to you is variety in your makeup looks?

How important to you is variety in your makeup looks? Share!

I think it’s important to try new things, when the mood strikes, but I don’t think every day has to be different.

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Very much! Although I definitely have my favorite go-to looks that I can throw together on the fly, I also enjoy playing with new looks. I’ll be the first to admit that for my age, this would is probably not the usual either. There is a back story behind it that goes beyond my once having been a MUA in my 20’s though. So after my divorce, after getting 2,800 miles away, I began to spread my wings and fly. And now I’m flying perhaps a little bit out of my mind with my collection, I suppose!

*would, not would is! Yikes, the middle part of my post makes no sense at all! Okay, so this was an escape type of divorce, not casual or due to “irreconcilable differences”. It was a serious, scary, emotionally painful experience. I didn’t mean to make it sound so flippant in my first post.

Thank you, Rachel R. and Kelly! Yes, I do get a sense of joy (and relief) from getting away, sadly not everyone can or does. It takes a few years before one actually *knows* that they’re going to be ok.

i feel you. i wasnt married to my abuser (thank god) but once i escaped i had a long road of figuring out who i was and what my needs and desires were – as opposed to a life of fear, being completely controlled, being a punching bag and a servant to someone who didnt deserve a single second of my time. (he had even forced me to throw out my entire collection of makeup – saying he wouldnt be with someone who painted her face like a whore for attention – he smashed a bunch of my palettes and said “that’s a start”. i should have left right then and there…….)
after i left, those first few items i bought… it was like the art of makeup was helping me find ME again. who i am. … ten years later and ive amassed a huge collection, which doesnt define me or anything, but it helps me express who i AM to the outside world. i dont do it for attention. i do it because it makes me happy.
sorry to jump on your post. i am very happy you were able to leave the marriage and find that you can fly on your own – no limits! πŸ™‚

Don’t be sorry, Alie! Each and every single one of us who gets out empowers others to do the same. It tells them “She (Alie, Nancy, Cat) did it, maybe I can too?” which becomes “Dang it, I deserve better! So and So did it, so will I!” He would “let” me have some makeup and clothing, but not much at all. VERY controlling and demanding.

Oh my god, that sounds horrible! So sorry that has to happen to you πŸ™ But a round of applause for being able to recover after that! πŸ˜€ That’s amazing!

Yes, not perfect, but at least I no longer look over my shoulder like I did for the first few years. I never stopped to think of myself as brave, just that I didn’t want his threats to become reality. That one day, he would do something physical like he had done in the past, that the 14 years without beatings were ending, and that our now teenage son would get hurt trying to protect me.

I’m glad you got out of that negative relationship! I can relate, as I had a serious of abusive relationships before meeting my current husband. When I broke off an engagement at age 21 (to someone who is currently in prison for child and domestic abuse), I moved over 2000 miles away so I could feel safe.

As for the spreading of wings, after I kicked my first husband out (an abusive alcoholic and drug user), I completely changed my look — hair style, hair color, wardrobe — and I had so much fun becoming ME and discovering my worth. =)

I’m glad we BOTH got out alive! And very glad your abuser got put away, I wish mine had been due to the death threats he made to me, but he *knew* to many people in power. Judges, local polititians, and police officers. It was incredibly difficult to get a Judge to allow me to leave NJ for AZ with our 2 children, especially the younger one. He let my son, 16 then, decide for himself to move with me, but I had to fight for my daughter.
Well, now perhaps, we can just breathe! And fly! And celebrate life and our art! Freedom is beautiful!

Very important for me, because I have to rotate my huge stash! But yeah, my makeup usually reflects my mood for the day, so I like change. I recently wore the Chanel Tisse Automne shadow kit every day for almost 2 weeks, because I was testing out different primers/bases to make it work on my oily lids before the return period expired . The colors are gorgeous (olive greens, browns, peach) but I sure missed wearing other shadow colors.

Very! Makeup is really a creative outlet for me and I have no interest in doing the same look every day. The base will remain the same (primer, foundation, concealer) and vary slightly by season or depending on the amount of coverage I want. I change the products I use on my eyes, cheeks and lips daily.

I get bored easily and I love color and being artistic, so it’s pretty important to me to change up my makeup, but I also try to stay true to my style and what works on me. I might be kind of goth one day, dramatic and colorful the next, and pin-up girl glam the next. I’m less like to be super-dramatic one day, then do “the natural look” the next day, then be super-contoured with nude lips the next. I hope that makes sense.

When I was raising kids and/or working and exhausted, variety was less important than sleep. My biggest variety most days was wearing red lipstick instead of brown, if I wore makeup at all.

Zilch. Finding a morning routine for work that I apply in a certain order is key, or I would never get out of the house. Keep those products in a seperate container store drawer. Have more fun on the weekends and when I purchase something. Yawn, I know.

When I wore makeup to work I would keep it neutral, either bronze or taupe on my lids, and add colour with the eyeliner and crease shade, and MLBB lipstick. It was different each day, but in a subtle way.
Weekends were my time to play with colour, even if it was just to go to the grocery store.
Now that I can’t wear makeup to work, I find myself reaching for the neutrals more on the weekends, though with a bolder lip. Just recently, I’ve been forcing myself to use my neglected palettes for some variety, because what’s the point of having them if they’re just collecting dust?

I get bored too easily. I have to change things up on an ongoing fashion. I rarely wear the same makeup in a consecutive manner. But on the other hand, there are more days where I am wearing no makeup than not as well. I always marvel at people who wear the same makeup day in day out or the same blush for 2 or 3 years. Hey, absolutely nothing wrong in that. If it works, it works. I’m just far too restless and enjoy being the mad scientist type.

I have a flattering go-to look for everyday when I’m in a hurry….gray eyeshadow (MAC Knight Divine), pink blush (Chanel Pink Explosion) and medium pink lipstick (MAC Sophisto). I use these when I’m in a huge hurry because I know they look good on me and the colors brighten my face. But I have many other looks for day when I have time to do them and I’ll apply my eyeshadow differently when I have a few minutes to play. Evening is more fun….more intense colors and I get to line my waterline (yay!). My favorite eyeshadow for evening is Dior Argentic, which is discontinued and I will never find another one like it….Google it and tell me if you know of something almost identical and please let me know!! lol. I love to play with different looks but a lot of times I have to use my go-to face because I’m halfway out the door. πŸ˜€

Perhaps UD Mushroom or Pistol…? It’s a bit difficult to really tell from the online swatches I’ve found. However, eBay has a few listed in the $15-20 range.

Thanks! I’ve tried Mushroom and it’s much lighter than Argentic. I haven’t tried Pistol. Dior Argentic is a deep shimmery gray unlike any others I have tried. It goes on like butter and gives the perfect evening smokey eye. LOVE it. I can’t describe the color but the online swatches are FAR from what it looks like in real life. I will check eBay….might have to order a backup! πŸ˜€

My base routine rarely changes, but I almost never go into an eye look knowing exactly what shadows I’m going to use. I usually have a more “go with the flow” approach to my makeup. Because of that, I almost never do the same look twice! I have two specific looks I do a lot just because I love them, but other than that I almost never really repeat. And I don’t always wear the same lipstick with the same eye look every time, I switch that up a lot too.

A lot! As you get older you find that the colours/techniques/textures you once used don’t work quite so well, so you need to experiment to discover what suits your current status. Anyway, it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself to lots of nice new goodies πŸ™‚

Amen to that! We seem to be in a holding pattern for years on end until the hormones shift and then our features begin changing at an accelerated rate. I’m not one of those women who has fallen victim to the restrictive dictates that a woman of a certain age can’t do this and can’t do that. Poppycock! I love to experiment with new products and adapt fashions to suit the me I am now which is an attractive, modern, healthy-looking 71 year old.

Indeed! Once I hit 40, it was definitely time for a skincare makeover. Last year I turned 45, and I did a huge revamp and update to my makeup collection. Hormones are making my skin crazy, so now instead of one foundation I have a dozen because of expermenting to find what’s right for what skin type I have that day. It’s nuts!

This might sound funny, but it’s been a real pleasure to rediscover my love of makeup now that I’m older– and less concerned about my budget. πŸ˜‰ While I’m still fairly budget-conscious, I’d rather have fewer items that are high end rather than lots of stuff that doesn’t really make me happy when I use it.

Also, my skin and face have changed so much in the last few years which brings new challenges- hello, underage circles (and concealer!)

I definitely agree that with aging comes all sorts of interesting learning curves! Between the cray cray hormonal issues, less firm neck skin, or for that matter, skin period, etc. Changing skin tones too. Makes it that one needs to learn new methods of makeup application and little anti-aging tricks. But I still do color and some rather edgy looks, because why not?

I think it’s really fun to try new things and play around with different looks, but day-to-day I’m happiest with minor variations–standard face with bright red lipstick one day or deep plum the next; neutral eye with a teal or emerald or gold liner to add some interest, etc. I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to make complicated makeup decisions, so streamlining it to one tiny “statement” a day is what works for me!

If I had an unlimited amount of time, and were in a station in life where I could wear whatever I wanted, I would have more “variety” in my looks. However, I try to keep everything “environment appropriate”, and I often have to stay on schedule. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything, though, but that’s probably because I did experiment often when I was younger. After 30 years of wearing makeup, I’ve found what works, and for any given situation. That said, I do switch up color choices, but I stay with certain techniques. While I find neutrals always appropriate, I can always kick it up with a bit of color and/or bolder lip if needed.

As for variety within a look, I prefer to work with multiple textures/finishes. It adds depth/dimension, just like with clothing. All matte can look flat, all shimmer can look tacky, but combined, they look fabulous!

I’m a very casual makeup wearer so my variety mainly consists of whether I put on powder foundation or not, but when I have the time or a special occasion, I love to try new things πŸ™‚

Before I retired, I had two basic work looks; one warm toned and the other cool toned. My makeup goal during the work week was to look well-groomed, polished, and professional. Experimentation was only for weekends. Now that I’m retired, everyday is an opportunity to play with makeup. Certainly, I gravitate towards certain looks more than others, and I have my favorite ways of applying products, but I love the freedom to let my mood and the day’s activities dictate my makeup. I have a lot more fun that way and think that makeup is a wonderful and creative outlet.

Yes, very important. Even tho I haven’t had any super bright color (electric yellow, hot pink eyeshadow or so). But I rotate products on a once-every-several-days base. (even for everyday-looks, I like to put subtitles by rotating between shimmered brow, solid brown, shimmered black and such. Teal eyeliner for wingtip.). I am a designer and I like to add those fun elements. Best of all, people in my workplace actually notice them, that’s the moment!

Hard to say, exactly. I know what looks best on me and what to stay away from, but I do like to play a bit. Like, I have a formula for a great smokey eye, but then I have products for 8 different colored versions of it, haha

Very, as I will decide what makeup to do depending on my mood/what I am wearing that day. It is very rare that I do the same makeup look two days in a row, that doesn’t mean I won’t do the same look again just not the next day.

eh, not much. I can wear the same stuff day after day but when new inspiration hits, I’ll change it up right away. And then wear THAT look day after day until the next thing!

I don’t think it’s super important to change the look everyday. As a lawyer, I tend to stick to “the favorites” (concealer, foundation, neutral smoky eyes, mascara and tinted lip balm). And when I go out, I prefer bold lips, like magenta, vivid reds and orange, and LOTS of mascara. I try on new looks now and then, but the “classic beauty” always looks good on me. So, why would I want to change? =)

I usually wear looks that flatter me, my clothes, etc. so I really don’t need a lot of variety in makeup looks. However, that’s not to say I don’t buy other makeup looks because I do…just in case LOL

I don’t force myself to have diverse looks, but it’s important for me to have a choice of variety… I am really that type of person who wakes up like “I need to wear a pink lip today”, and try on 3 different ones before I find the one in my mind :D.

Variety is critical for me. I love makeup and I try to vary my looks each time I get ready. That’s not for everyone for sure, but I love it!

Very. Since I don’t wear full-on makeup all that often these days, I love the positive reaction I get when I do. And I especially like the way jaws drop when I go all out and come up with an unexpected look. So I like to change it up a lot. Keep’em guessing! πŸ˜‰

I love variety! Which explains why I have so much makeup! I like to stick with shades like UD Mushroom or BareMinerals Drama for a more conservative look, but also love to play with color and figure out ways to make an intimidating color work for me (hot pink, anyone?) πŸ™‚

orange was the intimidating color for me! but i convinced myself to use my mac returns empties for M’orange and … ugh another bright matte orange that i cant recall the name of – and i sat there at my table and made myself come up with a look that flattered me. i was SO glad i did! i finally was able to rock the color “id never ever wear” !!
so yeah! bring on those bright, dangerous, head turning colors!

Very. I love variation and being able to match my mood and outfit. I do tend to stick to similar application style, but I love changing up my colors.

Not too much. I know what I like and what looks good and I generally stay in the zone where the two meet. BesIf as I was historically an impulse buyer and spent too much timing clearing out what I wore once. I am a pale viking so bright color is not always my friend. But like many, nothing cured the blahs better than a new lipstick.

nah, i have a routine that works and i stick with it! i keep everything i use in my daily routine in one bag and everything else in another so i can just grab stuff, get it on my face, and get out. i don’t have the time to be playing around in the mornings! i do like messing around with stuff when i have to go out somewhere on the weekends though.

Yes I like to have variety in my makeup style: differently coloured eye shadow combinations and lipsticks provide a varied look depending on what I am wearing, my mood of the day and season.
I love using colourful eye shadows and most of my eye shadow palettes are about colour.

I love wearing different makeup combinations. When I was working I never wore the same makeup. I even mixed it up when it came to the way I applied the cosmetics. This is why I love makeup, one day I’m a princess and the next a vamp.

My eye mu usually stays the same (smokey eye) but my lip color on the other hand is always changing. Right now I’m into the mauve lips, (KVD “Lolita”) Before that, it was a deep red, (Mac Diva)

Variety is very important to me as it allows me to express myself on any given day. There are a few looks that are repeated because I love them so much but, usually, I just sit down, look at my stash, and create some combination I’ve never tried before.

Critical. Other than foundation to cover my rosacea and blush or colored lip balm (to keep me from looking lifeless from the full-coverage foundation), I probably wouldn’t wear makeup at all if I couldn’t play with it and be completely different from day to day. I was raised in an environment where standing out was not encouraged, and I went straight into the Army out of school, so all my early years were scrub-skinned and plain. It wasn’t until after I went to college (in my 30’s) and became an artist that I started treating myself like a canvas, and I love it. I wouldn’t put my face together the same way any more than I’d paint the same painting every day. And since I’m such a late bloomer to the art of self-decoration, I intend to keep it up until I fade away. “Age-appropriate” sounds like “shut up and die” to me. I appreciate the desire to flatter oneself with clothes and makeup, but sometimes that’s not the point, and I want to be whatever me I feel like on a given day, from day to day, until I lose interest.

it’s not that important, I don’t even wear make up every day I just love to play with make up and try various looks to see how you can change your appearance and enhance or hide some imperfections like dark circles! as well as doing makeup on others and enhancing their natural beauty or giving them a complete make over and seeing their reaction or people’s reaction to me or them looking different with make up on versus off. If I didn’t have a passion for make up a probably just wouldn’t even wear any at all. But I’m in love! It’s true love forever!

it’s of the utmost importance! i love being able to change what i look like on a daily basis. im a bartender and most of my regulars are like, “ive NEVER seen you do your makeup the same way twice”. – i love experimenting with new colors, techniques, inspiration etc and morphing every time i pick up my brushes. it’s art to me, not just a way to put something on your face to look like you care. if it was up to me, i’d have several hours a day just to experiment with the plan for my face. (sadly i dont have this kind of free time, but it’s nice to dream. sometimes im able to sit at work when it’s slow and play with makeup, or apply it to patrons willing to be my guinea pig). i have no restrictions on me as to what im allowed to do (with my makeup) at work so anything goes.
i think if i had to do the exact same or similar makeup everyday i’d be extremely sad!

Critically important. And having that free approach to wearing whatever I feel like, includes being able to wear the same damn thing every day for a week, if that’s what’s making me feel good!

very important. I love doing different looks in a week so I don’t stick to, say, a certain lip color. Even when I go overseas, i always make sure that I bring at least 3-4 lipsticks πŸ˜€

Meh, not so important, I must admit. I tend to stick to what I know eyeshadow-wise. Lipstick-wise, I LOVE to switch it off everyday, sometimes twice a day.

I must say very.
I like trying different looks, different colours, finishes, and to do unexpected things. Some days I do some retro look, others I’m a bit of a goth. I like variety and I like the makeup to mirror my mood. I also like to have fun with makeup. Good thing I don’t work in a conservative enviroment, right! πŸ˜€

Time to time, I like to try new things, new looks. Most I have already tried and overall I know what looks good and what doesn’t on myself so variety is not important.

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