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To me they’re very important because they frame your face, they’re one of the foundations of a great make-up look, imo 🙂

Essential! If I only had one part of my face to do it would be my brows as they are so soooo! important

I think eyebrows are important in general, because they add so much expression to your face. I’m very minimalist about makeup, but I get my eyebrows shaped and waxed every four weeks to keep them looking well groomed. I also am fortunate in that I have really full brows that don’t need filling in or shading 🙂 Or at least, I’ve never thought they did!

I think they are the *most* important. I don’t wear much makeup but filling in my brows every morning is an absolute necessity. I feel they define and frame my face and help me look more awake and polished. I even carry my mini brow kit (a brow pencil, tiny spoolie, and pocket mirror) in my bag just in case I want to spruce them up. Brow products were actually my “gateway drug” to the world of cosmetics!

 @BooBooNinja i cannot think of any thing better to get into make up with than brow products 😀 well its better than cocaine or heroin isn’t it 😛

I never filled in my brows until last year, I did it to accentuate my look for Halloween. I totally didn’t even realize how much of a difference it makes! Now I do it everyday.

yes, they are the most important to me, I always carry an eyebrow pencil with me but not always makeup/,
but I don’t groom them completely purposely especially the upper line and wax only those on my lids.
I like very thick and natural brows.

I think eyebrows frame the face and im looking to invest in some stuff to make my eyebrows neater
sadly I’m not very brilliant with plucking my eyebrows I always butcher them!!!! Really need to start waxing them again!

Eyebrows are really important for me. Naturally I have quite bushy eyebrows and I hated them so as a teenager I plugged the hell out of them. They were too thin, too short for my face and when I look at pictures from back then I look weird. So I grew them back but still had problems getting the right shape so I went to a brow bar, got them done professionally and now I love them 😉

Brows are vital because they frame the face and because they are so important to how we read expression in one another. In FX or character makeup, if I need for someone to look alien or evil, I cover the brows with something like Pros-Aide and concealer. (For the alien part, don’t draw them back in and for evil make them arched, thin and kind of angular.) Look at Disney’s Snow White and the Evil Queen – soft brows versus a set of extreme ones. No wonder the mirror rejected her….

You have no idea how IMPORTANT they are for me an my sisters and my mom!
We were cursed with pretty-much non-existent brows and lashes, as oppose to my boy cousins! I think the most important features on a face are great set of brows and amazing even skin. With them, we basically don’t need make up at all. Unfortunately, I still have to fake them with brow pencil, dried mascara, and tinted moisturizer and concealers. Bah.

Very important!  After years of trying to annihilate my brows into those thin little matchsticks from the 90s, I’ve finally seen the light and grown them out.  Now that I have full groomed brows, I actually feel like I can get away with less makeup on the rest of my face.  Makes me look younger and healthier!

Eyebrows are THE most important to me. Especially when you’ve had your hair dyed, matching the color accordingly can make the BIGGEST difference. Doing my brows are definitely my favorite part in my routine.

VERY. This is the first thing I do after getting my base done. If you want to wear eyeshadows, brows give you a good indicator as to where the eyeshadows should go (like it shouldn’t go past the line between the outer corner of your eye till the end of your brow), but even if you’re not brows bring instant definition to your whole face! It’s probably the most exciting part when it comes to makeup, but get your brow routine settled and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

very very important! with my indian roots ive got thick eyebrows and eyelashes so i never need an eyebrow kit or fill in powders…and will never need them. i get them tweezed by a professional every 6 weeks.

I do too believe they are the most important… I don’t fill mine in, I prefer them the way they are but shaping is very important to me! That’s why I don’t trust anyone to do them for me, they frame the face! 🙂

i’m going to sound like such a tool, but i have REALLY good brows. i don’t wax and i might pluck every three weeks and i never have to fill them in. because they’re naturally dark and i have pale skin they make every look work.

i’m going to sound like such a tool, but i have REALLY good brows. i don’t wax and i might pluck every three weeks and i never have to fill them in. because they’re naturally dark and i have pale skin they make every look work. eyebrows are important though. if i had to, i would spend more time on them. i good defined brow is a great way to look put together.

A few years ago I would have said they weren’t, but I was shown how to fill them in by a makeup artist in a way that looks natural and flattering, and now I think it’s essential. I think the trick is to find the right products for you. For instance I use MAC’s Soft Brown eyeshadow, because that is the perfect color for my light-medium red-brown hair (I know, that’s a lot of in betweens lol). Powders work better for my brows than pencils because of the texture of my hair. I set it with a light wax because I don’t need to “tame” them with a heavy formula, as they pretty much go in the direction that they’re supposed to. Once I was shown what works best for me I found it really enhanced my look and now I do it daily. I’ve also learned to only pluck strays and to not get too aggressive with shaping. I got a lot of compliments from friends when I let them grow in and look more natural.

They are the most important in my opinion. They are also my favorite part of some ones face 😛

I always fill in my eyebrows, regardless of what type of look I’m doing. And I seriously ALWAYS stare at other people’s eyebrows, so it’s definitely important to me overall.

I do think they are important to an eye look. Unfortunately I have extremely sparse eyebrows and it’s a pain to fill them in every day, but I do it when I have the time.

Okay, I can’t walk out of the house without doing my eyebrows.  They are that important to me!!!  I even change them up a bit and sometimes wear a straight edge and other times more curvy and rounded.  If you want your eyes to stand out, I can’t think of a better way of doing it.

Eyebrows are SUPER important!! Eyebrows change/emphasize the look of eye makeup, as well as the shape of the eye and the overall face. Brows are very expressive, and well groomed ones add instant definition overall. I feel put together if just my brows look good and I have a little mascara and balm applied. I do brows different ways depending on the look I want. I use tinted brow gels, varying powder shades, pencil, etc. It’s fun to switch them up at time. Also, I think highlight really emphasizes the look of the brows as well. It kind of kills me when girls with great brows on YT always get compliments for them, but as soon as they do a brow vide, they get knocked for being “too unnatural.” I’d get it if they got those comments all the time, but it’s a little bit silly when there’s praise one moment, but then the next outrage at the method to get the nice looking brows.

Important! I feel like my “face” isn’t complete without some work on my brows, even when I’m doing a very little bit of makeup or a no-makeup look. I’m so used to filling them in and lengthening them that they look weird and stubby when I don’t! 🙂 

VERY!!!! Never realized how they shape your face till older.. If i knew then what i know now.. It wouldve saved me many years during my teens and twenties of horrible eyebrow shaping LOL

It can make or break a look…I’m so glad my stylist told me about 7 years ago that I should never leave the house without brows and gloss!

Imagine a perfectly made up face… with bushy, unruly, faded brows… NOT CUTE. It would make the face look incomplete. By the same token, a clean, fresh face with groomed brows and a little lip gloss can take you almost anywhere…

Important for women and men. Love a sexy heavy dark brow on a guy but no long hairs or unibrows, for real. I have dark eyebrows and black nerd glasses and I still use brow powder on makeup days and especially for evening.

Important for women and men. Love a sexy heavy dark brow on a guy but no long hairs or unibrows, for real. I have dark eyebrows and black nerd glasses and I still use brow powder on makeup days and especially for evening.

I know that filled in, well-groomed eyebrows are important to a look, but I’m really bad at maintaining my eyebrows. x3 My eyebrows are a medium-thickness. I suck at plucking. Lol

I feel a woman can be dressed from head to toe with the biggest and most expensive labels in the world. Makeup is on point but, if your eyebrows are out of whack so is everything else.

I think its really important to keep eyebrows groomed and neat as possible. Not extremely bushy but not terribably thin either, I havent had my eyebrows done in a while which need to get groomed badly. I cant stand plucking, waxing, and ugh….threading *cringe in bloody PAIN!* So I get them done with a razor, no pain, cuts, or ingrown hairs and its super quick to for so it works.

Super! It makes a look polished. Shu Uemura’s hard formula pencil is THE BEST. It doesn’t look fake at all, plus, it doesn’t tug on your eyebrow hairs thus making them fall out 😀

I’d say very. I have naturally thick-ish eyebrows and don’t fill them in if I’m going to be just out and about unless I’m going to be doing an entire look. However, when I am doing makeup, I always make sure to fill in and gel them down. I used to take them for granted, even overplucked them because I thought they were too thick and tried to give myself what I thought would be an arch (I don’t have much of one naturally and have since learned how to fill them in to make them look more arched but in a natural way) ugh… when I look at the shape they used to be in I cringe, they were thick in the front and had this funky weird thin tail hanging out… ugh… and I’d also pluck the ends of them down too far so they were short, they were an effing disaster. It wasn’t until I started using a stencil that I realized the shape they were in was all wrong, most of the stencil would be the powder/pencil I was using and not hair. I began to fill them in before plucking them and have done so ever since, they’re looking tons better now. I always advise anyone with an over-plucking problem, or who are unsure where to pluck, to fill in their brows first and then pluck anything that sticks out like a sore thumb 😛

Until recently (within the last year), I didn’t realize how eyebrows can really pull an overall makeup look together. I love brow powder!  Most days, my only eye makeup consists of brow powder and maybe a little eyeliner.  =)

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