How has your makeup changed over time?

How has your makeup changed over time? Share your journey!

When I first started, all I cared about was EYES. Just eyeshadow and not a stitch of makeup anywhere else! Then came lips, then came blush. Now, I am more focused on getting a good base (skin) than using makeup to cover, conceal, or enhance (though I still do those things to a degree!). I also have a great appreciation for bright, colorful looks as well as natural ones – that barely-there makeup can be gorgeous and interesting.

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My makeup has changed in so many ways. I used to use a lot of bright colors now I’m into smokey eyes and nudes, neutrals and shimmers. BUT I didn’t blend well a long time ago now I blend everything out perfectly. SO glad for tutorials on youtube and especially temptalia!

When I first started, it was all about heavy dark liner with cotton candy pink lips. Now, I am more balanced with my looks. I also try more colors.

High school: clueless cake face; College: simple-one shadow, mascara, blush, gloss; Post-YouTube: blend, blend, blend, multi-tonal shadow, the art of light and contour, a work in progress.

I loved bright colors on my eyes when I first started. Green, purple, yellow, orange. But now I go for more natural looks. I will sometimes still use color but not everyday anymore.

Also, I have never been into lips but I have just started getting into them lately.

I used to loathe base make-up — It was SO hard to get one that matches my skintone and isn’t overly heavy or cakey, yet melts readily in heat and cracks in A/C environment. Nowadays, I still struggle a little at getting the right shade (weird undertone does that to you), but I’m much happier with current products.

Then of course there’s eyeshadow primer — It changed my life for the better. I still wish they’d invent an eyeshadow primer that could withstand tears, though!

When I was younger (college to twenty-something) I stuck to soft colors and neutrals like glue out of fear that bolder colors would make me stand out too much! Now I experiment with any colors I like, it’s much freer. C:

I first began experimenting with makeup at age 12. Eyeliners and lipsticks mostly and by age 14 was wearing a full face of makeup but obviously had NO IDEA what I was doing… in my teenage years I discovered smoky eyes and urban decay so I went crazy with colors. Around 17 I learned how to do a cateye which I still do almost daily, 5 yrs later. These days I stick to more neutral colors, but once in a while I’ll do something a little more daring. Still typically wear a face full of makeup, though it’s much more tasteful now 🙂

So funny – I really began wearing makeup in the mid-80s and some of the Fall/Winter lip colors I wore then are now back in vogue again.

But all-in-all, the quality of the products has greatly improved so there are more items I can use now. I’ve very sensitive skin. Other than my eyes and T-zone, my skin is starting show signs of aging (drier texture). Nowadays, I have to make sure that I don’t use anything too powdery or products that make me look dried out (no lines yet but I guess I’m starting to look at product that don’t settle into lines just so that I won’t be shocked when I have to cross that bridge too).

I still wear eyeliner as my primary eye makeup and blush is still my favorite face product. Ironically, my lips used to chap like crazy when I first starting wearing makeup. They did for two decades – but now, they’re almost normal. I attribute that to the quality of lip products out there.

I’ve jumped around,when I was in my very early teens I made two of the bad makeup choices a lot of teens make: super dark eyeshadow (usually a bit creased, because I disn’t know primer was a thing), sparkly lipgloss and clumptastic mascara. I always tended to look older, and overly dramatic. Then I shifted to using only mascara and subtle lipstick in my late teens (I thought foundation was ‘lying’, but at least the overall look was generally tasteful). In my early twenties I discovered this site and I’ve been improving from there. I can now blend eyeshadow and I (usually) manage to look appropriately makeup (as opposed to wannabe goth). Blush and finishing powder have been the latest discoveries, so I still need to get application of those down pat, but I now feel a lot more comfortable in my makeup.

I started to really wear makeup this past year experimenting with all kinds of looks but on a daily basis I just focus on moisturizer, lipbalm/lipstick, blush and eyebrows.

Mine is actually REALLY close to yours Temptalia!!

I only just started getting into makeup the beginning of last year. I was introduced to eye makeup and that was all i cared about. Eyeshadow (my first big purchase was Naked 2) and eyeliner. Anything with the eyes. I just got into lips and and concealer (looking for what works for me). I made recent purchases on blush and have been playing with that. I have yet to make the plunge into foundation. I keep putting it off for fear of my bank account!!!

I’d sure hope so! I first started wearing makeup in my teens. I’ve now just entered my 60’s (how terrifying does THAT look in print?) so I’d hope it’s changed. Because I’m pale and have always had low blood-pressure, I’ve always had dark circles so I’ve worn concealer for most of my adult life. Now, though, I have some broken capillaries that annoy me (other people seem not to notice them when this comes up in conversation!) so I do like to have those covered. And I really love eye makeup. I used to just use a “neutralizing/brightening” product like MAC Painterly and then some liner but I really enjoy doing a bit more than that if I have the time. Eyes are usually my focus, but as I like my face to look “balanced”, I always have colour on my cheeks and lips.

Hopefully, I suck less at applying makeup! More seriously, I’ve been into makeup for a bit less than two years, so it’s been more about getting better and learning techniques. I have used new products (e.g.: bronzer), and I also focus more on blush and lips than I did before, but I do like to have a routine.

I’m old enough that I had to learn the hard way (pre internet and You Tube) no one I knew had even heard of Bobbie Brown let alone Kevyn Aucoin. I had to learn how to do everything by looking ac pictures and guessing how to reverse engineer.

What I wear has always been a function of my life, brighter and more complex at uni, Simpler and more neutrals at work, very paired down when I had to commute and currently I’m enjoying trying out new techniques. I’m really loving simple but polished looks, a great base with a single focus.

I use to choose very pink toned foundation thinking that I have very pink undertone. Actually I am quite neutral I just have a lot of redness. I also was really into lipgloss, the glossier the lips the better. Now I’m really more into pigmented slightly glossy lips. I also do not use as much bright eyeshadows as in my early year. I’m more into cream eye shadows not than powder. Faster and more flattering.

I started wearing makeup at 17, and I was really into eyes then as well, loved eyeliner especially, though I was quite intimidated by eyeshadow. I only wore semi-sheer lipgloss, in shades of warm pinks, oranges, corals, and golds (I went through an entire tube of Instant Gold Lustreglass at one stage). I never wore lipstick because I felt clownish and like “lamb dressed as mutton”. I only wore one blush for years, MAC Springsheen.

Now, I love matte, bright lipsticks, and pared-back, neutral eyes, highlighters and glowy skin! I’ve developed a big appreciation for skincare too.

I’m still mostly in your phase 1! I love doing my eye makeup, but my skin is so much trouble that most of the time I don’t bother with foundation. Since I discovered Buxom lipglosses I’ve been applying lip products too lately.

In the beginning I truly just made some awful makeup mistakes, like wearing nothing but pink purple lip liner and nothing else on my lips (horrible) then I started using just lipstick but this ugly, deep bronze brown color, again horrible mistake. I used to wear only low end makeup, clear lipgloss that just lasted for maybe twenty minutes before having to be reapplied, bad lipstick color choices, bad concealer and mascara choices. Now I just buy high end makeup, and colors that flatter me, I´m still minimalistic in the sense that I just give focus to my lips, however I use a bit of eye makeup and try to make my look truly balanced.

I used to only wear a smoky eye. Every single day. No other makeup except a bit of concealer if I had acne. xP Now I wear mostly bright eye looks, but I rarely do natural looks. I figure I might as well have fun while I’m young and can get away with crazy makeup.

I used to wear a lot of heavy eye makeup and nothing on my lips. When I was in my 30s I pretty much stopped wearing makeup. Now I am rediscovering it-I love to balance lips and eyes so that I can concentrate on one area, depending on my mood. I’m also into brighter colors, and I buy better stuff. I used to buy the cheapest product- and on sale- on top of that, but now I’m so much more informed-thanks to you, Christine, and I think the better choices look better on my skin 🙂

From ages 13-22, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a neutral eye look. I didn’t own any neutral colors, just hot pinks, purples, and blues. I had only lined my waterline/tightlined with black eyeliner and hadn’t ever touched a liquid or cream liner. I also had maybe one lipstick. Over the last year, I’ve branched out and tried so many new things!

I discovered makeup about two years ago. I have had so much fun trying things out to see what works and learning, learning, learning from the internet. I never really wore lipstick before as my lips were always too dried out from the products. With the newer more hydrating lipproducts and a good balm, I have begun to collect lipsticks! I always used a bit of liner, tight lined sometimes and dabbed on a light taupe eyeshadow (which always creased and faded on my oily lids so I mostly just did not bother). With eyeshadow primer and better products all around, I am rediscovering eye makeup. I shy away from mascara for some reason though. I remember the cake mascara in the little red box from, I believe, Maybelline and that was easy to put on and stayed on. Guess you can figure out from that oldy-goldy that I am not one of your twenty-something followers. But, a devoted follower, nevertheless. Thank you,Christine, for helping me to look pretty darn good for a senior citizen!

The same kind of thing happened with me. When I was a teen I was obsessed with playing with eye makeup, but I had no idea how to apply foundation. I am the palest of all my friends so no one ever had a foundation light enough for sleepover makeover parties. It wasn’t until I was around 23 that I figured out how to do foundation. Now I’m all about an even natural complexion with a fun pop of color on my cheeks and lips. I still love mascara though.

From high school through the early part of college, makeup for me was just foundation (mainly to cover up my acne), mascara, and lip gloss.

Later in college I started experimenting with eyeshadow and eyeliner first, then shaping and filling my brows, and finally lipsticks and more opaque lip gloss. I actually started with more neutral colors and as I gained confidence in what I was doing, I added in the occasional pop of color : -)

I used to wear makeup only for costumes and it was always terrible. I didn’t understand makeup or how to apply. I would wear the palest Mac foundation I could find. It made my skin brake out, so I stopped. Then I got into perfumes, and through those forums, mineral foundation. That’s where things changed for me. Once I realized I could wear foundation, I started getting into lippies and eyeshadows, and eventually blush. Now I get makeup, and I love it.

I really ought to wear it more….

I used to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer almost everyday. Now I only wear foundation on occasion as I’m simply more confident in my skin (my skin isn’t really any better or worse, but now I care a lot less about a bit of unevenness).

I used to not wear anything other than lip balm, but now i’m somewhat less afraid of wearing actual color on my lips.

My relationship with eye makeup is fairly unchanged. I still stick mainly with neutral looks and every once and a while splash out with colorful looks.

I also only cared about eye makeup initially. I can’ believe I didn’t even wear concealer for YEARS. I also used to wear loads of brightly colored shadows. Now I prefer my makeup to look a bit more natural on most days, although I can’t resist a bold lip.

I used to wear a lot of bright colors – lips, eyes and cheeks. Now, at 46 it is about a nice even complexion, a raidant glow while choosing to focus on eyes or lips. I have also opened up to wearing a nude lip. Skincare is still the most important aspect. One I am trying to share with my pre-teen daughter.

I completely agree. My focus has entirely changed from the specifics of each feature and types of products to creating a really amazing base for everything. My eye makeup has become quite simple. I do not have big eyes so there is no point in wasting time on super colourful or elaborate looks, it just gets lost and I’m content with suiting really simple and basic shapes best and that pretty much carries through with my whole makeup aesthetic these days. I get more excited about the canvas than the paint so the speak.

I used to just use foundation and eye makeup, with very bright or dramatic eyeshadow and no color elsewhere. Now I wear a lot of neutral eye makeup but like to change up my blush and use more color on my lips, not to mention that I prefer to always have some kind of color on my nails.

I noticed the shift especially today when I pulled out my Mac shy girl lipstick and nars Turkish delight lipgloss. They used to be my favorite fairly natural or subdued looks and now I feel washed out.

few years ago – never really wore much makeup; now I just look forward to wearing it everyday (it’s a treat). I think the biggest game changers have been primers, mascara, blush, bronzer, and evening out my skin tone (with good skin care and base products)

I wore almost no makeup until I was 17, and then I did dark brown liquid liner both top and bottom lids, mascara, and that’s about it. It wasn’t that bad, and some of the guys liked it, but looking back? No. I also used to wear a ton of bronzer, which, on freckled cheeks, just made me look dirty.

When I worked at a cosmetics counter, I wore way way more makeup than I do regularly now. Full eyeshadow, cat eye, lashes, blush, bright lipstick, every day. But I didn’t fill in my brows, so I didn’t look put together!

Brows have made a huge change in my appearance.

A lot. I was all eye-focused at first, too. I didn’t even wear primer, just pearly or sometimes colorful shadow all over with mascara, maybe some concealer stick on zits and redness. I was so excited when I learnt to do a gradient look! Then came lip products. Then I learnt about how to apply foundation, powder… then came blush and bronzer.

and it still changes. I had to practice a lot to be able to wear “okay” eyeliner, for example, and it wasn’t until recently that I started applying shadow under my lower lashline. It can also change with my mood or the season. For example, some years ago, I was all about natural eyes and bold lips, but now, I appreciate natural lips more. Or, now I’m in my juicy lips phase, when I was all about creamy and matt finishes a year or so ago.

My story is similar to yours. My brows are more important now too. I always thought my brows we’re full but they just about disappear in pictures. Now that I fill them in, I feel weird without them! Also….blending. I *thought* I was blending before, but I was so wrong! Lol

Not much has changed… Well, my application is better, but that was never a real issue for me. I pretty much wear the same basic “style” (if it ain’t broke….), but my color choices have changed. As a redhead, I wore warmer tones, such as bronze, gold, copper, raisin, etc., but when my hair is black/dark brown, I go with smokier/blackened shades. I’ve always done “strong” eyes, even early on, as my eyes are very prominant (I’m fairl light with larger nearly black eyes), so I like to play them up. I also have strong cheekbones/jawline, and smaller lips, and I find it more flattering to play those down.

When I first started out, I wore every sort of product, but after a few years I lightened up on blush, found an appreciation for MLBB shades (although I have a preference for nudes & vampy shades, when appropriate), and only when absolutely necessary, do I wear concealer.

Over the years, I’d like to think that my makeup application has gotten better…I’ve made gradual changes over the years. I used to wear only bright blue eyeliner or a slate-gray eyeliner; now I usually stick with dark brown or sometimes green for something a little different. I also used to only wear neutral eyeshadows because I didn’t know how to experiment with color. I also used to apply my eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator before I learned how to use brushes and realized what a difference it made in my eyeshadow application. I also used to wear only brownish red lipstick shades because I thought those looked the best on me; now I try out all kinds of lipstick colors, sometimes the brighter, the better.

Base makeup has always been the most important thing to me, but I never used to wear eye or lip makeup daily. And now, I generally do.

I still don’t think I need mascara unless I’ve got eyeshadow on, but I wear eyeshadow all the time now!

When I first started to apply makeup in a more professional and aesthetically way, I was more into intricate details and smoky looks. Now I prefer a more polished look: pin up cat’s eye and a bold lip during the night and by day neutrals with a glowing, healthy skin!

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