How has your beauty spending changed over the last few years?

I actually think it went down a bit this year, but it’s hard to say as my review budget is always higher for Q4 releases (holiday) than other times during the year. The general trend is that it has gone up as I have become more efficient in reviewing and have found it easier to purchase products than work with brands directly in many instances.

— Christine
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I spend more on skincare (both in quantity and quality), and integrate it into my makeup routine. Also, I go for full coverage makeup, which I use to be against when I was a teenager. Last but not least, I sunscreen every day, and buy more expensive sunscreen that “feels” better, ie those with a little bit of silicone in it since foundation glides over it.

I had seriously hoped to lower it, but it seems like it has remained about the same. This does not make me feel happy with myself. 2020 must be radically different. Even though I may need to make some rather painful changes in not only how I look at spending, but *why* it seems nearly impossible to get a good reign on. I believe it has zero to do with materialism, as I’m not doing this in any other part of my life. But instead, a distraction from what’s more important and also as a way to deal with major losses and inner turmoil.

i totally agree with you! i treat myself to some items on my wishlist whenever i feel that i’ve worked very hard or have encountered/overcome some challenging times. it’s truly retail therapy for me.

I noticed myself I tend to periodically shop, rather than monthly. I most times structure my purchases around Sephora sales, MAC 25% off deals, big holidays that usually lead to sales. But it’s only if I need something; I don’t buy anymore just because it’s a sale.

I think I’ve been spending less in the last year or so, mostly because even though I’ve more disposable income now (kids all done with uni and more or less “launched”, etc.), I am just so swamped with colour cosmetics that I almost cannot even enjoy them because my mind is so cluttered. I still spend on skin care, as that is where my products get used up and need replacing and I’m always keen to try newer versions of the types of products I’ve always used (new facial oils that launch, for example – I must have about 8 or so face oils on the go! kinda sad, isn’t it?)

I spend more money on skincare and less on make up. I have cancelled my inexpensive make up themed subscription boxes but resubscribed to more expensive skincare/green beauty boxes.
Also, I spend more time and money on esthetician’s own sites such as Kat Burki, Renee Rouleau, Shani Darden, and Joanna Vargas skincare, less at ULTA and Sephora.

Definitely down and significantly lower, but I didn’t meet my goals which were to not be Rouge at Sephora and to only buy 3 palettes this year. So, I was Rouge last year by the end of February and only just got to Rouge status this week. Where I really blew it was in purchasing palettes. I did really well for the first 4 months and only purchased one. I am trying to remember how many I have purchased this year and I think I am around 7 which is more than double my goal.
I am spending more on skin care than I have in the past and trying to make better skin care choices, although my recent experience with CBD oil is not promising, in terms of not really investigating what CBD can do for the skin, which isn’t much.
Finally, another big area of change is that for the entire year, I have not purchased anything from my contact in Japan. Last year I spent quite a bit of money on purchases that were exclusive to Japan (why do brands do that?) and because they were premium brands and adding the cost off shipping, I shelled out more than I should have. I am proud of myself for not picking much up this year.

Although I have a minimalist make-up
and skincare collection, my spending actually kind of increased. I’m using only one foundation and concealer at a time, for example, so I tend to go more often to an higher end option instead of drugstore. Yes, I do own and use only one cleanser, moisturizer or toner… but my skincare includes now separate treatments (AHA, BHA, retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and Azelaic acid boosters); one of each, but many types. 😆 Even with my body care I don’t mind spending more on lotions and washes from La Roche Possay or Skinfix.
The only area my spending decreased is mascara; I just live on minis given as samples or perk points on Sephora.

My spending has decreased every year, which is my goal. My collection is pretty rounded out, I know what I like and what suits me, and even good rainbow brights and neons aren’t as hard to find as they once were. The lack of variety in brands’ offerings is making me say “meh” more and more often. I’m buying more indie, which is usually less expensive and more unique. Typically, fall collections are where most of my money goes, but not this year. I bought a few autumn colored palettes, and rounded out my green eyeshadows while greens are hot.

Ahhh, I still spend shiploads – I don’t have a budget and I don’t keep track of what I spend but I suspect I’ve been naughtier rather than nicer this year… But I have a certain level of disposable income, I’m not in debt, bills are paid, etc (and I need to go buy a new oven tomorrow at very short notice and there is cash on hand for that already) so I’m not gonna change unless I see an actual need…

I think mine has gone down although it was down last year as well. (This will be the third year I haven’t made Rouge, and I’m still short of what I need to maintain Platinum status at Ulta but I’ll need to maintain that status to keep my points so will find something to spend my money on there.) This year, I did buy a couple dozen SG shadows to fill out my collection and make several small palettes, but they’re so inexpensive that they barely made a dent. Also bought a couple of the medium-sized PM palettes that were put on sale on her site a few months ago, and one CP palette.

As a side note, I’m finding that things that I like at Ulta at various price points have been recently discontinued there. This makes trying to spend the money there to maintain Platinum status, let alone use my accrued points most efficiently (the $125 level (after a discount applied)) much more difficult.

My spending has decreased. On the skincare front, I’m less swayed by new releases and shiny packaging. I’ve stopped trying to dupe my go-to products because it usually ends poorly. On the makeup front, my lifestyle has changed (more work travel, fewer nights on the town ;)), so my purchases are mostly pieces I pick up as a makeup lover and collector. For example, I have enough eyeshadow palettes to last me a lifetime! But, I love experimenting with new finishes and formulas, so I continue to grow my collection, on pace with what my budget supports! It’s a true hobby for me, and the process of getting ready (and unready!) are rituals I very much enjoy.

Since retiring from corporate life, I spend way more on everything. I used to color my (brown) hair myself but now I have the magenta highlights and the brown root touch-ups done in a salon. Now that I am not limited to a neutral understated look, requiring one quad, a few singles, mascara, eyeliner, one foundation and one or two blushes, I own multiples of everything as well as numerous sponges, brushes and other tools. On the other hand, I no longer spend money on a corporate wardrobe.

Mine has gone down a bit, but not as much as I had hoped. I’m looking at more moderate or budget priced products now because some of the high end brands are just ridiculously over-priced (ND, PMG, etc). I’m sorry but $130 for an eyeshadow palette is outrageous! It’s makeup, not gold!
I also haven’t seen a whole lot of products that I’ve fallen in love with that I don’t already have dupes for. My goal is to try to use what I have and resist the shiny new things as much as I can.

Mine peaked about two years ago. Before that I had very limited spending money which kept shopping check. Increased recreational shopping (lipsticks!!) coupled with increased reliance on skincare as I hit 30 got me to Rouge, with a fair amount of spending at other retailers too. I was really uncomfortable with what my spending had turned into and resolved to unRouge.

As my New Year’s resolution for 2018 I went on a year long lipstick no buy, which I renewed for 2019 after one designated lipstick haul day. I’ve cut my spending by probably half in spite of my evergrowing skincare arsenal. I’d like to further reduce my spending but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made!

Also as my no lipstick reward I think I’ll get microbladed next year which is a huge motivation.

Significantly down. I’m buying a lot of drugstore more than mid/high end lately. Not only has drugstore quality immensely improved in recent years, but I also learned a lesson that more expensive does not necessarily mean significantly better quality.

Also, I’m just buying less stuff in general, and focusing on what I already have. I’m really happy that I’m doing this, and as a residual effect, it’s inspired me to be more creative as well.

It shifted dramatically. I was Rouge for as long as that reward tier existed; however, after repeated bad experiences with Sephora, I’ve spent less than $250 there. I buy my products from Nordstrom & Ulta now.

It has diminished as I found my HGs. Due to allergies I can’t wear most eye makeup. I have a HG foundation, eyeliner and mascara, and recently I’ve found an eye primer for the days when my eyes are non watery so I can use Devinah’s or Sidney Grace eyeshadows. I also have powder and blushes that I liked. The only things I still buy are foundations, despite having a HG, and lispticks.
My new obsession is perfum.

My spending has gone way down. I had a flurry (avalanche) of purchases inspired by Temptalia reviews when I first discovered Christina’s incredibly trustworthy takes. Introduced to lots of products/cos that were new to me and resistance seemed….? …counterproductive? in that I’d finally found guaranteed high performing items that were sure to be the right undertone! Super big-deal to me, and still don’t know why cosmetic companies don’t uniformly label products as cool or warm.
Also, I think there was a last gasp at youth thing going on….could I still look “good” if I had the right products?…I think I now know exactly what better products can and can’t do for me, have every color that suits, in absolutely every category. Most palettes have scant # of untried colors that I like – and I won’t buy a palette for dupes or one or two new shades/finishes. So I may be ending the collecting phase of my makeup life. I think I’m OK with that.

I spend more because I have to decided to buy more quality skincare which is something I didn’t do before. I do however spend less on color cosmetics.

I’ve spent so much less on beauty this year! This year, I’ve bought one palette, a mascara, a lipstick, and a scent sampler. Oh and some shampoo and conditioner refills. I’m planning on getting that colorful Sugarpill one, but I’ll hold off until a sale rolls around. I guess it’s not too surprising. I only really got into makeup maybe 6ish years ago so of course, I had to try everything. Gotta try all the new formulas! Gotta try all the colors! Every new release seemed soooo !uNiQue! and necessary. Now, I know what I’ll actually use and most things I want I can probably find a dupe for in my stash.

I think my total spending has gone down while the average price per product has gone up. I have gotten more intentional about purchases and focused on the things I really want instead of trying to dupe them and ending up spending more money – for colour cosmetics this is not an issue but some of my favourite complexion products are hard to dupe without extensive and laborious testing. Most recently I have only been replacing things I have used up or broken (depotting accidents, sigh!). Yay me!

Mine has definitely gone down significantly! 2018 was the first year in many that I wasn’t Rouge and this year I’ll be surprised if I qualify for VIB. I did just reach Platinum at Ulta this past weekend, but that was thanks to a family member using my membership to purchase a fragrance!

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