How does your outfit impact what makeup you wear?

I usually try to match the undertone (cool/warm) with my clothes, and then I’ll usually use the color to accent or incorporate, but it depends on how bold/dark what I’m wearing is. I’ve been more known to change clothes to accommodate a makeup look than the other way around!

— Christine
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They have to at least compliment eachother in terms of say, color family, or tonality. But I don’t normally do matchy-matchy either. I just do whatever needs to be done to achieve a harmonious, well put together look. And yes, I too have done what you mentioned above, Christine; I’ve changed outfits to suit a look I have just done! Because hey, I’m not about to redo my face!

If I’m wearing something with blue in it, I’ll incorporate blue shadow into my eye look. I like my shadows or lipstick to echo a color in my outfit. If I’m wearing a neutral outfit, I feel like blue shadow can look too jarring, especially since I like my shadows bold. And since my lids tend to “eat” pigment, I have to go bold or go home !

If I’m not wearing all black, I usually pull some inspiration from my clothing or accessories colors. I try not to clash my makeup and clothing colors and undertones. Certain clothing styles beg certain makeup looks for me. For me a pin-up style dress requires some version of pin-up makeup, though I may go for cobalt winged liner and fuchsia lips, or purple wings and black lips, instead of traditional black wings and red lips. I’m not stuck on rules, but for me some style pairings just don’t work without some tweaking.

My outfit rarely influences my makeup choices because i’m pretty much always in neutrals, both outfit and makeup-wise. If anything, i might do a rosier or warmer eye but i usually play it safe unless it’s a special occasion.

When I wore makeup to work I would pick up a colour that I was wearing with either the crease colour or eyeliner. My lid and lip colour would always stay neutral.

when I wear a really bright color lipstick I always wear a neutral colored shirt/dress (gray, white, black, dark blue). I also have this weird rule that when I wear a stripe-y shirt, I have to wear red lipstick haha:)

I always do my makeup before I choose outfit, so in this house – my mood impacts my makeup which in the end impacts what outfit I’m wearing. Haha, insane when I’m thinking about it…

Clothing wise I typically wear neutrals about 99% of the time. I have very little colour in my wardrobe; it’s all black, grey, white, beige, cream. And I don’t do patterns much either. My face, therefore, is free to do whatever it pleases. With my makeup I do not match cool to cool or warm to warm. I find as a neutral skinned person, I work better not positioning myself at either extreme. In fact, if I do a cooler eye, I usually pull towards a warmer cheek and lip… and vice versa.

I’m like you. Generally my clothes come after my makeup. I normally decide on either my lip if I decide to go with a bold lip or my eye color for the day then base my outfit around that.

I’d have to say it’s more occasion and season that determine my makeup selection. I tend to go cooler in the winter and spring and warmer in the summer and fall.

I look best with some bright color on or near my face, so, if I’m wearing all black/white/gray, or navy/white/gray, I’ll definitely plan a makeup look that includes a bright lip. If I’m wearing a brightly-colored top or scarf, I might wear a lipstick to match it, but more likely I’ll take that opportunity to wear a softer or more neutral lip and put the color on my eyelids (where you don’t see as much of it, what with my hooded eyes and my glasses). I try to make sure that all the colors I’m wearing work with each other in a pleasant way, and I keep all my pinks and reds either cool or warm.

I often like to clash my makeup/ nails with my outfit. For example if I’m wearing a navy top, I would do a bright pink lip and probably coral nails. But sometimes I just can’t be bothered and go for neutral browns and nudes.

They have to compliment each other in terms of color, style, and occasion but they definitely don’t have to be matchy-matchy. I had to smile at Christine’s comment about changing her outfit to suit the makeup. I’ve done that on more than one occasion myself. I apply my makeup before dressing and sometimes inspiration strikes that has me re-thinking my outfit for the day.

I’d say quite a bit. When I think of getting ready to go somewhere or even for my work week, I plan out my makeup look first and then my wardrobe falls in line with that.

I’d say it totally depends on my mood and how I feel that day! I usually choose my outfit first because I have tons of clothes and it takes me years to decide if I think of it last minute! My make up is complimentary. If cannot decide on an eye makeup, I’d just go for a pop of colour on my lips. For instance, a light blue outfit with very natural makeup and pink lips! There are days when I just have to do a bold look or a super natural one. Am I the only moody one here? Haha!

Same here, Christine: I just match cool and warm, or I use a colour that I wear, for example a little purple in my eyeshadow or a cranberry liner when I wear a purple cardigan or top. Also I find that I need to add extra colour if I wear a colour that makes my face look dull and washed out, but I still like to wear the garment. I love my gorguous, warm, wollen grey dresson cold winter days but I need to match it with a cool red lip and some blush.

I decide what to wear then base my makeup on that and what I’m doing that day. Sometimes I’ll want to wear bright colours, sometimes I’ll want to wear plain colours. My makeup doesn’t necessarily have to match, it could be complementary or it could clash or it could be muted.

I just wear what I feel like wearing as long as they coordinate and don’t clash. I think I’m old enough to be a bit eccentric now.

I like my makeup to complement the main colours of my clothes, especially my eye shadows and lipstick shade.
When I have a new eye shadow palette, I pick the clothes to suit the palette.

Since I always wear a neutral makeup look, my outfit doesn’t really figure in to my makeup. If I am going to an evening occasion or formal affair, I do a bit of a neutral, but smoky eye and wear a darker lip color.

It doesn’t. Because I have neutral skin and grey/white hair, I’ve had to gravitate towards cool everything, both clothes and makeup. It’s due primarily to the hair. I used to be able to mix things up with warm tones, but once I went totally grey they totally wash me out. Occasionally I’ll sneak in a brown eyeshadow, but it has to be one with blue undertones. And I don’t wear much colored eyeshadow because I have hooded lids and have to be careful with application. If I do it’s either dark blue, purple, or teal. Nail polish, however, is a completely different story. I change my color once a week, whether I need to or not. And I do think ahead; if I have anything in particular coming up – business or social – I do in fact plan what I’m wearing and what nail color I’ll change to. My nails are my “thing.” They’re always polished and my friends are always checking to see what color/length I’m sporting ?. Oddly enough, with some colors, I have to be careful that the undertones aren’t too blue, the opposite of my face makeup. It’s a balancing act. ?

I don’t super-coordinate them, but I tend to match the level of dressed-up-ness. Like if I’m wearing a casual outfit, it would be minimal natural makeup, though maybe a pop of color like eyeliner or something. If I’m wearing something formal, I go for a more formal makeup look. I don’t usually wear too much color in my makeup looks, but if I do I avoid clashing, but I don’t have to completely match up.

I won’t do a matching color per se, but I try to match the tones. I usually try to reserve bolder makeup looks if I’m wearing a simpler outfit and vise versa. That being said the majority of my clothes are neutrals or blacks so often times I put more thought into my makeup look than my outfit.

If I’m wearing laid back boho I won’t wear a disco eye. If clothing I wear is appropriate specifically for where I’m going I won’t clash with that. I don’t like attention. If I’m hanging with friends or at the house maybe errands What I wear has no impact on my makeup as long as I feel good. Special occasions I save fun dark bold bright looks for. Dating is a least makeup as possible look making what I am just look a bit better. When I was young I’d rock out wearing whatever on face and body. It was fun for sure I’m so much more quiet and reserved now. ColourPop is my secret fun get away. ?

I don’t like matching my red lipstick with my red dress for exemple ( even if it might be super pretty) i match with the vibe of my outfit .

LOL! Usually it’s the other way around. I pick & prep my beauty look than go to my closet. Every now & again I will plan my clothing ahead. If bright & colorful I will create a nude/ more natural look. I def plan my beauty look to match for special occasions….like my wedding this past fall, ?

Sometimes I’ll choose the outfit based on my makeup, but as often as not, the two will have nothing to do with each other.

I should add that I have a “uniform” of sorts (for every day, even work) — jeans and a neutral jacket (dark gray, dark washed-out khaki or olive, charcoal/black, etc.) over a tee-type shirt or shell that acts as a pop of color. The shirt is usually a single color. So in theory, my makeup doesn’t need to match at all since the overriding impression of me is jeans and a dark jacket. Sometimes I’ll choose the shirt color to go with my eye makeup (or deliberately contrast), but usually I just wear whatever.

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