How have the genres of music or film you like influenced your look?

To the extent that they influence mainstream beauty, that’s likely about it. I listen to music more than I watch movies, but I tend to listen on a more surface level.

— Christine


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Samantha Avatar

Disney Princesses have influenced my look! Half the time I do makeup, I have one of them in mind and I love color schemes that reflect their looks. It really was a dream come true for me when Sephora and Disney collaborated for those gorgeous princess-inspired palettes.

xamyx Avatar

It’s not so much that the music I listen to influences my overall aesthetic, but more that they’re aligned with each other. I’ve always loved the whole Victorian/Vampire look, since I was very young, and having “graduated” from Classical music to what was unknown to me at the time considered Goth/Post-Punk in the early 80s, everything fell into place when I began seeing groups of people that looked the way I wanted, and listened to the same music. Once I found out there was an entire subculture, I never looked back. While my look has evolved, and new music/bands have formed since those early days, I still listen to the same type of music, and will *always* pay homage to my Goth roots…

Nancy T Avatar

Quite a bit, I think! Considering that when I first began wearing it in 1972, it wasn’t exactly like there was much in the way of groundbreaking colors. Things began to get really interesting with the advent of the Punk and New Wave scene in music! Because it went way outside the lines of just a musical force, it was also fashion. Black and other very deep eyeshadow shades came along giving us the first smoky eyes, as did out of the standard fare of what was available before then: vivid bright shades in EVERYTHING. Duochromes came about then, too. My makeup life of bliss began then, and it has seen a lot of fun and interesting innovations along the way ever since!

Ray Avatar

The current ’90s/grunge revival has been really fun for me, since I was a kid in the ’90s. I remember all of the trends but I was too young to wear them. Of course, my #1 beauty icon of all time is Liv Tyler in Empire Records. I’ve always preferred an imprecise rounder eye look over the slanted, elongated cat eye.

Interestingly, I’ve read that ’90s makeup took a lot of cues from ’20s makeup. Once I started experimenting with a ’20s blush placement (high and back, near the temples), my whole beauty look snapped into focus. It feels really fresh, and it’s a good method for applying non-natural blush shades.

Momo Avatar

I would say a minimal area of my style is influenced by movies; specifically, silver screen sirens. I grew up on classic movies, and it also influenced how I speak American English (I’m an immigrant, but I’ve often been told that I sound American, but different). My hair style is very reminiscent of 1940s – 1950s inspired, classic actresses’ coiffures (gorgeous pin-curl waves), but my makeup is either current or a subdued throwback. I love the pin-up look of large doe-like eyes with flirty wispy lashes, a simple and soft eyeshadow with cat-eye liner, lightly flushed cheeks, and a bold lip.

I am rarely tempted or influenced by in vogue looks within current media. Although, I appreciate modern trends and advancements in the field of beauty, my heart belongs to the classics.

Joy Avatar

They haven’t. I do what I like regardless. I’ve never felt a need to emulate anyone. I believe in being myself. Music affects me. Music is everywhere. Films are something I think we all watch since child. I’m sure it influences us to a degree but I’ve not I don’t base how I look on another performer’s get up. That’s theirs. I’m not into everyone looking the same.

Leonie Avatar

You realise that “being influenced by films and music” isn’t the same thing as “slavishly copying the personal style of your favourite actor/musician”, right?
Inspiration for your own creativity can come from anywhere!

Fitz Avatar

I love old movies (30’s especially). The full-on screen siren look isn’t my jam though. My beauty takeaway is how lovely it is to put daily effort into your appearance. I love how even when what seemed casual then, the women had always clearly put an effort into how they look.

Gillian Avatar

Well, it would influence my makeup if I were trying to emulate what an artist/group wore makeup-wise themselves. Maybe the genre would affect my style too.

Music is my real obsession. I listen constantly and get antsy if I’m not in a position to listen to it. I love all sorts. Lately it’s been K-Pop but I also love rock, pop, heavy metal, alternative, industrial, dance, electronic…anything really! I used to stick to only a few genres and would be embarrassed to like, say, pop or dance music. Now I don’t care at all. All embarrassment is out the window! I like what I like and that’s that. ?

Mariella Avatar

About the only “influence” I can find (and I had to dig to get this one) is that I purchased the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette. But I purchased that IN SPITE OF its tie to a movie, rather than because of it. I got it because it was marked down big time (something that RARELY happens here in Canada with brands like UD) and because I liked the eyeshadows. Its connection to the film had absolutely no influence on me.

Edel Avatar

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Donna Avatar

Film for sure. When I was a kid my mother would take me with her to the movies during the day. I fell in love with the makeup on the women – the glossy red lips, the eye make-up and mascara. I so wanted to look like that and couldn’t wait until I was old enough. Now neither film nor music influence me really. I get more looks from the internet and magazines.

Leonie Avatar

I change my look with my mood, so it can be a bit of a chicken and egg situation between my mood and what music I listen to. When I’m in a rock or punky mood, there’ll be more angry guitars, with eye-liner and roughed up hair. If I’m feeling folksy and earthy, it’ll be acoustic instruments, light-handed eye make-up with gently flushed lips and cheeks and loose, natural hair, focusing on creating healthy glow. If I’m in the mood to listen to something more sophisticated and grown up, maybe jazz or something with a full band and a diva, I’ll get out the cat-eye, with or without a red lip, depending on if I’m feeling 50’s glamour or 60’s sex-kitten, and put my hair up properly.

That said, sometimes a book, film or TV show will grab me. I’ve definitely been guilty of more braids after Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, more cat eye flicks around a new Bond film, and an off-duty ballerina phase I’m not really slim enough for after seeing Black Swan. I’ve recently been watching the BBC adaptation of War and Peace, and it’s put me in the mood for a Russian-inspired natural look on the side of pale skin (well, I have no option there!), gently flushed cheeks and dark lashes and brows. I’m even considering a modern day Gibson girl hairstyle, after watching a documentary on the Romanovs leading up to the revolution…

Victoria Avatar

I think I am more influenced with KPop artists because their makeup look works with my eyes the most. Some movies had influenced me but one in particular had been The Notebook. I love the 1940s and 1950s look so on some days, I do the looks. :3

Kristy Avatar

When I was younger, there was a huge impact. In the 80’s as a teen, I was heavily influenced by new wave and John Hughes movies. I wore lots of colorful eyeshadow and had bleached bangs, which is not a good look when your hair is nearly black. In the 90s when I was listening to grunge and all that stuff, I was tweezing my eyebrows to death and wearing mud brown lipstick. Now that I’m older, even though my taste in music and film is still out there, I just wear what actually looks good on me!

Fran Avatar

Only in a general way — some of the ‘out there’ looks worn in rock ‘n roll inspire me to be adventurous, films from the 40s, 50s, and 60s inspire some old-school glamour. Really crazy makeup like for villains in Batman movies is interesting, too, just in terms of what can be accomplished with makeup. It would be interesting for me to re-watch some movies now, though, thinking about the makeup specifically.

Leesie Avatar

Music is a big part of my life, and has been since…forever… When I was in middle school I was listening to emo music and got into bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance…so I started wearing black eyeliner…and nothing else, of course. Eventually I picked up a red one, and a bright blue, and for awhile that was all I wore. I actually bought my first Urban Decay eyeshadow–Gash–because of Gerard Way, and they’ve been my favorite brand ever since.
Every so often a band I like will release a music video or some album art that inspires me to create a look. I usually match my eye makeup to my clothes…which is almost always a band tee, and sometimes when I go to shows I wear makeup inspired by album art of the band.

Jennifer Avatar

A lot of the movies I have seen recently have the female characters with very fresh and natural looking makeup. When I first started wearing makeup a few years ago, I wore too much foundation and crazy shimmery eyes everyday. I definitely have taken after the more understated look and go for less shimmer and intensity for everyday looks.

Paz Avatar

Let’s see, I listen to Lana Del Rey and Opeth, and I like science fiction. I admire Lana’s style, but since I can’t pull off the winged eyeliner and false eyelashes look, I just let myself be inspired by her decadent glamour and strive to look like a tough chick in distress. My rock side is probably reflected in my preference for slightly dramatic, dark looks. And since I want to be the badass main character in a dystopian film, my goal is to look like a homeless person from the future with pro bridal makeup on lol.

Pearl Avatar

I think so . . . yes, and in my teens especially. I was in my teens when Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink came out and I could have been a doppleganer for Molly Ringwald – same hair, lips, face shape, height. I loved that scene in Breakfast Club where she made up Ally Sheedy’s character. I modeled my makeup after her for a while. Then came the 90’s and grungy, smokey makeup and the contoured eye hit and between that and discovering MAC, I was like a kid in a candy store. Having no style of my own and no idea how to put on my makeup or which colors to use, I relied heavily on pop culture throughout the 90s and early aughts. I’d just plop myself down into the makeover chair and let the MUA go to town on my face, doing whatever was on trend.

I got back into makeup in my late 30’s and realized that I didn’t look the same and that I was using dated application techniques and also techniques that weren’t right for my changing/aging face. Up until recently, I would take in pictures of what I wanted my makeup to look like, and then buy whatever was used on me during the makeover. I could say that I’m independent with it now, but I love the glamour of a polished, current look so I’m probably still dependent on current trends via music or film even though I am a little more at ease with applying my makeup than I used to be.

Emilie Avatar

Film doesn’t influence me much, but after watching a movie from the 50s or 60s (especially Alfred Hitchcock films!) I’m always inspired to do looks similar to that era of beauty. Music influences me more. If I’m playing a certain artist while I’m doing my look I definitely get almost subconsciously inspired by it. When I’m listening to my goth or metal music, my looks always turn out darker, if I’m listening to the pop artists I like I end up with more color usually, etc. I think that just comes from the fact that music influences my mood and my mood influences my makeup.

anne Avatar

music is central to my life. rock, blues, r & b–all major joys to me. so even though i’m old, retired, and don’t dress up much, there is still a bit of rebel, leather and lace, danger and bad girl in my look. clothes and makeup always reflect that, even if i’m just going to the market or the mall. movies? not at all.

Poppy Avatar

I listen to quite a lot of the arctic monkeys and music like that and in their videos there’s a lot of lady’s that wear quite a minimalist look and sometimes a cat eye and as a result my go to look is exactly that. I also love a red lip which is probably due to my love of old Hollywood

Pasheeda Morris Avatar

Films of 1940s and 1950s. The makeup from those eras are still timeless today and will never ever go out of style.Women painted their faces beautifully with their makeup and there wasn’t a stitch of makeup out of place. I still do my cat eyes, my eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick in the same fashion they did. The female opera singers like Leontyne Price and Maria Callas wore that beautiful cat eye liner with the eye shadow, mascaraed lashes, and perfectly/carefully lined and applied lipstick which was always refined and polished.

Deborah Avatar

I am always interested in seeing anyone with a new makeup look whether they are in a movie, on stage or in a magazine. I end up using what I feel looks best on me – it’s fun to try something new but I am definitely not an over-the-top makeup wearer. The bright shadows etc are best left to the younger crowd – they can rock it!

Rachel R. Avatar

I rarely tried to copy anyone, but I was a teen in the 80s. Punk and glam rock influences, goth looks sprung up from punk, and the new wave fashions worn by bands and shown in their videos on that new thing called MTV. 🙂 The bright colors, the glamour, the over-the-top designs, the creativity were all definitely influences. I continue to listen to alternative music and dance, so I still get inspired by musicians, but not as much. Movies don’t influence my look much; I’m not a movie buff. I like movies with interesting visuals.

Alecto Avatar

I think my makeup is influenced by my musical tastes, but not in the sense of copying styles displayed by those in the genre. I’m very metal, but I don’t do the smeary thick black liner or similar; it’s more a matter of me taking the intensity and translating it to my face: dissonance (or classical harmony!), growling voices, screaming guitars, relentless percussion — how do you translate that to a face? I go with strong or uncomfortable (for others) colors, unexpected intensity, depth; i.e. strong but usually not pretty.

Denise S. Avatar

Keeping it 100, lol. I have picked up a few makeup clues from the Housewives of Atlanta and other the reality housewives. I find them to be very bold and sexy makeup styles.I also try to copy the Once upon a Time actresses makeup. Soft and kinda ethereal.

Caroline Avatar

I’ve loved rock and metal since year dot, and therefore have always gone for the smokey, rock chick look – heavy eye make up with lots of eyeliner, the louder and more outrageous, the better 🙂 If that infuriated my folks, then great!! I love punk, too – anything brash and colourful is good. You’re never too old to be loud – and I’m 52 ….

rafaella monteiro Avatar

I love rock! But I love so much styles! Sincerily, the styles of Brazilian actress have influenced me. The soap is so famous here and it has the power to influence hair,make up and dress style.

Valerie Avatar

Probably more than I realize. Definitely when I go to concerts. I listen to a lot of heavier rock/metal. So concerts I tend to do something really bold. Day to day it depends on what I am doing although I will say my looks in general are edgier than say my sister’s whom mainly listens to country. But our personalities reflect that too, so does the makeup reflect the music or the personality?

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