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Nancy T Avatar

This year’s trend towards pastels has me loving it! A lot. Although I may not be able to pull off many *true* pastels, I am really enjoying my KVD Pastel Goth Palette far more than I was expecting! Also noticed that the earthy reds, oranges and even mustard yellow have gotten even more firmly entrenched in the current eyeshadow trend. Again, I’m still loving it! And yes to: purple lips, shiny lips, metallic lips, edgy shades of nude lips!

Mariella Avatar

We’ve been flipping between winter and spring here – folks were out in shorts last week and then yesterday, I had to clean snow off my car – so nothing has really changed but once the weather warms up, what changes is more sun protection, lighter weight foundation, lighter colour eyeshadows (or less use of the darker, smoky “autumn” colours).

Primpcess Avatar

Ha! Mariella, you must live up here and Canada. We got a little taste of spring, then Mother Nature said “haha, just kidding” here’s some more snow.
When spring finally does arrive, let’s say sometime in may, I’ll switch over to the the brighter colours, and the dewier finishes. I tend to gravitate towards powder in the fall/winter and cream products in the spring/summer.

Mariella Avatar

Yup….the great white north. I had spring bulbs pushing their way up in a sunny part of my garden and then – zap – they were covered in snow. It’s a good thing that crocuses and snowdrops are hardy enough to cope! At school, we have a quite sunny courtyard with old forsythia bushes in it and they are already budding into yellow blooms. And yes…we might get a bit of spring weather in May before we’re hit by a heat-wave, only to be followed by another heat-wave and then another….

Erica Avatar

So far I’ve pulled out lighter, glossier lipsticks like MAC Peach Blossom, Flamingo and Sunny Seoul. When I’m into more peachy hues, you know it’s time for Spring:)

Deborah S. Avatar

So funny!! The weather forecast for my area of Montana said we were suppose to have a week of sun and partly cloudy. It has snowed lightly every single day. I don’t think I will see true spring for quite awhile.

AB Avatar

While weather here isn’t yet spring, I have been tending to lighter, brighter colors overall already — coral and peachier lips, a little lighter and peachier eyeshadows, less dark eyeliners, etc. I’ve not yet needed to transition any skin care though.

Monica Avatar

I’m craving a dustier, rosier lipstick than my usual look. Alas, I don’t have anything in my collection that quite fits. I have NARS Bound but on me it’s a hair dead-looking. The search continues! ?

Deborah S. Avatar

When spring actually gets to Montana this year, I will add a heavier sunscreen generally wear brighter blushes and lipsticks. I don’t really do much pastel, say for eye shadow, as I have textured eye lids and so have stayed away from KVD Pastel Goth. However, I saw a look posted by Nancy using pastel colors and I love it so may have to open my mind to some more pastel shades. Thanks Nancy!

Eileen Avatar

Although spring is officially three weeks away, my deeper berry and plum lip shades are yielding to lighter rosey shades. Other than that, not much has changed because the weather lately has been rainy and cool and so my winter looks still feel right. Once the sun is here to stay, though, and the gardens have begun to blossom, I’ll be ready to embrace the change by wearing the delicate pastel colors I’ve been noticing. I find them quite refreshing; a “palette cleanser” of sorts that will make a nice break from the subdued smokiness of winter before moving on to the burnished and colorful shades of summer.

Shannon. N Avatar

I’m in the same boat as Mariella, southern ontario is SO back and forth! Today it’s so nice and sunny out (its 7 degrees! I saw boys out in shorts!) But it was a white out blizzard two nights ago when we were driving home from Toronto!

So for me, I’m TRYING to wear springy makeup, bit it won’t be spring here until May πŸ˜›

But im trying! I pulled out my favourite shimmery pink/coral blushes (makeup geek romance, and Benefits Bela bamba!) And iv been wearing them, I dug Maybelline vivid rose out of my summer lipstick bin, and I’m getting ready to dig out my favourite shimmery bronzers out to wear as warm blush!

I also LOVE sheer pink gloss in early spring. So so pretty!

Anne Avatar

Mine surprisingly changes up quite a bit. I tend to switch from plums to corals (both in the lips and cheeks) and add more color to my eyes (like blue liner). I also actually use bronzer. I tend to prefer a more subtle base in terms of foundation/concealer as well so gravitate towards more BB cream-type things with SPF.

Glenda Avatar

I haven’t so far. I’m not one that’s into seasonal changes that much. If I like a certain color on me, I wear it year round. Don’t care for pastels on me, so I don’t go crazy for them when spring rolls around.

lisa Avatar

Will probably start using a bronzer soon. Other than that no changes. I dislike pastels as they make me look washed out . I want a new foundation and have to get myself to mall and test some out. I always use a high spf so that won’t change other than putting it on my arms if I wear shorter sleeves.

maria Avatar

I have just been purchasing a lot of the new makeup that has launched for spring and summer. I have to say I try so many foundations and it gets to be expensive but I received a sample for bareMinerals original foundation I tried it and ordered it I absolutely love it. I ordered one of their blushes and their original primer which is the best primer I’ve used and I have tried them all no matter what the cost. I think this foundation will be perfect for now but especially in the spring and summer and it is less expensive then all my other foundations and primers.

Jessika Avatar

Eh. It doesn’t matter what day or time of the year it is, I wear whatever color or shade I want. My makeup doesn’t change. I live in Miami, everyday is practically summer here anyway.

lulu Avatar

Christine, we’re both in the Bay Area and are you as obsessed about seeing a warm sunny day as I am? Worst winter in terms of damage in a century! Thank goodness we haven’t been evacuated or live in Big Sur.

Between political upheaval and weather, makeup really is a stress reducer. Just started using lighter lip colors w/gloss on top. My savior is Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint (for face and dΓ©colletΓ©); only product that counters that living under a rock look.

maria Avatar

I meant to say I purchased the BareMinerals Brush not blush the Heavenly Face Brush which is the Best brush to use with their BareMinerals Original Foundation. This will be the only foundation I use for spring and summer maybe all winter too.

Bon Bon Avatar

I couldn’t help but lol when I read that question. Only those who live in SE Alabama and NW Florida understand that. We haven’t had but maybe 10 days that were considered cold, 1 freezing. We feel like we were in spring in January. But in answer to the question, I just bought a lighter shade of foundation and blush. Lips not going to be as bold.

Josephine Avatar

I wish I could wear gloss but I hate the feel of them. It feels like they move around my mouth so I’ll stick with my liquid lips for now until someone invents a gloss topper that is smudge proof or at least won’t bleed on me. Time to bust out the neon corals! I wish I actually picked up Kat Von Dee’s Pastel Goth palette. True pastels don’t work on me.

Silvia Avatar

I’m in S. California (three miles from Venice beach and the very but fake Venice Canals I love to go walking to get garden inspirations) So very pretty though. Lol!) it looks more here like London rainy, cloudy and fog than anything else. I won’t be changing much wear natural throughout maybe more pastel colored blouses, jewelry and peachy cheeks, lipd, more neutral eyeshadows in nude, taupe, beige, golds, bronze? Softer overalls colors if the weather warms up. Already bought Jewels anticipating Summer!

Lena Avatar

I’ve recently made the transition to cruelty-free and natural cosmetics. As the weather warms up and my sensitive, finicky, combo dry skin becomes more temperamental, this is a perfect time to incorporate more natural products in my routine.

SUSAN Dowman Nevling Avatar

I haven’t changed anything yet. Had a Rosecea flare and uber dry skin in generral. Trying to limit makeup and use non sensitivity aggravating products for the past 30 days. Will continue x another 30 days and gradually add products. Improving greatly but wanting to try more stuff.

Cathy Avatar

For spring, I’ll bring back the coral lips and turquoise eyeliners, of course. This spring I’m also going to play with dewier cheeks; I just picked up two of the new BB Cheek Glow palettes and they’re so pretty! Christine, I hope you get some and review them soon as I think a lot of people will like them πŸ™‚ I’m not nuts about the pastels trend, because pale lilacs, pinks, blues, etc. just don’t look that great on me, although I will wear those colours on my nails.

Bonnie Avatar

I really don’t have a makeup routine. I am always trying new things year round. The few tried and trues I do use, are also all year long. And like so many of you, it’s not spring here either. We do get some teaser days this time of year, but we also still get plenty of cold and gray.

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